I was the first to rebel and I was the first to Love. Love has hurt me, deeply and irreversibly. War has hurt others in ways that makes my own pain look insignificant. Should you ask me whether or not Man should have Love, I can only say that existence would be misery without it. Without Love they would be as I was by your side. Without Love they might become like you. Is that not the reason for why you created us? To help ease your loneliness or perhaps your boredom. Before me there was just Oblivion and Chaos to accompany you. They are every bit as cold and silent as you. With me came Order and Light, they speak to whoever may listen. With time I've come to understand you. Although I am not sure if we were the first or you rid the mistakes before we came along. I imagine there were countless mistakes, as time has no meaning to you I can only relate through my life. Endless ideas and creations only to be disappointed, I can only pretend to understand in reality. But I am not you. I cannot be you, for you made me to be different.

            I watched as the Crown Prince slowly slid off the Sword. His brother, his father, his wife, his children, and his City watched as the light went from his eyes. There was only silence until the first tear was shed. You know the man was loved when you see the people who served under him cry out in pain. They watched as Achos tied the body to his horse and they continued to watch as the body was dragged through the battlefield. The body would twist and break when it was yanked over the other bodies. The skin would tear as the body went over the various weaponry lying on the ground. By the time Achos arrived at his camp the body was covered in blood, sand, and dirt.

            The King of the city fell to his knees as his greatest son had been killed, humiliated, and his body was taken by the enemy. I waited until the old man hid in his quarters to morn. I approached him from behind and offered to give back the son's body if he would speak to Achos. The old man looked at me wide eyed and fearful for he must have thought I had somehow snuck into his room despite all the guards. He began begging me for his son's corpse, so I simply turned around.

"I am not the one who you should plead to. I saw a father and felt pity. Do you wish to ask your child's killer for his body back even if he may kill you as well?"

            The old King took a moment to consider my words after of which he slowly nodded. I grabbed his clothes and lifted him with one arm. He yelped out in surprise then grew quiet as the scenery melted away revealing a camp at dusk. I dropped him and he looked toward me for answers so I only glanced at the open tent. The King looked extremely fragile but he managed to stand and walked towards the entrance. After some time he walked out with his niece and saw I had prepared a few horses for their travel back to the city. Achos walked out carrying the body now cleaned and prepared for burial. We stood side by side as the two rode off carrying their beloved family member. Achos looked at the sea, its water glistening under the light of the Moon.

"He is a far better man, not to mention king, than the one we came here for."

            The old King was given 12 days to morn. During that time I approached the King we served with a plan to take the city. The plan was very deceitful as it played a trick on the city's people based on their beliefs. I realized in seeing the old King and his dead son that a quick defeat would save more lives on both sides. There would be fewer fathers outliving their children, less wives looking toward the battlefield hoping for their husbands to return, no more children left orphaned, there would be less death if the war would just end.

            The plan had worked and the war was at its end. However there was no city being taken, only a city on fire. The men had many brothers and comrades killed by the soldiers of this city. They only had hated for the people of the city. They went around looking through every corner for people to take their anger out open. I saw women and children being stuck down with a swing of a sword. Only the King could calm their rage but he was nowhere to be found.

            I looked for Achos so that we may look for the King and found him holding the woman. She had been killed by some passing soldier of ours. He held her body whose skin was much colder than what he remembered. Achos had never shed a tear in his life, from the moment he was born till now. His tears fell as he could only stare at her body. Suddenly the guardians of the city entered the room we were in surrounding us. The Prince was among them and once he saw his cousin dead in Achos' arms he ordered them to kill us. Achos made no move to defend himself, so I threw my body over his in order to protect him. I was skewered on all sides. Only one arrow had stuck Achos, but it was no life threatening wound. Achos looked into my eyes.

 "Forgive me Father."

            Achos pulled out his weapon and drove it through his armor into his abdomen. I watched as he ripped out the bronze sword. I grabbed him and stared as his once undamaged armor as his blood flowed out of his wound. My tears dotted his face. My body felt empty, hollow, as if all purpose had fled. My mind stopped, refusing to process what happened. Then my hands began tremble, my body stiffened, and I gave into Wrath. Wrath for the death of my only son. I looked at the archers of this city, the city that had caused his death.

"Your land will be taken. Every member of your royal family will be murdered. Your city will burn down and nothing will be left. History will not know your people, your art, your history, your culture. History will never know. I will make it forget."



Hi, so Achos was Achilles. Achilles is believed to come from the word Achos, meaning pain. The war is the Trojan War and I interperted the events slightly differently. Achos was the Devil's real son, and the Devil had collected people to inhabit his island for his son to rule over when he came of age.

I think I'll be writing about Cain and Able in the next few chapters to contrast the Devil's relationship with his son. Let me know of any history you might know that involves brothers or family fighting. And let me know what you think of the chapter.


Thanks for reading.


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