Hero's Trouble; How did i end up as Hero?



Chapter 7: ...Extension of the City strolling. Part 2.


*Second Part of Chapter 7. I enjoyed writing it. But i never, ever will write something like that last part again. It's messy somehow .... i can't rhyme. PS: Editing is weak in this one. If you find something, pleaes point it out. I am all open~ I edited it 2 hours alone .... couldn't decided. PPS: I will edit this in a day or two another time. But first .... chapter 8 and 9.*

Chapter 7: ...Extension of the City strolling. Part 2.

Female Kid 3: “Let's go Sister! Everyone will be so glad!”
Jacky: “Y-yes ….”

She started to drag me by pulling my arm. Ha …. everyone ….
Ari and Sara were following us. From time to time, that Kid glared at the two of them. She was going faster, the closer they came to us. Just to keep the distance from the start.
I will need to talk with your mother …. about a lot.
After being dragged around the city's main streets. We slowly came closer to what looked like an defensive wall. I had already seen it from the palace. The city was built up in multiple layers of defense. Ring's in ring's.

-insert map style of city here-

Close to this defensive wall we came to an halt. There were many houses around here. Before one particular big one we came to be pulled in.

Jacky: “ ….”
Female Kid 3: “Sister is finally home again~ Come~”
Jacky: “Yeah.”
Female Kid 3: “ …. you don't want too ….”
Jacky: “Aw, no. Sister is just so happy to be home again, you see. So ….. so it's kind of weird.”

The pull increased and I was indoor in no time. The kid closed the door, before Ari and Sara could enter.

Jacky: “Let my friends enter ….. Sister will be sad, if your a mean girl.”
Female Kid 3: “ …. b-but ….”

Reluctant she opened the door again. I waved to the two and commanded them in my mind 'come join me in this hell'. While they came in I heard footsteps and voices coming closer.

Mass of Kids: “SISTER!!!!”
Jacky: “!”

HELP! I plead to the two that were on the verge of running away from this house, with just my eyes! Don't leave me here alone! Rescue me!
A mass of about, 10 or so, kids attacked me. I was being pushed down on the ground, while they hugged and touched me. Mostly crying, it was a touching re-union. Atleast for bystanders! I am dieing here, help me you two!

Ari: “ …. that's a bit much ….”

Yes, Ari my angelic catgirl. Tell them! I can barely see the rays of sunlight anymore!

Mass of Kids: “AH!”

They started to run off like little animals that got scared. Into every direction that was available kids were escaping.

Jacky: “ ….”
Sara: “Whoa ….”
Female Kid 3: “ ….”
Ari: “S-sorry, this is Ari's fault ….”
Female Kid 3: “RIGHT! Beasts shouldn't come into our home!”
Female Kid 3: “Aua! Why did you hit me Sister!”

I just stared at her. You know exactly why. Ups …. I did hit her not that hard. But even so, hitting her on the head doesn't solve the issue ….

Jacky: “*sigh* Let's go and gather them all up. Is mom here too?”
Female Kid 3: “Mom? Do you mean Old Sister?”
Jacky: “ ….”

Wait a minute. Old Sister? Not /Big Sister/, is your mother that kind of woman who wants to be called …. No, that can't be. Sister ….

Sara: “Ah! I get it!”
Female Kid 3: “?”
Sara: “Old Sister, is a Sister right?”
Feamle Kid 3: “Yes ….”

Enlighten me Sara. That's the same meaning alltogether!
Proudly with an sheepishly smile Sara was waveing with her hand. I get it … let me stand up first. I moved to Sara and she whispered the light of knowledge into my ear. Truly, that was unexpected.

Sara: “It's that you know. A Orphanage. Sisters of the Church~ You're one too~ Hehe~”
Jacky: “Ah ….”

That explains a lot. I already tought that my new motherly figure here …. had a slight problem. I should have noticed. There's no way a single woman can have this many children … close to the same ages. So that's it. Sister is a Sister of the Church, she was a temple priestess. That was more simple then I thought. I can finally relax a bit again ….

Middleaged Woman: “Oh. By the gods!!”
Jacky: “ ….”

