Chapter 2: Party time~

Losing ones consciousness hurts not as much as I thought it would. When I woke up I was in another room, about half the size as the one before. When I looked down on my hand that performed the [Magic]. I still had all my fingers and I didn't seem to be heavily injured, at the first glance atleast. But half of my arm and my hands skin was a few tones off from it's natural color. Did  I blow up my arm?
Cold sweat ran down on my back. I just now blasted myself …. and they seem to have healed my lost arm …. [Magic] … isn't something you joke around with ….
I heard footsteps coming from outside. Then a woman I didn't knew entered the room.
Female Voice 1: “So you're finally up. Fu~ Lets dress you up for now~”
Cold sweat began to run down onto my back. I knew that voice. But it had a dangerous vibe now … her eyes were shining literally, when she corrected her glasses after she said /for now/. I don't want to ….
Jacky: “Uhh, hello. Cou … could you send for Ari or Sara? I am more comfortable with them …. “
Female Voice 1: “No can do~ Fufu~ We are running out of time~ The schedule is tight, you know~”
Ahh! HELP! Stop approaching me! I fled from the top of the bed to the window in panic.
Jacky: “ …. to high …. “
I muttered it aloud. Damn I was about 5 or so story’s above ground …. My escape route trough the door … blocked.
Female Voice 1: “Fufu~ Come here cute [Hero] it wont hurt~”
Jacky: “STAY AWAY!”
Grabbing a chair that was close to me I tried to keep her away. But that woman just grabbed the chair and flung it against the wall on her left side …. The chair exploded from the destructive force when it hit the wall and some bits of stone and wood were flying around.
Jacky: “ ….”
I am dead. I am dead. I am dead. If only I could escape from here. I could already see myself being molested to death ….
I was frozen on the spot.
Female Voice 1: “Bad [Hero]~ Now let me dress you up~ Fufu~”
With a few swift movements my clothes were changed before I even realized it.
Jacky: “Huh?”
Female Voice 1: “See that wasn't so bad~”
Yeah …. but that look you gave me … WAIT! I just now saw a problem. That woman was now holding up my panties that I had on me just moments ago …. normally that would to be expected after changing ones clothes. But the clothes that I had on me a moment before, were a long white dress-like pajama and some panties. Now I had on me some frilly dress, some fine shoes, some silk gloves, had my hair done. I was pantie-less …. How did I know? It was rather fresh ….
Female Voice 1: “What a good smell~ Fu~”
…. There stood the culprit. Seeming to enjoy smelling my panties. Seriously …. there are perverts who do this in real life …. With an astonished face I could just look at that sight.
Female Voice 1: “Fufufu~ Ahh no good~ We can't dawdle here~ Lets go~”
While putting my panties away in a small pouch …. she didn't even change her tone much. Hey wait!
Jacky: “ …. I need these ….”
Female Voice 1: “Fu~ What are you talking about I wonder?”
Female Voice 1: “Hmm~ No time, lets go~”
She just grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the room. While grinning like  evil reincarnated …. she didn't listen to one of my complains. As more and more people were seen in the corridor, I began to keep quite and resigned myself to be pulled around ….
Olward: “Ah finally! I was worried that Elsa wouldn't get you up, if you were still too exhausted from that.”
Elsa: “You worry to much old man~ Just die already, so that you can get replaced~”
…. In a friendly tone that woman just …. Huh? Dog ears? ….
Olward: “ Hmm, as bad mouthed as ever, I see. Still Elsa as head-maid, you of all should show some diligence before the [Hero]! Stop that and focus on your tasks.”
Elsa: “Ha~ Who is it that failed so bad~ Getting my cute [Hero] injured in the moment when I was a bit busy~”
Jacky: “ …. could you please stop calling me cute …. ?”
Elsa: “Oh no [Hero] do you want to be called sexy, doll-like or even ….. Fufu~”
Jacky: “…. Please keep me out of your delusions ….”
Elsa: “Fufu~ [Hero] is so cute when embarrassed~”
There's no merit in talking with her. I see~ A genuine pervert was found~ I need a dog whistle …. how could a doggirl be so bossy. Wait, okay …. I should stop with my stereotype delusions myself … First I need my panties back!
Jacky: “Please hand them back.”
Elsa: “Ohh let's go to the party hall~ Everyone is waiting, Fufu~”
Olward: “Yes, we shouldn't make them wait longer.”
Saying so Olward showed no interest in my plea. It was truly a tune of despair that I could hear ringing in my ears. Elsa was humming something …. Please God, let her be to busy to ever see me again ….
So I went trough a pompous wooden door into a huge room, that was fit to hold a medieval dance party, being without panties. What greeted me were the stares of everyone inside.
Seems I truly came to late ….
Queen: “Ah there you are [Hero]. I hope you're alright now, that you were healed up after what happened a week ago.”
Jacky: “Yes I am fully healed my Queen, I appreciate the kind words.”
A week, huh. It seems I was rather long absent …. [Magic] can't heal everything in a flash, I should note that down.
Queen: “Come follow me [Hero], I will personally introduce you to my people~”
Whoa, how kind of you …. The Queen dragged my feet around just like Elsa was doing a moment ago. Introducing me to all kinds of nobles. They were mostly middle-aged or elder men. Nobles that I was introduced always had the same kind of flow to them: “Hello I am /XY/ Lord of this and that~ I am so great~ I will help you with anything I have got~”
Sweet talk …. after a few hours of introducing the Queen finally let go of my hand. Moving away with the words.
Queen: “I need to prepare the next stage, wait here [Hero].”
And left me standing somewhere in the midst of these nobles. Moving my eyes around, I could neither see Olward or Elsa. Thanks God … Elsa isn't here ….
While thinking that some voice came up behind me.
Male Noble Voice 1: “Excuse me, would the [Heroine] be so kind and allow me to introduce myself.”
Oh, what silently creeped up behind me was a good looking example of an young nobleman. It was sickening. The Nobles I was introduced too, all seemed to know the story of me being originally male. Some even joked about it, while the Queen seemed to force a smile. This one …. he thinks that I am female …. nothing wrong with that, as I have a female body. But it's sickening, with his attitude and appearance.
Jacky: “ ….”
Male Noble Voice 1: “My name is Heinrich von Bescof, I appreciate the chance to speak with the beautiful [Heroine] that will safe us from the [Demons]~”
So it doesn't matter if I say yes or no~ Fine lets play that game of yours~
Jacky: “Nice to meet you Heinrich. Thanks for your offer to show me the buffet~”
Heinrich: “Uhh … eh?”
Jacky: “Didn't you just promised me to serve as my guide for this? I am sure a nobleman like you wont get back on his words~”
Heinrich: “Ahh! Wait … I ….”
Jacky “Will we go now? Or shall I ask someone else more suited to the task?”
Heinrich: “ …. …. ….”
A confused look was seen on his face. Oh, brilliant. Two can play that game, right~
Heinrich: “It would be my pleasure. Please follow me.”
Jacky: “Right~”

