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A lot of you have asked for this, so here you go. Skill descriptions all of Boxxy's Skills, along with some extras. Some of these may be inconsistent with past chapters and I've done my best to correct them, but whatever. Not all of these had been publicly posted in the past, so there's some new stuff too. I won't be adding new stuff here since that would be spoiler-ish. I won't be listing all the Mastery Skills since they're all kind of same-y.

P.S. Boxxy approves of this post, which is essentially just boxes within boxes within boxes within a box, displayed on a thin, wide box powered by another box that- Basically, it's boxes all the way down.

Mimic Skills 
Absorbed Skills 
Cat Skill
Doppelganger Skills
Warlock Skills
Ranger Skills
Artificer Skills
Blade Dancer Skills
Hero Skills
Racial Skills
General Skills
Skills I couldn't be bothered to organize 



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