So I thought it might be good to have a proper place where you guys can ask questions. So leave a comment with your query and I'll update this post with an answer. You can even come back to this post later and leave a question any time you like, just keep in mind spoiler-ish comments will be removed.

DISCLAIMER: I may or may not delete this post whenever I feel like it.

What made you pick a mimic out of all the monster species available for your protagonist? Besides the obvious chest jokes that such a option opened up..... get it..... opened up?..... 

I just wanted something more interesting than a goblin. The stupid chest jokes were 90% of the reason though.

Can dragons get the shapsifter skill?

No. It's a skill that's granted at birth depending on one's species.

Are dungeons born from the world or does a god(or powerful person) make them?

A bit of both. There is someone behind the dungeons, but they can't be created anywhere they please. 

Can plants/trees also have classes even if they aren't setient?

No, that would be a bit too silly.

Will this stay an evolution based story with erotica elements (like last chapter) or turn into an erotica story with evolution elements? Or something different altogether? 

The ero will not be the focus. The poll awhile back made this pretty clear.

That mimic can go far, I wonder where you will take it(him?). 

Don't ask me, not even I can completely control that stupid box. (I'm making shit up as I go along)

Does Boxxy identified themself as a "it" or were you assuming their gender (insert feminazi's insult toward chauvinist male pigs)?

It has no gender and is incapable of reproduction. If you want one of those made up genders, then it identifies as a tastysexual.

is the mimc ever going to turn his tongues into dick tentacule combined with the liquid mimicry to ravage and fill up both Xera and Kora until they pass out or get fuck to death which would be funny(aspecully because one is a succubus) and a good way to tame Kora by dominated her? Actually it would probably fully tame both.

Who knows? Certainly not me~

Did you ever delete a comment I posted?

I only delete double-posts and 'FIRST' comments. So... only if you did one of those two things.

Want to have a lemon (sex scene) competition? xD

No. Writing these scenes takes forever, at least for me. I'd rather put that energy into a new chapter o3o.

... is possible to our chest friend to change his "nature" that only hide his real chape (become a chest to trick the tasty humans) and change for another type of shapeshifter?

If it Ranks Up to become a non-mimic species, then yes.

How much time did you spend writing and rewriting the lesser mimic chapters trying to properly  create such an unintelligent character ?

Not a lot. Maybe a week or two working on the first arc before posting it here. I just imagine what it's like to have a toddler with a gun on the loose and the rest sort of happened.

Are boxxy's familiars full on lesbians now or are they still straightish and are just using each are for stress relief?

Kora will fuck anything with a pulse so long as she's horny enough. Xera just wants to get violently dicked and creampied, the rest doesn't really matter.

Does Ebonfire damages the body?

It does, but the amount of tissue it burns relates to how mcuh damage the spell did in total. Also, keep in mind it goes out immediately after its target dies.

In the earlier chapters it was used against a low-level mimic that died in a second, so its corpse was mostly unblemished. In the battle against the Fleshmaiden, it was supercharged by Power Overwhelming and burned her out for the full 6 seconds, leaving behind little more than charcoal.

What about bugs and bacterias? Can they have skills?

See question about trees above. 

What is Boxxy's current dimension (i.e length, width & height), does it change?

From the first chapter - 80 centimeters long, 35 centimeters tall and 40 centimeters on its side. It has grown a bit in all directions, but not by much.

If I ask Boxxy "Which do you prefer, a big chests or chests as flat as box?" what would it answer?

It would probably stab you in the face and eat you.

Will there be nemesis'es for Boxxy? Like some great enemies that MC will fight through few volumes and they gonna escape some fights and force MC to run away from others, ending in epic 1-2 chapters long conclusion fights.

Perhaps, though it will take some time for them to emerge. Anyone who might have served that purpose was caught up in that meltdown.

Will there be jewelry (shiny) mimic ? Just to be lil' bro of our chest

Interesting idea. Unlikely, but interesting.

Is it possible for Boxxy to become a higher beings (e.g. god, immortal, etc)?

It could. I don't feel like taking it down the god route, but it might become an immortal species. Not invulnerable though.

If boxxy somehow gain high int, will it stop tasty?

Nope. Well, probbably not. It may stop calling things 'tasty' or 'shiny' but it will still seek them out vehemently.

