Curse of the Forsaken

by Jade Dragon

Original COMPLETED Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Horror Psychological Romance Tragedy Harem Magic Male Lead Portal Fantasy / Isekai
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

The betrayal and murder of a wise king chosen by the gods condemns all of mankind in the world of Althos to pending extinction at the hands of a terrible curse. Abandoned by the Gods, Fate and Hope, humanity descends into madness and immorality. Now, with most of humanity living as slaves of other races and the great human kingdom but a memory in legend, the scattered remains of the free humans cling desperately to a life worse then death.

Prophecy spoke of their redemption and salvation, but as the years grind past, and humanity fades away, no sign of salvation appears. Unable to wait any longer, the last dregs of a once great people attempt to ignite prophecy on their own by summoning a young man against his will from modern day earth. Their goal is to coerced the young man into a fight for the survival of mankind in a fantasy world which is not his home.

Unable to speak the language, not trained in the ways of combat, will he put his life on the line for these people who kidnapped him, or will he leave them to their fate? Surrounded by a human race warped by crushing poverty, desperation, and immorality, can he survive without losing his dignity and morality? With prophecy involved does he have a choice?

Warning: Tagged 18+
-this work contains mature scenes involving sexual content, torture, foul language, death, slavery, rape, cannibalism and horror. I apologize beforehand and suggest that you not read if you are offended by any of these topics.



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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue - In an unremarkable hovel ago
Chapter 1 - The summons ago
Chapter 2 - Crawling bed companions ago
Chapter 3 - The Sage ago
Chapter 4 - A bath, white robe and sandals ago
Chapter 5 - A filthy room ago
Chapter 6 - The Kindred game ago
Chapter 7 - Mop up operation ago
Chapter 8 - Stressed in Sweden ago
Chapter 9 - Two steps back, One step forward ago
Chapter 10 - Teral's Interlude ago
Chapter 11 - Bloody sack ago
Chapter 12 - Bedroom confession ago
Chapter 13 - Planeswalker ago
Chapter 14 - Glyph ago
Chapter 15 - Sharp steel interlude ago
Chapter 16 - Sixty ago
Chapter 17 - Surrender ago
Chapter 18 - Fresh air, and a starry sky ago
Chapter 19 - In a certain academy on a certain island in a certain sea ago
Chapter 20 - Winds of Fate ago
Chapter 21 - The Kindred ago
Chapter 22 - Powerless ago
Chapter 23 - Trapped ago
Chapter 24 - Talking Sense to the Kindred is Impossible ago
Chapter 25 - Meri’ack ago
Chapter 26 - Hero worship ago
Chapter 27 - End of a journey ago
Chapter 28 - New home ago
Chapter 29 - Sometimes retreat is the only option ago
Chapter 30 - A dressing down and dressing up ago
Chapter 31 - A quiet morning workout ago
Chapter 32 - Tossed head first into the deep end ago
Chapter 33 - Magic and a brown dress ago
Chapter 34 - Take what you want, and pay for it ago
Chapter 35 - Fallout ago
Chapter 36 - Sa'manatha's Day ago
Chapter 37 - Inspiration found in art ago
Chapter 38 - Verna ago
Chapter 39 - Five Troublesome Things ago
Chapter 40 - Sometimes you need to be unreasonable ago
Chapter 41 - Two tests passed ago
Chapter 42 - The first shoe drops ago
Chapter 43 - The calm before the storm ago
Chapter 44 - Cheating Fate ago
Chapter 45 - The Storm Breaks ago
Chapter 46 - First Blood ago
Chapter 47 - Entering Hell ago
Chapter 48 - One Silver Tal ago
Chapter 49 - Snapped ago
Chapter 50 - Vengeance ago
Chapter 51 - Pyrrhic Victory ago
Chapter 52 - Bravre's Interlude ago
Chapter 53 - Choosing a heading ago
Chapter 54 - Volcanic Winter ago
Chapter 55 - Lazy Journey South ago
Chapter 56 - Trust your instincts ago
Chapter 57 - Villainy with style ago
Chapter 58 - Van Halen wrote a song about this ago
Chapter 59 - A new leg in the journey ago
Chapter 60 - Good Neighbors ago
Chapter 61 - On the precipice ago
Chapter 62 - The Power of a Grand Wizard ago
Chapter 63 - Plenty of time for regret ago
Chapter 64 - Curse of the Forsaken ago
Chapter 65 - Aftermath ago
Authors - Afterword ago
The Continuing Series - Breaker of Chains - Book 2 ago

