Drea, Xera and Ambrosia were currently standing at the base of a frozen path. The summit that lied at the heart of the Palace of the Crystal Maiden loomed overhead to one side. The rocky rubble that was once a gatehouse lied in front. Everywhere else consisted of nothing but cold, empty space. Much like the spot directly in front of all three of them. Yet they kept staring at it as if expecting something to pop out of thin air.

“… Where hath milord gone?” asked Ambrosia after a short while.

Xera floated over to the stone slab Boxxy had discarded before it disappeared about a minute ago and picked it up.

“It would appear the Master has returned to Azurvale,” she said after reading it. “And judging from how excited it looked, I don’t think it will be coming back anytime soon.”

“Oh, thank Albert!” exclaimed Drea. “I was worried something terrible might’ve happened when it disappeared like that…”

“But what about us?” inquired the spriggan.

“I don’t know about you, but me and Drea will drop dead and return to the Beyond in about an hour. There’s a ‘roaming’ clause in our contracts that forces us back if we’re more than a hundred kilometers away from our summoner,” explained Xera.

“So unless milord returns… I will be left alone out here?”

“Uh, yeah. I guess.”

The glow in Ambrosia’s eyes momentarily flared up. She still had a motherly smile on her face, but it was clear she wasn’t smiling on the inside. As one might expect, she didn’t appreciate being abandoned in such a crass manner. Her ire quieted down rather quickly though, and had all but evaporated when she let out a small sight.

“I suppose it can’t be helped. Milord is still but a child, so it can be forgiven for getting carried away at the sight of a new toy.”

“Ah. Now that you mention it…”

Xera suddenly remembered that her master wasn’t even a year old. It should rightly be considered an infant by people standards. Even among monsters there were very few species that reached maturity in less than a year. Wouldn’t that then mean she was technically a pedophile?

“I’m kind of glad it’s gone,” admitted Drea, interrupting that train of thought. “If I had to keep enduring Master’s ogling… Tktktktkt… I don’t think my heart could take it…”

“You don’t even have one of those,” pointed out the djinn.

“You know what I mean!”

“No, actually. I don’t. I can’t understand anything you do when we’re off duty, to be honest. You just follow the master around and peep on it from the shadows. You even stay out of its perception range just so you can fawn over it without being spotted.”

“Tktktktktktk!” chittered Drea with eyes wide. “How did you know about that?!”

“I didn’t, until you just confirmed it,” responded Xera with a grin. “Seriously though, what is the point of doing all that? If you want to have your insides scrambled by my Master’s glorious cocks, then you should just say so.”

“I agree,” butted in Ambrosia. “Milady Drea’s courting ritual is most bizarre and unlikely to succeed. The direct approach is thy best option if thou wishes to mate with milord.”

“Th-th-th-th-that’s not it at all!” insisted the Webstalker while flailing her limbs around. “I would never dream of doing something like d-d-demanding Master’s… Tktktktktk… thing!”

“Oh, right. You don’t even have a good receptacle for it even if you did,” said Xera with a teasing tone.

However, rather than keep getting increasingly flustered in an amusing way, Drea suddenly went quiet. Her pale face was dyed a shade of blue as she blushed, and she turned her head to the side to avoid eye contact. She also used her hands and back-scythes to cover up her lower body as if she were protecting it. All while fidgeting nervously and chittering like a herd of squirrels.

“… Don’t tell me,” muttered Xera. “Did the eternal virgin actually get herself a fuck-hole?”

Drea didn’t answer with words, but by shrinking back even more. She looked like she was about to run away at full force, but a series of vines and roots suddenly sprouted from the hard soil and wrapped around her before she could react.

“I believe this possibility warrants a thorough investigation,” declared Ambrosia.

“Nooo!” wailed the bound spider-demon. “Let me gooo!”

She tried to break free of her organic restraints, but she was unable to get them off, nor could she wriggle out of them. The roots pulled her down to the ground and onto her back, then restrained all her limbs so she couldn’t cut her way out either. Worse still, Ambrosia even spread her legs wide open, putting her in an unquestionably obscene position.

“Ohh! Nice work, Ambrosia!” said Xera with a thumbs up.

