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When the Mimic woke up the next morning, it did so in its traditionally violent manner. It accidentally kicked the sleeping gnome next to it in the head, albeit lightly. The abused Fizzy stirred, but failed to wake up. It had only been 5 hours after she fell asleep, so her condition right now was not too dissimilar to that of a rock.

Boxxy briefly considered the way it had been treating the gnome until now. It failed to realize it at the time, but using crude methods like that was a bit unreliable. While it’s true that they turned out to be effective, it still silently chastised its past, slightly dumber self for the way it used violence on this naive creature.

Well, that wasn’t a reason to suddenly stop though.



It kicked her for real this time, which sent the gnome flying into the cave wall. She crashed into it head-first, then fell down to the ground. Fizzy then promptly stood up, healed herself with a Holy Light, and turned to greet what was essentially her owner.

“G-Good morning to you too, Boxxy,” she said with a weak smile.

Even if it was violent, this sort of rough wake-up call was simply her routine now. Besides, she had convinced herself somewhere along the way that the Mimic was only giving her all these beatings because they were for her own good. Vital survival Skills like Toughness, Holy Scriptures and Holy Mastery had all increased substantially over these past three weeks, after all.

Of course, if anyone of sound mind was around to hear her thoughts, they would point out she was simply deluding herself and that it was far more likely that the Mimic simply found the act of punting the gnome to be surprisingly enjoyable. And they would be correct.

Thinking back on the topic of discipline though, Boxxy had realized that fear and violence were perhaps not the best way to keep someone in check. After all, being deathly afraid of that detestable man called Edward might have kept it from acting out while he was around, but only fueled its desire to escape. If it had perhaps been shown a bit of leeway, offered a deal or maybe fed something, it might have had second thoughts about the situation.

Well, it would have still probably ran away with all its might, but it might have hesitated a bit beforehand.

The point was that fear by itself was probably unnecessary to control a monster. And that lich it had ‘captured’ wasn’t going to fall for simple things like that. She would probably behave while it was around, but would probably plot a way to escape its control. The same could be said about Fizzy, but that gnome had every last resistance thoroughly beaten out of her. A tactic that would ultimately fail if used on a monster.

It ordered Snack and Arms to stop their silly playing and come inside the cave. It had all the women line up and prepare for the confrontation with the lich. Even if it held what was probably her very life in its grasp, that didn’t mean she wouldn’t lash out in desperation. It’s what Boxxy would do, after all. And so, after confirming a few things with Xera, it took the gilded egg out of storage and hid it.

The lich’s body began to materialize a short while later in much the same fashion that Xera and Kora did, only without the lightshow. Brown dirt-like particles appeared out of thin air and swirled around. They began constructing what appeared to be a floating clay statue of a practically naked large-breasted woman. The spectacle took a bout 5 seconds to finish, at which point the brown-and-gray figure abruptly came to life as its pigmentation changed to what the Mimic had already seen twice before.

Valeria opened her red-on-black eyes and soaked in the scene around her. She seemed to come to some conclusion as her shoulders drooped in defeat. This was still check-mate no matter how she looked at it. Especially since her newly formed body had a grand total of 0 MP. However, it was plainly obvious that her captors wanted something from her. Otherwise the monster that appeared to be in charge would have probably destroyed her phylactery already. Granted, that thing was sturdier than it looked, but even a monkey with a rock could crack it open if given enough time.

The lich let out a dejected sigh, then forced a bit of vigor back into her eyes and stared resolutely at the chest.

“So, you caught me. What happens now?”

Boxxy somehow disliked being literally looked down upon. It was clearly in a position of power, so how come it had to have the lower eyesight? That just wasn’t right. Therefore, it sprang open its lid and the fully-formed pseudo-Xera made her first appearance in a long time. The suddenness of it all made both Valeria and Fizzy twitch a bit in response. They both shifted their gazes between the slightly pouting succubus and her dumbly smiling albino clone, obviously unable to deal with the situation.

“I want you to work for me.”

The albino exhibitionist’s strangely cheerful voice broke both the Paladin and the lich out of their respective stupors.

