Just a small heads up that the copyright issues I had were resolved and that Everybody Loves Large Chests volume 1 is now once again available for pre-order through Amazon Kindle. It is still set to release on October 27 which is this fic's first birthday, and encompasses the first three arcs in the series with some editorial attention to make them less of a train wreck. There are zero changes to the story, though the lewd scenes were toned down a bit and the internal consistency has been ramped up. Expect to see an Audible version within two weeks or so of the official release, narrated by Jeff Hays.

For those of you wondering why there have been no updates - I am currently trying to finish the spin-off Small Chests Are Fine Too, which features Fizzy going through her own Boxxy-less adventure. Updates to this series will resume when that is over and done with (a few more weeks, hopefully).

Lastly, please enjoy the full artwork for the new cover, courtesy of dmaxcustom. Higher res for the curious.


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Bio: I'm a programmer, a mythical creature that survives completely on beer and cynicism. We skulk in the dark, secretly cursing and despising everyone else. Especially other programmers.

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EverShadow @EverShadow ago

Oh yeah, you don't like first comments. Well then nevermind, but thanks for the art! Looking forward to the release.

Cascade @Cascade ago

Who's the woman in the picture? That Witch?


woodzrox @woodzrox ago

Pre-ordered again! Very nice artwork!


Highter @Highter ago

Preordered again. Mighty fine cover. So much plot.

Catz @Catz ago

I like that dog/fox thing in the background on the left of Boxxy. I want one now.

shadowZX @shadowZX ago

Glad to hear the copyright issues were resolved...though hearing the lewd scenes toned down is abit disappointing, is it possible to get an example of how much they were toned down to?

    Venan @Venan ago

    I imagine the few scenes where arms was really going to town on snack just after the calamity were what was toned down, and as much as I enjoy the lewd scenes those few chapters were slightly excessive.

bob3002 @bob3002 ago

Copyright issues? What sort of stuff gets you into trouble like that? I don't remember anything actionable from the early parts of this story...

Glad to see the release is still on schedule. Good luck with the publishing.

Bombastus @Bombastus ago

Neat, I'm pretty sure that the Warlock Boxxy stole the job off is in the background of the new cover art, along with the adventurer Valeria was possessing.

Actually, it's kinda funny that Valeria gets to still be in the cover art.

archerbob @archerbob ago

Thanks for the update and the art :)