The heavily cloaked figure of the Sandman moved at a dizzying speed through the forest, although it was far from alone despite appearances. Boxxy had, for the first time in a while, mobilized all of its familiars. This recon mission on behalf of the Republic’s armed forces was going to be quite dangerous, so the Mimic brought as much backup as possible. Well, except for Fizzy. Even if that golem had the enviable ability to simultaneously perform both martial and magical combat, she was not exactly what one could call subtle.

Then again, the same could be said for Kora, who was currently bulldozing through various obstacles as she tried to keep pace with her agile and flexible Master. Unlike the shiniest of shinies, the fiend was far more disposable and abandon-able, so she could serve as a very good distraction should the need arise. For the moment, however, she had been told to hang back about 400 or so meters behind the Mimic as she couldn’t help but raise a racket as she traversed the forest’s overgrown and uneven terrain. Granted, it was still better than the start of this little expedition, as Kora was convinced that it was faster to smash through any trees in her path rather than go around them.

Boxxy honestly didn’t know which was worse - the fact that this ludicrous idea somehow popped into her head, or the fact that she somehow turned out to be right.

Either way, she was ordered to stop blatantly flaunting her power in such a way as they travelled through the forest. At the very least the other two demons seemed to be handling the terrain just fine. Drea was effortlessly leaping from tree to tree with the grace and agility one would expect from a veteran Stalker like her. Like a shadow sliding between moonbeams, leaving behind no signs of her passage aside from rustled leaves and strands of webbing.

However, the one that was undoubtedly having the easiest time traversing the Rainy Woodlands was the succubus - Xera. She just flew idly over the treetops while her cerulean skin and dark blue hair blended in naturally with the night sky. Honestly speaking if she, Drea and Boxxy were having an all out race through the forest, then she would in no way lag behind, despite her relatively pitiful Agility (AGI).

That fiend was another story entirely, though. The low-hanging branches, protruding rocks, soft ground and annoying bushes were all in her way. Even with her giant stride and athletic body, she had a lot of difficulty keeping up with the lead trio. If this were flat ground like the Clattering Plains surrounding Fort Yimin, then she was sure she’d be able to outrun all of them without breaking a sweat. Especially if it were a long-distance marathon that put even a demon’s unnatural stamina to the test.

That situation, however, was entirely hypothetical. In reality, her ‘quiet’ movement was so slow she wouldn’t be able to keep up with Boxxy’s pace at all if the Mimic didn’t take a detour every now and then. After all, the monster had to maintain both its body mass and energy reserves if it wanted to be ready for anything, so it went after any wild animals in its path. They were sufficiently filling, but their flavor was ultimately disappointing.

That wasn’t to say that the nocturnal critters Boxxy came across were any less tasty than the ones it had feasted on before becoming a Doppelganger. It was just that they felt incredibly bland and unappetizing when compared Ambrosia’s indescribably delicious cooking. The shapeshifter legitimately wondered whether that dryad was spoiling it a bit too much for its own good if her cuisine was starting to affect its eating habits. That was a sticking point for the Mimic, as it, like most living beings, instinctively rejected change.

That wasn’t to say that Boxxy would suddenly stop chasing after fresh prey. Ripping off their meat, grinding their bones into dust and drinking up every last drop of their blood was pretty much par for the course for that gluttonous creature. The main issue here was the idea that all these things it knew for a fact to be acceptably tasty were much less enjoyable ever since it overindulged in Ambrosia’s divine dishes. In fact, just thinking back on those stuffed human hearts and heavenly nectar-and-eyeball pudding made drool overflow from its mouth, leaving behind a moist trail of slobber as it traversed the Rainy Woodlands.

“Master, are you… thinking about that green sack of leaves and moss yet again?” asked Xera in a jealous tone.

“Yes,” confirmed Boxxy through the telepathic link, much to her dismay.

“O-oh. I see…”

The succubus that was currently gliding through the air had plenty of time for idle thoughts and observations. And seeing her master unabashedly hunger for someone other than her made the succubus feel even more threatened by Ambrosia’s existence.

Xera had always felt secure in her position as the tastiest among her Master’s minions as the one and only Snack, so there was no doubt in her mind that she was the most favored among them. Even if that walking calamity of a box could never return her twisted affections, that didn’t mean she couldn’t become her Master’s favorite thing. And while it was true that Boxxy was surrounded by others, none of them were capable of stealing its attention away from her.

