Once Human, Now a Parasite

by TheCrow

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy Romance Magic Martial Arts Non-Human lead Reincarnation Wuxia
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

Arthur, a Rich businessman was kidnapped and tortured for months by men his wife hired. After months of this hell, he was given a second chance, a new life in a different world and, of course, Arthur would rather start a new life than stay and continue to be tortured, so he accepted the deal that was proposed by a mysterious individual, but when he finally was reincarnated, Arthur discovered he was a..... parasite?


PS: This is not a novel about a kind MC, so read AT YOUR OWN RISK.




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The Immortal Crow

Word Count (15)
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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue: A valuable 'subject' ago
Chapter 1 : A Second Chance ago
Chapter 2 : A new World ago
chapter 3 : Improving ago
Chapter 4 : Farming.. ago
Chapter 5 : Zodiak's tomb ago
Chapter 6 : Willsden Town ago
chapter 7 : Reading ago
chapter 8 : Auction ago
Chapter 9 : Questions ago
Chapter 10 : 'A man that keeps his word' ago
Chapter 11 : Holy Knight ago
Chapter 12 : Assassins ago
Chapter 13 : Journey to the North ago
Chapter 14 : Evolve ago
Chapter 15 : Entrance exam ago
Chapter 16 : Tournament ago
Chapter 17 : Unexpected encounter ago
Chapter 18 : A bet ago
Chapter 19 : Like 'the frog in the well' ago
Chapter 20 : Seeker of knowledge ago
Chapter 21 : Ghost island ago
Chapter 22 : Ghost island [2] ago
Chapter 23 : Kneel! ago
Chapter 24 : Judgment ago
Chapter 25 : Despair ago
About releases ago
Chapter 26 : " I'm sorry..." ago
Chapter 27 : Warning ago
Chapter 28.1 : Yamak ago
Chapter 28.2 : Might of Yamak ago
Chapter 29 : A Long Winter ago
Chapter 30 : an unbreakable Bond ago
Chapter 31 : Powerup ago
Chapter 32 : Katrina, the Overgod of Knowledge ago
Chapter 33 : War? ago
Chapter 34 : Travelling Together ago
Chapter 35 : Friends ago
Chapter 36 : Dragon Rider ago
Chapter 37 : Lumbra City ago
Chapter 38 : Shadow magic ago
Chapter 39 : Kraken ago
Chapter 40 : Strange Dream ago
Chapter 41 : Saly ago
Chapter 42 : Banquet ago
Chapter 43 : C12 ago
Chapter 44 : Rinotsu ago
Chapter 45 : Heavenly Arrow ago
Chapter 46 : Astrith ago
Chapter 47 : Ace ago
chapter 48 : Loli ago
Chapter 49 : Elven City ago
Chapter 50 : O' Sweet Revenge [1] ago
Chapter 51 : O' Sweet Revenge [2] ago
Chapter 52 : Ma Clan ago
Chapter 53 : Fight and Slaughter ago
Chapter 54 : Be Gone ago
Chapter 55 : Explanation and Rage ago
Chapter 56 : Spirit Realm ago
Chapter 57 : Boy, Be Careful ago
Chapter 58 : Unexpected Encounter ago
Chapter 59 : Sacred Soul Steal. ago
Chapter 60 : The Competition ago
Chapter 61 : First Tournament ago
Chapter 62 : A Beautiful Yet Dangerous Lotus ago
Chapter 63 : The Penniless Daoist, Gobu ago
Chapter 64 : Madman ago
Chapter 65 : Struggle ago
Chapter 66 : Complete Devastation ago
Chapter 67 : Pure Dark Essence ago
Chapter 68 : The Long Awaited Day ago
Chapter 69 : Confrontation (1) ago
Chapter 70 : Confrontation (2) ago
Chapter 71 : Bloody Day ago
Chapter 72 : Hunt (1) ago
Chapter 73 : Hunt (2) ago
Chapter 74 : Hunt (3) ago
Chapter 75 : Sea Of Flames ago
Chapter 76 : No Mercy (1) ago
Chapter 77 : No Mercy (2) ago
Chapter 78 : Extermination and Uneasiness ago
Chapter 79 : Arthur's resolve ago
Chapter 80 : Underworld ago
Chapter 81 : Malark ago
Chapter 82 : Malark (2) ago
Chapter 83 : I'll Skin you Alive ago
Chapter 84 : Blooming Rose ago
Chapter 85 : The Silent Graveyard ago
Chapter 86 : Untitled ago
Chapter 87 : Treasure Pavillion ago
Chapter 88 : The Indignant Young-Woman ago
Chapter 89 : The Mysterious Man ago
Chapter 90 : Extreme Yin Body ago
Chapter 91 : Dragons ago
Chapter 92 : The Calamity ago
Chapter 93 : Exchange ago
Chapter 94 : Two Words ago
Chapter 95 : Reclusive Training. ago
Chapter 96 : Friendly Spar ago
Chapter 97 : Grand Banquet ago
Chapter 98 : Gathering of Experts ago
Chapter 99 : Overconfidence Leads to Death ago
Chapter 100.1 : Lethality of Blood Magic ago
Chapter 100.2 : Initiating The Plan ago
Chapter 100.3 : Initiating the Plan (2) ago
Chapter 101 : Ruining the Grand Banquet ago
Chapter 102 : Fusion ago
Chapter 103 : Deceived ago
Chapter 104 : All Out ago
Chapter 105 : Nothing Can Stop It ago
Chapter 106 : Desperate Situation ago
Chapter 107 : Warning ago
Chapter 108 : Rizaki ago
Chapter 109 : Mission; Protect Arthur ago
Chapter 110 : Battle of Gods ago
Chapter 111 : Drastic Changes ago
Chapter 112 : Wicked Mouth ago
Chapter 113 : Book of The Damned ago
Chapter 114 : Departure ago
Announcement ago

