Once Human, Now a Parasite

by TheCrow

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy Romance Magic Martial Arts Non-Human lead Reincarnation Wuxia
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

Arthur, a Rich businessman was kidnapped and tortured for months by men his wife hired. After months of this hell, he was given a second chance, a new life in a different world and, of course, Arthur would rather start a new life than stay and continue to be tortured, so he accepted the deal that was proposed by a mysterious individual, but when he finally was reincarnated, Arthur discovered he was a..... parasite?


PS: This is not a novel about a kind MC, so read AT YOUR OWN RISK.




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The Immortal Crow

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue: A valuable 'subject' ago
Chapter 1 : A Second Chance ago
Chapter 2 : A new World ago
chapter 3 : Improving ago
Chapter 4 : Farming.. ago
Chapter 5 : Zodiak's tomb ago
Chapter 6 : Willsden Town ago
chapter 7 : Reading ago
chapter 8 : Auction ago
Chapter 9 : Questions ago
Chapter 10 : 'A man that keeps his word' ago
Chapter 11 : Holy Knight ago
Chapter 12 : Assassins ago
Chapter 13 : Journey to the North ago
Chapter 14 : Evolve ago
Chapter 15 : Entrance exam ago
Chapter 16 : Tournament ago
Chapter 17 : Unexpected encounter ago
Chapter 18 : A bet ago
Chapter 19 : Like 'the frog in the well' ago
Chapter 20 : Seeker of knowledge ago
Chapter 21 : Ghost island ago
Chapter 22 : Ghost island [2] ago
Chapter 23 : Kneel! ago
Chapter 24 : Judgment ago
Chapter 25 : Despair ago
About releases ago
Chapter 26 : " I'm sorry..." ago
Chapter 27 : Warning ago
Chapter 28.1 : Yamak ago
Chapter 28.2 : Might of Yamak ago
Chapter 29 : A Long Winter ago
Chapter 30 : an unbreakable Bond ago
Chapter 31 : Powerup ago
Chapter 32 : Katrina, the Overgod of Knowledge ago
Chapter 33 : War? ago
Chapter 34 : Travelling Together ago
Chapter 35 : Friends ago
Chapter 36 : Dragon Rider ago
Chapter 37 : Lumbra City ago
Chapter 38 : Shadow magic ago
Chapter 39 : Kraken ago
Chapter 40 : Strange Dream ago
Chapter 41 : Saly ago
Chapter 42 : Banquet ago
Chapter 43 : C12 ago
Chapter 44 : Rinotsu ago
Chapter 45 : Heavenly Arrow ago
Chapter 46 : Astrith ago
Chapter 47 : Ace ago
chapter 48 : Loli ago
Chapter 49 : Elven City ago
Chapter 50 : O' Sweet Revenge [1] ago
Chapter 51 : O' Sweet Revenge [2] ago
Chapter 52 : Ma Clan ago
Chapter 53 : Fight and Slaughter ago
Chapter 54 : Be Gone ago
Chapter 55 : Explanation and Rage ago
Chapter 56 : Spirit Realm ago
Chapter 57 : Boy, Be Careful ago
Chapter 58 : Unexpected Encounter ago
Chapter 59 : Sacred Soul Steal. ago
Chapter 60 : The Competition ago
Chapter 61 : First Tournament ago
Chapter 62 : A Beautiful Yet Dangerous Lotus ago
Chapter 63 : The Penniless Daoist, Gobu ago
Chapter 64 : Madman ago
Chapter 65 : Struggle ago
Chapter 66 : Complete Devastation ago
Chapter 67 : Pure Dark Essence ago
Chapter 68 : The Long Awaited Day ago
Chapter 69 : Confrontation (1) ago
Chapter 70 : Confrontation (2) ago
Chapter 71 : Bloody Day ago
Chapter 72 : Hunt (1) ago
Chapter 73 : Hunt (2) ago
Chapter 74 : Hunt (3) ago
Chapter 75 : Sea Of Flames ago
Chapter 76 : No Mercy (1) ago
Chapter 77 : No Mercy (2) ago
Chapter 78 : Extermination and Uneasiness ago
Chapter 79 : Arthur's resolve ago
Chapter 80 : Underworld ago
Chapter 81 : Malark ago
Chapter 82 : Malark (2) ago
Chapter 83 : I'll Skin you Alive ago
Chapter 84 : Blooming Rose ago
Chapter 85 : The Silent Graveyard ago
Chapter 86 : Untitled ago
Chapter 87 : Treasure Pavillion ago
Chapter 88 : The Indignant Young-Woman ago
Chapter 89 : The Mysterious Man ago
Chapter 90 : Extreme Yin Body ago
Chapter 91 : Dragons ago
Chapter 92 : The Calamity ago
Chapter 93 : Exchange ago
Chapter 94 : Two Words ago
Chapter 95 : Reclusive Training. ago
Chapter 96 : Friendly Spar ago
Chapter 97 : Grand Banquet ago
Chapter 98 : Gathering of Experts ago
Chapter 99 : Overconfidence Leads to Death ago
Chapter 100.1 : Lethality of Blood Magic ago
Chapter 100.2 : Initiating The Plan ago
Chapter 100.3 : Initiating the Plan (2) ago
Chapter 101 : Ruining the Grand Banquet ago
Chapter 102 : Fusion ago
Chapter 103 : Deceived ago
Chapter 104 : All Out ago
Chapter 105 : Nothing Can Stop It ago
Chapter 106 : Desperate Situation ago
Chapter 107 : Warning ago
Chapter 108 : Rizaki ago
Chapter 109 : Mission; Protect Arthur ago
Chapter 110 : Battle of Gods ago
Chapter 111 : Drastic Changes ago
Chapter 112 : Wicked Mouth ago
Chapter 113 : Book of The Damned ago
Chapter 114 : Departure ago
Announcement ago

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Progressing and entertaining

[Review at Ch. 255]

Hello TheCrow and fellow readers !
First thing first, sorry about my spelling and grammar because I'm absolutly not for English except reading ahah.