What's with that greeting. Sara just stood back close to the door again, smiling here ass off. Yes, I will still punish her~

Middleage Woman: “ …. Maya, be so kind, go get everyone. It's almost time for dinner.”
Maya: “Right~ Sister will eat with us~”
Middleaged Woman: “Y-yes.”

After that kid finally left. The one before me, was most likely that Old Sister. Somehow cruel …. she didn't look that old to me. A warm smile, even if it seemed a bit forced. She wore something like a nun's outfit. Her hair was fully covered up by her headgear, but I could see that she had blonde hair from her eyebrows. Even if I dislike dresses, that outfit seemed good. Atleast for relaxing. It was rather baggy. Most importantly not overly decorated or frilled. Hmm~

Old Sister (M. Woman): “Uhmm …. let's talk in the kitchen.”
Jacky: “R-right.”

Time for my skills to shine. I need to act normal. Atleast as much as possible! …. how do I act normaly.
After getting to the kitchen, we three were being asked to take a seat.

Old Sister: “So it was true ….”
Jacky: “ …. oh …. yes. I am sorry ….”

Plan failed. Escape initation not possible. Naturally, if you cared for someone. You would hear at least rumors …. of what happened. I was asked multiple things from the Old Sister. She wasn't angry at me, but still sad. I faithfully answered, our conversation felt like an eternity.

Old Sister: “But I am glad. The [Hero] is such a kind person.”
Jacky: “Ah, yes ….”
Old Sister: “Truly Evena will be happy to watch over your actions.”
Jacky: “ ….”

Pleaes. Don't watch over my actions …. Evena, so I finally learned the name of this bodys previous owner. I let out a good sigh.

Old Sister: “Do you …. want to know more about her?”
Jacky: “ …. yes. I am truly sorry ….”
Old Sister: “Don't be. It was god's guidance and the will of hers. I'm sure that the [Hero] will guide the way for humanity.”

After that a sermon of godly love continued. From time to time, information of Evena sickered into it. Evena Leafe, 20 years old, unmarried, no family, orphanged at the age of 4. She had lost the ability to speak, duo losing her parents. And was given this name by the one , preaching about god's love, before me. After some years, she opened up to everyone at the orphange. Began to speak, began to learn. And eneded up as faithful temple priestess, in service of god.

Old Sister: “Evena always visited us. Helping us out when we were in need of an hand. Playing with the kids. Teaching them. And loving them like a big sister.”
Jacky: “I will come over from time to time. Pleaes tell me if you have any trouble.”
Old Sister: “Ha~ No worrys. I can manage~ But I would be glad to have you to play with the kids a bit. They're missing her.”

I wanted to ask more. But the Old Sister interupted me with an smile. I saw why, some kids got close to us. But it seems they didn't hear what we talked about. Hunger stricen eyes were latched onto me. I am no food ….

Some Kids: “SISTER COOK~”
Jacky: “ …. ah, yes.”
Old Sister: “I'm sorry to trouble you. Pleaes help out.”

With a bit of an trouble look the Old Sister showed me to the area of the fireplace. There was already a bunch of veggies washed there. A large pot. Some cooking utensils. And boney meat~ Ah, soup is planned for today. A glance came from the Old Sister /Can you cook?/ …. uh, I am the [Hero]. But luckily, I am quite a good housewife. Haha~ I need to make my food myself. So I learned it in pursue of tastyness. I didn't want to life of instant noodles or fast food forever.

Jacky: “I will carve the meat of the bone. Is that alright?”
Old Sister: “Yes, please do so.”

Looking at Sara and Ari …. yeah. No chance that these two can help out, without making it just more work for me. The kid's were gone again. They saw Ari and ran off. Seriously, does she look that scary …. or is it a game of sorts?

Old Sister: “I will light the fire up.”
Jacky: “Oh, sure.”

I watched the Old Sister kneeling. And trying to light the wood. It was a warm image, even without the fire. Oh, wait …

Jacky: “ …. let me do it.”
Old Sister: “Does the [Hero] know how?”

I just made a flame on my finger tip. The Old Sister clapped her hands in recognicen to it. She was trying to lighten up the firewood, with an crude lighter. What just glimmed ….

Old Sister: “This is wonderful, the [Hero] sure is a salvation~”
Jacky: “Pleaes …. don't mention it. And call me like you would Evena. The kid's will hear us.”
Old Sister: “Oh, right.”

