‘So it’s time to wake up…’

“Yawn~, today’s a pretty nice day huh” said the dark haired young man looking out the window, it was a pretty nice day taking into account that most days in the outskirts of London were foggy.

While getting up, the young man thought about what he’d planned for the day. Although he’d become lazy as of late he still maintained his methodical nature, something that’d helped him become what he was today. At the age of 27, Ryan Lute, a young stock broker, who’d recently made a name for himself, although he was no millionaire he did okay.

“Oh right! It’s coming today!”

Yes, the capsule he’d ordered was arriving today, he was finally getting to play the most waited game of the decade Royal Road, no, to call it a game would be a mistake, it was a whole new world.

While waiting Ryan followed his usual routine, he ate breakfast went for his morning jog, If not for that jog everyday he’d probably look like a mess by now, but through it he’d been able to maintain the body he had crafted in his younger days, when he arrived back home he took a bath, checked the stock market and after lunch the capsule came.

“I’m finally getting to play it, at last!” he was so excited that could almost feel the adrenaline running through his body, something he hadn’t felt in quite some time.

“Yes…Maybe I’ll even be able to recover what I’ve lost…”


Yes, although he was once a kid brimming with curiosity in his youth, so much curiosity that he ,since childhood, had tried to learn everything he could, by the age of 5 he already knew how to read and write, he read books all day non-stop, he went to school but the teachers would mostly leave him alone since he knew pretty much everything they had to teach, he didn’t have friends since the people around him felt intimidated by him, and although his teachers called him a genius he disagreed strongly since he felt that anyone could achieve this through effort, and I mean true effort not the kind of effort that makes you give up after a month or so, but he didn’t care about what they said or what they thought of him, he was too focused on his quest for knowledge, he learned everything from physics to cooking, and from languages to math, at the age of 14 he was done with college,
At that point he thought that there was nothing else he could learn there and decided that he would travel the world by his own means.

His parents were pretty much against the idea but he pushed forward with it and his father allowed him, in the end, his mother never did give her approval though but he didn't care at the time, something he would come to regret.

So he then traveled the world he was like a bright flame burning everything around him, consuming everything he got to know a lot of new people and cultures, ways of looking at things and more importantly he saw things, things he couldn't describe, sights that only those who'd seen them could understand, for the next 10 years or so he roamed the earth,

But one they all of a sudden he stopped, the flame went out, he’d burned himself out all of a sudden ,the motivation that had been fueling him in his never-ending quest for knowledge disappeared.

But don’t get me wrong it’s not like it simply died out, there was a simple reason for the burn out, he became afraid, afraid that he wouldn't be able to achieve it, that it was an impossible dream and that scared him, it really did, of course, he went through all of this subconsciously and had no idea about why it happened. All he knew was that one day he woke up without the drive that had sustained him all his life.

So he gave up, just like any man would. After spending some time leeching of his few but good friends and doing basicaly nothing.

But one day after one hell of lecture which his friends called an intervention,
'Yea right'
he realized that one day the drive might come back, or so he hoped so,he colected his thoughts and decided what he would do from now on.

His first step was deciding where he would go from then, and after much thought he decided that he would go to the where he felt at peace, London, he didn't know what was it that made him like that, but one thing was certain, it did put him in a state that only his parents house would, not that he would ever set foot in there, that said he went and bought a house, a mansion really, it needed to be a mansion in order for there to be room for everything he had collected in his decade of wandering.

It was an old mansion from the Victorian era, and although old, really old, it was in a pretty good shape since the inside was renovated, of course he had to call pretty much all the favors he’d collected from the people in his journeys and ask for money, not his brightest hour, but he didn’t care about that,

His second step was to get a job, but he reaaaaaaally didnt feel like it, he just didnt have any job in mind that would make him want to work so he choose the one that he thought whould leave with as much free time as possible, so he chose stockbroking because it was pretty much the first job that would allow him to do it from home and wouldn't take much his time (please correct me if I'm wrong, my knowledge of stockbroking is next to none), but even though he had all that free time he didn't do much, spending most his time reading novels or simply sleeping and even though he had such a big house, he lived alone, he didn’t have any family left since his parents had died while he was in his journey, something Ryan had never forgiven himself for, especially since his mother never did approve of what he did, he knew a lot of people but he had very little friends, and they weren’t really your regular Joes, with each being weirder than the last, still they were the people who had saved him from his depression and he couldn't thank them enough for that.

Now the only thing that he could enjoy were novels, movies and things like that, in one word stories, yes, stories of other worlds, other beings and other cultures and that's exactly why he liked them, because they depicted another world, worlds that he knew nothing of and that were open for him to explore, of course that only worked as a scape for what he'd lost, after all he was limited by the details the author gave him.


“But RoyalRoad isn't like that, it's boundless!”

Thus Royal Road became the perfect medicine, it was a new world for him to discover, if this world lasted for 24 years and he hadn’t even hit the limit of this world’s knowledge, this new world should last him so much more than his own ever did so this time he will, he will go to the root of this world and accomplish what he couldn't in his, he would consume everything.

“Okay, shall we begin then?”

“Do you want to connect to Royal Road?”


Hello, I'm pretty much a noob in writing, so I'm sorry if it's crappy.
Any critcism and tips are very much welcome since I want to improve and keep on writing.
Thank You.
Oh btw I can't center the text so could someone tell me how I can do that?

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