I have many regrets. I have an utter hatred for myself. The mistakes I've made have hurt too many. Too many that didn’t deserve what happened to them. I've created monsters from men. I saw the steps it would take to push them over the edge. I knew what they were capable of and I saw them as necessary. I twisted their minds so that they would spread death and destruction. However I based all my work creating these mad men on how I saw nature would produce these beings. Monsters that earned their name through actions brutal and awful. I am responsible for my own monsters, but those are a minor fraction of your monsters.

            I saw two boys grow up to become young men. The Elder became a farmer and so he worked the land to grow the food that his family would eat. The Younger cared for your lesser creatures raising them so that they could be used to help his brother. The Elder awoke early in the day and spent every hour of light working on the fields. The Younger brother would rise long after his older brother and simply look after the animals. The animals needed very little help as they could feed themselves, so the Younger brother would just laze around. The Elder grew angry at his brother for not working or helping him, but he never confronted his Younger brother. I watched the young men go about their lives until I grew too curious.

            Why did the Elder let the Younger do as he wished? It was obvious that he was displeased by his brother's actions yet he would not seek to correct him. This contradiction in opinion and actions left me wondering if the Elder had a greater purpose to his actions. A purpose I would not find out until I talked to him. I waited for the Elder to start his day. The sun had not yet arisen above the horizon. The sky still dark allowed me to approach the lone man walking to his fields.

"Why do you work hard while your brother does not?"

            He turned around and was surprised to see someone was there. He took a few breaths to consider how to answer me.

"I work hard because I am a person with discipline. I don’t care what my brother does. In the end my father will see that I am the better son."

            I found his words odd because I had seen the looks he would give his brother. I asked myself why he would not tell me the truth. I was disappointed with the Elder's answer. I felt it to be incomplete.

"Why do you hide your feelings from others?"

            His eyes narrowed and his speech became rougher. I could tell that he no longer wanted to speak to me.

"Leave stranger."

            I did as he asked and continued to observe the brothers. I saw that since my conversation with the Elder that morning he grew increasingly more frustrated with the Younger. Then I saw something in him. Something I did not see in his brother. He started small, with the hens and their eggs. He snuck into where they were kept, twisted the hen's necks and smashed the eggs with their bodies. The door was shut behind him so the other creatures could not escape. I heard the crunch of their death and the spatter of their unborn. The Younger brother did not go into the hen house so he remained unaware of the damage. I felt compelled to inform the family of the brothers of what the Elder had done. However I knew I was… not welcomed.

            After some time the Elder moved on to a bigger animal. He grabbed a goat and dragged the poor creature across the field into the forest. It was the middle of the night, and a full moon hung directly above. The Elder not being a herdsman had a great deal of trouble leading the goat so he dragged it by the horns. He picked the animal up and placed the creature upon a boulder. The giant rock was waist high and the goat kept fighting against the man. The Elder brother took out a dark object. It was a sharpened obsidian stone. He proceeded to plunge the stone knife into the goat. The first dozen or so stabbings was aimed at the stomach area. Once the knife was in he would turn and scrape inside of the living thing trying to cause the most pain he could. After he had destroyed the suffering animal's abdomen he then hacked at the neck. Once he tore through the muscle, tendons and bone he lifted the goat's head upwards. He drenched himself in its blood.

            I looked away for I could not withstand the death of an innocent creature. I ran to warn the Younger brother and his family. I exited the forest, leaped over the fields, and stopped at the entrance to their home. I remembered what their mother had said to me. They wanted nothing from me. I was afraid of the rejection, their words, and their looks. I backed away from the entrance, turned around and ran. I feared what may happen to them but I felt greater fear as to how I would be treated. I was weak.

            Those memories went through my mind as I sat in front of a door. I watched as they were pushed into the room naked, cold, and afraid. The steel door slowly closed and then the banging started. The banging was quickly followed by screaming. It was horrifying because I knew what they were going through. I stared at the steel door listening to all the sounds they made until it all stopped. The silence gripped me and I continued to stare at the door as it was opened.  There was no light but I could still see them. A baker, a banker, a farmer, there was every kind of person in there. But their jailers only cared what they had in common. Their bodies were taken from the room. After some time a new group was brought. They were stripped and forced into the room. A few looked towards me, their eyes begging me for help. I did nothing but stare as the door was closed and the noises started again.



Hi, so I'm shifting to a darker set of experiences. I feel like I've presented the Devil in a good light and its time to see his evil deeds. Let me know of any recommendations or events you wish to see.

I'm also considering introducing some reacurring characters. I've somewhat hinted at this before but I wrote it in a way so that it didn't seem like he was talking about an actual person. See if you can guess what I'm talking about. 


Thank you for reading.


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