Since you people seem to want one, here's a gallery of all the ELLC art in chronological order

Cover Art (Boxxy + Valeria) by Nico
Boxxy and Xera by Nico
Kora by Nico
Mister Morningwood sketch by Nico
Lich Valeria by Nico
Lich Valeria (alt ver.) by Nico
Fizzy sketch by Nico
Fizzy sketch (bloody version) by Nico
Drea sketch by Nico
Keira by DanP
Archfiend Kora by DanP
Ambrosia by DanP
Boxxy fanart by winRoot
Xera fanart by dmaxcustom
Kora fanart by dmaxcustom
Keira fanart by dmaxcustom
Doppelganger fanart by Pezep
ELLC World Map (original, WIP) by the author
ELLC World Map (alternate version) by Aapjuh
ELLC World Map (Inkarnate version) by Ferthi

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Moridain @Moridain ago

The fact that Boxxy looks so innocent and carefree as Keira is kind of terrifying. Seriously, that innocent cat eared head is much scarier than the lich and demons around her. At least with them you KNOW you are going to have a bad end.

Gizmo92 @Gizmo92 ago

Dam I was in love with Keira before, but kudos to the artist because she looks stunning. Go I g to have crazy dreams tonight 

Nanuka @Nanuka ago

fair play, I love how kora looks, probably my favourite

Dullahan @Dullahan ago

Thanks for the tasty gallery, now, I'm going to re-read this story just because I miss the stupid boxxy.

VexenSangfroid @VexenSangfroid ago

Archfiend Kora is awesome. I laugh whenever I read or remember that dick scene from the last chapter.