Man seemed surprised at the voice.

"I'm sorry. I wasn't going to pick a fruit."

Man said looking upwards at the tree I was on.

I was curious as to why man wasn't allowed to pick a fruit. I had seen them eat the fruit of other plants. Was it only this tree or were there others?

"Why are you not allowed to eat the fruit of this tree?"

Man backed away from the tree and looked up.

"Father has prohibited us from eating your fruit."

Father. That was what they called you. Did you instruct them to refer to you as that?

"Why did Father ask that of you? Why can you eat everything else but this fruit?"

Man stood there dazed. Man must have never had the thought.

"Why do you do what Father has told you?"

Once again Man could not answer. After a moment of silence Man spoke.

"I do not know the answers to your questions. If there is no answer does it mean that we do not have to follow Father's orders? If so then for what reason was I created?"

This time I was speechless. I couldn’t answer her questions for they were the same I had held to myself since I left you. No other had the same questions I had.

I felt this yearning spread through my body. I felt like maybe Man could understand my thoughts and perhaps help me answer my questions.

"I have never met another like Man before."

I confessed hoping to find a companion in Man.

"Man? My name is Eve and I am a woman."

I was shocked. Where was Man then? What was Woman?

"Oh great tree of knowledge, Man is Adam and he is my husband."

"I am not the tree of knowledge."

I slithered out of my hiding place in one of the branches of the tree. I wished for Eve to know who I was even if I did not understand why.

"A snake? Why did you pretend to be the tree?"

"Eve, I've pretended to be no one. The beautiful form of a snake is so that I may speak with Man."

"Oh well what name does this beautiful snake go by?"

I had no name for I was the first created. I had given the mindless ones their names but since neither they nor you would speak to me, I had remained nameless. The earliest I could remember was the first time I heard you speak. 'LET THERE BE LIGHT' you declared and I brought light into existence of darkness and chaos.

"I am the Bringer of Light."

"Hello Bringer of Light, he who has the body of a snake. I am Eve, wife of Adam, the first Man. Why do you wish to speak to my husband?"

"I've always wanted to have a conversation and to exchange ideas with an equal. I have accomplished this with you and our discussion on this tree and purpose."

"I have also wished to have these talks with Adam, but he never seems to understand my point of view."

I craw closer to her then hang my upper body in order to look into her eyes. They were and yet they weren't like mine. Her eyes didn’t change color and neither did her hair. She stared into my eyes and asked me a question

"Has the Bringer of Light eaten from the tree of knowledge?"

With each word I move closer to Eve until I am whispering into her ear.

"No I have not. I'm following no other's command, so I've simply chosen to not eat the fruit."

"I wish to live by my own choices as well…"

Eve whispers back then she reaches up and grabs the fruit of knowledge.

She bit into it.



Hi, this was again a new experience for me. This chapter focused greatly on the conversation between the Devil and Eve. We've now seen Eve "tempted" into eating the Apple. Since this is going quite differently from Genesis, what do you think will be different from the other stories about the Devil?

Each chapter will be around 100 words longer than the last untill I get to around 1000 words.

Thank you for reading.


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