The Rig Mechanist’s Maintenance Report

by SenjiQ

Original COMPLETED Action Comedy Drama Sci-fi Anti-Hero Lead Female Lead Male Lead Multiple Lead Characters School Life Sports Strategy

More than a generation had passed since the creation of a new type of weapon, one that outclassed anything else, but the creator put limits on the technology to prevent it from being used in aggressive combat. With the powerful humanoid weapons, rigs, there to stop battles from breaking out, new ways of taking land had to be developed. That led to the sport of rig combat; powerful weapons pitted against each other with countries betting land and resources on the outcome.

But it wasn't just the machines and pilots that competed; the workers that ensured the rigs were able to fight had battles of their own. A mechanist's fight begins before the first shot is fired and their minds are their best weapons.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 - Prologue ago
Chapter 2 - The Class Rep Fight, Part 1 ago
Chapter 3 - The Class Rep Fight, Part 2 ago
Chapter 4 - The Class Rep Fight, End Part ago
Chapter 5 - The Childhood Friend Battle, Part 1 ago
Chapter 6 - The Childhood Friend Battle, Part 2 ago
Chapter 7 - The Childhood Friend Battle, Part 3 ago
Chapter 8 - The Childhood Friend Battle, Part 4 ago
Chapter 9 - The Childhood Friend Battle, End Part ago
Chapter 10 - The Roommate Deploys, Part 1 ago
Chapter 11 - The Roommate Deploys, Part 2 ago
Chapter 12 - The Roommate Deploys, End Part ago
Chapter 13 - The Soldier Sorties, Part 1 ago
Chapter 14 - The Soldier Sorties, Part 2 ago
Chapter 15 - The Soldier Sorties, Part 3 ago
Chapter 16 - The Soldier Sorties, Part 4 ago
Chapter 17 - The Soldier Sorties, Part 5 ago
Chapter 18 - The Soldier Sorties, Part 6 ago
Chapter 19 - The Soldier Sorties, Final Part ago
Chapter 20 - The Mother Returns ago
Chapter 21 - The Mother Returns Part 2 ago
Chapter 22 - The Mother Returns Part 3 ago
Chapter 23 - The Mother Returns, End Part ago
Chapter 24 - The Hero Revives, Part 1 ago
Chapter 25 - The Hero Revives, Part 2 ago
Chapter 26 - The Hero Revives, Part 3 ago
Chapter 27 - The Hero Revives, Part 4 ago
Chapter 28 - The Hero Revives, Part 5 ago
Chapter 29 - The Hero Revives, End Part ago
Chapter 30 - The Seaside Stadium, Part 1 ago
Chapter 31 - The Seaside Stadium, Part 2 ago
Chapter 32 - The Seaside Stadium, Part 3 ago
Chapter 33 - The Seaside Stadium, End Part ago
Chapter 34 – The Unknown Enemy Emerges, Part 1 ago
Chapter 35 – The Unknown Enemy Emerges, Part 2 ago
Chapter 36 – The Unknown Enemy Emerges, Part 3 ago
Chapter 37 – The Unknown Enemy Emerges, Part 4 ago
Chapter 38 – The Unknown Enemy Emerges, Part 5 ago
Chapter 39 – The Unknown Enemy Emerges, Part 6 ago
Chapter 40 – The Unknown Enemy Emerges, End Part ago
Chapter 41 – Epilogue ago

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I rarely give 5 stars (I rarely rate at all, actually) but I just love this story. It's an original premise told from a unique point of view--namely, swapping between the two main characters every chapter. 


I don't usually approve of constant POV swapping, even if it remains 3rd person point of view. But the way the author handles it is very smooth. Every chapter ends with a note or message from the current character to the other, and the next chapter begins with receiving that note. It keeps the story moving along and makes us root for two teams at once without making it seem wierd. 

The writing also feels very confident and sounds well-researched. So either the author put a lot of time into fleshing out the story and preparing the world, or (s)he is amazing at bullshitting his/her way through the explanations. 


The characters are very interesting. They are portrayed as opposites in many ways, while maintaining a sense of friendship or a slight mentor-student relationship (with advice and such). Both have flaws and are interesting to read. I especially appreciate the fact that one is male and one is female, but neither feels unnatural (shallow, cardboard cutouts).


A few mishaps here and there, mostly mistaken words or typos. Nothing that I really felt offended enough by to point out. 


Here's the big one. This story is told from a unique point of view--two support staff who work behind the scenes in a competitive combat sport.

Combat sport stories haven't been "in style" for a few years now, and the fact that it's from the technicians' points of view means that they're more concerned with practical matters than the "win with willpower!" and other nonsense that goes on in shounen stories. 

This might be a turn off for some people, but the realism is something that keeps me engaged. I appreciate the explanation of mechanics, which are worked into the story very well without becoming info dumps. 


There are a few grammatical issues, as mentioned above. I also have a lot of trouble keeping track of the famous figures and their relations, for whatever reason. It might be because of their names or the lack of casual re-introduction (e.g. "He turned and saw Alanna, the Lioness."), but I just can't keep them straight.


I really, really, really like this story. It feels mature and down-to-earth. Quite frankly, I don't think this would be out of place among published books (after sufficient proofreading and polishing, of course). 

I look forward to seeing how far this story goes. [12/9/16, Chapter 20]

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Easy to read mech fiction. It makes you get to know the whole picture, not just the driver, but mechanics too.  I found it fun.

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Great fist shaking at the anime tropes

A great story. takes the old clasic mech animes and show a different side to them. having a datenight determined by a battle, using mechs and explosves? well, whom is going to pay for that? who fixes the arena after your hormonial teens dump half a ton of tnt on it? You want to use your american unit mecha in a place that uses SI mesurments? Service half the schools worth of mechs over night after you have a war over a blockheaded idiot? Are you mad?


Legal battles, keeping up with licences, cheating gallore, the dark underbelly of the rich and famus, employe abuse. totaly-loyal-nonbribable-overworked-techs that would betray their employer for a decent nights sleep, or a cup of coffe, or a lolipop. or, you know, acctually humane working conditions... and if someone does subpar work, then it was probably Jhons fault, you know, that guy that totally works here in case someone asks.


keep your code clear, your security updates on point, and your workers happy, and you will maybe succed in the world of rigs. or atleast suffer less damage from corporate espionage

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Excellent  !! I hope you will  continue this story


Divine Justice
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