Hero's Trouble; How did i end up as Hero?



Trivia/ Suggestions/ Commisions ( i am giving out some)/Database


I will use this as a Database.
Don't read if you didn't read the full Chapter 1 yet!
It's a work in progress. I might update it as soon as i finished chapter 7. I need to get to that point, before i forget the feels ....

*Update: Will be done after chapter 10. I will add more Info down then, make it a bit smoother and correct grammar and co.*

Spoiler :

I need some help from an Artists/ Map Maker and an Proofreader.
At the moment i am in need of :
- General Map (i will give out the outlines)
- Cover ( i got an rough idea, may need artistic input)
- Proofreader (Can be a fan of my work with good grammar skills or someone professional)
- Character Pages (Drawn Portraits, maybe with background, maybe with secondary characters. Not to many acessorys.)
- Scenes from the Chapters (With detailed background. 1 to 5 characters present. Maybe overviews from areas too.)
- Special Fanservice Ecchi Scenes (Nothing fully Hentai is planned, atleast visually atm.)
- Small Gif's or Emotes (this is rahter low priority)
-Quest writer to rewrite a part from the storysplot from the perspective of another character like Ari or the Queen. (Rather low priority. I am not that far in plot atm.)
I am willing to pay for professional help/ work. Pleaes pm me with an link to previous work of you and a generic prize table or [something like this would cost 50 bucks] and alike. I want to make myself a book i would want to buy myself. I set down a budget for it that was normally subjected partly to my [game's allowance]. But as there isn't anything i specialy want in 2015 .... i have a bit money free.
I may plan to sell this, maybe, not probably happening. But i would inquire you about copyright ownership and permission of duplication when we are getting to buisness. I am 24 and working at a steady job + good at managing money. So i am sensitive to legal issues and don't plan to miss use anything.

Spoiler :
Male Voice 1/??: Soon to be introduced~
Female Voice 1/Elsa:  

Female Voice 2/Ari: A gullible, not so intelligent, but strong willed catgirl. I want to tease her~ Shes about 178 cm in height, haircolor is like a calico cat, eyes are blue. Favorite food is lightly salted tuna. Favorite drink isn't milk, she has loactose intolerance like all cats (and a good portion of humans). If one could describe her in one word it would be [Bright].

Female Voice 3/Sara: I envison her with a [Demons] tail and [Succuby] wings. To bad she's just a large woman with a [Demons] heart, when it comes to teasing Ari. About 219 cm in height, haircolor is black, rather long hair, eyes are black. [Black] suits her~

Queen: I hate her. I want to hate her more! She's slimy, arrogant and is leading the [Humans] into ruin together with her ancestors! About 175 cm in height, blonde hair, blue eyes. If described in one word [Stupid]. Imagine a queen like character that is haugthy and naughty. And you won't miss her type.

Elder Sebart/ Olward: A polite and intelligent old man. Saves the [Hero] a bit at the start and helps out in the long term. He is good to all the [Beastrace] slaves. And could be a good friend for our [Hero]. He is about 170 cm, seems to be over 80 years old, eyes are brown as it is his hair (does he dye it?). Described in one word would be [Guidance] or [Master]. Regarding if he is helping with the [Hero]'s goal or not, in regards with Ari.

Me/Jacky: Main Character. A man from another world. Found itself in a body of a woman when he was teleported. A bit more perverted then the basic variant of a [Human]. His true age is 24, size 181 cm, normal build. Now he is stuck in a 164 cm, frail build and about 20 years old body of a temple priestess. He now has blond hair, it's rather long (it's a hassle ....), his new eyes are green.

Textflow explanation:
Spoiler :

" = for talking
/= for insight
It now Noon= for time (verdana font+b)
A= For shouting aloud in toughts or speech.
[]= for destinct words
[AHOI]= for use of magic names (impact +[])
I will Update this as i go. Bear with all the [] at the Chapter 1. I needed alot of explaining and alot of these destinct words.

FF Content up to now:
Spoiler :

Pages in my File=163
Chapters= 7

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