Xera thought about her approach. It had to be plausible and fit the circumstances. Male adventurers all had a soft spot for damsels in distress, a weakness that could be exploited. Correction, a weakness that would readily be taken advantage of at every opportunity. The succubus made up her mind - she was going to play the part of a lost adventurer that had gotten separated from the rest of her party and happened upon these kind men.

The straight black hair on her head rapidly turned blonde and extremely disheveled. Her eyes became wider and the crimson irises gave way to a sky-like blue. Her face as a whole morphed into a younger, more innocent one. The imitation robe she was wearing suddenly ripped open all on its own in several strategically chosen places. Scratches and bruises appeared on her exposed skin. The staff she was carrying was simply left behind on the ground - it wouldn’t do to gain their trust if she was ‘armed.’

With her preparations finished, all that was left was for her to approach the targets. What happened then would be one of three things.

Number one was she would be found out and killed. This outcome was pretty unlikely though.  Even if it did happen all that it would mean is the Mimic would come back and kill them off, then resummon her and probably abuse her a bit for her failure. Not a big deal, all things considered.

The second and most likely thing to happen would be they would fall for it and try to protect her, possibly escort her. She could then wring any potentially useful information out of them using her demonic wiles and have her master come in and kill them afterwards. Actually, she might be able to do that last part herself, but that meant burning them to a crisp. Doing that would surely earn her yet more beatings.

She wasn’t actually looking forward to those, okay?

Xera appeared before the men while panting heavily, clutching her side and wearing robes torn so thoroughly that they left little to the imagination. The men stared at her with surprise and wariness as she called out to them for help. Just as planned, they let down their guard upon hearing her fake sob story. But their gazes and expressions turned lecherous once they realized this beauty was alone, scared and vulnerable. Indeed, out of the possible reactions they could make, they chose the outcome Xera was hoping for the most. The third one.

A group of rather unsavory-looking men find a cute-faced, scantily-clad and outrageously proportioned girl in a secluded place that was well removed from prying eyes. The succubus probably didn’t even need to use her Demonic Seduction to entice them into assaulting her.

One of them held her arms behind her back and violently ripped off all her clothes. Xera silently named him Grabby. He pushed her down to her knees with a knife against her throat and she responded accordingly - by crying and whimpering. They fed Xera some bullshit lines like ‘don’t struggle, this is payment for our protection’ while holding her at knifepoint. She almost laughed at their idiocy, but managed to keep that from slipping out. The men then broke out into a squabble over who gets to go first. It didn’t sound like this was the first time they’d done something like this, either.

I knew it, thought the succubus to herself. She had guessed the true nature of these four brutes correctly. Not just their looks, but their body language, speech and facial expressions all gave off the feeling of ‘dishonest opportunistic bastards.’ She had a good eye for people and would often be able to pick out scumbags like these four. These stereotypical goons who were easily swayed by their desires made for easy prey. In fact, they seemed to emit a certain presence that would easily make one think of them as bandits rather than adventurers.

Objectively speaking though, the difference between those two professions was paper thin. They all attacked their victims for personal gain and sometimes broke into their homes (dungeons) with the aim of robbing them blind. Pretty much the only thing that set them apart was their choice of targets. One might argue adventurers served and protected the general public, but if they truly wished to do that then they should have signed on as guards, soldiers or knights.

Saying banditry and adventuring were two sides of the same coin would not be too far removed from the truth. The two walks of life seemed to blur together on more than one occasion. It wasn’t unheard of to see actual bandits who were trying to escape their criminal past by starting anew as adventurers. Of course the guilds would do background checks to weed them out, but it was inevitable some of them would slip through the cracks. Others would start as adventurers and end up as bandits simply because the power they gained went to their heads. There were even so-called ‘dark guilds’ that were essentially organized crime syndicates.

The four bandit-like adventurers had finally finished their discussion. Their leader would be the first to taste their new prize and Grabby would assist. The other two would have to patiently wait their turn while keeping watch.

The leader lied down on the ground and took out his erect dick. Grabby then forced the ‘unwilling’ girl to straddle him. The one below grabbed her flared thighs and roughly pulled her down while thrusting upwards, going balls deep inside her in one smooth motion. His victim yelled out in pain and he noticed a small trickle of blood seep out from her vagina. The thought that he was defiling a pure virgin seemed to spur him on and he began pistoning in and out of her, complimenting her on how tight she felt. Grabby also joined in by eagerly stuffing his own rigid member in her ass and spouting out lewd remarks of his own.

