Eve ran leaving me to ponder on her parting words. I felt confused and my chest was painful. My breath was shallow to the point that it was difficult to breath. Despite what she had told me to do, I let myself fall off the tree and then proceeded to follow her. I wanted to ask her what the fruit had shown her. What did you put in those fruits? To change someone like her so completely… I slithered through the garden toward where I saw her run. Along the way I passed by some of your more fantastical creations but my mind was far too occupied to take in the sights at the time. I've since ran through this memory of mine countless times and I truly mean a countless number of times for I still wonder about what I could have said. I walked across the land and sailed across the sea. I told a great number of what I saw on my sullen journey to find Eve. Few of my descriptions have lasted through the ages.

            I met my friend Samuel on a steamboat. He was the pilot and he loved it. His father died while he was still young so he grew up poor. We would set sail traveling up and down the Mississippi river swapping tales with the locals and passengers. Then the war broke out and he could no longer do the job he loved. He convinced me to join the army with him. Our unit disbanded after a few weeks so once again unemployed we set out for the west. We lived in California and Nevada for the next five years. Samuel wanted to pan for gold and become the richest most sharply dressed man in California. But a year later and he was no closer to wealth than the day we arrived. I introduced him to a newspaper company where he worked as a reporter. He adopted some pen name meaning 12 feet deep of water back on the steamboats. He really loved that job… At some point unbeknownst to me he had become one of the most popular and famous writers in America.

            After he was married I was invited by another friend to visit him in London. So I told my friend Samuel that I was leaving and would probably never see him again. We got drunk that night. In our drunken stupor I told him about Eve and all the others. I also told him who I was and many of the things I've done. He laughed and said to me some of the kindest words I've ever heard "Go to Heaven for the climate, hell for the company." As I left I told him that he should publish that book he had been writing, he nodded and that was it. Years later once he died, I received a book form his lawyer as instructed by Samuel's will, 'The Mysterious Stranger.' I smiled after I finished the book. I've been cursed and hated by many since they’ve known of me. But my friend didn’t, he went so far as to use my likeness in one of his stories. I've known few like him and I've been around a while.

            I crept towards the clearing not daring to show myself. I saw her crying and trying to explain something to him. Tears stained her face, her legs gave out falling to the floor, and she fainted. He stayed by her side for many days and many nights nursing her back to health. I stayed and watched from the shadows not wishing to worsen her condition. She lied there in the soft grass surrounded by the many creatures that were worried about her. It was a sight I would never forget. While she slept he left going the same way she had run from. I followed as he walked along the path opened by the garden itself. I wondered if he was going to cut the tree down and destroy its fruits for I had considered that action. No, he simply walked up to the tree and climbed. He reached out grabbing the same fruit that had turned Eve against me. He brought the fruit to his mouth and without hesitation he bit into it.

            I stood atop a hill looking down upon the army he had freed. They numbered over 120,000, many were women and children. The one I had freed did the same for his brothers of the Colosseum. Together they killed many more of the Roman masters while liberating their fellow slaves. I had seen many things but a force this large, originating from the 80 men the freed one had helped, was almost incomparable to the other rebellions I had bared witness to. When he spoke all those to which he voice carried to would fall to their knees and listen. I was in complete awe to what he had accomplished with only the keys I had given him.

            However I knew of the legions the Romans had sent after them. These people were going to be slaughtered. I went into his tent during the middle of the night and awoke him.

"They are coming."

"My lord?"

            His eyes shot open and he got on his hands and knees immediately. His body was beaten and bruised. For two years now he had fought countless battles against worsening odds and won.

"You cannot escape them. Leave the weak behind or else you will die."

"I-I cannot do so my lord. These people deserve to be free."

            I looked deeply into his eyes and unlike when we first spoke he looked back with clarity in his eyes. He would accept his death so that the others would live.

"Do as you wish."

"Thank you for everything you have done for us my lord."

            As I left he bowed deeply knowing I would no longer lend my hand. He would later send the masses away so that they may escape. He stayed with his army here in order to buy them time to flee from the Roman legion. I watched the battle as his forces were defeated. I watched as the ones he tried to help escape were captured and killed by another legion. I walked the road where every single last survivor was crucified.

 I looked up at the bodies and smiled for they died freemen.



Hi, so we got a few happy moments for the Devil. Samuel is Mark Twain's real name and his last book really is 'The Mysterious Stranger' and its about the Devil. And Spartacus really did free all those people and then they were all killed or crucified along a road. I'm not sure if I'll be able to post tomorrow or the next day since I have an important test coming up soon but I'll be right back once I'm done.

What do you think will happen to Adam? Who should the Devil meet next?


Thank you for reading.


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