After arriving at the buffet. I ate my share of delicious cuisine~ While being a bit pestered by Heinrich's lovestruck life story. Hmm, the cooks here seem to be really good. The sweets especially were tasty~

Heinrich: “And so that's why my dad became the lord of Bescof. Sadly the populace is mostly demihuman slaves, but the landscape is truly magnificent~”
Jacky: “ Hmm, how many demihumans are there?”

A bit flustered that I asked a question, which interrupted his monologue. He began to talk again after a pause.

Heinrich: “Oh, it saddens me. But there’s about 20 or so slaves per human living in my beautiful Bescof.”
Jacky: “What is the normal average? Like here?”
Heinrich: “ …. that should be about 1 slave for every 8 or so ….”

HA! Lucky! I just got information from my newly claimed holy land. Bescof, sounds like a good place for me to settle down when I get old …. So many nekomimi's ….
Hmm ….

Jacky: “I would like to see your fathers lands sometime in the future. I hope that you will invite me when time is available?”
Heinrich mask just dropped. The cool smug face that he had maintained mostly during his monologue and our conversations. Vanished into thin air. A blushed face came to replace it.
Heinrich: “Ahh … y … yes gladly! The [Heroine] will be a honored guest if she wants to come! I'm always free to receive you!”

Somehow that is sad … Please tell me you have any friends. I never had many, but even so I had a few good friends till I started working …. Then I lost contact to all of them. *sigh*

Jacky: “Hmm, aren't you busy at all? Like with your girlfriend or others?”
Heinrich: “That is …. “
Jacky: “You know that I am called [Hero], right?”
Heinrich: “That is a mistake! It should be [Heroine]!”
Jacky: “You know …”

I told him the short version of my odyssey. From a excited flushed expression, he went to a pained, then to a half crying one. Finally being flustered again …. Uhh, what's up with this guy.