“... I’m sorry,” said Valeria, “but care to run that by me again?”

“I want you to work for me.”

Nope, she heard right the first time. Those were not quite the words Valeria was expecting, so she had to make sure.

“Alright, I’ll bite. Why?”

“Because you are strong. I need your help to get the things I want.”

It was an undeniable fact that a Necromancer was a formidable force on the battlefield, provided they had time to prepare. It was a sort of common knowledge that went double for a lich like her.

“Yeah? What things?”

“Levels. Gold. Revenge. Also other, equally tasty things.”

Boxxy crossed its arms triumphantly and nodded to itself. Needless to say, the lich was a bit dumbfounded as to what the hell it was going on about.

“When Master says something is tasty, that means it is a good thing,” pointed out Xera.

“Ah… I see…”

Truthfully speaking, Valeria could sympathize somewhat with goals like that. Getting stronger through level-ups was something she sought anyway. Money was low on her priority list, but she understood it had some value when dealing with others. The third one she was also quite eager to accomplish, although pursuing it was sure to create a conflict of interests.

“Hah! And why would I willingly do something like that? You’re the one who murdered me! A total of four times, I might add!”

“Pfft, amateur.”

The Mimic graciously ignored its succubus’s outburst and continued on with the discussion.

“Because you have tasty things you also want, right?”

Yet another response Valeria wasn’t expecting. She was sure this monster would threaten her life, but it seemed like it legitimately wanted to take part in some give-and-take. The lich honestly didn’t know what to expect at this point.

“Wait, what exactly are you offering?”

Boxxy’s head tilted dumbly to the side as it blinked its big red eyes a few times until it found the right word it was looking for.

“Partnership? Yes, partnership.”

“... And if I refuse?”

“I kill you and keep the shiny.”


It’s not like Valeria didn’t see that coming, but hearing this creature put it so bluntly with a smiling face like that really struck a nerve. It left no doubt in her mind that it wouldn’t hesitate to do it if she forced its hand. Tentacle. Whatever. Well, at the very least it didn’t try to bullshit her and she had definite confirmation her un-life was on the line. So that was something.

But then, why was it offering a partnership? Surely simply threatening her would be enough, right? Ah, but if she was forced to work like a slave, then she would definitely resent it and plot its downfall behind its back. On the other hand, if they formed a mutually beneficial relationship, then perhaps it might not be so bad. There was one glaring problem though. The idea of working with her own murderer left a bad taste in her mouth.


Wait, was that really the case? The last vestiges of her humanity seemed to argue that despising and hating one’s killer was right, yet she couldn’t bring herself to do that. While it’s true that the Mimic did strike her down, that didn’t mean it bore any ill intent towards her personally. In fact, she had actually obtained power much greater than anything she thought she was willing to reach for if she still foolishly clung to her humanity.

Ultimately, while she couldn’t particularly thank the monster for killing her, she also couldn’t really fault it. After all, if their positions were reversed, she would have probably done the same. Both her past self and her current self would have tried trampled over anyone who came uninvited into her home. That notion was perhaps the main reason she got so angry at being suddenly ambushed like that. If it wasn’t for that, perhaps the two of them wouldn’t have needed to fight in the first place.

Then again, that thought raised a very important question.

“Can I ask you something?” she inquired, and got a nod in response. “Why were you in that tower to begin with.”

“Had a Quest to defeat you,” answered Boxxy.

“A Quest? Really? I don’t think I’ve done much to get myself noticed by the guilds though.”

She had been keeping herself rather low-profile ever since she became a lich a month or two ago. While it’s true that she did attack some random travelers and passers-by, the number of her human victims since becoming a lich could be counted on one hand. The sort of numbers that could easily be explained away as monsters being monsters. Not nearly enough to warrant a subjugation Quest just for her.

“Wait, the short one said something about a God, right?”


“... Well?”

“Well what?”

“Which God was it?!”

“God of Chaos,” it answered simply.

“... There’s one of those?”


“And he gave you a Quest?”


“Like, personally?”


