So here's a crude geo-political map of the continent I've been using as a guideline, courtesy of my incredible MS Paint skills and some mapping tool that I don't remember. Keep in mind this map was basically made by 3-month-old Boxxy (Scale? What's that? Is it tasty?) so please don't take it too literaly. Also, it's quite unfinished, especially the lower right-hand side of it.

Full size here.

In case it isn't obvious, the color coding is as follows:

Triangles = Mountains/Highlands
Water (duh)
Common sea routes
Highways, borders, towns, cities (villages not pictured)
Capital cities
Calamity Fallout
Lordrak Empire (Humans)
Ishigar Republic (Elves)
Horkensaft Kingdom (Dwarves and Gnomes)
Here be ?????? (Undetermined, still working out the details)
Here be dragons (+ an Elder Dragon)
Here be zombies (Undead Infestation)

Here be Pearly Dunes (Beastkin)



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mjkj @mjkj ago

Thank you for the map :)

    Genisyn69 @Genisyn69 ago

    To tide over those waiting for Xera's timely demise. Plus the artwork made me think of this story in general. What better way to practice shapeshifting, than using metalsmorfing for chains and such, producing feathers and randomness. Just a thought.

Draconic @Draconic ago

I'm kinda disappointed that it's not chest shaped...

Synaps @Synaps ago

I like how every state has a big system of highways going through it... except for the elves. Because they have instant transport. You gave this some thought.

    Synaps @Synaps ago

    Must be different there. You can live your entire life going through all of the major cities/towns without going outside or between them. Expanded city culture. Urban sprawl through wormholes.

Hexwolfx @Hexwolfx ago

Where are the Gromes located?

Misery's End @Misery's End ago

 Lmao! Loved the two continents named Here. Be. Zombies! And IDK lol, both sound like fun places to visit but not stay xD

nononoke @nononoke ago

Bootlick city lol wonder why I didn't get it the first time.

tormanen @tormanen ago

Thanks for the cha.... map Very Happy 

fadhoul @fadhoul ago

the "i don't know" continent you can make it a species that has high advanced technologie or magic (since no war with other kingdom let them develope freely)

blackfear2 @blackfear2 ago

Make the idk part a land where 3rd grade syndrome people live in "self imposed exile, since my demon lord eye may bring ruination to all". Such a land of weirdoes is ignored to the point of being considered nonexistant by the other inhabitants of the world.