How'd you write a chapter with fisting in the title, about two characters violently fucking each other, and have no actual fisting occur? Xera's ass was crying for it.  Hell, Kora has FOUR fists.  I feel cheated, sir.

You have a point, why did that happen? It's almost as if that's exactly the reaction I was hoping to get out of some people...

How did you end up giving Fiend's Dicks? Was it just something you thought would be funny or is their some other sorta story that had done it before?

Funny story that. I was actually going to have Kora yell out 'SUUUCK MY DIIIIICK' over the mushroom cloud, as a sort of final farewell to that hero bloke. Then I realized she didn't actually have a dick, so that shout made no sense.

And two chapters later, here we are. In hindsight, I probably should have left that in.

Gimme dah spoiler. For Boxxy's next evolution, will you evolve it into another creature with the same shapeshifter kind, or will you evolve him further down the mimic road?

All I'm going to say is it's going to graduate from being a mimic. At least in body, though perhaps not in spirit.

What are current senses of Boxxy? Is it still at only one eye after it messed up with too many at once and got traumatized? What about ears? It can definitely hear things, but how?

Still one eye for the moment, it doesn't really need more. And it can hear because I said so.

Fine, if you seriously want a plausible explanation then I'll just come up with one for you. Uhm, it's because its magical perception also works on sounds. It's a sort of magical sonar so it should have no trouble picking up vibrations in the air. So there.

will boxxy have a love interest later?

It will, actually. I have something very special planned for that. It will involve a brand new Job and the appearance of a loli catgirl.

Are you mister author a human or a machine?

My central processor claims I'm human, so I'll go with that. Though to be honest it's been getting a bit loopy lately.

It doesn't seem like the additional int, wis, or ment, stars have added much to the mimic's intelligence. How smart is he, and how smart will he become? Will his desire for tasty things ever develop into a more nuanced motivation?

Intelligence and wisdom don't just appear out of the blue, you know. Those stats simply increase its capacity, its potential to store and process information. Give it time, it's barely been a week or so since it was released from the dungeon's control and had to think for itself.

Will Xera suggest to Boxxy that acquiring a education might be a good thing to do in a larger city?

Oh, it will definitely visit a center of learning. It has a loooot of questions regarding Warlocks after all. 

And if so will it mimic a desk or kidnap tutors?

Tutors? What's that? Is it tasty? It sounds vaguely tasty. *Nod nod*

Author, do you ever get paranoid that a tapeworm is crawling out of your rectum and laying eggs on your butt cheeks at night?

I don't. Or rather, I didn't until just now. Thanks, asshole.

I have another question: Is the picture only there as clickbait?


Are questions tasty?

Eh, 7/10.

Inserting YouTube videos doesn't work?

Doesn't seem to be, no.

While your making up your bullshit, would you consider having an epic 1v1 with boxxy and a sweeper woodchuck?

Hmmm... Hamsuke from Overlord comes to mind. Okay, I'll consider it, though I'm not sure how 'epic' it could be considering it's a R.O.U.S.

I have a question: Didn't you say in a previous chapter that demons don't really have any organs? If so why does the mimic need lungs etc.. to speak?

Quote from the chapter in question: "They did not possess a large number of the internal organs one would expect from a living being, like the heart, liver, kidneys or intestines."

They still have a few, and one of those is lungs. I am of the frim belief that all living things need to breathe, even if they're demons that can forego food and water completely.

Hum~ Author-san, can Spell Crystals be utilized as landmines, nyaa~?

Nope. They're intended to be used like grenades, more or less.

This mimic is slightly based on "The Luggage" of Discworld series?

I'm afraid not. I've never read a Discworld book for myself, so it strikes me as odd that my writing gets compared to that. Still, I'll take that as a compliment.

You gonna publish this on Amazon or something once you're done?

Publishing something on Amazon (and doing it right) involves a hell of a lot of work. Writing is something I do for fun and I don't intend to make a career out of it. So to answer your question - no, I'm not doing that.

Suppose the mimic gains the spell of "death like state" and uses it on one of its minions would it gain their class skills using absorption?

Nope. A demon's physical body doesn't have a heart, so it's not a viable target for 'Corpse Targeted' spells and skills.


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