“So you… met a God?!”


“Why?! How?! What possible reason would there be for a God to bother with lowly monsters like us?!”

“He was bored.”

“Gods can get bored?”


“And he sent you to me?”


“Just for kicks because he was bored?”


While it’s true that this creature’s story was outlandish, Valeria had to admit it sort of fit the otherwise impossible situation she found herself in. How else would her very murderer find her all the way out here, in the middle of bum-fuck nowhere? And if this monster was truly the pragmatist it was, then it wouldn’t have risked venturing so deep into undead-infested territory without a good reason. As absurd as it was, being sent by a bored deity who wanted to get a rise out of their interaction was actually making a good deal of sense.

“... I’m having some difficulty believing your words.”

But yet she was unable to find it that easy to trust this thing. Even if it appeared to be upfront and straightforward, that didn’t mean it wouldn’t lie to her if the situation demanded it.

“Does that matter?”

“... No, I suppose it doesn’t.”

After all, actions spoke louder than words, and the Mimic’s current actions were indicative of two facts. First, that it had already accomplished its objective in that old tower and second, that said objective did not involve Valeria’s destruction. Having more or less confirmed the monster’s intentions the lich finally made her inevitable decision.

“Alright, you have a deal. I will accept your proposal and help you with anything you want done.”

Her weakness had been seized, that much was undeniable. No matter how much she weighed the pros and cons of that sudden offer, maintaining her continued existence would obviously take top priority. Sure she had to follow the orders of the stupid box thing that killed her, but at the very least she was even offered certain benefits. Speaking of which-

“In return,” she continued, “I want two things from you. First, you have to keep my phylactery safe.”

This monster had already proven to be unreasonably resilient. Having a sturdy meat shield like that protecting her weakness was quite reassuring.

“You mean the shiny egg?”

“Er, right. That. Just keep it out of that Item Box Skill of yours, okay?”


“Uhm, B-Boxxy,” whispered Fizzy, “I think she means your, uh, Storage.”

“Oh! Okay.”

Of course it agreed. The Mimic was planning on doing that anyway. After all, it couldn’t put her to work if it allowed her to be destroyed.

“Good,” said Valeria. “As for the other thing I want is- Uhm… That is- I just need-”

She couldn’t say it. The words refused to leave her throat, as if a strange lump was keeping them in. She just suddenly realized she was about to say something truly outrageous that was a bit too weird, even for her. However, if she didn’t speak up now, she might not get the chance later. Besides, surely if anyone could understand, it would be a fellow monster, right? So Valeria screwed up her courage, took a pointlessly deep breath, shut her eyes tight and screamed with all her might-

“I want to get fuuuuuuuucked!”


The silence was deafening. Even the Mimic that was normally impervious to such things was a bit stunned at her outburst.

“Sorry, say that again?” it asked.

Valeria’s eyes flew open. A huge, smile that threatened to rip her face in two appeared as she panted heavily. It’s as if the calm and relatively composed lich from a few seconds ago was nothing but a bad joke.

“You know what sex is, right?!” she asked in an oddly shaky voice.

“Yes,” answered Boxxy.

Of course it did. How could it not? Those two demons kept performing the act on a literally daily basis. It just never saw the point in that.

“I want you to do that to me! Right here! Right now! Hard as you can! For as long as you can!”

The floodgates were opened and Valeria’s pent up lust poured forth without end.

“Arms, Snack, take care of it,” it said, matter of factly.

After all, why should it have to do something like that if it already had two minions that were basically pros at this sort of thing?

“Uhm, I don’t know Boss,” spoke up Kora. “I mean, I’ll gladly fuck anything with a pulse, but I don’t think she counts.”

“I’d much rather be on the receiving end…”

It would seem even a rape-happy demon had standards, while Xera had her own reservations about the idea.

However, the two of them were forgetting something. They were Boxxy’s bound familiars.

“That’s an ord-”

“No!” screamed Valeria, interrupting the Mimic’s words and pointed directly at it. “Not them! You! With the tentacles!”

