The God of Lyn

by beddedOtaku

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Romance LitRPG Strong Lead Supernatural Virtual Reality

After finding himself in a strange world similar to the VRMMORPG he was supposed to be playing, Eon Wray embarks on a seemingly simple and straightforward journey, as seen in many other games: from the far bottom to the very top. 

Yet, what he intially thought to be a single stroke road to greatness, becomes an endless web of paths with endless array of people, each holding their own dreams and hopes. He wished to conquer, but can fools be conquerors? Can children ride the stars? Is the world he arrived in so simple as it would let a single creature hold it in the palm of his hand? 

The high fantasy story filled with action, adventure and personal struggles for a young man trying to shed off a cocoon of ignorance to gain the true knowledge of the world around, and the worlds beyond, with a dash of romance atop of all else. 


Releases: Inconsistent (aim is at least 3 chapters weekly at the moment, possibly more) 

Chapter length: 2300 words on average (longer chapter around 3000, shorter around 1800)

Glossary: The most in-depth and up to date glossary on my blog

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Word Count (19)
4th Anniversary
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
The God of Lyn - Prologue ago
Chapter I - The Winged Beckons ago
Chapter II - Thans ago
Chapter III - Dusk Over the Plains ago
Chapter IV - The Radiance (I) ago
Chapter V - The Radiance (II) ago
Chapter VI - The Radiance (III) ago
Chapter VII - The Radiance (IV) ago
Chapter VIII - The Radiance (V) ago
Chapter IX - The Radiance (VI) ago
Chapter X - The Radiance (VII) ago
CHAPTER XI - Harrowed Signs ago
CHAPTER XII - The Cursed ago
Chapter XIII - Indifference of the Soul ago
Chapter XIV - God's Descent ago
Chapter XV - The Purpose of the Race (I) ago
Chapter XVI - The Purpose of the Race (II) ago
Chapter XVII - The Purpose of the Race (III) ago
Chapter XVIII - The Purpose of the Race (IV) ago
Chapter XIX - The Purpose of the Race (V) ago
Chapter XX - The Purpose of the Race (VI) ago
Chapter XXI - The Purpose of the Race (VII) ago
Chapter XXII - The Purpose of the Race (VIII) ago
Chapter XXIII - The Purpose of the Race (IX) ago
Chapter XXIII.5 - 'The Glossary ago
Chapter XXIV - The Purpose of the Race (X) ago
Chapter XXV - Harrow Slums ago
Chapter XXVI - The Heavier the Story, the Greater the Resonance ago
Chapter XXVII - Causing the Storm ago
Chapter XXVIII - The Torrent of Calamity ago
Chapter XXIX - Harrow Massacre ago
Chapter XXX - Under the Clad of Lightning ago
Chapter XXXI - Life City ago
Chapter XXXII - The Wayward Winds Blow ago
Chapter XXXIII - Death Sweeping Life ago
Chapter XXXIV - Preparations ago
Chapter XXXV - Blazed by Stars ago
Chapter XXXVI - Eight-Headed Eon-Aged Blood Hydra ago
Chapter XXXVII - Duel Between Juniors ago
Chapter XXXVIII - Whispers in the Dark ago
Chapter XXXIX - Legendary Beast Soul ago
Chapter XL - Virtue Sect ago
Chapter XLI - Polished Diamond With No Shine ago
Chapter XLII - Arena Dyed Red ago
Chapter XLIII - The Bitter Fate ago
Chapter XLIV - Heritage ago
Chapter XLV - Reunion ago
Chapter XLVI - Order and Chaos ago
Chapter XLVII - Entropy Heart ago
Chapter XLVIII - The Path of Chaos ago
Chapter XLIX - The Principle of Perfection ago
Chapter 50 - Signs of War ago
Chapter 51 - Birth of a Leader ago
Chapter 52 - Siege of Cypentore (I) ago
Chapter 53 - Siege of Cypentore (II) ago
Chapter 54 - Confessions of the Hearts ago
Chapter 55 - The Origin of Chaos ago
Chapter 56 - Brewing Storm ago
Chapter 57 - Three Threads, Seven Pillars, Nine Tortures ago
Chapter 58 - Departure ago
Chapter 59 - Pre-Pandemonium ago
Chapter 60 - With a Sword Against a Swordborn ago
Chapter 61 - The First Trial ago
Chapter 62 - Chaotic Blazing Whirlwind ago
Chapter 63 - War of Primordials ago
Chapter 64 - Holy Empire ago
Chapter 65 - Kindred ago
Chapter 66 - Underneath the Wings ago
Chapter 67 - Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right ago
Chapter 68 - Ascension of a God ago
Chapter 69 - The Secrets of the Heart ago
Chapter 70 - These Lovely Thoughts ago
Chapter 71 - Growing Scars ago
Chapter 72 - The Weight of the Steps ago
Chapter 73 - Devil's Bargain ago
Chapter 74 - Answers ago
Chapter 75 - Beneath the Stars ago
Chapter 76 - Secrets Untold ago
Chapter 77 - Unlikely Force ago
Chapter 78 - Waltz of the Devil ago
Chapter 79 - Friends and Foes ago
Chapter 80 - Once Upon a Time ago
Chapter 81 - Two People ago
Chapter 82 - 9 Days ago
Chapter 83 - Symphony of Death ago
Chapter 84 - Witnesses ago
Chapter 85 - The Purest Form of Madness ago
Chapter 86 - These Words ago
Chapter 87 - Counting Ways ago
Chapter 88 - In the Wake of the Hunt ago
Chapter 88.5 - Glossary of Terms ago
Chapter 89 - Leaving Home ago
Chapter 90 - The Last Dance ago
Chapter 91 - Battered Hills ago
Chapter 92 - Holy Lords ago
Chapter 93 - From Within My Skies ago
Chapter 94 - First Chaotic Tribulation ago
Chapter 95 - Broken Hearts ago
Chapter 96 - Long Ways From Home ago
Chapter 97 - The Calm ago
Chapter 98 - Deus Memoria ago
Chapter 99 - Ten Thousand Years ago
Chapter 100 - A New World ago
Chapter 101 - The Realm of Lyn ago
Chapter 102 - Nori No'r ago
Chapter 103 - Shroud of Chaos ago
Chapter 104 - Tomb of the True God ago
Chapter 105 - The Winding Path ago
Chapter 106 - The Giant, The Boy and The Child ago
Chapter 107 - The Genesis ago
Chapter 108 - The God of Lyn ago