Heinrich: “So your soul is male. You got this female body, so you can fight for us [Humans]. And you're being harassed by slaves!”
Heinrich: “This isn't right. Let me Heinrich of Bescof punish the evil known as Elsa!”
Jacky: “Uhh aren't you mad at the wrong person?”
Heinrich: “Why?”
Jacky: “I …. I just deceived you a bit. I should have told you that I am actually male inside from the start, so that this misunderstanding wouldn't happen.”
Heinrich: “The past doesn't matter. Only the present is right with us!”

This guy …. he really is something else.

Jacky: “Listen, I like woman. I truly dislike the kind of man you're. I will never ever let a man be more then a friend. I thought it would be good to befriend you because … you resemble my old self in something …. but that was a mistake.”
Heinrich: “I would be glad to be your friend [Heroine]. May I ask what beautiful name I shall call you?”

…. Seriously, he is really stubborn. Nevermind just ignore him ….

Heinrich: “Wont I get your name please?”
Jacky: “....”
Heinrich: “I would do everything for your name~”
Jacky: “ …. give me all of your fathers land and I will tell you.”

He wont accept that~ Finally silenced him!

Heinrich: “With pleasure. Let's get married right away!”
Jacky: “ …. you know what, forget it …. My name is Jacky, now stay away from me at least 1 meter or I will blast you away!”
Heinrich: “As you wish!”

He truly … moved away a bit. About a meter or so. Does a meter translated into roughly the same length here? Anyways, I can't allow to let my guard down. Perverts everywhere …. I am more in danger then Ari is from me ….
Staying at the buffet for a bit I finished eating up, while being watched by my newly acquired friend ….
The Queen finally found me again, after sometime spent on snacking on some kind of nuts. Dragging me to a elevated stage. She turned to the masses of nobles and everyone became silent.

Queen: “Now lets see the power of our new [Hero]! The grand and vast power of our [Hero]!!”

Everyone is clapping their hands. Don't …. awww!
Already can see this ending bad. Stupid Queen ….
I was looking at her with a bit Anger for a moment. The Queen shuddered for a moment, but regained herself after I managed to get a smile on my face again.


Queen: “So let's see the magic of our [Hero] in action. We prepared this small stage for him to fight against one of our court magicians. It's not really a fight~ The other party will just defend against the [Hero], so be relaxed~”
…. This will end badly. Stupid queen ….
Queen: “Let's start this now~”
Jacky: “....”

From the other side a man clothed in a robe and with a fancy staff came onto the elevated stage. So that is my living target. Me and that poor soul. Haha ….

Target: “Greeting [Hero], my name is Harald Steinsworth. I will be your partner in this magic sparing. Pleaes go easy on me.”
Jacky: “Hello Mister Steinsworth, pleaes dont die on me.”

I spoke that out aloud. And the spectators became noisy. 'did you hear that' '[Hero] must be really strong' 'sure confident'  ….. the noisy muttering went. All wrong idiots, I just don't want to blast myself with him together to nirvana …

Mr. Steinsworth: “Let's begin anytime your ready [Hero].”

Politely at least. Ha …. okay what should I do.

Jacky: “With what should I attack you?”
Mr. Steinsworth: “Anything would go. I heard your provident in [Fire Magic]. How about that?”
Jacky: “Okay …. [Fire Magic] ….”

Let's try it. Last time just happened because I got distracted …. and excited. Lets gather a small amount of [Mana] and use that to make a [Fire Magic]. A simple flame should do.

Jacky: “Hmm ….”

While concentrating I was humming hmm out aloud and stretching out my hand towards Mr. Steinsworth. I could feel the [Mana] gathering on my hands palm. Okay, now a hot flame. OH! I can feel the heat, it's not so hot. Slowly opening my eyes. A small flame was before my palm. I tried to move it further away and it flickered in the wind. As I thought about making it stronger. The flame grew in size by times of 4 and changed it's color into blue.

Jacky: “!!!”

Closing one eye and averting my face a bit. I waited shortly for it to explode …. but nothing happened. The surrounding got silent, as they watched the blue flame. Which made a sound as a strong wind that would press itself trough a small hole. I created a /fully composted flame (whistling flame)/ , I somehow added extra oxygen when I wanted to make it bigger. So the [Mana] I used to make the gas for the flame constantly, was burned up 100% and molecules were agitated so much that the color changed. A normal flame is about 750~1000 Celsius hot. A flame with excess oxygen … 1800 Celsius.

Jacky: “I will now throw it.”

