Once Human, Now a Parasite

by TheCrow

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy Romance Magic Martial Arts Non-Human lead Reincarnation Wuxia
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

Arthur, a Rich businessman was kidnapped and tortured for months by men his wife hired. After months of this hell, he was given a second chance, a new life in a different world and, of course, Arthur would rather start a new life than stay and continue to be tortured, so he accepted the deal that was proposed by a mysterious individual, but when he finally was reincarnated, Arthur discovered he was a..... parasite?


PS: This is not a novel about a kind MC, so read AT YOUR OWN RISK.




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The Immortal Crow

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue: A valuable 'subject' ago
Chapter 1 : A Second Chance ago
Chapter 2 : A new World ago
chapter 3 : Improving ago
Chapter 4 : Farming.. ago
Chapter 5 : Zodiak's tomb ago
Chapter 6 : Willsden Town ago
chapter 7 : Reading ago
chapter 8 : Auction ago
Chapter 9 : Questions ago
Chapter 10 : 'A man that keeps his word' ago
Chapter 11 : Holy Knight ago
Chapter 12 : Assassins ago
Chapter 13 : Journey to the North ago
Chapter 14 : Evolve ago
Chapter 15 : Entrance exam ago
Chapter 16 : Tournament ago
Chapter 17 : Unexpected encounter ago
Chapter 18 : A bet ago
Chapter 19 : Like 'the frog in the well' ago
Chapter 20 : Seeker of knowledge ago
Chapter 21 : Ghost island ago
Chapter 22 : Ghost island [2] ago
Chapter 23 : Kneel! ago
Chapter 24 : Judgment ago
Chapter 25 : Despair ago
About releases ago
Chapter 26 : " I'm sorry..." ago
Chapter 27 : Warning ago
Chapter 28.1 : Yamak ago
Chapter 28.2 : Might of Yamak ago
Chapter 29 : A Long Winter ago
Chapter 30 : an unbreakable Bond ago
Chapter 31 : Powerup ago
Chapter 32 : Katrina, the Overgod of Knowledge ago
Chapter 33 : War? ago
Chapter 34 : Travelling Together ago
Chapter 35 : Friends ago
Chapter 36 : Dragon Rider ago
Chapter 37 : Lumbra City ago
Chapter 38 : Shadow magic ago
Chapter 39 : Kraken ago
Chapter 40 : Strange Dream ago
Chapter 41 : Saly ago
Chapter 42 : Banquet ago
Chapter 43 : C12 ago
Chapter 44 : Rinotsu ago
Chapter 45 : Heavenly Arrow ago
Chapter 46 : Astrith ago
Chapter 47 : Ace ago
chapter 48 : Loli ago
Chapter 49 : Elven City ago
Chapter 50 : O' Sweet Revenge [1] ago
Chapter 51 : O' Sweet Revenge [2] ago
Chapter 52 : Ma Clan ago
Chapter 53 : Fight and Slaughter ago
Chapter 54 : Be Gone ago
Chapter 55 : Explanation and Rage ago
Chapter 56 : Spirit Realm ago
Chapter 57 : Boy, Be Careful ago
Chapter 58 : Unexpected Encounter ago
Chapter 59 : Sacred Soul Steal. ago
Chapter 60 : The Competition ago
Chapter 61 : First Tournament ago
Chapter 62 : A Beautiful Yet Dangerous Lotus ago
Chapter 63 : The Penniless Daoist, Gobu ago
Chapter 64 : Madman ago
Chapter 65 : Struggle ago
Chapter 66 : Complete Devastation ago
Chapter 67 : Pure Dark Essence ago
Chapter 68 : The Long Awaited Day ago
Chapter 69 : Confrontation (1) ago
Chapter 70 : Confrontation (2) ago
Chapter 71 : Bloody Day ago
Chapter 72 : Hunt (1) ago
Chapter 73 : Hunt (2) ago
Chapter 74 : Hunt (3) ago
Chapter 75 : Sea Of Flames ago
Chapter 76 : No Mercy (1) ago
Chapter 77 : No Mercy (2) ago
Chapter 78 : Extermination and Uneasiness ago
Chapter 79 : Arthur's resolve ago
Chapter 80 : Underworld ago
Chapter 81 : Malark ago
Chapter 82 : Malark (2) ago
Chapter 83 : I'll Skin you Alive ago
Chapter 84 : Blooming Rose ago
Chapter 85 : The Silent Graveyard ago
Chapter 86 : Untitled ago
Chapter 87 : Treasure Pavillion ago
Chapter 88 : The Indignant Young-Woman ago
Chapter 89 : The Mysterious Man ago
Chapter 90 : Extreme Yin Body ago
Chapter 91 : Dragons ago
Chapter 92 : The Calamity ago
Chapter 93 : Exchange ago
Chapter 94 : Two Words ago
Chapter 95 : Reclusive Training. ago
Chapter 96 : Friendly Spar ago
Chapter 97 : Grand Banquet ago
Chapter 98 : Gathering of Experts ago
Chapter 99 : Overconfidence Leads to Death ago
Chapter 100.1 : Lethality of Blood Magic ago
Chapter 100.2 : Initiating The Plan ago
Chapter 100.3 : Initiating the Plan (2) ago
Chapter 101 : Ruining the Grand Banquet ago
Chapter 102 : Fusion ago
Chapter 103 : Deceived ago
Chapter 104 : All Out ago
Chapter 105 : Nothing Can Stop It ago
Chapter 106 : Desperate Situation ago
Chapter 107 : Warning ago
Chapter 108 : Rizaki ago
Chapter 109 : Mission; Protect Arthur ago
Chapter 110 : Battle of Gods ago
Chapter 111 : Drastic Changes ago
Chapter 112 : Wicked Mouth ago
Chapter 113 : Book of The Damned ago
Chapter 114 : Departure ago
Announcement ago