I lit the firewood with a single thought. Using [Mana] is getting easyer the more I do it. I don't even need to concentrate that hard anymore. The fire too just lits up, changes shape and flys to where it is aimed at. But I can't say that an [Hero] is just a better lighter …. at least I am more of an performer.

After a bit of time in the kitchen.

Ari: “Hmm, smells good~”
Sara: “Sure does~ I am kind of getting hungry~”
Jacky: “Yes I get it. But no tasteing before anyone else.”

I hit Sara on the head with a exagerated choping movement of my hand. There was no force in it. So her /Ughh/ moaning was just plain acting. Get on with it, you aren't kids. But I had other problems at hand now. We already prepared the large amount of tableware and set it up at the dinning room. Old Sister called the kids …. but.

Kid's voiced entangeld: “...BEAST!” “WAH!” “She ….” “MY FOOD!” “RUN!” “ ….”

Some more were in there. But they couldn't reach my ear, because others toopled it with their loud mouths.

Old Sister: “SILENCE!! TIME TO EAT!”
Everyone: “!”

All the kids, Ari, Sara and Me too. Were seated in a flash, not a sound was heard. A killing intent gushed out from Old Sister. She just stood there still with an apron on her, the kettle was griped. So disorder at dinner time …. was a death sentence. That kind heartwarming person, vanished for that moment alone.

Old Sister: “So Sister Evena will be the first~”
Jacky: “Y-yes … thank you.”

I wanted to start to eat immediately. But killing intent gushed out while Old Sister smiled. Uhh …. okay I get it. Waiting till everyone got theirs. Stop that …. I feel like running. I'm not good with table manners ….

Jacky: “Puh~”

Ahh that was good. Even better then everything else I had eaten up to now. The taste was simple but so good. Just a soup with veggies and meat. The everyone started to clean up the table. Washing the dishes even Ari and Sara were helpful now. They didn't deer to go near Ari. So Sara was getting the dirty tableware from them, while Ari washed it.

Jacky: “What is up with the kids. They all are so scared because of Ari. And …. rather bad mouthing her.”
Old Sister: “Ah, that …. Evena is at fault here.”

Huh? Ah wait, you mean the true Evena. Not me. What did she do to get them like that ….

Old Sister: “You know. It's like that. The first time a demihuman came over to do work for us. She was so scared that man, because of his rough looking build. So she …. kind of started to fear and hate them.”
Jacky: “Ah ….”

To still have that kind of fear from her childhood …. at an age of 20. Even spreading that fear to other kids. More then a smiling saint, I envision Envena as a modern girl …. sitting on a pc hate posting at an forum. Ugh ….

We finished cleaning up rahter fast. Time for action.
I will educate all of you in the greatness of a demihuman, especially that of a catgirl! Haha~

Jacky: “Everyone gather at the dinning room, pleaes~ I want to tell you something.”

With a lot of enthausmuss the mass of kids swarmed past me. Some grabbed my arms and dragged me into the dinner room. Okay, I get it.

Jacky: “Ehem …. So, let me be frank with you. I changed.”

Everyone was staring at me. Uhh … okay relax. You can do this.

Jacky: “So what I meant is …. I don't fear someone that is different then me anymore! Ari come here.”
Ari: “Yes?”

The sight was pinned on Ari. I could already see some kids trying to think about running, others whispering around.

Jacky: “So does this one look dangerous, in any kind?”
Ari: “Ah.. nhh... no.. wait! ..Ah...”

I started to rub her head and under her chin. With my slender fingers. Ari was kind of shy when stared at by strangers. She tried to resits the urge to just go ahead and puurr. Come on, be more cat like. Just let it go. These kids need to be educated, you're by no means dangerous.

Ari: “Ahh...hahahhha ….”

Ari was a bit shivering, her tail clearly showed shivering too and was standing straight up. Okay, that's enough.