“Whyyy?! Why are you doing this to me?!” wailed the captive Webstalker.

“Because I wish to entertain myself whilst milord is absent,” responded the dryad.

“Yeah, what she said,” echoed the djinn. “Now let’s see what we have here!”

The busty demoness then floated closer to Drea, placed her face right up to her groin and stared at the sole crystal shard that protected the unwilling spider-girl’s dignity. She gently caressed the trembling flesh around it for a few moments before trying to grab it by its edges and pull it off. Unfortunately, the ice shard was quite slippery, so she couldn’t get a good grip on it.

This was where Ambrosia stepped in with her branch-like hands. She stuck the pointy tip of her index finger underneath Drea’s codpiece and started prying it open with a bit of force. This caused her captive to wail in both pain and embarrassment, but the dryad ignored her and promptly revealed what lay underneath that shiny carapace.

“Well… this is different,” stated Xera in genuine confusion.

There was definitely something there, but it was unlike any female genitalia she was familiar with. She was looking at a vertical slit with several lip-like folds flanking either side of it and a small nub on one end that may or may not have been the clitoris. But while it had an outward appearance resembling a vagina, it didn’t look quite like the genuine article. Not to mention that no matter how much the djinn’s fingers explored the fleshy pocket, she couldn’t find any hole or opening that would facilitate something like penetration.

As for Ambrosia, she did nothing but silently look on with an air of mild interest. A tree like her never cared much for the reproductive cycle of mammals, so this was all pretty foreign to her.


Xera’s mild curiosity was suddenly piqued when Drea failed to stifle a squeal-like moan. She looked up at the Webtalker’s face to catch her expression, but was disappointed to find that she had turned her head all the way around and was pressing it against the ground. But Xera would not be dissuaded so easily. All djinn were extremely mischievous by their nature, and her being originally a succubus did not exempt her from this trait. It merely meant that the nature of the pranks she wanted to pull leaned towards the lewd variety rather than the lethal stuff.

So, after motioning for Ambrosia to keep silent, Xera began to climb over Drea. She positioned herself so she was on all fours and looming over the Webstalker’s bound body, then stared intently at the back of her head. Drea started quivering even more when she felt the other demoness hover over her, but she refused to show her face under any circumstances.

“Miss Claws…”

Or at least that’s what she thought until a sweet, innocent voice came from up above. Her neck began to move against her will and stiffly twisted her head to the side, allowing her to peek up at the body looming over her. Her frantic thoughts came to an immediate halt and she felt her nonexistent heart skip a beat when she saw that the one currently on top of her was none other than Keira. This was so far from what she was expecting that even her chittering mandibles had grown silent.

“Miss Claws,” repeated the catgirl in a needy voice. “I know it may seem strange, but… I’ve always thought you were incredibly pretty and graceful… I was barely even able to control myself around you. But now you’ve become so irresistible that I… I’m sorry, but I just can’t keep these feelings bottled up anymore…”

She steadily lowered her face as she kept whispering those sweet words. She cupped Drea’s chin with her tender fingers and slowly guided her agape mouth towards her own. The Webstalker’s mandibles were opened up all the way and trembling fiercely, allowing the beastkin easy access to her thin lips.

The instant the two of them kissed, something inside Drea snapped. Her mandibles slammed shut, piercing a hole clean through each of Keira’s cheeks. Sweet blood trickled down her throat while the catgirl moaned with pleasure into her mouth. She then put her full body weight on top of Drea’s. Tanned, hot skin rubbed passionately against pale, chilled flesh as the two continued to exchange various fluids through their mouths.

Keira then shifted her weight to the side so she was only half-laying on top of Drea. She kept gently stroking her purple hair with one hand while the other ventured towards the spider-demon’s cleavage. The icy carapace covering her torso suddenly fell off all on its own as it responded to its owner’s desire to be touched and caressed even more.

The catgirl’s left hand answered those expectations of hers and began to sensually massage Drea’s modest breast. The soft fingers knead the forgiving pale flesh with expert movements, amplifying her arousal. The tender fingertips only briefly brushed against her cute little nipples, causing her to gasp in pleasure while the two’s lips and jaws continued to be intertwined. The catgirl also wrapped her dusky thighs around Drea’s leg and began rubbing her special place on it, drenching it in a clear, sticky fluid.

