Because someone in the comments mentioned it and it seemed like fun. Let me hear your thoughts on the various potential waifus we've seen so far! Yes, I know the options get a bit freaky further down the list, but I felt like I needed to pad it out a little.

EDIT: Voting has been closed! The results are as follows:

  1. Keira - 17.06%
  2. Ambrosia - 15.42%
  3. Xera - 15.19%
  4. Drea - 10.69%
  5. Fizzy - 9.41%
  6. Philippa, Goddess of Confusion - 9.26%
  7. Carl - 8.58%
  8. Zone - 4.76%
  9. Kora - 4.63%
  10. Rowana - 4.42%
  11. Misc - 0.57%

So there you have it, folks. Boxxy's apparently so good at acting that its Facade is popular even with the readers.


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Mikkel @Mikkel ago

Obviously, 100%, Carl.

mrttao @mrttao ago

Carl is best guy friend, not best waifu

Grzeg @Grzeg ago

I'm sorry, but anybody who didnt pick Leonidas, the Deity of Randomly Placing Things is just wrong. 

Moridain @Moridain ago

It feels a bit weird to vote for Keira, considering she is fictional even in this fictional universe, but yeah she is definitely my preferred fem.

She is sporty and adorable. :)


    Crywolfseven @Crywolfseven ago

    It’s the dang excitable nature of her fictional nature that made me pick her. It makes me laugh when she does something like take something entirely the wrong way or get so excited she says the wrong thing. 

    Cimmerian @Cimmerian ago

    I personally find Kiera boring and unnecessary, as was indicated by Boxxys thoughts earlier in the series; I'm still unsure why he doesn't just walk away from that character, or fake her death in an interesting way to malign/set-up an enemy and/or PROFIT!  (Yaaay shinies!!!)  

    Since Boxxy has already succeded in being a social justice crusader, time to move on to something new and less idiotic (from purely a survival perspective).  One would think that a mimic woulld eventually learn that it is best *not* to stick out more than necessary in society.  In addition to unnecessarily attracting the ire and/or attention of anyone who is homophobic, this ID is potentially exposed (we don't know if there were others associated with the experiment who may have escaped the facility).  Next, the Doppleganger skill will only improve if he does something different, so unnecessarily sticks with her form is a bad call for skill development.  Also, the profession "Cat" is unnecessarily eating up one of his profession spots... dragon, I might understand; wasn't there a perfectly good dragon corpse at the Fort, that could have been absorbed.... what a waste.

    I know that tastes may differ on this, however, I keep hoping for a more well-developed male character version of Morningwood (yes, Sandman is apparently male), who actually interacts with characters.  The fact that this is obviously a harem genre story has always led me to believe that eventually Boxxy will elect to primarily identify itself as male (as it develops emotions and personality).  One would think that this is somewhat hardwired into his biology, if you consider the Doppleganger reproductive cycle. 

    Finally, regarding Boxxy's character interactions, I'd like to note that his greedy personality seems, to me, not so much beastial, or sociopathic, as it is *normal* for an intelligent humanoid 1 year old creature.  I have a son who behaves much like Boxxy; tries to take his sister's shinies, constantly sticking things into his mouth, thinks that any food he sees is rightfully his, screams and occasionally bites when he doesn't get his way... sounding like anyone we've read about?!  I'm waiting for him to start making poop jokes, soon discovering "self gratification"/distracting-overuse-of-succubus/ rapey-dick-tenticle-monster-time, with possible lust, heartbreak, desire to procreate, annoyance and/or homicidal feelings towards offspring, and retirement planning.  Sure, Boxxy may, in fact, be sociopathic, once he matures... but it is far too early to make that determination at this point in the story.

      tomcatfever @tomcatfever ago

      This is the only kind of harem I enjoy, the harem forced on the MC by a reoccurring as a running gag which furthers the plot.  I think Kiera is here to stay (like it or not).  Because the best trap is a TRAP, aka weaponized cuteness is a mimic's best friend.

      Moridain @Moridain ago

      I think the Keira persona is being maintained because of how public it is. Look what happened the last time it 'vanished', many of the most powerful beings in the country destroyed a massive underground base to get her back on a whisper of her location.

      Her Doppleganger class gets a ton of experience from being famous too, something that would be difficult to replicate without risk of exposure.

      I do think it will need to be cast off eventually though, the benefits will last only as long as it takes for her to rank up into a combat based race. But until then...

      I totally disagree with you about the personality though. The author has outright stated that Boxxy isn't humanoid let alone human, and totally lacks empathy of any form. Toddlers are cruel little bastards, but it is mostly from ignorance and youth and they grow out of it. Boxxy will never do so.

      Cimmerian @Cimmerian ago

      If she dies, no hero will be looking for her; the fact that anyone that dangerous is keeping tabs on it is a good reason to disappear, not to maintain Keira.  

      If she does disappear, I suspect she will die (1) with debts/outstanding loans and (2) in a manner which will be profitable or useful to her next persona.