Jacky: “See, she's really tame. You don't need to fear Ari.”
Maya: “ …. she's dirty ….”
Jacky: “Then that makes me dirty too. I like petting her head, rubbing below her chin or tickling her sides~ Hugging Ari is good for ones heart too~”

I hugged Ari tighly and showed a relaxed smile. Puurrrrrr bliss. How could anyone see her with fear~

Maya: “ ….”
Jacky: “Come pet her too. It's nothing bad, she won't bite you or anything.”
Jacky: “ …. see, fear isn't good for you. Fear makes you lonely and sad. You still need to have respect for someone that is strong. For some stranger you should be always wary and show respect too. Being fearful will make your Sister sad.”

After I said that. One of the female kid's came close to Ari. I made an glance that asked Ari /just kneel down a bit/, she understood and smiled at the kid. While petting the head of Ari, the kid began to be really engrossed in it.

Female Kid 4: “Whoa, these Ears are so fluffy~”
Female Kid 5: “ …. really, let me feel.”
Male Kid 1: “Hahaha~ Her Arm's are so thin. I am much stronger!”

Comments like these were given while kid's swarmed Ari. I finally recognized that one male kid too. That laughter ….
Suddenly it started to get dire ….

Mass of Kids: “No, I want to touch her ears now!” “Let me!” “I'm the next!”

Ahh no good. Uhmm ….

Jacky: “Hey slow down kids. There's enough time for you to pet Ari. Don't make her feel uncomfortable.”

The kids now dispersed a bit from Ari. Still 5 where all over here …. Some kids now even went as far as to go to Sara. Asking her to lift them up and such. A soo sweet.

Male Kid 1: “ATTACK!”
Jacky: “Huh Haaahahaahahaaaahhhhaahaah! St-aaoapap!”

How did it come to this. One of the kids began to attack me with tickling. Others saw it and it became an all out war. Sara tickled the one that she had lifted. She was attacked by multiple kids then. Layn down on the floor, crying of laughter. Ari smile and said 'Pleaes don't' with an force smile. Makeing the kids attack her too. She fast was down and out of the fight. They were focusing they'r attack on her ears and tail. I got the worst fate of all. From the exact amount of 14 kids. Half of it were stuck to me.

Jack: “Ssaaattppp!”

I couldn't speak clearly anymore. It wasn't painful, but I was way more ticklish then I tought I would be. After a few minutes. Old Sister came to the rescue and said in a stern tone.

Old Sister: “If you tickle her too much, Evena might die~”

Uhh … bad choice of words there. She herself found out her mistake fast. She nearly forgot that she already died. Standing there with dropped shoulders … Old Sister was cruelly attacked by 5 of the 7 that were clung to me. In that time they stopped tickling me. So I am glad for your sacrifice miss Old Siter~ Getting a hold of Maya and one boy …. that clearly focused to much on the area of my breasts. Touching them out of 'accident' from time to time. I was finally free. Tickling back was more fun then being tickled. So I advanced the campaign, RECLAIMATION OF ARI, in a flash. I need to lecture these kids on proper socializing someday …. he's like 9 or so. Probably it was an accident, but touching a woman there isn't good without their consent! Now locking at him … isn't that Male Kid 1?

After end of the Reclamation of Ari War. Around 9 pm.

The kids were really tired from the whole playing around. I myself over exerted myself, while reclaiming Ari. I got attacked while trying. And the one who reclaimed me … freed me. Was Ari in the end. Hehe, lost the fight. But won the war~ Now I was seated before the group of kids. And tried to teach them a bit more about moral, ethics and stuff. They absorbed the /even if they're not human, don't treat them badly/ and other phrases rather well. Some female kids were braiding up Ari's short hair …. randomly. So I think that shouldn't be worried about anymore. Ari was now looking like an …. misshapen punk …. With her new clothes, her mess hair, the random and unprofessional braids. Ahh …. I want a camera so badly. My mind doesn't have enough capacity for all of this ….

Male Kid 1: “Sister, do that magic trick again!”
Jacky: “Hmm. I can't do that same one again now. How about a story?”

Like a herd of heyanas, everyone turned their heads into my direction. Hungry eyes were gleaming in the candle lit room. Old Sister was smiling with an clear intention.
I won't receive any help, if I back down now …. Here we go.
So how … oh yeah!

Jacky: “Okay. Listen well. This is a story of a Knight and a Princess.”