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  • Overall Score

I'm enjoying the read!

There were often grammar issues in the beginning but I seem to notice less as I go on and overall the story is nice and I enjoy the OP-ness a lot, its a good read when you just want a nice fresh OP love story after reading some of the darker stories around. The story itself is a little dark in a way but the contrast with good is nice. 

  • Overall Score

I hate harem stories, Arthur is loyal to 1 lover. 2 lovers are fine i dont likemc collecting girls everywhere like Fantasial apocalypse.\


  • Overall Score
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a lot of potential, but needs work on grammar.

third revieuw; 

you have no talent with words. your story is great, but your sentences stay weird, even at the last chapter you released. 

this is sad, but it is what it is. you're like a singer with a beautiful voice who is tonedeaf... 

you really should find an editor, or at least someone to go over everything and make it readable. emotional scenes lack any emotions, character's responses are often wierd and awkwardly phrased, events are described in overly convoluted ways

(like, for example; "The horrors that were seen once he entered the castle's ground was not something that can be easily forgotten." a sentence in your latest chapter. "the horrors he saw once he entered the castle were something not easily forgotten" would be shorter, less awkward sounding, hell, you could even make it "the horrors he saw would not be easy to forget" to make it sound a lot better)

to put it simply, you hava an amazing talent at creating the story, but your talent at writing it down is not superb... an editor or someone with great sense for grammar could easily fix your issue, so don't feel too bad about it.

second revieuw;

after a year or more, i came back to your story, and have noticed you worked a lot on your grammar. i'm happy to see you didn't give up on the story, but still have to point out that it's filled with double sentences, even whole sections that are written twice... like at the end of chapter 6.

ps. chapter 14 is the worst chapter i have read in my life! his "story" is just one big sentence, badly written, and as emotionless as a truck hitting an mc!

maybe try to find someone to edit your story a bit?

either way, it's now reached a level where it's readable, so i'll see if it improves later on...



previous revieuw;

your story has a lot of potential, but your grammar and the way you write your sentences is wierd, or plain wrong. you also make sentences way too long. making reading tedious at best.


but the idea behind your story is amazing. something i had long wanted to read. i hope you don't give up, and work a bit on your grammar, because, as i said, lots of potential here!

  • Overall Score

In the future chapters will the mc go back to Earth?

  • Overall Score

i liked but not as much as  

Life As a Servant 

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
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  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

I  have been enjoying this story for a while now, the only part I didn't like was when the Clan was destroyed, I enjoyed that part very much.

Lucy's coldblooded thirst is very real and can almost be felt.

Orion Sanjeet
  • Overall Score

Great story, riveting characters, and well worth the risk of wasting your time by giving it a read.  

  • Overall Score

Great litrpg/cultivation story

if you're into op litrpg this is for you. It goes from leveling at the beginning to a cultivation later in. It changes and evolves, with the main characters moving to areas with more powerful enemies as they get stronger. 

Son of Hades
  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

the story is really good. but could use some inprovment but thats to be expected as to expected. the grammar is horid at the start but gets better. though the mc has a OPAF class {Over Powered As Fuck} crow doesn't make him invincible or overly arrogent (i fucking hate those kind of people) the plot is pretty lenient and doesnt focus on the main "goal" which i like because it means that the story isnt going to end super quickly. over all ill give it a 8/10 which is being criticizing. 


keep up the good work and stay awsome.

  • Overall Score

I was unsure at first if i would enjoy this story but i quickly began to enjoy it. unfortunately it started to become inconsistant and less enjoyable after about 50 chapters. I would suggest people read to the (spoilers) fight with the lightning dragon and assume our MC dies of his wounds to get the most enjoyment out of this story. The first part would get 4 stars from me but after that it would get 2.5-2 stars