Prologue: Old Words

What is a [Hero]?
Someone that is selfless, loyal and strong.
That would be my answer.
Am i  a [Hero]? … No!
I have not an ounce of an heroism in my body and soul...
What would you do if you were summoned to another world? Being brought before some important characters.
Asked to save the world as the [Hero]. Without a way back? I would simply and full of wisdom, answer them promptly.
Then i would go about my own way. Have fun in this new world and get rich with my knowledge about chemistry and physics! They wouldn't be able to hold me off. As i surely would have some cheat like ability or inhumane strength!
That at least was the plan … if somehow … i would turn up in another world. So hear me out on my lifetimes story. And pray that you never come across some shabby old man in a flea market … selling antic books … Gosh.. how stupid was I.
Be content in your life.
Smile every day, even if it rains.
Dream of the impossible.
Cry a lot, even if people are starring.
Just be you and nothing will go wrong …

1. Chapter: Summoning

“Ho~ Okay lets start my story at the very beginning, I am going to leave out that shabby man at the moment … I don't want to be remembered about that.”
Pure white was around me. I felt an incredible pull on my body. But I didn't seem to move anywhere. Wondering about this dream. I still floated in nothingness. This is so bizarre. Even for a dream of my own. The pull increased trough time. It felt like it would rip me apart. But nothing was happening at all. Just pure white, as far as one could see. It was bright and blinding my eyes, so I just closed them up. I was well versed in the art of dream control. I could simply enter a state in my sleep, thinking about my own bedroom while laying in a comfy bed. And I would awake in this same room just shortly after closing my eyes.
Normal you say? Yeah if not for the fact that the world I awakened too. Was just my dream. How did I ascertain that? Simply spin a coin, flip open a books page you never read or try to hold your breath. If the coin spins and spins, without getting to stop. If the books pages are all blank, except the ones you read before. If you can hold your breath really long, without a in-measurable pain. Then yes, you’re truly in a dream. Just think about what you want to do, where you want to be or anything alike. And it will happen. It's a dream so anything is possible.
But this white nothingness … it doesn't want to obey my thoughts. I can't even check if I am dreaming or not, as nothing I knew is here. Except my own naked unmoving body. The pull became stronger and stronger with each moment, what is this place I silently thought to myself.
“Ha … when will I wake up from this … it's not even a nightmare …”
Being in this white world, truly was boring. I wish I would just pop up somewhere in a decent dream. Add some standard setting to it and wake up at 5 am in the morning for work.  Just as I finished my thoughts process the pull bended my body and pulled my downwards.
I was truly bend like someone pulled me down with all might. I couldn't look down, but the whiteness vanished from my sight. Everything began to be painted in a devouring black.
“It hurts, it really hurts! Stop it!”
Screaming. I could only scream. My body wouldn't move as I wanted it to. And my screams where just in my mind. Even so I screamed out aloud in my thoughts. The pain got real, the pulling still intensified. And everything went black. Cold sweat started to form on my body. I could feel it flowing in the opposite direction of the pull. I started to feel the pressure of wind blowing onto my body. The pain was hilarious just a moment ago. Now it subsided with all the sensations I forgot.
Cold. Wind. Sweat.
The pain of being stark naked while falling sure was funny in itself. The pull stopped but I still was bend a little. I just couldn't muster up the strength to straighten myself.
About a few moments later. The blackness vanished and a blue sky came into my sight. The cold was inhumane, it felt like my blood would freeze if I only would keep falling a moment longer. I touched something. A cloud. I fell trough a cloud with breath taking speed. My eyes opened in shock. Yes. Now I am scared. I fell and fell, counting the seconds. The clouds became smaller and smaller and the ground would soon greet me back into its embrace.
I could scream! I screamed and tried to move my body. My body finally began to move, and it tumbled in the air.


