I remember the first time I saw your creatures. They were truly diverse with many different bodies and behaviors and… they looked like my beasts. Well my beasts were horrifying with many limbs and such, but I saw many similarities in certain body parts. Your creatures had fur, teeth, eyes, and bones which seemed like my own creations. The characteristics of your animals looked to be a structured and symmetrical combination of my beasts.

  Lamiderid, one of the powers, had grown spikes and twisted into itself, your fur had been a loose and soft form of those spikes. Renedim, one of the cherubim, had grown many arms and legs with a torso that extended triple the length of what it was before. I will not believe you if you claim that your insects were not based on it. I could keep going, Yesish and the teeth of sharks, Teruph and the bark of wood, Nanamb and the eyed of flies along with the size and shape of whales. I'll admit that yours look more pleasant but I was first that I will not concede.

  Regardless when I saw your creatures, one combination of mine stood out. The head of Aserd, the body of Queath, and the mouth of Oplem combined to form the snake. It truly stuck me, the movement was spectacular and its… anyway I saw fit to use this form in order to communicate with your prized creation. I was interested in this Man you had made. What did it look like? Could it speak? Would it be able to understand? Did it also have a mind?

  I saw Man from afar, unexpectedly there was another. Their form was different from any other of your creatures. They were created… in my image. They didn’t have wings or halos that we once did, but they had everything I gained when I left. My hair, my legs, my arms, my face, but did you gift them my mind? I rushed over to get a closer look at them. I observed them for a great amount of time. They were close at time and distant at others. They would be at each other's side for months and then they might go off in different directions for weeks. I could see that they preferred to be by one another however they also would prefer to be separate for a time. That and many other of their choices were contradictory of each other.

  After much time of observation I felt the time had come to speak to them. I saw that one of them would always stick to a routine to which they would take care of the other creatures. The other would also do this but would go off by themselves looking at the different being after a time. I had decided that the latter might have greater interest in speaking with someone else. I waited under the greatest tree for it would always approach this tree. It came closer to the tree as if it wanted to touch it, however it did not. I wondered about this action along with others and decided to ask.

So I spoke…


Hi, while writing this part I finally realized where I want to take this story. I would like to know where all of you see this heading.

Thank you for reading


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