      Evidently, Doppelgängers (at least bankers) do have a sense of community, and can value “their” group.  While it’s values may be different, Boxxy is capable of love/sentiment/“shiny”-feelings; empathy just means you are capable of understanding others feelings.  Boxxy is a master at this; he couldn’t manipulate people otherwise. Again, I assert that it is too early to conclude that Boxxy can’t develop into a greedy lustful spiteful villan, capable of loving “his” people.


      Exterminatus @Exterminatus ago

      Quote:Again, I assert that it is too early to conclude that Boxxy can’t develop into a greedy lustful spiteful villan, capable of loving “his” people.

      Except that the author himself is going to tell you you're wrong, and that your wild fantasies shall remain just that - fantasies.

      Cimmerian @Cimmerian ago

      Damn... well, thanks dream-crusher.  tongue-out

      Oh well, I'll still keep reading about the sociopath treasure chest.  Thanks for the story!

      Moridain @Moridain ago

      I for one prefer it this way. Her monsterous nature and lack of human decency is what makes her unique.

      She walks like a catgirl, talks like a catgirl and acts like a catgirl but deep down inside she is just a cold hearted box of murder and greed.


      Crywolfseven @Crywolfseven ago

      Those damn authors always crushing our dreams!  Lol I’m kidding I don’t know what I would do if boxxxy ever became a truly relatable charecter. It makes it easier to understand it’s actions when you consider him nothing more than a monster, albeit one that has a rather quickly increasing intelligence 

      bloodytolits @bloodytolits ago

      You know how hard it is to get Doppel Xp? It gets Xp for decieving the masses.The greater they believe in you the larger the Xp so the more popular you are the better.

      You're misremembering it, shapeshifting is the one that gets an increase for doing different stuffs. Keira rakes in tons just with Rowana equivalent to 4,000 strangers and you want him to give that up and start over?


      I also don't get why poeple want to keep humanizing Boxxy. It's a freaking monster. That's the problem with you humans, always trying to force your ideals on others.


      Also that Harem tag was one of the jokes. A genderless monster with no sexual desire getting a harem.

      Cimmerian @Cimmerian ago

      Eh, I'm just not into all of the girl-girl stuff unless there is a male protagonist involved.  Also, I agree with your point that getting massive XP from the masses is good, but... it is risky.  Gaining XP, so that you can become more powerful, to defend against the enemies you made while gaining XP, is self-defeating.  The second the situation becomes unsafe, I expect Boxxy to kill her off.

      Seraf Repier @Seraf Repier ago

      I think the retirment planning part would be hilarious to read.

      bloodytolits @bloodytolits ago

      What enemies are you talking about though?


      That secret organization did not target Keira. Only Zilla knows that Boxxy is Keira. Reggie knows too but Boxxy already has control of them. Heck, the Sandman probably has a lot more enemies than Keira.


      Keira has a backing of an entire nation, two level 100s, a rich influential family that deals with potion making(very important). She also already proved to the Underwoods(government bigwigs) that she's not a shapeshifter(LoL).


       No sane Hero would target her. And did you just assume that heros likes to kill other heros to get their skill? Boxxy is probably the only one like that. Even the hero of death wanted to avoid fighting if it's possible.

      Cimmerian @Cimmerian ago

      Anyone who is a symbol has enemies.  Empire likely views her as a threat.  She was responsible for triggering what equates to a WMD with the dryads; loved ones might find her responsible.  Any Hero aligned closely with a government would threaten non-allied governments.

      Chaos hero’s have a history of causing trouble and change around them; how couldRowanas family be ok with her continued presence?!  Rowana mom is informed, connected, and observant... Boxxy wouldn’t trust her.

      Doppleganger homophobe knew her ID; Reggie and/or his handler could have shared info about Keira with anyone.

      The underground lab had a board of directors (selected that guy to be head alchemist); if anyone saw Keira exit it and put pieces together, or asked the right questions... (what if Keira’s family/ brother was on the Board); it would be easy to figure out.

      ... ultimately, it doesn’t matter.  The author has a thing for cat girls, I think.  (See his other story here on RR.)... this is fiction, with magic, so it is silly to try and use logic to explain why things should or must be.


      bloodytolits @bloodytolits ago

      Aside from the higher ups on the elven government, nobody knows Keira did the dryads thing. Even then, Sandman was the one who gave the Amber.


      Did you even remember that Rowie's mother is even pushing their union? She even go out herself when she learned Keira got kidnapped. Even payed for the Sandman to guard her when she decided to ho get Fizzy. With how revered she was, there's only positives with associating with her. Heck that place where the 1st battle happened got even named after her.


      Reggie isn't stupid. Blabbermouths do not last long. Even his supposed boss doesn't know. Why would anyone else would? Boxxy already had him as his own sleeper agent and if I remember correctly, Boxxy already erased his memories of Keira.


      Someone seeing Keira get out? With how popular she is, that story should've already spread. She isn't the only VIP that got out there you know. Most likely anyone in the vicinity is dead via Claws.

      Keira is fictional. She doesn't exist so of course she doesn't have a brother.


      What? That's what's good about this fic, it's "logical". There's always explanations about everything.