The speed of tumbling, the falling sensation. I became incredible motion sick. But being way to scared to even puke my soul out. I stared at what seemed the ground, in all the short moments I tumbled into the right position.
There it was … the ground. I could see mountains, valleys, trees and city’s. The sight would be magnificent, if only not for this situation. I may have another minute or so to life.  My mind went blank. The whiteness greeted me back in its loving embrace. I didn't flee from the situation, I just reverted it back.
I could hear voices. They were in panic and footsteps were all over the place. So I am dead now? I clearly fell from somewhere high. Should I be able to hear anything even? Am I a ghost? My mind was flooded with nonsense, so I just smiled.
Random Female Voice 1: “AH! He's coming too! Fast get some higher ranked healers here!”
Random Mixed Voices: “JES!”
Oh, I see. I am not death jet. But how did I survive that fall. I should be smashed to a gooey paste by now. Hmm, I can't seem to feel any pain. Is it the shock? It is the shock most likely … What a weird dream. Yeah really weird, I am going to complain to myself and to my last dinner when I am awake again. I shouldn't have drunk so much wine …
The voices really are getting on my nerves. But I can't do anything than lay around. Unmoving I am waiting for this dream to come to an end.
Random Male Voice 1: “Oh Heavens will, heal this mortals wound with your light. So it may embrace your warmth again. [Healing Touch]!”
What the?
A warm feeling spread through my body. Am I going crazy? What is this for a stupid dream? That sounded like a shabby incantation of some even more shabby magic out of an RPG … Okay it's not my fault … clearly the wines and the few chapters of that fantasy novel I read before bedtime.
Making a note in my mind list for “don't do”: Do not read fantasy novels and drink alcohol at the same time. Bad for your health. Mind list closed~
Yeah … I messed up big time.
As I lay there, the male voice repeated that chant over and over. Slightly getting out of breath after a few dozens times. The warmth I felt for each of the chants decreased. So yeah, I am about to finally die in this dream. I am going to wake up soon. That was horrible, at least I learned something from it.
Random Male Voice 1: “He's going to die … when are the king's palace healers coming here!! If you're free go see to it!!!”
Ha … he sure isn't nice to his subordinates. What an idiot. I am already death, just sit back and relax. Still chanting that shabby magic, he didn't give up. The amount of warmth was miniscule, as my conscious drifted away.....
Sometime later that day
Random Female 2: “He's waking up!”
As I woke up. I was in a huge bedroom. Laying down on a king-size bed. It's not over?
Random Female 3: “Inform the Queen and the Ministers!”
Random Female Mix: “Yes!”
Random Female 2: “Aww, please sir. Don't stand up.”
As I wanted to get up a pair of soft hands pressed down on my chest. Chest? That area feels somewhat different … Opening my eyes I stared into the face of the woman that pressed her hand against my chest. Moving my sight to my chest I prepared to state my discomfort of her actions … better to say I wanted to shout at her to keep her hand away from me. I already opened my mouth, but no sound came out. I just stared at my chest. My chest, yeah … how did it get like this. There was a pair of fairly b sized breasts where they shouldn't be. The shock made me speechless.
Random Female 2: “OH pardon me sir. It wasn’t my intuition to touch them so long … “
Random Female 3: “Just shut up Ari. You’re making it more complicated as it is.”
Ari: “ … I … that's not true Sara I was just … uh helping!”
Sara: “Sure, now go sit in that corner till the Queen explained the Situation.”
Looking at the two conversing without a worry. I could only feel relaxed. It was like a slap-stick comedy act. With that woman named Ari getting verbally hit, again and again. Till she reluctantly seated herself in a corner, drawing circles with her finger on the ground. Her tail and ears where pretty much lowered and showed her emotionally unstable mood. Wait, WAIT!! Calm your mind … that isn't a real catgirl. It's just a dream. Can't be anything else … I am in a female body … there is a catgirl … and I am not hungry. So if it's a dream …
I sprung from the bed in one swift motion. Target was the mopping catgirl!!
Sara: “Ah, Sir please stay in bed.
To late. I already hugged the catgirl, that just turned her head towards the direction of the other woman’s voice. Yay for cat ears and tails!
Ari: “Uhh.. please don't …”
I touched her ears up. So soft and fluffy. Huhu, all mine!
Ari: “ … ah … don't … “
Hehe no chance in hell. My chin was seated on her head, while one hand held her neck the other caressed her left ear. CATEARS!!! This is the best dream ever, I never managed to get a genuine catgirl into one of my dreams. It seemed to hard to imagine all the movements. At least till now~
Ari: “ … nhh … Ah, Sara please help … ahhhh …. Sir, please!”
Hehe! Cat ears to takeout please~ I nibbled on these tasty ears, while she struggled a bit with words of plea. Yeah, struggle a bit more. Your hushed voice is just the perfect side dish~
Sara: “Sir, keep it in moderation~”
With that sentence I was lifted up by two strong arms, that grabbed under my fragile thin excuse of arms. Whoa … I am being lifted like a baby, even with this light body. That shouldn't be so easy!
Ari: “Ah … thanks Sara~”
Sara: “Sir, you can do that after you're checked upon the house healer. So please lay down in the bed till then.”
Ari: “ … ”
With that I was carried to the bed. Put down and wrapped up in the sheet. Really … I was wrapped up like a spring roll. Facing upwards I looked into the eye of a cool looking beauty, she was clearly human. At least I think so. Her height must be 2 meters … or more.
Me: “Ahh … uhmm sorry … “
Sara: “If your sorry sir, then everything is okay. Please don't get up without an okay anymore.”
Ari: “That's not it! He sexualy harassed me!”
Sara: “It can't be called sexual harassment if two female body’s are involved. Can it?”
Ari: “Uhh … but … that ….”
Me: “Uhmm … sorry, it just came over me.”
Ari: “ … it's okay … it didn't hurt ….”
Blushing while saying that, Ari seemed to be okay with me apologizing. What a strange dream. I finally got a hold of an catgirl here and now I am confined to a bed. And whats with that reaction … normally she should be in heat or something … it's my dream right?
Sara: “So sir, please stay in bed. Later you're free to have a go with her if it pleases you~”
With a sheepishly innocent smile Sara proclaimed that I could have Ari for breakfast. Ari just stood there with an open mouth. And I began to laugh really hard.
Me: “Haha, sure sure. One order of cat ears with butter-cream please~”
Sara's sheepishly smile widened while Ari's face reddened to tomato color. Ha, teasing her is fun. I thing I get it. Sara is teasing her too for that reaction. Oh Ari is surely gullible … and sweet~ Even if her ears tasted a bit salty, she should clean them more often. I am hoping that she isn't only cat washing them … that would be a bit gross.
While waiting for the character named queen. I watched Sara tease Ari with carefully played wordings. Like:
He sure would come for you~ When you call him.
How about going down on it? Your feet seem to give up.
There's sure a heat in here, lets open up a bit~