After a few more minutes of this, Drea’s mind had gone completely blank from the overwhelming stimulation she was receiving. She almost snapped back to her senses when she felt the catgirl pull away from her lips, but was lost again when she felt a hot breath on her neck. Keira continued to peck, kiss and lick the Webstalker’s flawless pale skin, shuddering with unexpected pleasure at the cold sensations on her tongue and lips.

Her gentle caress moved further down at a tantalizingly slow pace as it passed over Drea’s collar and settled on her bosom. She then began to give her mounds her full attention, this time focusing almost exclusively on suckling, play-biting and pinching her nipples. The Webstalker arched her back and continued to moan in drunken pleasure while her mandibles clattered against one another so hard that they seemed like they were about to break.

The beastkin girl was far from done, though. After her all-too-brief stopover at Drea’s chest, her mouth continued its sensual trek down the rest of her body while her hands kept massaging those twin peaks for as long as they could. She softly licked and slobbered all over her firm abdominal muscles that were hidden beneath a layer of soft skin. She passed over and gave special attention to her belly button without even questioning what such a thing was doing on an arachnid demon in the first place.

After what seemed like hours, Drea suddenly felt something hot and slimy poke into the folds she didn’t even know she had until this whole thing started. The sensitive organ that apparently existed purely to deliver pleasure was being lapped up and worshipped with such otherworldly dexterity that she couldn’t help but scream in joy. The voice that came out of her throat was completely unlike anything else she had ever uttered at a volume that she didn’t know she was capable of.

Her plump thighs reflexively wrapped around Keira’s head and neck, grinding her face into Drea’s nether regions even harder. Her hands that had become wrapped up in messy webbing before she even realized it began caressing her breasts while the catgirl eagerly wrapped her arms around her white legs. She didn’t even question where her bindings had gone. Nor did she even remember what an ‘Ambrosia’ was, for that matter.

The Webstalker endured the onslaught of pleasure for about a minute more before reaching the next stage of the lewd act. She arched her back, screamed her lungs out and bucked her hips wildly into Keira’s face. She didn’t squirt or anything like that, but her body was without a doubt being rocked by an orgasm.

And yet the catgirl didn’t stop. If anything, her assault upon the spider-girl’s nether regions only intensified. She even spread her plump butt cheeks apart and teased the exposed spinnerette hole between them with a finger. This unexpected action made Drea go positively wild with excitement. She had barely been given a chance to come down from her orgasmic high before another climax rocked her system. She convulsed so hard she’d probably rip her own breasts off if she hadn’t dulled her claws by accidentally webbing herself.


Drea’s lustful trance came to an abrupt end when she felt something beneath her legs give way with a rather disgusting noise. Like a sparrow startled by a loud noise, she leapt away from her partner, did a double backflip and landed on her feet a few meters away. The impact with the ground then kindly reminded her of the intense throbbing between her legs, making her buckle over and fall down as her body resumed its orgasmic throes.

“Damn, I guess I overdid it.”

The Webstalker lifted her head, and looked at the direction of that indignant tone. Her blurry vision cleared up rapidly to reveal a naked Keira sitting cross legged on the ground. She was rubbing her crimson hair with one hand while the other dangled loosely as a result of her shoulder being broken. As for the look on her face, it was one of mild disappointment.

“Well, it was fun while it lasted I suppose.”

After saying that, the slender catgirl’s body began to expand in all directions. Her breasts ballooned out obscenely, her hair hung down to her waist and her thighs and hips flared outwards. Her skin turned a pale blue color like the clear sky and a golden crown of horns grew out of her forehead.

A grim realization began to dawn on Drea as her sober mind began to process all the obscene and lewd things she’d been doing up until now. It didn’t take long for her to recognize just how much of an idiot she had been. Of course there was no way Keira would want to make love to her. She wasn’t even a real person to begin with. Yet the Stalker had let herself believe her fantasies had turned real and let Xera do all those shameful things to her. No, it was more than that. She had enjoyed the impromptu roleplay so much that she ended up moaning and screaming like a wild animal in heat.

