A note from Exterminatus

First gallery chapter here. For HQ downloads of the art (both galleries) check out my patreon.

Spymaster Edward by dmaxcustom (new)
The many faces of Boxxy (ft. Minic) by dmaxcustom
Djinn Xera by dmaxcustom
Djinn Xera closeup by dmaxcustom
Size comparison sketch by dmaxcustom
Webstalker Drea by dmaxcustom
Carl fanart by carrots1
Carl fanart by BlankZero
Keira fanart by Chicken Hoshi
Drea fanart by Chicken Hoshi

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Hellreject @Hellreject ago

 Lol. Got really excited thinking new chapter. Thanks though

TheRWS96 @TheRWS96 ago

I like the Keira fan art :)

Eleven @Eleven ago

Thanks, love the many faces of boxxy, but all of them are really fucking good!

Neruz @Neruz ago

It is so nice to see a story finally supported with good and relatively accurate art, the fact that the story in question is itself one of the absolute very best on the entire site is the most wonderous of things indeed.

~Traveling Chef~ @~Traveling Chef~ ago

and here I thought I was the only one using "2: electric boogaloo" outside of movies lol

thanks for the cool art~

mafiapl @mafiapl ago

dmaxcustom is bad at drawing females, he draws them as males, i also dont really like the ranked up drea, shes not shy at all

Lynnaryas @Lynnaryas ago

I love dmaxcustom work.

Arms's missing though.