I've noticed you guys have quite a few comments and some rather long discussions. While I appreciate the interest and thought I'd make some details very clear, apparently this wasn't the case. So, since I don't have much else to do, I'll take some time to answer any and all of your questions, regardless of whether they're related to this series or not.

Just keep in mind I reserve the right to give you nonsensical, idiotic answers if the questions deserve them. 'There is no such thing as a dumb question' is a saying I wholeheartedly refute with every fiber of my being. And if someone disagrees, then I want you to consider the following: Why do whiskers have cats?

P.S. Word of warning for those coming in from chapters following this one - I will not tolerate questions with spoilers in them. They will be deleted on-sight.


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Cplumb @Cplumb ago

If ice cream has no bones, would Mimic still find it tasty? laughing

belgrave123 @belgrave123 ago

can boxxy evolve again? his class slots are full so he might not evolve. :P


    Exterminatus @Exterminatus ago

    It can rank up into an adult doppleganger since it will just raise the Level cap on the related job, but beyond that is a mystery.

      fadhoul @fadhoul ago

      does racial class (mimic,dopple..) take the limited slots of job classe (warrior, warlock...) because in some chapter you sayed that some powerfull monster have 12-13 jobs and the sentinent race have a max of...6?


      Exterminatus @Exterminatus ago

      Pretty sure I never said that. The focus has always been on quality over quantity when it came to Jobs.

      Granitefish @Granitefish ago

      I think he's confusing what you said back when you talked about the Job limits. I believe you said Humans had 8 or 6 job slots, Elves had 6 or 8 Job slots and that there was a monster with 12 jobs (from all it's evolutions) not that it was powerful just had a lot of jobs. You were saying that every Species/Race has a different number of Job Slots.

      Tallywort @Tallywort ago

      Which probably means that Boxxy's slots *might* increase at some point, but IF it ever will it will only be from evolving its species.

      fanobody @fanobody ago

      Maybe it is just the limit of adventurer job that has a limit and monster has more job when evolution

      Luna.a.Lucifer @Luna.a.Lucifer ago

      In this question, he's asking you whether his race of being a mimic and dopple take up those precious job slots? Seeing as you classify them as jobs I would guess yes, but they can't be changed anyway so it's kind of useless info.

MinerSebas @MinerSebas ago

When will Boxxy time travel to the future and be forced to meet the dryad quintet again?

FearTheR3aper @FearTheR3aper ago

The die of fate has been cast, it lands on 6, you have died

Dark_Hare @Dark_Hare ago

Are you a fantasy author with erotica tendencies or a erotica author with fantasy tendencies?

mafiapl @mafiapl ago

Did the heartwood bow affect the dryad in any way?

It wasnt quite clarified as to what heartwood is, we know its the most important place inside a hylt's tree. But is it like dryad's mind, heart or what?

dmaxcustom @dmaxcustom ago

Will you make Snack force herself on Boxxy?

Kekskopf @Kekskopf ago

Which colour is the tasties one?