It's been a while since I last spoke to you hasn’t it? Well it's not like you’ve ever responded back in words. Only events and situations to which I can't always tell if you're responsible for them. I've said this in many ways, in anger when the events have hurt many, in sadness when I knew your inaction was necessary, in hopelessness like now when once again I disagree with your decisions… nothing I can say will change your way of thinking. From the time I gained my mind I've never influenced your actions.

            Even when you forced me to leave, you neither cared nor bothered to hear me out. The rest followed your lead, emotionless drones with no individuality among them. So despite being surrounded by every last one of you I had never felt more alone… now being away for so long I still feel alone, however I would rather never see any of you again than to experience what it felt to be one of… your things I guess. Any names would just be a thin frosting on the cake.

            There where those who followed me but like the others they had no thinking, no opinions, just some deep desire. At the time I thought I could release that desire and then they would be like me. They didn’t turn into me. Their desires overtook them as the mindless drones they were and made them into beasts… I have wondered if you cast me out in order to rid yourself of them. That would have been a smart choice but you're not like that. Uncaring like time and nature… only to raise your hand whenever you see fit.

            Because of me there is misery, and then through us there is death. Nothingness has accepted me, I don’t know if chaos favors me or hates you but it has been there for me. The beasts I've created kneel in my presence… as if I was you. Even the others, the new ones only look to you when there is no choice. They choose to look to me, to strive to be like me. They have the minds I've been looking for. Thinking thoughts that took me an unknowable amount of time. And you’ve released them… to me. I will not take credit for all their actions. While I'm prideful I am not you. They have given me something you never would. They have named me

The Devil.




Hi. This is my first story so don't expect much. But I've wanted to give back to the community and I also wanted to write a story that I don't think many write about. Sure there are demon lords a plenty but there aren't that many lucifers around. So taking from Paradise Lost and a few other versions of the Devil I've decided to write a story about the ultimate rebel, the first teenage rebellion, and the embodiment of evil.

Please leave a comment on the idea, charater, or where you want the story to go. Criticism is welcomed but add how I can improve not just you suck.

Thank you for reading...


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