She would be lying if she said the thought had never crossed her mind. In fact, that had somehow ended up being the fantasy she most often thought of when pleasuring herself. She would be violated by the very monster that had killed her. The sheer absurdity of that thought only seemed to drive her perversions wild.

“I want you to shove them inside me!” she rambled, completely forgetting her position. “I want you to scoop out all of my holes and ravage me completely! I want you to drown my insides in cum! I want to be so full of the stuff that I’m left as nothing more than a bloated, sopping, wet mess!”

The Mimic briefly considered her words. For some reason she wanted it to personally tend to her. She didn’t ask for food, treasure or help with some impossible task, so it really had nothing to lose but time. And time was something it had plenty of right now.


The fake succubus split apart into a dozen red, slimy tentacles. They abruptly wrapped around the lich’s arms and legs and pulled her closer to the Mimic, pinning her down to the ground. It then roughly tore off the long bandage-like cloth that covered her lower half and shoved two extra thick ones in both holes.


Valeria let out a half-scream half-moan that was like a bitch in heat. The monster had filled her completely, just as she wanted. The sudden penetration was so intense that her tongue lolled out of her mouth all on its own. A third tentacle then shoved itself into her throat, and all three of them started rhythmically thrusting in and out of her.

“Holy shit!” shouted Kora. “What the fuck?! The boss actually went and did it!”

“Waaaah!” screamed Fizzy. She blushed fiercely and covered her eyes. Needless to say, this incredibly obscene and bizarre display was way too much for a virgin like her to handle.

“Master!” said Xera while raising her arms with a hugely expectant look on her face. “Do me too! Do me too!”


A few of the tentacles split off and wrapped themselves around the eager succubus. They pinned her roughly to the ground and subjected her to much the same treatment, which she gladly accepted with all of her slutty being. Boxxy had decided to simply treat this an opportunity to practice its Shapeshift Skill. After all, the Rank Up was still around the corner, and it still had a long way to go before Level 10. Actually, doing even more than this would probably make the Skill go up even faster, right?

“Arms,” it called out.

Kora’s eyes went wide. It seems she realized what was about to happen.

“Uhm… I-I think I’ll pass. I’ll be outside if you need me!”

She turned around on her heels and started walking out of the cave. Of course she didn’t want any part of this. After all, unlike those two megasluts, she would much rather be doing the pitching than the catching.

Unfortunately for her, it wasn’t a request.

Two more tentacles shot out from the chest and wrapped themselves around her ankles, then pulled on them fiercely. The red skinned fiend fell on her face as Boxxy dragged her closer to itself. It then promptly tore off her hotpants and thrust two appropriately sized ones into both her orifices. Her eyes shot wide open and she gritted her teeth while instinctively clenching around the two intruders. The Mimic briefly considered shoving one in her mouth as well, but was a bit wary of those sharp teeth accidentally biting something off.

Growing all these limbs was a first for it, so this was really good training after all. It was almost at its biomass limit though, so couldn’t do much more than this. Actually, it could probably squeeze in a small gnome. Much like with Kora, two tentacles shot out and coiled themselves around Fizzy. The sudden act broke the tiny woman out of her amazed stare. Having realized what was about to happen to her, she immediately started struggling and crying, but a good slap across the face shut her up. The poor gnome whimpered pathetically as the Mimic relieved her of the few pieces of clothing and armor she wore. She then valiantly stifled her screams of pain as both her anal and vaginal virginity were then brutally robbed from her without any sort of foreplay.

Now that it was tasked to capacity, Boxxy focused all its attention on pleasuring the four girls. Not only was this doing wonders for its Shapeshift Skill, but it probably wouldn’t be a bad thing if the lich was extra happy. She’d be far less likely to rebel if that were the case. Besides, if the Mimic had set out to do something, it might as well do it right. Various holes were pumped, breasts were groped, buttocks were slapped, nipples were teased and clits were stimulated. It actually found the girls’ various reactions as it played with their bodies to be rather fun in their own way, but overall the entire thing just felt like work.