About 1 hour later

I enjoyed the conversation. A dream were I was female, with a catgirl and a huge woman in the same room. Was somewhat crazy, but it had a nice feel. After some time a queen like character appeared, with a bunch of old guys and maids.
My eyes were mostly focused on the maids, the demihuman ones. Hehe, there were two more catgirls , a wolfgirl, two  sheep like ones and a foxy foxgirl. Bundled together with about the same amount of normal human woman.
The maids formed a background line. Before them stood the old guys and before those the Queen positioned herself. Without warning everyone bowed and the Queen began to speak.
Queen: “Oh [Hero], summoned to our World. We are truthfully sorry that our summoning was just a bit unsuccessful. So that we were in need, to transfer the soul of the [Hero] into an appropriate vessel.”
Uhh, nice Background Info. But is that really needed ….
Queen: “We summoned you oh [Hero], to help us in the War against the [Demon King]. We beg you to forgive our previous failure and fight for us against our all foe.”
As she said that, the Queen got to the ground and did a overly eccentric apology (Dogeza?). Following that everyone else went through the same motion. I couldn't really see them well being wrapped up and all. The ones with tails had them sticking out. A sight to behold~
But it was pretty clear, that something was amiss. After that the Queen explained, with the summoning I came to this world  known as [Enia]. I was at the moment in the king's palace of the [Human Territory]. In the city of [Rossburg]. Through the summoning a hero should have been summoned to the temples chamber. I did get summoned to the chamber, but half of my body was stuck in the floor of it … After they tried to keep me alive with magic, they succeed in soul transfer magic when I was on my last breaths. As they couldn't go about to search for a fitting male vessel in that short time. A priestess of the temple volunteered, that had a high aptitude in magic, which was compatible with my soul. And so my soul was now etched to her body and her soul was lost together with my genuine half hero body.
While she explained that, the maids got me out from the spring roll wrapping. Clothed me with some high grade fabric and seated me on the bed. I mechanically let them drag me around. I was just perplexed, as I never would go about such a strange setting … for a simple dream to harass one single catgirl …. Even if it was fun ….
Me: “So … this isn't a dream ….”
Queen: “ …. Yes, please forgive me and my people. We truly need you oh [Hero] ….”
Me: “ …. …. ….  ….”
Me: “ So I am really in another world …. “