As for Xera herself, she continued acting her part flawlessly. She screamed and struggled weakly while sandwiched between her two assailants. Weak cries of ‘Please let me go!’ and ‘This can’t be happening!’ could be heard echoing through the corridor while tears ran streaming down her face. Her upper body was bent forward while she was relentlessly pounded from below and from the rear, causing those massive breasts to sway back and forth like a pendulum. The demonically-enhanced stench of sex permeated through the men’s makeshift campsite.

Under such circumstances, the other two couldn’t hold it in any longer and abandoned their watch, their reason already clouded by the mini-orgy that was happening right next to them. One of them roughly grabbed onto the girl’s blonde hair and shoved his dick into her screaming mouth. Still holding onto her hair for leverage, he began to eagerly face fuck her. The head of his penis bumped against the back of her throat causing her to gag and cough around it, which only served to provide yet more stimulation.

The last one had to be satisfied with a forced handjob. He took one of her slender arms and made her wrap her fingers around his member. The sweaty, oddly hot and deliciously tender digits proved to feel far better than he was expecting. He was thoroughly delighted when the poor girl ‘got the message’ and began expertly jacking him off on her own accord.

The gang-bang went on for about five more minutes at a fervent pace, the four men devolving into nothing more than fuck-hungry beasts as time went on. Once the succubus was certain she had them completely under her control, she decided to stop wasting time and finish things off. She didn’t particularly care for the act itself. Sex was a weapon and nothing more. While it was possible to feel pleasures of the flesh, such things paled in comparison to the sheer satisfaction and joy she felt when taking in copious amounts of bodily fluids. Succubi craved semen and nothing more.

Which also meant that it would be a shame if she left that last guy be satisfied with her hand. Her Energy Drain would be far more effective if he came inside her body, but all her other holes were currently occupied. Not that it was much of a problem for a shapeshifter, though. She grew a wide gash flanked with distinctive lips on the palm of her hand. She pressed the new opening against the rock-hard dick, allowing it to slip inside her hand. The malleable flesh of her wrist and forearm stretched and bulged obscenely as it gave way to the intruder’s girth. She kept pushing forward until it was completely wrapped in the walls of her hand-pussy.

One might think these men would see the freakish display happening before them and run away screaming. Unfortunately for them, their heads were so filled with pleasure that they could get punched in the face and still not realize it. Even the guy penetrating an arm could barely process anything beyond the sudden increase in pleasure.

The experienced succubus then began rhythmically undulating and contracting all of her filled openings, massaging the male organs trapped inside the fleshy prisons and bringing them to a near-instant, simultaneous orgasm. Four streams of semen loaded with life force then poured into her as if on cue. One into her pussy, a second up her asshole, a third down her throat and a fourth into her freakish love-canal of a forearm. The succubus merely hummed pleasantly around the man meat lodged in her mouth as she slowly sucked the very life out of her ‘assailants.’

The four of them were gradually turned to lifeless mummies over the next 15 minutes. She then got up and prepared to dress herself, but was rudely interrupted.

“What are you doing, Snack?”


The succubus let out a stupid voice when she heard her master’s voice. She slowly turned around when she realized the Mimic was standing right next to her. It clearly saw her standing naked over the corpses of the four men she was supposed to interrogate.

“Uhm, I was,” she stammered,” that is…”

“No information?!” it asked, almost accusingly.

“No, Master. They attacked me and I had to-”


You have suffered major blunt trauma. HP -76.

The Mimic hit her on the side of her head with one of the adventurers’ discarded weapons - a small one-handed mace. The force of the blow caused Xera to stagger and fall to the ground like a sack of potatoes.

“Stupid!” it yelled at her. “Don’t lie!”

Of course it would realize it had been deceived. Not even it was that big of a moron. It had actually come back to check on her a few minutes ago and saw the bizarre scene of the men turning to skin and bones with her in the middle of them. It didn’t quite comprehend what was going on at first and wondered if it should interfere. But since Xera did not call for help it assumed there was no trouble.

Then the humans fell to the ground like a bundle of sticks while she was smiling widely to herself. At that point it was pretty clear she had killed these people completely on purpose. And now that it had a closer look, it could confidently say ‘devoured’ was more accurate.

“Did Snack just want to eat them?!” it pressed. The familiar seemed to hesitate as to what to say. So it forced her with an order. “Answer without lies!”

The contract meant orders had to be fulfilled to the best of her ability. While broad or unspecific orders could be taken advantage of, direct and simple ones like that were impossible to worm herself out of.

“Yes, Master,” she replied. “I just wanted to eat them.”

