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New Story - Diary of an Insomniac


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Hi. I started a new story that involves a diary written by a seemingly normal person but I believe that he is so much more than that. So if you're into weird journal entries and possible hidden meanings give it a go.

It is called Diary of an Insomniac.


It's 3:38 am and as most days I've been watching videos on YouTube. I saw a video about a relatively simple minded man and his diary. I should add that his friends, called him simple minded and a moron thus his unique way of looking at life interested them. 

I figured I can just write down the interesting parts of my day or at least what I can remember. So I guess I'll start with my morning. 

I woke up around 10ish and got ready to drive to university. I have a hard time with eating solid food when I wake up so I drink one of my store bought smoothies. I get in my 2006 year car and start my drive. I notice my gas is pretty low and since I have some spare time I stop for some gas. While filling up a car pulls up behind me. It's a much new car and the guy steps out wearing better clothes. His hair seems freshly cut. I look at my clothes and cars then I notice I've needed to cut my hair for several weeks. Not bothering to continue to be jealous of a random guy I get in my car and drive off. I avoid dying on the way which is something I think a lot about. It's so easy to have a lapse and crash killing yourself and possibly another unluckily bastard yet most people are ok with driving but going on planes or extreme sports frighten them. I go through my day as usual and then I have my break between classes. My friends are busy doing a project for a class so they can't eat with me. It's crazy how much we humans put into our routine. A major difference and we no longer know what to do. I ate alone and pondered on what was in my food. Meat, cheese, pasta, is there a need for other food? After eating I decide to take a risk and go talk to some people I somewhat knew. They don't know my name but let me sit there like I'm part of the group. They play billiards and invite me to join in. I have a nice time until I have to go to class so I say bye and walk off. There's a test and I finish early and get out an hour ahead of usual. The sun is still out. Not in sight but not twilight either. The buildings block the setting sun. I walk to the cross walk and wait for the speeding cars to stop so that I can cross. There's a man walking past me and the sidewalk is thin so we brush past each other. 


I'm on a rocky beach. There's a woman in front of me. She's much shorter than me, blond, has an angry look on her face and is moving her mouth. I can't hear her nor can I hear the waves. I look around and the rocky beach turns out to be a cliff overlooking the sea. The waves smash against the weathered stone. The waves are huge compared to any I've seen. I look back towards the woman. She's turned around and I feel rage. I grab that expensive blouse I bought her and I pull. She goes over the cliff and into the wave as it hits the rocks. I stare towards the foamy sea before turning around and walking away feeling liberated. 


The man says sorry and I say it's cool. I walk to my car and drive home. Not a super eventful day but as I lay here waiting for my mind to tire I figure I can write. Maybe if I let some steam off my chest I'll be able to sleep.


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