Looking down on my hand. That frail looking hand now belonged to me. And the previous owner died in my place ….
It seemed so unreal. But even in a dream I shouldn't be able to feel this many different things. The smoothness of the sheet. The fluffiness of the cat ears And the stares of the people. This isn't a dream … I just got summoned to a different world. A bit chaotically …. but whoever said that a summoning was an joy ride ….

While being in deep thoughts. The Queen rose up from her previous apologetic stance.

Queen: “[Hero], it may be not much. But we will fulfill all of your wishes, if you decide to help us. If not …. we will at least provide you with what you will need to life. In our beautiful and bountiful land.”

So they're going the chose /a path/ mentality here. Thinking about it … I really didn't want to fight anyone for the sake of being  a [Hero] ….  But someone died for me …. even if it was their fault that I was nearly dieing in an strange circumstance. That was a bit of a burden on me ….

Me: “Everything I wish ….”
Queen: “Yes, oh [Hero]. Name it and it shall be yours!”

I could get everything …. I don’t need to actually fight anyone? Could I just give them knowledge about weapons and such? Like how to make guns and bombs and then blast the idiot Demon King into smithereens? Hmm ….

Looking at Ari the catgirl I harassed earlier, I somehow regretted it. I could have befriended her … but yeah there are more chances out there. Or maybe even with her, who knows. She could be an /M/, for all that I know of her at the moment.

Me: “Hmm, I will help you defeat that evil. But I am not really much of a fighter. Even less so in this frail looking body.”

Making arm gestures and provocatively looking at my own body. I was showing off my fake discomfort~ Yeah, no worry’s there.

Queen: “Oh [Hero] your help is appreciated! Don't fret over the small details. You should be able to be a magnificent [Hero] even in another body. A soul is the vessel of ones might. So as long as your soul is there, all your magic power should be too~”
Me: “ …. oh , but isn't this body making me weaker?”
Queen: “No, so don't worry oh [Hero]. Your magnificent magic is still present in you!”
Me: “ …. I don't know if this body holds my magic … “

The queen looked puzzled. And whispered something to one of the old guys. Hmm, so that’s a problem …. But I couldn't lie there …. going full speed ahead with /Yeah leave it to me/ I would have been digging my own grave ….

Queen: “Oh [Hero], we would like to check your magic aptitude. It should at least be greater then your vessels. We did transfer all of your soul …. I think …. “

Big time failure …. Am I going to be kicked out? Or more likely … kept in a cell. As they don't want the failure running about …. While thinking that, one of the old men chanted some words and stretched out his hand in my direction.

A white ball formed and flew towards me. When it hit me, it didn't hurt me. The ball grew in volume, while it stuck on my forehead, …. it expanded really fast. While doing so the people present sighed in relief, most likely that meant I had a high magic aptitude. Then it happened, the ball became too gradually golden when it stopped growing. A gold color that wasn't shiny at all, more of an darkish gold. It had tints of red and orange all over. Looked a lot like my own hair color ….
The the bubble burst and a mixed gold color fog dispersed into thin air.

Me: “Is …. is that good?”

Shocked the Queen looked at me. Not sure what to say, she looked back and forth between the old man that summoned the ball like magic and me.

Queen: “Elder Sebart …. “
Elder Sebart: “Queen …. this is the result. He …. he has an incomprehensible magic aptitude …. with a mix  magic ….”