Rather confident I started the movement. Mr. Steinsworth looked trouble and I could see him fast chanting something with difficulty. As I began to literally throw it at him. I didn't know how to let it fly. Beside imagine it as a ball being thrown. So the flame flew with a slow speed towards my target. While the chant of his magic came to an end.

Mr. Steinsworth: “ ...Might of the Water. I summon thee. [Water Barrier]!”

The slowly approaching flame ball. Hit the Water that was summoned. And evaporated it instantly. The flame flew trough the [Water Barrier] as it was nothing.

Jacky: “AH!”
Mr. Steinsworth: “Ugh!!”

Close call … Mr. Steinsworth managed to jump aside and doge the flame ball like that. The flame ball flew slowly in a direct line. Towards the spectating nobles. Uhh …. cancel! Cancel!!!

Jacky: “Uhhhahhhh … aargh...!”

Cancel! CANCEL!! Think of the gas pipe being corked. The Oxygen being take out. And the heat dispersing. Cancel!!!

Jacky: “Huff …. That was close.”

I nearly grilled some nobles …. in a little accident. Some had expressions of disbelief. Others were clapping and cheering. A few seem to be fleeing with wet behinds ….

Jacky: “Are you alright Mr. Steinsworth. I am so sorry, I can't control the output of [Mana] that good at the moment. Body problems.”
Mr. Steinsworth: “ …. I-i am al-alright. But t-that …. that was a [Demon Flame]. H-how could the [Hero] use such magic …. even without a chant!”
Jacky: “[Demon Flame]?”
Mr. Steinsworth: “Y-yes …., o-only the highest ranked [Demon] magicians can use that....”

Seriously? They don't know about combustion ….

Jacky: “That is a normal flame …. If a normal flame gets enough air, it will get hotter and turn blueish. Because it burns better, the more air there is. That's basic knowledge ….”

Mr. Steinsworth was looking in disbelief.

Mr. Steinsworth: “... L-let me try.”
Mr. Steinsworth: “Flame that rests in my heart. Come to my hand. [Little Flame]!”

A small flame appeared in his hand. That … was really little. One could now joke about it … but let it rest.

Mr. Steinsworth: “Air that is around me. Come to my hand. [Little Wind]!”

The flame and the whirlwind mixed together. And the flame became blueish. Not as blue as the one I had created, but enough to see that I told the truth.

Jacky: “See. Just wind and a flame.”
Mr. Steinsworth: “That …. I can't beliefe it to be so simple. This is an important discovery!”
Jacky: “It's nothing so grand ….”

Mr. Steinsworth was clinging onto my hands, shortly after the flame in his hand was canceled out. And started to talk about how great my discovery was. How I should write a thesis about it. And if I knew more such grand magic~

Queen: “....”
Jacky: “Ah sorry, Mr. Steinsworth. I will try to write something up. I think this ends today’s spar.”
Mr. Steinsworth: “Thank you for this chance to learn such great magic! I will wait for it~”

Queen: “....”
Jacky: “This should do my queen? Or shall I summon something stronger. But I would like to refrain from it. I am still getting used to this body.”
Queen: “Ah, y-yes.... The [Hero] is our grand savior! With this power he will annihilate the demons!”

The queen was screaming out like that. With a reddened face. Not what she wanted most likely, but now she had a good weapon at her command …. so that was good too. The nobles that were present cheered me on and kept bugging me afterwards more intensively about my [Demon Flame] and what magic I could use other than it. AHHH GO AWAY OLD MEN!! I wanted to scream that, but I could resist. And persisted to be a kind and loyal looking [Hero] for the time-being.

The whole thing took place till around midnight, then finally all the nobles were gone. While saying goodbye to each and everyone of them, together with the queen. I felt like an robot.
Olward: “Let's get you to bed now. Good work Jacky. I am impressed of your [magic].”
Jacky: “Ha …. good for you. But I would appreciate some more lessons. That was an accident …. I wanted to create a small normal flame.”
Olward: “Hmm, so it nearly could have killed some nobles?”
Jacky: “If not, at least burnt them up badly on one side.”
Olward: “Hahaha. That would have been funny.”
Jacky: “.... Sure, an order of sunny side up nobles. And an army of soldiers to chase me~”
Olward: “Yes, not really something to look up too. Let's go, a tired [Hero] can't help us~”

I went to my room. Elsa wasn't to be seen anywhere on the way here. So I was safe, for now. In my room …. what can I say.

Ari: “Nya …. ahh ….”