It was undeniable that the Mimic thought of Kora and Drea as tasty in their own ways, but their literal flavor was quite terrible. Fizzy, on the other hand, had a captivating luster that even Xera had to admit was splendid and truly deserving her position as her Master’s ornament. But despite her shininess, she was ultimately an inedible golem. The succubus knew her beloved Master the longest and most intimately of all living beings, so she knew for a fact that tastiness came before shininess when it came to Boxxy’s priorities. Therefore, there was no way that Fizzy could truly compete with her.

But that dryad was different. She was a direct threat to the succubus’s position as the tastiest, even if it was through her dishes rather than her body. If she somehow caused Boxxy to grow tired of Xera’s flavor, then the shapeshifter would no longer give her what she truly wanted. This worry of hers was only exasperated further by the fact that she and Boxxy hadn’t shared in a single session of snack time for 12 days now.


Realizing the bind she was in, Xera let out a mental sigh that was transmitted to everyone else.

“For fuck sake, cum-for-brains,” shouted Kora. “If you got something to say just fucking say it! Honestly, that’s why I hate you conniving whores!”

The obviously ticked-off fiend had been feeling quite frustrated herself as of late. Not only had she gotten very few opportunities to come out and ‘play’ with the succubus’s insides as of late, but even those few occasions had left her somewhat unsatisfied. The once seemingly insatiable slut seemed far less… active during the deed these days. Where before she would scream, wail and pretend-resist, these days Xera just sort of stood there and took Kora’s abuse without playing along in the slightest. She still derived some pleasure from the act, given how she occasionally let out moans of twisted pleasure, but was for the most part quite inanimate.

This was unacceptable to the rape-happy fiend. If that cock-sleeve was just going to take her dicking as if she were a corpse or a toy, then it took a lot of the fun out of it. After all, the whole point of raping someone was having them struggle, scream and beg as the fiend forced herself on them. One could say actually getting her rocks off was secondary to the violent act, but it was one that required a partner.

Not a dead fish.

“If… if you’re feeling pent up,” chimed in Drea, “I can always try and give you a t-titjob.”

“You what?!” asked Kora in an incredulous tone.

“It’s just practice! You know… J-just in case…”

“Nuh-uh, not happening!”

Being flatly denied like this injured the Stalker’s pride. Did that meathead even realize how much courage it took for her to make such an outrageous offer?

“Why not?! My boobs are just the right shape for it and everything!”

“I’m not saying you don’t have a great pair of tits, I’m saying I’m not putting my cock anywhere near that mouth of yours! You’d probably bite it off the first chance you get!”

“So? You’d grow a new one.”

“That’s not the point! Look, I need a tight, squirming hole to satisfy me, so unless you’re willing to offer that silky one you got back there-”

“No way! I can’t possibly agree to something embarrassing like that!”

“Oh? Not even if the boss asked?”

“Th-th-the Master? … W-well… M-maybe it could, uhm, I mean, I wouldn’t particularly mind…”

“Ha! Knew it! You’re a slut deep down after all, ain’t ya?”

“N-no such thing!”

“Give it a rest, you two!” mentally shouted Boxxy.

“Yes, Master,” replied Drea and Kora in unison.

The Mimic sighed inwardly. Ever since it had gotten the Soul Link Skill, the telepathic link between itself and its minions had undergone a change, an evolution of sorts. Where before it could only converse with each demon individually, right now they could all communicate with each other at the same time. Initially this seemed like a good thing since it allowed for a more efficient exchange of information between its minions. However, these ongoing, pointless arguments over who was sticking their genitals where had been steadily thinning out its patience.

Still, it had to agree with what Arms said initially. The confident, know-it-all Snack had not been acting like herself at all as of late, which could be a problem further down the line. After all, a succubus without confidence was like a treasure chest without any actual treasure.

“Snack, tell me why you’ve been acting so strange the past week,” it commanded.

Xera did not want to answer that question. Even if her pride as a demoness had long ago been shattered and dragged across the mud (along with her face,) her pride as ‘Boxxy’s favorite Snack’ would not let her admit her feelings of inferiority so easily. Unfortunately for her, keeping quiet about it was no longer an option as the contract did not allow her to subvert a direct order like that. Therefore, she decided to take this chance and pour out all of her grievances.