OH …. Mix magic? Is that bad? Can't I have a leisurely life in another world, if I am not a shiny light magic [Hero] …. God I hate them …. what's so good about being shiny ….

Me: “Is …. is that a problem? I seem to be able to use magic, as far as I understood the procedure just now ….”
Queen: “Uhh … yeah, but …. whats with this …. impure color!!”

The Queen dropped her honorifics. Not even mentioning the word [Hero] anymore. She dropped a bombshell of negative emotions in a single word. “impure”.

Gah I want to slap her … and not sexually, just plainly slap her. That color is close to my real hair's color … don’t insult my genetic match up! A mixed color is beautiful!
Elder Sebart: “My Queen …. it still could be of heroic value. A golden color shows aptitude in [Soul] magic. For the hints of orange and red …. that should be interpreted as [Power] and [Fire] magic aptitude …..”
Queen: “ …. ….”
Elder Sebart: “ It could be a heroic match up …. it surely is rare …. for a human to posses more then one.”

So …. it's not that bad? But anyways …. [Fire] magic!!! Oho, maybe I can artificially heat up a room slowly …. just you know …. cause it gets cold in winter. [Power] magic …. I don't want to know how my new frail body would look with that ….like a muscle woman …. but the bad kind …. Like going all *biki biki* with my muscles aching and bulking outside …. For [Soul], is that like healing?

Queen: “[Hero] …. “

Oh …. now I am a [Hero] again, lucky me, when you need me ….

Me: “Yes, my Queen? What can I, as humble servant of yours, do for one of such mighty and benevolent statue.”

Let's smear as much butter on my words as I can. I am going to creep up your ass, as much as possible, … at least verbally. And using that puppy eye look with a big fake smile. If one would need grease for cooking, one time rubbing my words into that pan and it would be greasy for years!

Queen: “ …. …. …. …. ….”
Queen: “ ….We will formally introduce our [Hero] to the people tomorrow, so rest till then. These maids are assigned to be yours.”

*Blank out* The Queen pointed at the group of about 12 or so maids, I needed to gulp down the saliva that formed immediately! I wanted to complain!

I would get demoted to rapist at once …. if I took that wrongly. Please say “assigned to serve you” …. not that they’re mine, or that it would change anything …. but please think of the nekomimi ones in there!! Chanting some self made prayers for control over my body I kept listening to the queen with one small part of my brain. Hmm, Nekomimi~

Queen: “I will leave the rest of the explanations to Elder Sebart.”

Huh what?
The Queen moved out from the room, together with most of the elders. After pushing the work onto Elder Sebart with a hint of disgust …. She still isn't happy about my aptitude and somewhat angry with that Elder …. or me?

Elder Sebart: “Please leave me and the [Hero] alone for awhile. Oh, get us something to drink and a few snacks if possible.”
The maids bowed and left the room …. Damn, Ari is gone for now. I wanted to tease her to wipe my mind from the need to slap the Queen …. later, I think will do ….

Now onto Part 3! I will delte this mark later on.

After a short moment of silence

That elderly man seated himself on a chair near the fireplace of this room. And beckoned me to come sit on the other one with some small hand gestures. I probably should …. he defended me a bit … or did he defend himself? I want to know more…. So I got up and seated myself upright on the chair that was pointed at, with an good attitude. I shouldn't be disrespectful …. hmm Great Elder Sebart? That sounds stupid ….

Elder Sebart: “Just relax now. We have a lot to talk about. As you likely found out. The Queen isn't that happy with what she got. So we're going to show some progress, so that neither of us will get hanged in time~”

Uh …. Okay …. he messed up most likely too …. Getting hanged ….

Me: “ ….  ….”
Elder Sebart: “Relax, I don't plan on dieing anytime soon. So we will be pretty busy from tomorrow on. Let me correct some of the Queens statements …. and tell you what you’re about to do for a living for the next years.”

So , that's already planned out ….