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  • Overall Score

The grammar is terrible, the "evil" is childish and takes itself way too seriously, the author seems to think the readers are idiots and takes the time to state the obvious, the story is perfectly generic OP wish-fulfillment reincarnation... The only interesting thing was the parasite concept, but the author obviously doesn't have the writing chops to take advantage of it.

With practice they very well might write an excellent story that I would enjoy reading. This story is not that story. I'll come back in five years or so.

  • Overall Score

Fun but got boring at like chap 80

I didnt really like the whole "realm" thing being integrated. that just gets repetetive with just your power level changing and repeating the same actions

i loved the ability steal but i have a question bout it

if parasite is a race, and seeing as X didnt specially make it for him, with how overpowered they are with the whole stat stealing

how come the race isnt more common or ruling the world or somethin?

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Run on sentences are a grammar sin. Stop sinning.

Super fast paced. The grammar is amazingly bad. Characters are one-dimensional. The grammar in this story is a crime against humanity. It's that bad.


I just couldn't do it. Cool premise, shows promise, needs to be re-written without constant run-on sentences.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

I like the story plot and enjot having the mc OP, but what intrigues me is that the mc is a parasite. The MC doesn't like other being and i love it, it's intresting. I hope you continue it and post regulary.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

If you liked arifureta or re:monster read this!

this story has good action, interesting world, some romance and game elements. If you liked arifureta or re:monster (though I thik this one can be better than re:monster) and if you are bored with dense, wimpy, pushover MCs you should read this. Some reviewers here say that it's cliche plot, but if you exclude action novels where MC is pathetic, or those which are not fully translated or finshed, or are tragedy, or boring as hell slice of life shit, or novel where in half of the chapters characters only talk about their feelings and whine, or novel where more than half of the chapters are filled with fun service shit with nothing happening you will find that there not a lot of novel similar to this one that you can read. While, like you guessed, this novel concentraits mainly on action author still shows some elements of romance in the story and shows what MC's feeling, which helps us associate with him better. Some authors just make MC into robot which can only fight, get stronger and has no other feelings, but not here. Ratio between action parts and romance parts in this novel is about the same as in coiling dragon, maybe here with a bit more romance/mature than in coiling dragon. MC is moving around and traveling so we will see quit a lot of world exploration. 

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Review at chapter 8


I'm not going to lie, I didn't get very far into this story. The author DESPERATELY needs an editor. I would not be surprised if the author had english as their second language. Now as for the story itself it starts decently. A betrayed man, an apparently bored god, and a new world. Good ingredients for a story but the author lacks the skill to use them properly. The MC very quickly becomes overpowered which in itself if handled well is not a bad thing. Unfortunately it reads like a 10 year olds power trip. The author multiple times had forgotten what he wrote before. Not necessarily something that will make or break a story for me if the mistakes are small and rare but as stated I read to chapter 8. I hope for the author to continue writing and brush up on their skills and someday come back and rewrite this.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

 Hi there TheCrow.

Honestly I like your story, so keep it up and just don't mind the toxic people here and there (yeah I'm talking about you SAA"DILDO" and MORKIN). I guess they're jelous since they couldn't write a good story like you XD....


P.S. 8k plus words per chapter is really fine hahahahaha

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

A fun story that needs a once over

---Review at Chapter 42---

The story is great. The characters have really come into their own since the rocky beginning.

Unfortunately, the grammar is more than a little rough and goes so far as to detract from the reading experience.

If you are looking for an editor or atleast someone to proofread let me know. 

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Full action and fuck logic

Style: Typical xianxia where there are stupid young master that provoque the Mc and MC that put oil on fire to make even more foe.

Story: Not original but good overall, like action and power level. I would like to see the statut of other of the same level. The only problem is that there is no one of the same level of power as the MC so far or power that could rival it.

Grammar: Bad, i am not good at finding fault and not a native speaker but i find some.

Character: The MC kill a student, beat a teacher, put no respect to the principal, but they still let him rest to the school? Then he injure another student, then chain a teacher and he is given the top secret of the school? The girl are weak, and are there to be protected.

Xianxia logic, so to read for action so you have to let go of the logic when you read.

Edit: The author changed some thing in the story after my review, the mc have regret for what he have done , new level of power and they stop giving face for to the mc. Good try for the author and alway think of what you would do in the place of your perso.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score


To be honest I've only been reading these chapters for like 2..3 days? I'm at chp 28.2 and I must say I love how OP Arthur keeps to be getting, but I'm not sure how he's going to handle Yamak right now

Style:Quite exceptional

Story:Always a great read

Grammar: Could use a little tweaking but it doesn't aggrovate me

Characters:Only because I think Lucy should be a bit more powerful that I have it at 4.5. Everyone else seems decent for their status and attitudes