To people hesitating to start this novel, I can tell you that TheCrow pours much effort into this baby : main characters are relatively simple but by no mean tasteless, fleshing themselves along chapters ; MC involved in reasonably lengthed events and not like "spam fillers" some popular novels hold sometimes ; original concept of Parasite MC which is not badly exploited ; a solid grammar ( I never had to re read to try to understand ans it doesn't seem to contain much faults) ; a diversity in actions of MC who isn't just a magic swordman ( evoke some MCs ? :) ) but have a panel of possibilities.

On downsides, you can be surprised by how MC is overpowered. As author said in his synopsis [PS: This is not a novel about a kind MC, so read AT YOUR OWN RISK.] I found it a bit ridiculous at the beginning of story but you adapt pretty fast to it.
Other point I found funny is a recurrent presence of proofreading ( I may be wrong) which  make think chapters are posted in haste without erasing doubly writed words, synonyms choices. 

Dear author, I feel  the efforts you pour in this novel, your constant progression in your writing style and that wish to share a story.

Just, much thanks for this invitation in your fantasy world.

Note: bad in English AND at writing a review lmao

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I was reading this back at ten chapters but the reason im still reading is because of how far i can tell the aother loves his mc at the beginng you could tell he was not sheer were to go with it in some areas but skip ahead to far later u can see his picked up a trick  were the mc has to do this thing or els  he lose something typ deal and its around here that I feel at least he starts really getting a better feeling for his story. I also like how he expanded the possessing part of the mc were before he could do it to get stronger but later mc realised he could die if he possessed something he couldn’t  controle power wise by this i mean mythical typ beings if he possessed them sheer he could get stronger but it would take longer to refine that power to make it truly his. There are a lot of things the aother has expanded apone in order ro help the story more foundation wise to and he did it in way i like to were a death god showed up saying u should be dead and not here die pls typ thing mc attack’s but death is amuned to all physical attacks giving u the impression that there are a lot of fights were u haft to do more than just swing ur fist. Im not to good at this hoke review thing but I hoped I helped the aother out by writing this maybe.

The Spectator
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The first 2 volumes are okay, but after lucy teleports to Earth it gets way better. To improve the start, try incorporating how his soul changed his personality, like what was stated in volume 5 and don't make him so cold-hearted/psychotic . Plus his character flip-floped too fast after the academy attack. Other than that, the underworld arc and the desert arc were good.

Rate : 4.25

The Halo
  • Overall Score

Parasite? Nonhuman-lead? not anymore

When this story starts out the MC keeps switching body's and leads a life as the title describes then he takes an undead body and stays in it eliminating the reason for being a bodyswitching creature which is then crowned by becoming basically human and stoping bodyswitching totally making him no different then someone who can absorb the abilities of dead foes. Author should just add then human again to the title.

At that stage the story just becomes the MC protecting his girl and being unreasonable as shit.

Came for something different but it just became the same ol' shit that is just overdone 

Nobody but the protagonist and his girl have morals or brains and even they lose it later on

  • Overall Score

I love the concept of this book. But you have major spelling and sentence structure errors. I dont know if you are typing on a cell phone or tablet. I recommend getting someone to edit the entire book. Some sentences are so bad that i had to read them 4 or 5 times and then switch the way things are worded or even add words to make them make sense.

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MC gets way to soft later in story....................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

  • Overall Score

Not perfect but still okay

I stopped at chapter 15 and will probably read further along at a later time. But here is my impression:



i like this straightforwardkind of enemy production (kill someone -> relatives seek revenge etc.)

parasite abilities are fun

quick paced 


grammar and syntax is average for royal road, its not good

the characters are changing their personalities way too fast / are not consistent

gives up on stealing forms early on


i would say this story is royal road average. A great idea in the beginning but the plot isn't planned through. Combined with the bad syntax and grammar (mine is bad too i know) and "slightly" forced plot developments make it readable, but nothing even close to perfect.

If you are searching for for something to kill time read it! Searching for a top story? Continue the search.

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I like this story so far ( chapter 169 ).

The Story is fast paced althoug it slows down sometimes.

The Author tries to make all of the Main Charakters action resonable althougt the charakter undergoes a hard change of charakter in the middle of the story.

  • Overall Score
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Okay story, but the grammar is horrendous.

Overall it is a pretty okay story. But the spelling and sentence structure are so atrocious, that it ruins my enjoyment of the story as a whole.

When I spend more time trying to figure out what the author is trying to put across, than getting immersed in the story, it is at a point where you need to step back and stop reading.

  • Overall Score

this was one ove the fics that i read once then forgot the name of i just found it and all i can say is that i'm loving it.