And, of course, since those dozens of tentacles were technically tongues, it got a literal taste of all of them. Snack was, as expected, the most delicious one of at all. Fizzy wasn’t half bad either, though a little on the bland side. Kora tasted kind of bad, but not nearly as disgusting as the lich. That last one was downright foul, though that wasn’t really a surprise considering her undead body. Still, this was mostly for her sake, so it could hardly just spit her out. A deal was struck, after all.

The sudden orgy dragged on and on as the Mimic displayed the formidable prowess of a shapeshifting monster with over 200 STR and nearly 400 END. It wasn’t until 2 hours later that it finally ran out of steam and finished the girls off with several blasts of pseudo-sperm each, as per Valeria’s request. It then let go of them and they all collapsed into a gigantic mixed puddle of their combined juices.

Xera was in utter bliss. No matter how many times she tried to entice her beloved Master to properly and thoroughly violate her, it always turned her down saying it didn’t feel like it. She actually had to thank that undead slut for providing the trigger for this truly memorable event.

Kora was feeling a bit conflicted. She really didn’t want to take part in any of this at first, but really got into it somewhere along the way. Even if her pride tried to reject the pleasure, her body was honest. After all, good things felt good. Overall, she really had little to complain about since this was a rather new and exciting experience for her.

Fizzy was… broken. Her eyes were like those of a dead fish as she lay there completely motionless and blanked out. It didn’t take a genius to see she had been clearly traumatized by this after reaching new depths of despair at the hands of this uncaring, selfish monster. Indeed, she seemed destined to forever be that creature’s plaything. Perhaps it was time she finally accepted that fact and sought joy in servitude, much like those two demons.

As for the one that started all this, she was finally satisfied. Completely, utterly, totally and unequivocally fulfilled. If things were going to be like this from now on, then she would willingly and eagerly do everything that Mimic said. It murdered her? So what?! She had felt more alive during those past two hours than she had throughout her entire life and un-life combined.

Boxxy on the other hand, was regretting its actions. Much like any other new endeavor it set out on, it overdid things. Its body fluids were depleted, it was exhausted like hell and felt like utter shit. It just kept focusing on the task at hand and, like a workaholic, ended up neglecting its physical state. It made a mental note to be a bit more moderate in the future, since doing things like this was dangerous as it left the monster momentarily vulnerable. On the upside, Shapeshift had gone up by 14% proficiency, which was pretty impressive progress for just two hours.

Your actions have altered the flows of chaos.

The weird notification caused the Mimic to immediately bolt upright and beware its surroundings. Its body was still a bit wobbly since its stamina had been depleted, but it still forced itself to stand ready for anything. And, much as it was expecting, something did indeed happen. To the lich, that is. The bright red gem embedded in the valley of Valeria’s breasts gradually turned from red to yellow. The runes on her midriff did the same, except they also changed their shape in addition to their color. And lastly, the red dots of her eyes lost their bloody crimson color and became bright yellow, as if miniature suns in a pitch black sky.

This… was this a good or bad thing? The Mimic desperately wanted to know, but it had no idea.

This was, after all, the first time its Agent of Chaos Skill had been triggered.

General Information Attributes Job Information
Name Valeria Vortena Name Value Name Value Name Level Progress
Species Lich (Greater) STR 8 MNT 28 Banshee 25 MAX
Sex Female DEX 6 FTH -124 Lich 41 87%
Age 2 months AGI 18 PER 21      
Guild   END 202 CHR 33      
HP 1018/1018 (+0.0/sec) INT 409          
MP 2045/2045 (+1.8/sec) WIS 188          
Skill List
Name Level Proficiency Name Level Proficiency
Sonic Scream 6 74% Life Drain 5 93%
Mind Invader 3 16% Permafrost Aptitude 4 63%
Detect Life 5 43% Anti-Magic Shell 2 51%
Possession 3 75% Ethereal Body 6 77%
Necromancy 10 MAX Taboo 7 69%
Lord of the Dead 8 84% Mana Affinity 9 48%
Hexcraft 6 34% Domination Mastery 2 43%
Physical Nullity 4 5% Permafrost Mastery 3 77%
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