Elder Sebart: “I should have probably asked you, but what is your name?”
Me: “ …. That would be Jack Ittman, Elder Sebart sir.”
Elder Sebart: “ First. Drop the sir and the elder, I am not that old. Just call me by my name, that is Olward. Second. I think we should change your name to fit your current appearance. Even if your former body was male, you can't really introduce yourself to other people with that name anymore.”

Okay. So a girly name? Uhh …. this is more weird then I thought it would be ….

Olward: “Any ideas? It's the name your going to use for quite a long time, so chose well.”
Me: “Hmm, lets go with Jacky. That's still close to my original name and not to feminine.”
Olward: “So Jacky, is there anything that you want to ask before I start explaining?”
Jacky: “Hmm ….”

It's a bit of a strange feeling, just from adding a “y” to my name. My sister shortened her name Jacqueline with Jacky …. so it at least should be recognized as a female name. Naming sense my not be my family’s strength ….
But more important business first!

Jacky: “Say, is there heat?”
Olward: “Heat in like the warmth of the sun or the fire?”
Jacky: “ …. Sorry I meant the state of the mind and body, of demihumans like Ari as example?”
Olward: “ ….”
Jacky: “Just cause …. you know.”
Olward: “Yeah I think what you mean is firmly etched into the soul of some demihuman races. It's 1 time a year for most of these, some are having it more regular But that …. its already over for Ari's kind.”

…. Damn There goes a holidays worth of plans of teasing her. This is going to be a long year …. It's like the release date of a game …. and you just got the long awaited answer when it would be …. just that it ends up years later.
Ahhh …. so much for my luck ….

Jacky: “ …. too bad ….”
Olward: “ …. if it cheers you up. There is a way to induce that with herbs, without the pregnancy danger. But that doesn't concern you, mostly. If you listen well, I may give you some~”

SLY OLD MAN!! I am now hooked to every word you say! Better keep that promise or my trust levels for you will sink to rock bottom~ With sparkling big eyes I was nodding while thinking how great this world is! Wisdom, pure brilliant wisdom was seated there!

Jacky: “Go on ahead Olward explain. I am listening!”
Olward: “So then lets start.”
Jacky: “YES!”
Olward: “About what the Queen said. It's mostly true. Your summoned to defeat the [Demon King]. But no one expects you to do that right away or anytime soon. The state of war is at the moment rather peaceful, but both sides are preparing for the next time. Licking their wounds from the last meeting.”

A short sigh from Olward, showed that he clearly remembered something bad from that time ….

Olward: “After the [Demons], we are not that friendly with the [Dwarf's] or the [Elf’s] …. neither race will you find in the [Human territory] We are at bad terms with the [Beastrace's] too, mostly duo the Slavery issue. Ahh … I shouldn't forget the [Fairyrace] ….”

That is ….

Jacky: “So … the [Humans] are hated by everyone else?”
Olward: “Yes, sadly that is true. Only the [Dragonrace] is neutral.”
Jacky: “That ….”
Olward: “Don't worry. Most of the ones of the [Beastrace] you will find here, are born here trough breeding farms. So they don't know any better.”

That isn't really doing much …. aren't the [Humans] here the most hated race? Wait …. breeding farms …. I may be a pervert, but that just doesn't sound right …. Farmplay, like sheering a sheepgirl or milking a cowgirl would be fun. But real farms …. like how they’re in my world …. I am sorry Ari, I won't jump onto you anymore …. At least till you allow it …. I can't get the image of an pet store with clearance sale out of my head …. and it's not the good kind of pet store …. I just hope that its like a small village or something … and not a mass quantity farming barn ….

Olward: “You seem rather distressed. Isn't it the same handling like in your world?”
Jacky: “With animals that is. But demihumans …. aren't they humans too?”
Olward: “I can see that we two can be friends and partners in work. I myself think that racial difference are nothing, as long as one has an unique soul. But you should keep such thoughts quite for yourself…. It is frowned upon to go against tradition. Here demihumans are just a little bit more then domestic animals.”

Wait! Huge problem! Forget breeding farms ….
Humans aren't eating demihumans I hope …. I am going to be a vegetarian if so …. I am going to establish the hero founded Dehumanization Secret Circle (DSC!) if that's a daily occurrence ….