While saying so. I held out my hands. Flame Strings piled up in my hand. I deeply concentrated and managed to make some crude puppets with it. A Knight like one, with armor and a string sword. A Princess one, in a string dress. No sound was heard from the audience that was engrossed in the string puppets. Okay, I can do this~ Just imagine the story in your head, while saying it out aloud.

Jacky: “The Knight and the Princess loved each other dearly. Each day they would meet up at the gardens there, before everyone one woke up being so early. The world was simple and no worry were there. Because what they feared, wouldn't come over the walls they saw.”

I created more flame strings. Formed them to an improvised Wall. All that on my hands and arms. It's slowly getting cramped there. Hmm, Ari. Come here. I made head movements in Ari's direction. Finally she sat down beside me. I floated the wall to Ari per order. And continued.

Jacky: “The wall was big. And sturdy and strong. The one feared couldn't come.”

A short string figure emerged from the wall on Ari's hands. On the other side were the Knight and the Princess holding hands on a bench. I can be rather pure ….

Jacky: “Each day came and ended the same. But Princess feared so much, the one on the other side with a hunch. He would come to steal me away. Please my dear Knight, stay with me forever to save my hide!”

The short string figure grew.

Jacky: “Don't worry princess, the Knight gallantly said. My sword is sharp and these walls are tall. No one shall harm your soul. Still the knight, in pure agony, went away to buy a sword. A new one, that was sharper too.”

The short string figure grew and grew.

Jacky: “Oh knight, I missed you so. I couldn't sleep a wink. Oh, princess it's alright you see I'm here. If got a sword that only I can bear. I will protect you from all, regardless of it~”

The short string figure grew bigger then the size of the wall.

Jacky: “Ah Knight so look, so look at the one! He came to take me away at once! The Knight in shambles watched the wall. The Monster stepped over it like a pebble with much ease.”

Male Kid 1: “Kill the Monster, Knight save the Princess!!”
Everyone else: “SHHH!!!”
Male Kid 1: “ …..”

Jacky: “The Monster without much effort. Grabbed the prince and laughed out loud. You pansy Knight in shining armor, can't hold a candle to me! Just run away, hide in your house. I will eat, your princess, what a feast.”

Everyone: “!!!”

Jacky: “The Knight in anger lifted it's sword. With glamor and pride it attacked it's worth. But o wei, the sword was broken so fast. The Monster was hard and stronger to last. With mighty steps the Monster threaded, to crush the knight any moment now.”

Female Kid 4: “ ….nooooo ….”

Jacky: “The Princess with tears in her eyes said aloud. Don't fear my Knight, I won't lose my love. This Monster wont ever bring us apart. The Knight laying on the ground groaned aloud. My love I am outmatched too much, I can't bring it down with this sword of mine. What am I possible worth, without your life.”

Everyone: “ …..”

Jacky: “The Knight in Armor down for good. Watched the monster devour her a whole, the one he loved in a single gulp. With tears in his eyes he cursed the walls. If only he had seen it coming, it was to sad to wtiness. The wall was broken, ever so late. He glanced at the sight, behind it with regret. The feared on holding a doll. That was that he saw in his eyes. Just a child playing with mice. The sun cast a shadow over them twice. Losing sight through fear, was the end for these. Seeing the truth over the wall, the Princess gulped with ease. Still sitting on the same bench, as ever before. Not having moved a bit, an illusion it was. It was all in the mind of the fear stricken ones. There was never a wall to even begin with. So fear struck these two apart. Don't now ever make me repeat. The one feared might just be, a friend in guise of a shadowy field. ”

The wall vanished into smoke. And a short string figure playing with mice like dolls was more clearly revealed behind it. The room was silent. Whoa …. did that work? I agonized myself over it, I laughed and grinned for them.

After getting an amassing amount of applause and praise. The kids began to tell story’s of their own. With me trying to recreate them with string puppets.

Somehow this day ended. A Tea party, a performance, a outdoor meal, shopping, reunion, eating dinner and playing lots. I just couldn't move anymore. Falling asleep on the floor, was the only think I could do now. Being given a blanket from the Old Sister, had a warm feeling to it. The kids sleeping on me, where all under that blanket too. I fall soundly asleep, thinking of the things I gained today. While thinking of the luck, that i don't have cat ears. Ari had now most of them on her. Sorry~

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