Because someone in the comments mentioned it and it seemed like fun. Let me hear your thoughts on the various potential waifus we've seen so far! Yes, I know the options get a bit freaky further down the list, but I felt like I needed to pad it out a little.

EDIT: Voting has been closed! The results are as follows:

  1. Keira - 17.06%
  2. Ambrosia - 15.42%
  3. Xera - 15.19%
  4. Drea - 10.69%
  5. Fizzy - 9.41%
  6. Philippa, Goddess of Confusion - 9.26%
  7. Carl - 8.58%
  8. Zone - 4.76%
  9. Kora - 4.63%
  10. Rowana - 4.42%
  11. Misc - 0.57%

So there you have it, folks. Boxxy's apparently so good at acting that its Facade is popular even with the readers.


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