“It is because you no longer wish to feast on me, Master. That red buffoon tries, but my body and soul will not feel satisfied unless my one and only Master thoroughly abuses and punishes me on a regular basis. I want- need to be torn limb from limb, completely dominated and absolutely ravaged in every sense of the word by my Beloved Master, or I’ll just waste away into nothingness!”

“So it was about your perversions after all?”

“Of course, Master! I am your personal hopelessly perverted slut, after all!” she declared proudly.

Although the Mimic might have normally flat-out rejected her blatant advances on the spot, it actually gave it some thought for once. Even if its minions were bound by contract, it was important to keep them well-motivated so they would go that extra mile that went beyond their instructions and orders. Fizzy was a lot like that too, which was why it agreed to her selfish request regarding that tiny woman named Jess. The shiny golem aside, however, that succubus wasn’t as simple-minded as Arms or Claws. In some ways it was only natural that she required some… special attention.

“Fine, I’ll add it to my schedule,” it decided.

“R-REALLY?!” shouted Xera into its mind.

“Yes, really. I have been running out of ideas for shapeshifting practice anyway.”

There was quite a way to go before it reached Level 15 of the Shapeshift Skill, and it was necessary in order to Rank Up beyond Doppelganger. Of course, that also applied to Biomass, but that was a separate matter.

Besides, it wasn’t like Boxxy was particularly against the idea of sampling Snack’s succulent flesh and unique flavor every now and then.

“Alright! I’m gonna get completely violated! Who’s gonna get Boxxy’d?! That’s right - this slut! Go Xera! Go Xera! Go Xera! Go Xera!”

The shameless succubus gleefully cheered herself on while spinning around in the air.

“I can w-w-watch, right Master?” asked Claws timidly.

“I don’t see why not.”

“Yessss!! I mean, uh, I am very grateful for this honor, my Master.”

As expected, pleasing that stalker was much simpler than dealing with Snack. After all, pandering to her voyeuristic desires required zero effort beyond saying ‘yes’ every now and then. In fact, her drive to contribute as much as possible while being as little of a burden to Boxxy was quite commendable, truly befitting a professional with her experience. If only all of Boxxy’s minions were that easy to appease.

“Oh! Then can I- Actually, no, nevermind.”

Kora was going to ask about joining in on the romp, but changed her mind mid-sentence.

“You sure?” inquired Boxxy.

“Yeah. Quite sure.”


She had almost forgotten that her Master was definitely not the submissive type, and she did not particularly enjoy being on the receiving end of ass-poundings.

“Oh ho ho ho!” laughed Xera in a haughty voice. “What’s the matter? The big bad cock-on-legs feeling intimidated? Feeling… scared?!”

“Of course not! I have no idea what you’re talking about!”

“Come on! I know for sure you appreciate being completely filled every once in awhile!”

“I do not!”

“Reporting that Koralenteprix is clearly lying through her teeth while shaking in her boots,” claimed the ever-observant Drea.

“Why you little-! Get down here and say it to my face! I’ll show you a thing or two about being filled up!”

“You’ll have to catch me first, flatfoot!” she answered bitingly.

“I’ll pass on that as well ~♪” chirped Xera. “I have to keep myself, mmmmm ~♡, tight and juicy for Master’s big, hard-”

“Cut the idle chatter,” ordered Boxxy. “Snack - see if you can locate the target site.”

The demonic trio instantly sharpened their focus as they kept forging ahead through the pitch-black forest. The place they were headed to was the Empire’s staging camp which reportedly sprang up quite literally overnight. One of the Republic’s guerilla units were able to spot it from a distance and report its location via Comm-crystal, but the enemy’s tight perimeter had kept them from getting a good look at it.

“I see the enemy camp,” reported Xera, the eye in the sky. “They’re about one and a half kilometers to our left.”

The monstrous group made a slight turn according to the succubus’s instructions and slowed their pace somewhat to keep a low profile. Kora had no difficulty keeping up now, but was told to keep a distance of at least 100 meters between herself and the rest. After all, Boxxy could use Stealth, Drea had the superior Stalk Skill while Xera could rely on Invisibility and her swift wings to avoid detection. The fiend, on the other hand, was about as subtle as an angry bull in a house of mirrors.

