I've noticed you guys have quite a few comments and some rather long discussions. While I appreciate the interest and thought I'd make some details very clear, apparently this wasn't the case. So, since I don't have much else to do, I'll take some time to answer any and all of your questions, regardless of whether they're related to this series or not.

Just keep in mind I reserve the right to give you nonsensical, idiotic answers if the questions deserve them. 'There is no such thing as a dumb question' is a saying I wholeheartedly refute with every fiber of my being. And if someone disagrees, then I want you to consider the following: Why do whiskers have cats?

P.S. Word of warning for those coming in from chapters following this one - I will not tolerate questions with spoilers in them. They will be deleted on-sight.


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Sobek @Sobek ago

1.Will Boxxy ever find the glory and shinyness of Tanks and armoured vehicles?

2.Do mimics like French Toast or Waffles?

3.Is George Bush the anti-christ only for Saddam or the rest of the world as well.

4.How many triangles does it take to make a lemon?

5.How many licks does it take to get to the center of a totsie pop (My personal count is 956.... I have a lot of free time)

6.Will you or anyone in the chat play a game of Eu4 CK2 or HOI4 with me?

7.Is Sobek a better god than Margret the goddess of probability.

8.How dense do you like your pea soup.

9.Have you ever been to Finland(My homeland)


11.Would Boxxy Find a Rubiks cube tasty?

12.How bout an Xbox?

13.Do you want Robbie Rotten to represent Iceland at Eurovision?

14.Have you ever removed kebab? Will Boxxy ever remove kebab?

15.Is the world flat?(In your story. I seem to have forgotten its name. I read a lot, as well as edit for some people so I can't remember everything._


    Exterminatus @Exterminatus ago

    FUCK that's a lot! Okay, um...

    1. It might, if it visits the Horkensaft Kingdom where the Artificer Job began.

    2. Neither. Not enough meat or blood.

    3. He's a good target to poke fun at. Anti-christ is going too far though.

    4. You can't make a lemon out of triangles, they're missing a dimension. You can make one out of triangular pyramids, though.

    5. I haven't actually eaten one of those, so no idea.

    6. Assuming you mean Europa Universalis and Crusader Kings, idk what the last one is. Anyway, I won't cuz those really aren't my type of games.

    7. Only on Thursdays and Saturdays.

    8. Dense enough that I need to drink water to wash it down.

    9. Nope, sorry. No plans on going either (hate traveling).

    10. No.

    11. Obviously not. Unliving things have generally bad flavor, and trying to get it to solve the puzzle would just result in a smashed up cube.

    12. See above.

    13. The guy from 'We Are Number One?' Hell yeah!

    14. How does one 'remove kebab,' exactly?

    15. It's not flat. Pretty sure I've not given it a name, either.

bradyman50 @bradyman50 ago

After reading the chapter with the dryads in the future, I really hope that boxxy body is out there still alive, on some other planet orbiting a shiny star that he was trying to take, so that when the dryads looked into the sky missing him they would be looking at him. Or at least somewhere where he can hear the news from a demon about a whole city being eaten. The demons would at least be interested since every demon watched the boxxy show, and would be interested to hear about his kids murdering thousands of mortals.

Is there any chance at all of that scenario or of him being alive at that point?

wealthdigger @wealthdigger ago

Who ells to whisk them away but catnappers?

ILovePancakes @ILovePancakes ago

I'd like to ask if the evolved species of enlighted species are fixed or they can choose from a number of options depending on their skills, stats, achievements, etc.

And the rough outline of effects the higher species like Ascendant, High Elf, Angel, have that are mentioned in the story if you have thought of them already.


    Exterminatus @Exterminatus ago

    Nope, no choice. Those who have a level 100 religious Job (monks, paladins, priests) will always rank up into an angel variant.

    An ascended human would be much stronger and faster than a normal one. As in, if they both had the same STR, the higher variant would exhibit a lot more physical force than the common one. They also often come with their own racial skill, such as an angel's ability to fly.

Jade Vanadium @Jade Vanadium ago

Can Boxxy have it's mimic job removed in order to free up a job slot? In an earlier question, you said that if a primary species job is removed, it will be re-added at level 1 with all the related skills removed, however since Boxxy is no longer a mimic, shouldn't it just stay gone? Although some of the skills might be removed, it's also true that many of those skills overlap with Doppleganger, right?

Though all things considered, it's probably a really poor way of freeing up a job slot, especially considering it still has "cat", and "Rogue" could also be removed with very little backlash, given all the overlaps with it's other jobs.

Thanks for the updates and all the answers.

Frogspoison @Frogspoison ago

I was a bit confused on the brief tidbit about gods - There are currently 9 gods? It came across to me as though there were 9 major gods, and then numerous minor gods, with G.o.U.P (God of Unpredictable Predictions) counting as one of the minor ones. What is the difference between being a major and minor god? Are major gods non-specific to a race (Such as, I assume, Solus), with minors being worshiped more by a single race (Such as Teresa with humans, and Nyrie with elves), or is there some other classification? If it doesn't count as a spoiler, could we also get some info on the power level of the gods? Similar mythos would have it that gods who depend on worship are bound by that worship, living and dying with it, whereas gods that create new realms and realities.. aren't bound.


    Exterminatus @Exterminatus ago

    There are 9 in total. Minor ones just have a smaller following, which in turn translates as less power they can exhibit in the mortal realm.

    Gods aren't necessarily tied to race. They're usually tied to countries, which typcally have a dominant species. It's a cultural thing, basically. Also, these countries aren't necessarily monotheistic, it's just that some faiths have a stronger following than others.

    The mythos you mention regarding Gods are exactly what this is about.

kal26 @kal26 ago

If boxxy likes shiny things why has it still not learned blacksmith profession?

or more specifically ornament making kind og job?

MrGravelord @MrGravelord ago

Now this is very off track but would you recommend an apprenticeship as a programmer ?

and how does the evolution tree of a cat look like ?


    Exterminatus @Exterminatus ago

    If possible, yes. 6 months of experience is already more valuable than 4-5 years needed to get a degree. Having both would be ideal.

    No, not really. It's a dead-end species, I'm afraid. Not all creatures were created equal.

n1nj489 @n1nj489 ago

Will there be more "tasty" chapters if you know what I mean? laughing


Treyon @Treyon ago

Will boxxy have sex with the girls on his own will later?, also he needs to earn sex mastery skill at some point to the point snack get the best fuck in her immortal life xD, not to mention how it would feel for the others. 

Also can fizzy feel sex?

Lastly, can we get more erotic chapters xD?