No Longer a Game

by Samzen

Original HIATUS Adventure Fantasy Romance LitRPG Male Lead Virtual Reality
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

Chaos Online is heralded as the first 'Hardcore' VRMMORPG. Pain conversion is set at a staggering 75%, and graphical fidelity has been pushed to the limits without any censorship whatsoever. 'Who wants to feel their skin melt from dragon fire?' some asked as they dismissed it. Despite the popular belief that no one would play a game so close to reality, Chaos Online sold millions on the first day. Fight. Suffer. Win. Welcome to Chaos Online.

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Excellent novel, the author truly prowess his talent on this one

I've been reading every story here in this site and I can say that this story has the most clever prologue ever. I really didn't expect the plot twist. It was ugh. The plot was well made. I noticed that there is a review that says that the author forces the romance part in the story, but it doesn't seem that he author does. 


As a fan of many slice of life genre anime, novels, and manga, I can say that the story is really well made. I like how the author describes the feelings and emotions of the characters. 


The fast updates is also a point to look at. 


This novel deserves the top 10 rank. 


To show my support for this author I will link his story in my signature.


hoho. (currently reading mushoku tensei light novel)


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+1 recommend

5/5 stars

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Good until Chapter 10, waiting for more.

I'll not pretend I know how to judge Grammar or Style, so my score is based solely on the Story.


I have read until Chapter 10, and it is still the training phase... Nice foreshadowing with many things to look forward to, when MC finishes his training. He may become extremely OP, and that isn't necessary a bad thing... MCs are always OP in some ways...


For me, I think this story up till now is very good and will give a 5/5.

Will be waiting for more chapters and see if the adventuring phase match up to the training one...  Keep up the good work.

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Can't wait for more updates :3

Brilliant. The only pain is the absence of updates. Grammatical errors are few and they are mostly just your standard typo. If this ever gets updated again, you can bet your ass I'm gonna reread this from start to finish again :3

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Rare Item Found: | Well Written Story |

Real shame that this story is on an indefinite hiatus. The author took a good, simple concept and honed it into an entertaining story. The writing style is excellent, and aside from the occasional spelling error the grammar flows with a degree of finesse that ventures into the realm of professional writers. Characters are well fleshed out with clear motivations and backgrounds which are used to intuitively guide the reader into making their own assumptions without the need to provide verbatim descriptions of every detail. The writing style shows great fluidity, incorporating the protagonists main viewpoint with a smattering of viewpoints from accompanying characters and random onlookers to great effect. A good read, and worth the time even if the author never plans on continuing it.

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i am not very good in english myself i am only giving my review because you asked for reviews 


In my opinion your doing a really good job so far i couldnt find any plot holes. The characters all  so far have a unique personality but i feel some characters could use a bit more.Grammar im not good at it as you can see so i will not grade you in it. i feel like you just abandoned the doctor (just listing something ive noticed i dont really care about this.) whos gave him the game for the most part but maybe you have something coming up later. The story you have got here is nice i like it it and is somewhat unique i like how youve also set up  the npcs as main characters.  just a good job overall i cant really find anything wrong you just provide a good story and thanks for coming back i thought you were gone 


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No faults to be found yet.

I honestly can't find a single thing worth complaining about. Except maybe hybrid classes not being mentioned at all after being introduced as possibilities. Just a caution though, this isn't tagged mature just for sexual content. There are some serious topics in this one. 

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As I just recently signed up I am going back through the fictions I had
previously read. This is one of them. As I have not just finished it my
ratings are likely to be a touch more critical than if I had just finished.


This was tought to review but it was something I did enjoy and will read more of. I like the concept of the gods actually involving themselves. The grammar rating is basically a guess. Having read what I consider to be a lot of stories I am coming to find that characters and characterization is often one of the weakest areas. In this case I vaguely recall thinking that parts of the characters or characterization was 'typical'. Not horrible just not anything special either. If I did not feel this way I would have given character a higher rating.


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I just read through story enjoying it. Final note: While english is my
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indicate no grammatical errors.

Burning Love
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I've really enjoyed the series. One issue though: as of the date this review has been submitted, it has been four months since an update. What gives? Please keep writing this story.

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Need more right now I've been waiting so long this is all I need in life and I need more now

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I hope everything is well with the author and we eventually get a new fic, if not the continuation, of this heart-wrenching, immaculate read.


You like LitRPG format? Please do yourself a favor and give it a try.