The Mimic and its minions silently approached the camp until they reached a large clearing. At the center of said clearing was the base itself, but every pine tree in a radius of about 150 meters from it was gouged out of the ground so that not even stumps remained. There was a path, to call it more accurately - a highway through the forest visible on the other end of the clearing. The Empire had not just been traveling between the trees, but completely gouging them out so as to secure a reliable supply route. It was a blatant disregard for nature, but not something the forest wouldn’t recover from in a hundred years or so.

As for the clearing itself, it was quite frankly impassable. The Imperial forces had dozens of patrols scouring the area. Not only was each of them a dozen strong, but all the troops were illuminating their immediate area either through Spells or magic items. It was also worth noting that all of them were on high alert and looked ready to spring into action at any given time, despite the ungodly hour.

No, it was more accurate to say their vigilance was precisely because it was the dead of the night.

As for the camp itself, it was surrounded by numerous ramparts and makeshift walls bound together from the surrounding timber. Walking on top as well as around said fortifications were numerous lookouts who were keeping an eye on their comrades. Even though it was out in the open like that, however, the Imperial base could not be observed from a distance.

Immediately inside the circular wooden perimeter was an enormous magical bubble - the Illusion Barrier the Republic’s guerilla squad reported about. It was a Wizard Spell, created and maintained by the virtue of the Synchronous Chanting Skill. That particular Skill was available to most Spell-slinging Jobs and allowed a large number of them to combine their powers to produce powerful magic beyond what was normally possible for a single individual. Boxxy also had the chance to pick up this Skill at Level 40 of its Warlock Job, but passed it over since it mostly worked alone.

As to the effects of said Illusion Barrier, they were much more straightforward than the name would suggest. People and objects could pass through it without issue, but light and/or sounds that passed through the magical membrane would be horribly distorted if not completely blocked out. The downside of this Spell was that it worked both ways, meaning that while Boxxy couldn’t see what was inside it, those within would have no idea what was going on outside. Which was why the defensive perimeter was established beyond the bubble rather than within it.

Said perimeter, however, was proving to be a challenge. The human patrols kept a distance of at least 30 meters from the treeline that Boxxy was hiding in, so ambushing them wasn’t going to be easy. Even if one of the patrols was taken out, the lookouts at the ramparts would spot it without fail and raise the alarm, followed by a heavily armed response from the 12,000 strong Imperial army inside that Illusion Barrier. Attempting to sneak between the patrols was extremely risky as well, as the clear view and plentiful illumination meant that Boxxy could be spotted very easily. After all, Stealth was powerless against direct line of sight.

“Claws,” it called out, “can you slip inside without alerting anyone?”

If it was the demon with the superior Stalk Skill, then she could probably manage to get past the patrols and over the wall quite easily.

“... I don’t think so, Master. Those walls are most likely warded with alarm-type magic.”

“They are?”

“The Empire is quite zealous when it comes to their walls, Master. If they went so far as to put up that Illusion Barrier, then there’s no doubt in my mind they put up Detect Intruder glyphs as well.”

“Right, of course.”

Boxxy was subtly reminded of the city of Erosa, more specifically of the anti-infiltration magic they put around their walls following the Calamity of Monotal. It was a type of magic that would raise an alarm the instant anyone - be it an intruder or a guard - went over said walls. Back then, it had subverted them by using an underground tunnel, but it doubted something that convenient was around this time.

Or was there?

“Alright, I have an idea,” declared Boxxy. “Snack - go straight up and gain as much altitude as you can. Make extra sure the enemy doesn’t spot you.”

“By your will.”

Xera, who was currently sitting on a high branch, cloaked herself with Invisibility, jumped off her perch, unfurled her wings and began ascending rapidly in a spiral pattern.

“Claws, you’re with me. Arms - rendezvous at my position.”


“Just come where I am, stupid.”

“Oh! Sure, boss!”

Boxxy and Drea retreated back into the forest and met up with Kora, who was able to easily track them thanks to the telepathic link. They then proceeded a bit further into the woods, back to a recently vacated bear den. It wasn’t so much a cave as it was a large hole in the ground, but it would provide sufficient cover for the upcoming operation.

“Arms, you’re the anchor. You have permission to engage the enemy should they find you, but otherwise you’re going to stay right here unless I say otherwise.”

“Ugh, guard duty again…” moaned Kora.

Leaving the disgruntled fiend at the entrance, Boxxy went inside the den followed closely by Drea. It was quite cramped, but still tall enough to let both of them stand up once the Mimic shrank its Sandman disguise somewhat.