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Wish it was easy to find stories like this.

It is a dark and brutal story, but there is hope and some breathing room from all the madness. Good thing for that too, else it would be too depressing.



It is third person and focuses mostly on the main character. Sometimes, it may switch to a different character and show their perspective, but that is also third person. This format flows very well.

Author utilises various techniques such as imagery, suspense and foreshadowing, so it is good.



The way the story is set out is an interesting one. Humanity is cursed and this forces them to enslave women continue to pump out babies so that the race can actually survive, since their current situation is that of filth, disease, starvation etc. 

The difference in behaviour shown between the races excellently deepens the lore.

 The story is progressing very well at the moment and flows smoothly.



Nothing major to say. Just that a proofreader may help pick out certain word mistakes here and there(Every 4-10 chapters that is).



And here is, in my opinion, the strongest aspect of the story. That is good since it has that psychological tag.

So the main character is a hockey player who gets transported to another world. His values clash immensely with that of the summoned world and this leads him through  psychological development in both mind and heart. He also develops behaviours to adapt to the world and discovers all the good and bad parts of himself due to his desperate situation.


He has 2 female companions. 

The first has undergone a complete transformation from her initial appearance and developed very well into a fine character that is both likeable and deep.

The second companion joined after unusual circumstances. She has contributed to both the development of the MC and the first companion and it seems she might also lead interesting twists within the story.



This shit is good. If you like dark stories, top recommendation on this.

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This World is Amazing you better not drop this because i'm really enjoying it so far

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Undoubtedly Among the Best of the Best on RoyalRoadL

Starts with a fantastic twist from the standard summoning plot, and gets even better from there.

Story-wise, finely balanced is the first description that comes to mind. The main character is outraged by the ethical rift between him and the natives, but there's none of that fake "instant conversion to modern ethics" commonly seen elsewhere.The pace is perfect to leave me just on the edge of my seat, no dull forced exposition and no plot holes. The plot steadily follows the main character, but he doesn't dominate the show, and many other characters are quite important too. Jace is talented (and that talent is well-motivated by the summoning ritual), yet he's still challenged. Challenges are large enough to be excited, but not so large that when they're beaten the reader is suspending too much disbelief. And the allusion made by the name Jace is brilliant as well.

World-wise, everything is so well done. You've made, as far as I'm aware, a completely new idea of a magical system, one that is coherent, non-artificial, balanced, interacts reasonably with science, and without deus-ex-machina exceptions (and reminds me of manifolds and beautiful things like this). Simply a gorgeous creation. Advancement in the magical system is simple enough that a reader can get a basic read on the challenge rating of any encounter, but that doesn't feel artificial. Macro-sociological relations are very well motivated, as are relations to the pantheon.

My one piece of feedback would be that humanity under the curse seems to be a bit too hollow. You've painted their misery as a very dark black, but exploring how individuals react to that black in different ways would make that black come to life more. Some slaves might be resigned to their fate, some might be angered by the loss of freedom, some might be more hurt by the suffering of their friends. Some in power over them might like the power it gives, some of a similar disposition might not like the communal nature precisely because they cannot hoard as they might otherwise. I can understand that after many years a lot of culture would be learned, but imagining some innate (nature, non nurture) spark suggests that culture should be not quite so uniform. Reworking a few of those bits might pull the reader in even more.

I wish I could give more constructive feedback, but to be honest I just sat down and started this four hours ago and I feel like time just flew by. This is the experience I look for when I'm looking for a story to read.