Jacky: “ …. they’re not breed for meat are they ….”

A dull silence spread, while Olward closed his eyes.

Olward: “Not anymore. A few hundredth years ago, that may have been so. In some rural parts. But humans found out, that they got sick from consuming demihuman flesh …. So it's just breeding for slaves, for quality wool and milk and for sports now.”
Jacky: “That's at least not that bad ….”

Olward claps in it hand to get my focus back.

Olward: “Let's stay on track. We were at the /Everyone Hates Us/ part. To make it short. After the war will most likely before the war. That will only stop if [Humans] conquer anyone, if the [Humans] are annihilated or if we learn to coexist. The Queen and the Nobles want the first choice, the [Demons] want the second and the other races mostly want the last. As far as I know~”
Jacky: “And I am playing a major role in choice one ...”

That's an hard information to chew on ….

Olward: “At least that is what the Queen expects you to do. The compromise that the Nobles would still be good with, would be conquer the Demons and befriend anyone except the beastraces.”
Jacky: “ … Because they want to keep their slaves, most likely?”
Olward: “Yes, but mostly the slaves that are spread out in the [Human territory]. Are only partly [Beastrace]. So a truce or friendship would only release the purebred ones back. The difference in statue, look and strength was too much for [Humans] to bear. So they crossbreed the [Beastrace] with themselves. What came out are the {more human and partially beastrace} slaves you can see in the palace and everywhere else.”
Jacky: “ …. So purebred [Beastrace] are more animalistic. And the ones breed in the [Human territory], are mostly [Human] …. Makes it not really better to treat them so inhuman.”
Olward: “That's true, but lets get on track. I think we could discuss this for weeks to come~”

Uhh …. I need to apologize to Ari. I should be a good Master ….

Jacky: “Right, sorry continue.”

Olward lent back a bit and continued to explain the time table for the next weeks.
Olward: “Tomorrow will be the announcement to the public and some gathering of nobles. Just relax and don't anger anyone~ After that we will Start your training~”
Jacky: “What will I be trained in exactly?”
Olward: “For starters, I would like to train you in [Basic Fire] and [Basic Power] magic. After that would be [Basic soul] magic training, so that you can understand were you stand in terms of combat powers. We will measure your [Mana] the magic energy that is produced in your soul. Before we start anything of that. With your aptitude in magic, I expect it to be a rather high amount. These basics should need about a month or two. After that we are going to practice these basics on live targets in the first level of the dungeon. Then when the first level is cleared we will see how to go onwards from there. Overall it should take us half a year to reach that point.”

Half a year …. for basics of magic and fighting ….
If this was a game I could just shout out a stupid chant and clear that dungeon in a week or so …. But [Mana], seriously? Please tell me it's not what I think it is!

Jacky: “ About [Mana] …. is it consumed in set numbers for a spell or something alike?”
Olward: “Set numbers? No, not as far as I know of it. [Mana] is used up in regards to a few basic calculations. Like power, speed, size, attribute aptitude, channeling time, state of mind, weather or terrain and some more. To say it in easy terms. If you’re in a pool of water. A water type magic would need less [Mana], as you could gather the water around you and so not wasting [Mana] to create it. If your in a desert …. using water type magic would need a lot more [Mana]~”
Jacky: “Ah. That's good to know.”

So, it is not some stupid parallel universe were an [Fire-Arrow] would cost 30 [Mana] and be done with. I would cry if it were so …. physics and chemistry are bound into this worlds magic. So I should probably see magic as a means of bending these laws.

While thinking for myself. Some maids brought in drinks and snacks. It was a kind of alcoholic beverage (ale like) and some dried fruits and meat. The maids left as fast as they came. Me and Olward were alone again. Munching on some dried fruits, I listened to Olward.

Olward: “So lets continue. Magic, the [Basic Attributes] are the following: [Wood], [Fire], [Earth], [Metal], [Water]”

Hmm …. that sounds a bit stupid. There’s missing a lot ….