“What now, Mas… ter?”

The spider-demon was taken slightly by surprise when said Master began quickly and efficiently undoing its disguise. Not only did it stow away the cloak, mask and gauntlets obscuring its figure, but it even reverted back to its base form - that of a Hylt Creeper variant of the Doppelganger species. It turned its faceless, elongated head towards the suddenly embarrassed Stalker and stared at her with the yellow spheres that served as its natural eyes.

“Claws, come here and hug me.”

“... Wut?”

“Come on, tight as you can. That’s an order, not a request.”

“But- But- But- Err! I’m not q-q-q-quite ready for- Kya!”

Despite her weak protests, Drea’s body moved against her will as she walked over to where her Master was waiting for her. Her clawed, carapace-covered arms wrapped themselves around the creature's shoulders, putting the two of them quite literally spider-face-to-non-face. The scythe-tipped appendages on her back closed in from either side in such a way as to pull their bodies even closer together while making sure they didn’t dig into Boxxy’s back.

“Alright, this is good,” declared the Mimic in a business-like manner.

It also said some other things, but the Stalker could no longer hear its voice, mental or otherwise. Her current situation was far more intense than anything she had been through before, so her mind almost immediately went pink and fuzzy. Even if she was an accomplished killer and efficient assassin, she was still a total rookie when it came to matters of romance. She had, of course, initially thought this weird attraction she felt towards her Master was merely a side-effect of meeting the star of the Boxxy Show.

However, what was currently going on was making her rapidly reconsider that position.

For one thing, having their (technically) naked bodies rub against each other like this was sending unexpected shivers of excitement up and down her spine. And, as if that wasn’t enough stimulation for her, Boxxy had also wrapped its gangly arms around her lower back and pressed its forehead against hers while whispering something. Obviously, Drea had no idea what it was saying, as the tight embrace alone was powerful enough to make her non-existent heart explode. In some corner of her fluffy mind, she managed to offer a brief thanks to Jordan for her summoning contract. After all, there was no way an inherently shy creature like her could muster the courage to do something this daring otherwise.

Of course, this wasn’t the demon’s first physical contact with her Master. There was that one time when Boxxy sampled one of her legs to check on her flavor and then immediately spat it out in disgust. Well, even if she knew it was coming, Drea still felt hurt by its negative reaction at the time. Suffice it to say, the feeling she was experiencing right now was completely removed from the painful one she felt back then.

In fact, if asked to put said pleasant emotion into words, the best way she could describe it would simple be: ‘Tasty.’



Just as her head was about to fill up with pink thoughts, her ears managed to catch a somewhat audible word from Boxxy’s naturally deep voice. Before she could even ponder its meaning, however, she was overcome by the unmistakable and strangely nostalgic feeling of her surroundings warping and twisting around her.

Followed immediately by the sensation of falling.

“Huh? Wha-?!”

Having finally torn her attention from Boxxy’s strangely cute face, she glanced at the direction gravity was pulling them towards. Her compound eyes almost looked like they would pop out of her face as she realized she and Boxxy were currently at least 2,000 meters in the air and plummeting towards the ground like a pair of rocks.


The emotionally overloaded Stalker momentarily panicked and ended up clinging even harder to her Master without realizing it.


“Ack! Yes, Master!?”

“You’re to infiltrate the south end of the compound, I’ll go in through the north.”


The Stalker glanced at the ground once more and realized that the Empire’s camp was directly beneath them. The gears in her head instantly clicked together as she realized that Boxxy had used Transfamiliar to trade places with Xera - the only one in the group who could fly. It also explained why the Mimic had ordered Drea to embrace it like that. After all, even if it was possible to bring along an additional person with the Transfamiliar Spell, said passenger might lose a limb or two unless they clung very tightly to the caster.

“Information gathering is the priority,” continued the Mimic. “Do not engage in combat unless absolutely necessary.”

Drea felt slightly disappointed when she realized that the whole ordeal was nothing but a means to an end. She really should have known better, all things considered. Well, it wasn’t all bad. At least she had something special to think about while fondling her breasts later.

“Understood, Master.”

With a firm grasp on her mission and newfound determination, the Stalker both regretfully and hurriedly disentangled herself from Boxxy. She ejected a large amount of white spider silk from her clawed hands and expertly weaved it between her back-mounted scythes to form a sturdy, durable membrane. She spread those appendages out like a pair of wings, allowing her freefall to turn into a graceful glide.