Xera, on the other hand, felt rather gratified. Not sexually, though. Not even by a longshot. Her satisfaction was more of a spiritual nature. Today she experienced something entirely new that was completely removed from the violent sadomasochistic acts she normally pursued. In fact, this was the first time she’d ever pleasured another woman of her own volition. Sure she sometimes did it with Rowana whenever she was filling in for Keira, but that was business.

Not that her motives this time around were any less underhanded, though.

“So, how was it?” asked Xera with a sly grin. “Your first time making love to your sweet, sweet Keira?”

Although it made seemingly little sense at first, it was highly likely that what Drea wished for was to have Boxxy’s girly facade tenderly and lovingly embrace her. This was the hunch Xera had arrived at after seeing her new body part, which demanded to be touched, caressed and played with rather than penetrated or filled to the brim. And the one that Drea wanted to do all those things to her was none other than her master’s catgirl facade - the same form that was the subject of her first ever masturbation session.


And the Webstalker’s wonderful response all but confirmed those assumptions.

“Why did I do that? Why did you do that to me?! Wait, it didn’t get aired across the Beyond again, did it?!”

“Oh, you don’t need to worry about that,” said the djinn. “I actually called Carl to check just before I started. He said that the broadcast was focused on the Master playing with its new shiny box.”

Drea really wasn’t expecting an answer to that question, but she was quite relieved at least this particular escapade remained private.

“Of course, there was no way I could just let that happen,” continued Xera, “so I had him notify the Progenitor of what I was planning to do and asked him to record it for future posterity.”

“… You WHAT?!” squealed Drea. “Whyyyyy?!”

“Well, there’s no way I’d let you keep those wonderful reactions of yours all to yourself,” answered the djinn with a shit-eating grin. “Where would be the fun in that?”

“You’re an asshooooole!”

The intensely embarrassed Webstalker sprinted off into the distance while screaming at the top of her lungs. She wanted to find some deep dark hole to crawl into and never come out. As for Xera, she was left laughing so hard that it caused her to wince in pleasure from the pain in her fractured shoulder.

“Art thou sure this was wise?” called out Ambrosia.

The dryad had grown bored of the two demons’ pornographic display halfway through and stepped away from it. She then planted herself in the frozen ground up to her waist and had been quietly sitting there ever since.

“Hmm? What do you mean?” asked the djinn.

“I will not pretend to understand the situation of you demonic beings, but it is quite clear you hath done milady Drea a great disservice. Wouldn’t such a move impact thy future relations?”

“Nah, it’s not nearly as bad as I made it out to be.”

While Xera did indeed secretly contact Carl to confirm the current focus of the Boxxy Show prior to embarking on her lesbian adventure, that was the extent of it. She did not actually arrange for her tryst with Drea to be broadcast across the Beyond. She certainly thought about it, but decided against it for several reasons.

The biggest one among them was that Xera genuinely respected Drea on a professional level. Even if her personality was a bit quirky, the Webstalker’s work ethic was well beyond the djinn’s own. She carried out her orders in a prompt and efficient manner and was far more considerate towards her co-contractors than 95% of demons would be in her position. She also treated Xera’s beloved Boxxy with the proper respect and care, and made an active effort not to bother it unless it was absolutely necessary.

“She’ll forgive me once she realizes it was just a harmless prank,” said Xera with a confident tone. “Heh, maybe she might even ask me for an encore. Probably not though. Anyway! Since we’re stranded here for the time being, I guess I should go find some orc cocks to entertain myself with until Master decides to stretch out my whorish pussy. What about you, Ambrosia?”

“I shall remain here should milord wish to return and collect me.”

“Suit yourself. Laters!”

Xera flew off towards the ruins of the Torture Chamber, leaving Ambrosia alone with her thoughts. And the dryad had much to think about, particularly about how she would have Boxxy make it up to her after it abandoned her in this dismal place. True, she had already more or less forgiven it, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t demand some sort of compensation. Having the creature suckle from her teats was a given, of course, but she felt she had earned the right to be a little greedier this time around.

After all, spring was not too far off, and this was a prime opportunity to secure some… assistance for the upcoming pollination season.

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