Ari was laying on my bed. Her face was deeply snuggled up in my pillow. I could hear her breathing rough. And one of her hands was at work on an certain place.

Ari: “...ahhh [Hero]'s scent … ahh”

I was standing inside the door and just watching with a grin on my face. So Ari is  a bit perverted herself~ Hehe~
Closeing the door slowly and silently, as to not to disturb her. I slowly and steady was sneaking up on Ari.

Jacky: “ …. *stare* …. ”

I was right at the side of the bed. Watching Ari who still didn't notice my presence. Her tail was furiously wagging left and right. While she was rubbing her clitoris trough her panties with her hand. Hah~ What a sight~ Still sniffing on my pillow … is she no different from Elsa?

I continued to watch over her masturbation session. Till it happened.

Jacky: “Ha-ha-hatchy~”

Aww! Damm some dust got into my nose!
When I looked back at Ari again. She was motionless laying there.

Jacky: “Uhmm …. Ari?”
Ari: “....”

No answer ….

Jacky: “It's okay Ari. I wont tell anyone …. if you do something for me.”
Ari: “You …. [Hero] doesn't … hate me?”

With tears in her eyes she was looking at me. Ohh, I need to make myself clear here ….

Jacky: “ …. If …. I-if anything I am glad that you feel that way …. So it's okay.”
Ari: “ …. b-but ….”
Jacky: “It's okay to be a bit perverted. But please ask me before you take my panties to sniff them or something like that.”
Ari: “I-i-i would n-never do something like t-t-that!!!”
Jacky: “Elsa did it without one ounce of shame. And I disliked it.”
Ari: “ ….”
Jacky: “But if you ask for it …. I might allow it.”

Ari was watching me intensively. Ha, her stare is already to much for me. If only I had my manhood still. I would so jump on her right now! I still can have fun in my current state. But my whole body was aching already ….

Jacky: “Ari.”
Ari: “Yes, [Hero]!”

She sprung up from her snuggled position. And was kneeling on my bed with a straight back. Facing her glance upwards to the ceiling. Her nipples …. no not now.

Jacky: “Ari, please refer to me as Master.”
Ari: “ Master [Hero]?”
Jacky: “Drop the [Hero], please. Just Master for now. And don't tell me you can't!”
Ari: “ M-master ….”
Jacky: “That's better. Keep remembering, that I am male deep inside. So even if it might get to misunderstandings, use the male version Master and not Mistress.”
Ari: “Right Master!”
Jacky: “And …. as punishment for doing something like this without my consent. You will act as my pillow for now~”
Ari: “....”
Jacky: “Is that a problem?”
Ari: “N-no [H-] M-master!”

Her tail was standing tall and straight up. It was a lot more fluffy then normal. If I remember correctly:
-wagging = aggressively
-quivering tail that stands up= happy
-standing tail=friendly/ content
-really fluffy= really aggressive
She seems to be rather happy with that punishment, her tail is still fluffy …. because of the shook from before? Her face is blushed and her eyes still have some shinyness in them from the tears she had …. Aww bad!

Jacky: “T-then lay down. I will join you.”
Ari: “Ah! Master …. you still haven't brushed your teeth … and I need to change your clothes to the sleepwear.”

Ari went into full maid mode again. I was dragged to an washing basin. Had my teeth brushed from someone else for the first time in my life …. rather exciting …. I protested against it a bit, but Ari went with.

Ari: “I-i will get into trouble if i allow that to happen!”

Had my face washed off sweat. Then my clothes came off from a few skillfully touches of Ari's hands. Being just in my underwear, Ari reddened up by a lot. Oh jeah .... no underwear. She started to wipe down on my body with a soft towel. After being subject to cat washing in some terms (but not for the tongue part, sadly ….) I was clothed in my sleepwear and ready to go to sleep.

Jacky: “Ha~ So comfy~”
Ari: “I-i-is this go-oood?”
Jacky: “Yeah~ Just perfect as pillow~”

She had thought I would use her as a pillow for my head. And firstly lay down in place for that. Then I ordered Ari to lay down normal in the bed. Perplexed she did what she was told. Just to find herself being used as an hug pillow. My face was seated on her soft breasts. One arm was slung around her waist. Another was fondling her ears. While one leg hung over her legs. A tight and good hugging~ Heaven~ Ahh, God I can die now. Having a catgirl hug pillow is pure bliss! With these thoughts I was fast asleep. The day was horrible exciting and I spent a lot of my energy on that darn noble party. This was a reward~ And most likely not even a punishment for Ari …. she's lesbian right?


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