Over on Boxxy’s side, the Mimic had already reverted into a more compact version of the Sandman and was using its own pair of demonic wings to adjust its downward trajectory. The two monsters gradually drifted further apart as they approached their respective drop points. Boxxy briefly braced itself as it passed through the top part of the slightly glowing Illusion Barrier, but didn’t feel even the tiniest bit of resistance. Well, that was more or less expected, but reading about something and confronting it first-hand were very different things.

Once inside, however, Boxxy suffered a brief mental blow. The environment inside the oversized barrier was not at all befitting a military camp at night, but was much closer to a busy market at high noon. For one thing - it was incredibly bright. Not only were there numerous torches, bonfires and lamps that lit up every corner of the camp, but the inner wall and ceiling of the Illusion Barrier was reflecting any excess light back towards the ground. Forget high noon, actually - this scenery was closer to there being 4 suns in the sky!

To make the strange scene ever stranger, there appeared to be not a single Imperial soldier who was sleeping, as all of 12,000 of them seemed to be keeping busy with something or another. Some were sparring, doing drills, checking their equipment and/or other such practical preparations, but more than half of them were acting as if their standing orders were to ‘party hard.’.

Dancing, drinking, singing, and all around merriment was had all around, and even the dutiful ones took a swig from a nearby mug or let out a loud cheer every now and then. The vast majority of them weren’t even geared up and stumbled around in simple tunics and trousers. If a casual observer who didn’t know any better were to spot this, they would instantly assume these men were celebrating an overwhelming military victory or something. In fact, their combined voices and laughter were so loud that they seemed to physically press against the still-gliding Mimic’s underside.

… Oh, shit!

Having finally realized anyone could spot it if they so much as looked up, Boxxy instantly dove downwards towards a small white tent. It deftly sliced open the canvas with a sword-arm and landed inside with a heavy thud, right in the middle of three very confused soldiers. The unarmed and unarmored men, who appeared to have been playing a game of dice, stared blankly at the cloaked intruder who had appeared seemingly out of thin air. The look of pure bewilderment on their faces lasted just long enough for the Mimic to lash out and wrap each of their heads in a thick tentacle.

The surprised men proved their training was not entirely for naught as they instinctively grasped for their swords and tried to slice at the fleshy appendages that were currently suffocating them. And although they managed to inflict a few wounds on it, it only took a few seconds for their skulls to start creaking inside the monster’s grip. They managed to let out a few muffled screams of pain, but their heads caved in and their bodies went limp all the same. Mere moments after the last of them had stopped struggling, a pair of off duty soldiers barged into the tent to see what the commotion was about.

A decision they regretted for the rest of their lives.

After discretely disposing of all five corpses via its gullet, Boxxy disguised itself as Generic Imperial Soldier A and left the scene of the quintuple homicide with a spring in its step.

“Infiltration successful,” it reported to its familiars. “Claws, what’s your status?”

“Landed in what appeared to be a pen for Monster Tamers,” came the immediate response. “Had to eat the squire that spotted me, but I’m otherwise undetected.”

“Very good. Try and find the commanding officer’s tent and scour it or any documents, letters or maps. I’ll work the crowd and see what I can find out.”

“Yes, Master.”

“Arms, get closer to the camp and standby in case I need a diversion.”

“So… I should get ready to jump out of the bushes and skullfuck me some pansies?”

“... I guess.”


“What about me, Master?” asked Xera expectantly.

“Start flying back to the city. We don’t have a lot of time to spare so you’re my ticket back to base. Plus, it’s not good to leave Keira’s bunk empty for too long.”

“Of course, Master. But what about the matter of my lonely pussy?”

“I’ll take care of your urges when I get the chance.”

“Mmmnhmm hmm hmm, I’ll be looking forward to it then! Please don’t make me wait too long, okay ~♡? ”

The succubus crawled out of the bear den she was holed up in and once again took flight. Much like on the way here, she glided gracefully through the night. Unlike the first trip, however, she was in a much better mood. At one point she even began humming pleasantly to herself due to the anticipation. Not the best idea considering the covert nature of her Master’s ongoing operation, but realistically speaking she was in no real danger of anyone on the ground noticing her presence.

Well, not unless a drop or two of her ‘anticipation’ landed on their face.

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