Good news, everyone! Actaully there's no news, I just felt like channeling my inner Professor Farnsworth. That and I need some extra padding on this post to get over the minimum character length.

Now to the matter at hand - I've decided to open up another round of Q&A for people that have had questions spring up about this fiction since the last one, or maybe missed it or something. I'll answer each and every one of them to the best of my ability, though I reserve the right to give you an idiotic answer if you give me an idiotic question.


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MoRpHmAuL @MoRpHmAuL ago

 Multiple minutes online and no questions?

Is my net just not updating or are there no questions? nvm


Q: Do you plan to release this fic on Kindle after its finished?

Q: Will Moss in some sort of misguided love turn into a golem aswell? It sounded like he didnt really have a problem losing his arm since he had no feeling due to the curse.


    Exterminatus @Exterminatus ago

    I don't know. It's going to involve a lot of work since I'll have to edit the whole thing from start to finish. Especially the earlier chapters as I think I've improved since then and they're not as good as the later stuff. It's a lot of work and at the end all that's in it for me will be maybe a bit of extra cash flow, which I don't think will be worth the effort.


      RWXR @RWXR ago

      I think you could always test the water with each subset as a separate novella - -and use KU.  I suspect it will generate a decent flow, you can always ask around on the LIT page for real numbers.   

      torvn77 @torvn77 ago

      In the old chapters, unlike the last, there is a terrible chthonic spirit and I really like it.
      Therefore, I am categorically against their amendments.

      Maybe as an option you put them on
      Then those wishing to read the old versions will read the old branches, those who want to read the new ones will be read by the master.
      And the changes themselves can be interesting to watch.

sbag @sbag ago

Does rowana experience withdrawal symptoms from boxxy's pheremones? 

Is there any danger of the goddess of law being infested with kora's demonic essence from their repetitive sessions?


Neiden @Neiden ago

Can an Archfiend make a Goddess pregnant?


    Exterminatus @Exterminatus ago

    Potentially. I mean I'm not 100% sure how that would work, but Gods have the power to bend the rules of the world so anything is possible when they're involved. That's also why they have to keep themselves in check, as a gross misuse of their gifts could have catastrophic consequences.

Hexwolfx @Hexwolfx ago


1.How many people really know about outherworlders and do they know about reincarnation has well?

2.Are there any dinosuare type monsters(dragon-kin dont count) and will boxxy fight them?

3.Will the novel end with a perfect setting for a harem unlick some mangas and animes?

4.Can the God of probaillity not see possible futures of outher Gods are does just iqnore looking at there possbilie furures.


    Exterminatus @Exterminatus ago

    1. It is an accepted fact that otherworlders pop up every now and then, albeit very rarely. As for the reincarnation bit, it's more or less common knowledge, though religions tend to distort the facts every now and then, even if they didn't intend to do so.

    2. There are giant lizard monsters that might be considered dinosaur-like.

    3. Assuming you meant 'unlike' not 'unlick.' I'm not sure what a perfect harem setting will be, but I'm trying to balance Boxxy's posse so that each of the girls follows it for her own reasons, not simply cuz they want the D. Well, except for Xera. She's all about that D.

    4. The divines are influenced by their followers, but they also have wills of their own. With so many variables in place it is hard to predict what course their existences will take.

Karmagator @Karmagator ago

(1) How long will Boxxy stay a Hylt Creeper (vaguely at least - 10 chapters? 20?) ?


(2) Can you disclose - without spoiling much - what the possible next forms will be? If so, would you kindly ? Very Happy


(3) Will Boxxy ever get an actual love interest or will things stay the way they are (i.e. 'loves' Fizzy for her shininess and Snack for her tastyness)?


Well, that is all I can think of right now. Maybe later....

Loltrolden @Loltrolden ago

Do warlocks need to resummon their demons to let them readjust their stats if the warlock levels up?

Moridain @Moridain ago

Does the maximum number of classes change during a rank up? For example if Boxxy maxxed out Dop, will she get another couple of class slots to play with?

Is boxxy as emotionless and coldhearted as she espouces? I find it hard to believe someone could fake love and affection that well without at least a small bit of empathy.


    Exterminatus @Exterminatus ago

    It does, yes. Ranking Up into a different species of monster adds +1 slot for the new racial Job.

    Monsters are hard wired to behave a certain way. They are violent, selfish and incapable of genuine compassion. As for Boxxy, its Doppelganger species is just naturally adept at acting. It uses a combination of its instincts, knowledge, Xera's tutelage and various Skills to fake the whole thing. Another way to put it is that it fundamentally understands what it means to be a good, caring person, because that's the sort of front it wants to put up to further its own agenda and ensure its survival.

      Moridain @Moridain ago

      Ahh, so it gets more slots for future rank ups, but no more?

      Then what happens if a class is 'removed' such as when Boxxy lost its Warlock class? If it loses Cat can it obtain another full sized class in its place, or would it lose the slot entirely?


      Exterminatus @Exterminatus ago

      The Cat Job was gained from an ill-thought-out Cadaver Absorption. So no, it won't lose the slot, it will free it up.

      Moridain @Moridain ago

      Definitely something it needs to consider then, if it can get past its avericious impulses. After all the Cat class may suck but it still 'belongs' to it. And Boxxy isn't a big fan of people taking its stuff.

      I wonder what the new class could be though... If it were me I would go with something like Illusionist, since I can think of few things that would suit its Dop class better than that. And the only thing scarier than a dozen tentacle arms coming out of someones chest to chop you to pieces with enchanted rapiers is the same thing happening but you don't notice till it is too late cos of an illusion. T_T

      Fred @Fred ago

      I don't think an illusionist class has ever been mentioned in the story. Probably doesn't exist. There's probably a wizard skill for illusions and some enchanting for glamours, but I doubt there's a whole job for it.

      Pukeofhurl @Pukeofhurl ago

      honestly isnt domination magic a form of illusion magic? since they both influence the mind could just be that he hasnt focused on illusion spells since clearly they exist aka succubus made illusions even in the last chapter

      Fred @Fred ago

      I didn't say there's no illusion magic, we've seen some already. Just that I think it's unlikely that there is a whole Job focused on it.


      Exterminatus @Exterminatus ago

      Not quite. While domination magic can cause illusions in the target's mind, the Conjure Mirage Skill creates a trick of the light that everyone can see. Think of it like a holographic disguise.

      Shance @Shance ago

      Kinda like Psychopaths, lack empathy but are known to be charismatic. 

SkrmnMrgsm @SkrmnMrgsm ago

What sort of Real-life timescale are we looking at before Fizzy is reintegrated, or have you not explicitly planned that bit yet?

patapon3rules @patapon3rules ago

Is there a non-zero chance that Boxxy will fight creatures that Beevis the Deity of Heavily Sensitive Dynamic Systems deems as interesting enough to make an Overlord out of? However, that isn't my real question.

My real question is, shall we see Boxxy engage in combat with someone through the ULTRA-GAME of PARADOX-BILLIARDS-VOSTROYAN-ROULETTE-FOUTH DIMENSIONAL-HYPERCUBE-CHESS-STRIP-POKER and banish the loser to THE REALM OF ULTRAMAR?