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Gonna be straight. I've read a number of chapters so far. This is my humble opinion here, and anyone who disagrees I am more than happy for you. I find its necessary to disagree more than agree as it allows for more varied schools of thought.

Bottom line: This story started with potential. It had concepts that seemed pretty neat. The main character was described to have a certain personality type and we all expected that would be that until character development set in. Instead he basically becomes a multiple personality omniscient being in chapter 1 let alone chapter 2. All of a sudden this college drop out knows masonry, construction, blacksmithing, metalworking, mining, and how to build numerous machines to assist these activities, simple machines but machines that are implied to not exist whatsover here yet. Another massive thing was the instant genre change. Begins like its going to be a vrmmorpg story in which the player has his adventures in a world with other players. Instantly changes to got sent to another world story type. Now this isn't bad in and of itself, except the character beings deus ex machina.

As written before Deus Ex Machina has knowledge about everything. How to be a super baller village leader, tactician, and apparently knows how to increase the production rate of food from barely 1 meal a day to 3 full meals a day...all within his 1st day of arrival. Now this world is supposedly a highly real world with everyone besides him being MUCH weaker and more along the lines of "normal". Issues stem instantly from this with things being far too easy. The author seems to realize this by then randomly introducing a love interest. This is the worst time to do something like that. He highly points this out with an entire paragraph about a seed being planted in the MC's heart and how it will grow full of throny vines that will take over his heart. Like that isn't foreshadown the heck outta that is it. 

So character is a schizophrenic "asshole" with deus ex machina omniscience.

Style is odd and switches from I WILL BE DICTATOR to Were all friends here HYUK! within a single chapter.

Ties in with the story kinda not making any sense. One thing that is a personal peeve of mine (though it can be done well sometimes) is to unveal the political situations and many different kingdoms ahead of time. Considering its already mentioned that this is NOT the game numerous times the MC should have no knowledge about anything goin on outside of his vision range. Which is apparently far enough to see a tiny squat village from prone position in a field that is taller than a tall man's thighs. Go figure. 

Grammar was surprisingly good. Though I will say there were numerous points in I wanted to correct that were a bit bothersome but overall in comparison to other stories available the grammar was a step above.

So again the bottom line is this story needs help. The characters need consistency, the story's plot needs constistency, and the styling needs a bit of reworking. Grammar thumbs up.


Nobody has given it a recent review, so I must.

I don't believe some of the othe reviews give this novel a fair review, the novel's story may have started out weak but it becomes perhaps the most driving force. I can agree with it feeling incredulous that Eon knows so many professions, but the reader simply needs to read on to understand this Eon has a REALLY colorful life on the battlefield, and that all this knowledge was useful as heck for someone low on resources to survive.

Following the ascenders arc, the authors story telling prowess reached VanZans levels of drama, and that's a good thing. He wasn't nearly proficient at first person storytelling as he is third person storytelling, and his switch made the quality of the story jump much higher. 

Some stories just take time to reach the peak of what an author can do, so trudge on and read on, when you get to where I am in the story at this point in time, you will no longer be a naysayer.

Please 220 follows? Blasphemy to be that low!


What The Fuck was That ? Look i have read chapter one and this story is going faster than the speed of light, there is no solid intro or maybe a bit more about the mc or something (NADA!!!),  im still ok with this one but my real problem is in my next rant.

Ok lets say yer intro is ok i dun have a lot of problem there, what my problem is he got there just lvl 1 fresh from greenhorn land just created a character and he instantly have a village to defend and men who will obey him for no reason, he have not proven anything yet he just came fresh in the game and less than 5 min in the game hes already a leader and some one is going to attack cuz they refuse to pay for Taxes they already paid (for real dude ?) , no plot build up no quest no lvl up no power up.

One other thing is the Race mate you should have atleast explained some of the races cuz all i see is the Broken Race Called The Fallen that every player will choose cuz of how broken it is.

Now i dont know about the chapter 2 and above cuz i stopped reading this in chapter one this might turn good in the future i dont know but what chase me off this fic is that its too fast and too short per chapter, i might come back if i saw more positive reviews on this or u made a revamp and polished this gem cuz it looks rough around the edges


PS: im not discouraging you im telling u whats wrong im telling u this because i see its potential as one of the top fic 



Im not very good with review. But i can say that i like your story. Im really appreciate it and keep it.