Olward: “[Intermediate Attributes] are: [Air], [Void], [Heal], [Power], [Ice], Lightning] . [Advanced Attributes] are: [Light], [Darkness], [Soul]. And the last attribute is known as [Holy]. Only a few individuals are able to hold magic of that last attribute.”
Olward: “Mostly anything you can imagine falls under one of these attributes. As for your aptitude. You're gifted with  one basic, one intermediate and one advanced~ You will be able to learn these 3 easier then any others. It brings some setbacks too. Like you wont be able to easily learn [Wood] or [Void] magic. Duo interference from your [Fire] and [Power] aptitude. It should be hard especially hard to learn any advanced attribute magic except [Soul]. Normally [Humans] do posses only one of these Attributes. That was why the Queen was ... a bit out of tact.”

Hmm … that is a lot of info. But I think they cover a lot with these attributes. Like how one could make rain clouds by combining [Water]+[Fire]+[Air] magic. Or how [Metal]+[Lightning] could create effects like magnetism.

Jacky: “So it's really a complex system. What is [Soul] magic? There seems to be [Heal] as it's own categorie ….”
Olward: “As one would suspect. [Soul] magic is a formless magic type, similar to [Void] magic. But not as destructive.”
Jacky: “Like?”
Olward: “Like being able to use [Mana] in it's raw form. As anything one could imagine. Be it a spear, a arrow, a sword or an shield. [Soul] magic gives [Mana] a solid form basically. It's an useful magic, specially for defense against other magic~”

Okay …. that means I could make myself something barrier like with soul magic. Problems of defense worry’s are over … If I am able to do something like that.

Jacky: “That sounds really useful. How is such a magic like a flame activated?”
Olward: “Hmm, how~ It's rather easy. First you need to find the feeling of [Mana] in your body trough training. Then you need to gather it in an spot, like your hands or somewhere you want to use it. Then you imagine what you want to create with your [Mana]. Just shouting [Fireball] wont conjure some magic~ But doing so helps envison it.”

Good, atleast it wont be a shouting contest …. if i can do without ....

Olward: “You will need to imagine what a flame is, how it feels, what it should do and how it is created. And then even imagine how it is gaining speed, so that It would fly towards your target.”
Jacky: “Doesn't sound that easy ….”
Olward: “ …. Hmm, try it out then. First stop chewing on that and start concentrating on your heartbeat. Normally it takes a few years for one to even find the magic in oneself. But for your high aptitude … it should be rather quick.”

Ugh … I forgot my manners. I shouldn't speak while chewing on something …. So okay, concentrating on my heartbeat. I can't fail here ….
*beat-beat  beat-beat*

Olward: “Good now try to focus your mind more on the heartbeat. Envision it beating steady without a change.”

My heart, its heartbeat. Listening to the sound of its constant rhythm. I can surely feel it more clearly if I focus my mind on it.

Olward: “Try to relax and keep focusing on your heartbeat. Feel it pulsing through your body.”

Hmm, meditation is sure relaxing. I was listening to my heartbeat, that steady sound calmed me down from all the sources of chaos around me.

Olward: “You can feel your heartbeat pulsing into every corner of your body. Try to focus that feeling now onto the tip of your fingers~”

Focusing … easier said then done. Okay, thing about that feeling just being in my thumb ….

Olward: “Good, very good. Keep it up. Gather more. You've got it!”
Olward: “Oh your forming it outside already, really magnificent!”

Do I? I opened my eyes. At the tip of my thumb was a small white uneven ball. It waved and shivered in all direction, while growing.

Jacky: “ …. Wow, this is magic ….”

Does it come from the heart? Why didn't I ever realize it when I was in my old world? Isn't my mind tricking me ….

Olward: “AHH!”

A loud explosion was heard from the room of the hero. Losing concentration during the creation of magic, will end up in it dispersing violently to the surroundings. Just close after Olward seemed to see a change in the balls behavior. It grew to the size of an basketball and busted. The blast flung both of them to opposite walls of the room. Two heavy thuds were loudly resounding after that. Shortly after some maids came running into the room, just so that they could run out as fast as possible again to inform the palace healers.

Jacky: “... Heh …. Ma ….gic …. “


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