So here's a crude geo-political map of the continent I've been using as a guideline, courtesy of my incredible MS Paint skills and some mapping tool that I don't remember. Keep in mind this map was basically made by 3-month-old Boxxy (Scale? What's that? Is it tasty?) so please don't take it too literaly. Also, it's quite unfinished, especially the lower right-hand side of it.

Full size here.

In case it isn't obvious, the color coding is as follows:

Triangles = Mountains/Highlands
Water (duh)
Common sea routes
Highways, borders, towns, cities (villages not pictured)
Capital cities
Calamity Fallout
Lordrak Empire (Humans)
Ishigar Republic (Elves)
Horkensaft Kingdom (Dwarves and Gnomes)
Here be ?????? (Undetermined, still working out the details)
Here be dragons (+ an Elder Dragon)
Here be zombies (Undead Infestation)

Here be Pearly Dunes (Beastkin)



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