That was the truth of the matter. She wanted to devour these men for the simple purpose of having a bit of fun. The bit about squeezing information out of them was a plausible excuse, but nothing more.

“So my Snack lied to me?”

The succubus braced herself for the next hit.

“Yes, Master.”

However, the beating did not continue. She dumbly stared at the Mimic while it stood there idly with a bloodied mace in its tongue.

“Don’t lie to me again,” it continued. “Lying to me is bad. Very not tasty. So don’t!”

Xera dropped her shoulders and averted her gaze. Succubi lie and cheat all the time, it was within her nature. Deceiving people, especially her previous masters, was something Xera had done hundreds, possibly thousands of times with a confident smile on her face. Yet hearing it put in such a puerile and nonsensical way as ‘very not tasty’ somehow made her feel ashamed.

“Stupid!” it repeated. The succubus had to admit, being called that by this retarded chest was not exactly a good feeling.

“If you wanted to eat, then you should have said so!”

Xera’s eyes widened. She turned to face her master with an extremely shocked expression.

“Then… Master isn’t angry because I killed these men?”

“No. Snack wanted to eat, so Snack ate. That instinct is very tasty. Would have done the same.”

This was… praise? The tortured familiar could scarcely believe it, but this seemed to be the case.

Now that she thought about it, why did she even try to deceive it in the first place? Her current master was not a man, but a monster. Eating and murdering people is something it did on an almost daily basis, and with great gusto. Of course it would have no issue if its subordinate did the same. Therefore, she had absolutely no reason to hide her intentions from it in the first place!

“But lies were not tasty at all! So no more lies!” it demanded in a childish tantrum.

A faint smile drifted onto her bloodied face. Lies were not tasty. In other words, as long as Xera properly stated her intentions then she would likely be allowed to do as she pleased. This arrangement might not be as bad as she initially thought.

“Understood Master. I will be more considerate in the future.”

But she forgot about one very important aspect of this ‘arrangement.’

“Good. Now is snack time!”

She had slighted a master who knew no compassion or mercy and had yet to be punished for it.

“Eh? Huh? But I- ” she tried to plead her case, but it was too late. The red tongue was already coiled around her feet while she was still on the ground. It then pulled them into its open maw, dragging the succubus’s cushiony rump across the floor. She watched in abject horror as the mismatched rows of teeth slammed shut, biting her legs off in one move.

“Aaaaaargh!” she screamed.

You have been dismembered. HP -83.
Maximum HP reduced by 75.

“My fucking legs! Nnnngh! Why is it always with the legs?! Haaaahn!”

She wailed in half-pain half-pleasure while rolling around on the ground. It was impossible to get used to the pain and shock of having her limbs violently ripped off no matter how many times it happened. The stumps of her legs let out crimson blood all over the floor, but not as much as one would expect. A demon’s body was a construct of flesh, muscle and bone. They did not possess a large number of the internal organs one would expect from a living being, like the heart, liver, kidneys or intestines. The blood they let out when injured was more or less decorative, too. They wouldn’t just up and die from having a leg or two chopped off, but it still hurt like a bitch.

That inhuman vitality was almost a curse in Xera’s case. It meant she wouldn’t get the brief reprieve of an easy ‘death’ that easily. Even then she’d just be re-summoned and re-eaten time and time again until her master was satisfied.

Of course, this initial dismemberment was simply the beginning. The Mimic spent the next several minutes slowly and meticulously chewing on her various bits until she was banished back to the Beyond. Some weird juice squirted out from her lower half a few times during the process. The oblivious chest still had no idea what that was even though it happened regularly during snack time. It just assumed it was part of her being a demon and didn’t particularly mind it.

Why would it? The slimy liquid was just as sweet as the rest of her, after all.

General Information Attributes Job Information
Name   Name Value Name Value Name Level Progress
Species Mimic (Greater) STR 80 LCK 30 Mimic 25 4%
Sex N/A DEX 82  MNT 58 Warlock 14 89%
Age 3 months AGI 71          
Guild   END 108          
HP 620/620 (+1.2/sec)  INT 104          
MP 520/520 (+0.6/sec) WIS 65          
Skill List
Name Level Proficiency
Assassination 5 40%
Storage 4 13%
Cadaver Absorption 4 65%
Biomass 2 56%
Summon Familiar 4 60%
Power Overwhelming 1 0%
Shapeshift 6 43%
Stealth 4 78%
Sword Mastery 6 2%
Projectile Mastery 2 44%
Ruin Mastery 4 60%
Domination Mastery 3 37%
Spell List
Ruin Domination
Shadowbolt Mass Panic
Ebonfire Delirium
Dark Explosion  

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