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Entry 7

Have you ever read a webnovel? If you have then have you ever read one where the real world begins to work as a game? I have and they tend to be funny with the tragedy and people dying. I mean I can't stop laughing when I see a party get wrecked. Someone sacrifices themselves and the rest run away crying. If they bothered to look back they could join me in my laughter at the person getting torn to shreds or eaten alive or burned alive or melted by acid or drowned by slime or shocked to death or their brain being melted by that which can't be understood. It's all great. I can't stop chuckling while imagining it.

Ah I just ate so I guess I'll go out and people watch. Lalala just got to skip through my man eating friends. Well I consider them my friends but do they consider me a friend? Friends do kill each other after all so I guess they do. Wow I got a great spot to watch some people get fucked. While I wait on that where was I? Oh yeah I was talking about the real world becoming a game. Like monsters start coming out and people are being killed by them until they get good then turn it on the monsters. They level up and gain special abilities to overcome them. Friends are made that make that life worthwhile and some time love is found.

Well my little friend you'll be glad to know that this world is just like that. I get to hop around and kill and murder and kill and make s'mores and kill some more. While we wait here together for some tasty snacks to pass by I'll tell you my simple origin tale. It is full of suspense and pain and love and all that other shit. Hmm I think I'll put you down right here so you can look out for anyone passing by while I build this fire for s'mores. Would you like some hot chocolate with that? What am I saying? Of course you do. What kind of person doesn't like hot chocolate with s'mores? A headless one perhaps? Anyway I'll start a few minutes before the great change...



I was a normy like everyone else. I had my father and mother who loved each other very much. My two younger siblings both looked up to me. I was a senior in a prestigious high school. I had a hot ass bitch... excuse me I had a lovely girlfriend who I had been with for two years. Huh I guess I was a normy among normies wasn't I? Well I was planning to become a doctor so that I could help save lives all over the world. Alright alright that was bullshit. I was in it for the money and recognition. I mean what can you not do if you say your doctor? Anything short of killing! Ta ting. Hahaha fucking bombass joke right? You get it, it's cause that's what I do now.

Umm I was in class studying for the SATs and the ACTs when it happened. The ground shook and the sky went dark red. Huh? Yeah the skies have been that way ever since. Roars echoed throughout everyone's ears and fear spread through our bodies. With our hair standing straight up we whispered in discussion as to what was happening. And that's when... 

A note from The Devil's Work

This is a new series of stories I will be writing. I'll be writing whatever story ideas people comment. If you are interested then check out The Anthology.

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