Jade Dragon, very well done. I'm very glad you've found this site to write on, and that you've so brilliantly executed this story. If I could write higher praise, I would. I'm very much looking forward to reading the sequel, Breaker of Chains.

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Before starting to read the story I was a little "skeptikal" about all the "the story is dark..." Reviews, but while the World really is dark and brutal the characters are really great and even though the world has a rather bad influence on the MC he is still human, and most importantly for me, he is not weak and getting pushed around but he is strong and fight for himself. The stories I like the least are those where the MC is just a playball for the surrounding, but this is definitely not the case here.

All in All its a fleshed out book and a great story and I can't wait to see book two when it is released next year

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I read through all the chapters up to chapter 41 in a single sitting. This story is right up my alley.

Good pacing, fleshed out characters with feelings and reasonable reactions, cool story with an awesome MC. Very well and detailed settings, fights and environment. Original, intriguing and complex magical system.

I am so happy i found this amazingly enjoyable read, i just couldn't put it down!

Big thanks and props to the author for sharing this amazing work with us :)

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the world is amazing, twisted, root, but maybe the is hope.

the characters are realistic, whit a real background, and improvement.

grammar? its really ok for me, but my english sucks.  i can read and understand whit easy.


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Great world building by the author. The characters while flawed humanely create attachment; kinda game of thronesy. With plot twists and sound reasoning on the part of each character, the story flows like no other in ways you dont see coming. Some light editting is in order to fix the occassional transitional phrase or the verb tense. While the ending was well done and the story logically moves on to his next book, I would've appreciated more suspense for the next book. This one ended too well. Besides the MC and one side story, very few storyline questions are left until the next book. Really great story, first one ive fully read on RR, Havent enjoyed a dark storyline and antiheroic characters this much since watching Game of Thrones.- Scratch that, ITS BETTER. Just wish there were steeper and more cliffhangers.

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The story was amazing. I loved every part of it. The story invited a new concept of humans being the slaves of the world, whilst other races blossomed. Races like the Kindred were haughty, whilst the MC, Jace, was compared to a fairy because of his upkept nature in keeping himself clean. You as the reader were able to sympathize with just about every emotion that the MC went through even to the end of this book. 


The magic system is new and different, not your steriotypical "Gather the energies of the spirits and make a fireball" or "Speak the elven tongue" type. It was explained to be the pulse of the world and represented as a shape of 'runes' so mixed that new types of magic could endlessly be found in it. 


More in-depth summary for those who are interested:

The story follows Jace who is a human from Earth, who is transported to this new world he is unfamiliar with. The people of this new world had had prophecies of a hero that would break the chains of the world, allowing humans to prosper again, and in an effort to speed up the process, they summon Jace. Humans were cursed by the Sun God, and continue to be cursed with tattoos of Moons on their heads. Any crops they touch die, and they cannot see the light of day. Jace was summoned since he is unaffected by this curse since he lived on Earth, however he is rather pissed at having been summoned to a world where humans are discriminated, and taken from his previous world which he loved. His hockey career wasn't too successful, but he still loved his old world with showers and nice clothes. Now it is up to him to become strong enough to protect what he loves and make a new life in this corrupt world, gaining the power and understanding necessary to defeat even gods. 



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The characters behaved in a very natural manner, especially Jace, the realizations, and regrets were fluid and achieving that in a psychological/gore setting is an impressive feat. The magic system doesn't make sense yet and is definitely unique but I think that's because of insufficient explanations which will be fixed as the story progresses. descriptions of Jace's thoughts are lacking I think which make it difficult to understand his line of thought at times. The story is very linear and the characters behave completely based on the situation though I think in the next book, the decisions made by the characters will depend more upon the ones made in this one. It's a good read and managed to keep me engaged the entire time.

  • Overall Score

Very fun read.

 There are a lot of grammar problems around chapter 15-30, but I encourage people to read on. It gets better again.