      "Magic so no explanation". That statement is actually an insult to the skills of the author.


      Ness00 @Ness00 ago

      maybe not his people but his shinies for sure

      Cimmerian @Cimmerian ago

      Are you trolling me, or am I trolling you?  Either way, this is entertaining...

      "Aside from the higher ups on the elven government, nobody knows Keira did the dryads thing. Even then, Sandman was the one who gave the Amber." ... really?  Really? ... secrets like this just don't stay secret.

      "... Rowie's mother is even pushing their union..." Or, maybe the mom is clever enough not to totally estrange her daughter, and will get rid of Keira in a manner where her family is not suspect.

      "Reggie isn't stupid." Um... maybe he is?  He was a puppet, remember? "Blabbermouths do not last long." See prior statement.  "Even his supposed boss doesn't know." We don't know what the boss knows.  It would be shocking if the only brainwashed Doppleganger was Reggie; would you brainwash only ONE doppleganger and have no backup? "Why would anyone else would?" Grammar much?!  Maybe, because Reggie had to tell all of the other dopplegangers to leave Keira alone, and had to explain why. "Boxxy already erased his memories of Keira." Possibly after Reggie already told others.  ...  All of this is unknowable, behind the scenes stuff.  Ask the author.

      Finally, don't misquote me.  I said, "... this is fiction, with magic, so it is silly to try and use logic to explain why things should or must be"  Unless the author gave you a grimoire  with every possible spell that could possibly exist (sense foe, sense Doppleganger/mimic, remote viewing, see history, etc.), or explained everything that is happening in the background, how can you, or I, draw airtight logical conclusions.  

      bloodytolits @bloodytolits ago

      Can you give me a logical explanation how that secret would get out? Not because of "No secrets stay hidden forever" shit you are spouting. All those higher ups saw Keira felt guilty for what she did. They all felt sorry for her, who would be so freaking heartless as to expose that thing. Even if that get out, the fact that the Amber came from Sandman would make others think that the Sandman was the one behind it. Who would you believe would do such a hienous stuff? A sweet, ditzy, energetic cat girl or a murderous, money grubbing mercenary?


      Rowie's Mom:

      Another conjecture, and no logical explanation. I said Keira is freaking renowed and revered as a hero in the whole kingdom. Your status would only increase if you have a connection with her. What's so hard to understand about that?



      He's a freaking level 50 doppel(you know how long that would take?), with so much experience you'd think he is stupid? He's not a puppet but a sleeper agent, big difference in the intellect department. Reggie knows that Boxxy can wipe out their entire organization alone. He doesn't even know he has a boss. He's a shapeshifter so he can't just babble how he knows that the hero was a shapeshifter, they'll question him and that would only endanger himself and his own poeple. He can't say it to other doppel because that would basically be trusting someone with your life and with the other not knowing how powerful Boxxy is, that basically is the stupidest thing you can do. He's the boss of his organization. If he says you don't touch someone, you don't touch someone. He doesn't need to explain himself. Again, how hard is this to comprehend?


      Don't know what the Boss knows:

      Did you even read this fic properly? It's clear that they don't know that that shapeshifter they captured is Keira. And also, Reggie's organization is the sole doppel organization in azurvale. Reggie is the leader, he was only asked to send exceptional shapeshifter to zilla not give them info about said shapeshifter.



      I simplified your quote because that's what it basically is. Your argument was that the Keira persona was stupid because "enemies". I countered you logically on why she won't have enemies and the advantages of the Keira persona. Then when you can't defend yourself logically you escaped using "it's magic so it's stupid to explain".

      Now look who between us is trolling. God I hope you're just trolling and not just simply stupid(hey, you started it by attacking the grammar. You know that's not necessary). I explained all my points "logically", you on the other hand just says that "this might happen, because who knows? Maybe? You never know? Ask the Author". -_-"

       Ohh one last thing, you never did any logical conclusion just baseless conjecture.


      Exterminatus @Exterminatus ago

      Ok guys please chill out. I'm all for a good internet argument, but let's not let it devolve into a flame war.

      Cimmerian @Cimmerian ago

      Ok. No more posts from me re. this topic. (Conjecture pointless... eventually you will write the story and we will see.)

      Thanks for the story! Obviously, we both enjoy it.

MrGravelord @MrGravelord ago

Kora, Drea and (obviously) Carl ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

JoelBright @JoelBright ago

I'm not shure why nut Thressa the Godess of justice is not in the Poll, not that she is my favourite but I think that she is a valid option.

BlackTarask @BlackTarask ago

Keira !!! this boxxy personna is so fun xD (and I have a weakness with everything which have cat ears *w*). Next to her... Xera and Fizzy.

Raj Mahal @Raj Mahal ago

Has to be Ambrosia for sure!!


    Crywolfseven @Crywolfseven ago

    She’s a close second but I still love Kiera the most. Though I will admit strangely the crazy former succubus is still a contender too. Though I would like to see her go back to messing with people in her off time not just being broken. I like her using shapeshifting to mess with people. I mean imagine all the mischief she could get up too with that