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When he woke up from a long sleep, he headed out to search for a possible prey since this boar's body is not that amazing compared to the wolf's, for example, he may have survived against a wolf yesterday but that was just luck and his emotions got the better of him, he can't possibly win against a wolf in a head-on fight, he has to think of a way to possess his target without fighting or maybe sneak attack it with his high speed. After searching for a while, he found a silver wolf which looked, more or less, the same as the one from yesterday, so he appraised it

   LightMoon Wolf  [Lv8]   

The wolf's level was higher than him. When he observed it closely; the wolf seemed quite scary, long sharp claws, silver fur, and a long neck, it seemed more like a lion than a wolf, actually, even bigger than the lion. Surprisingly, the wolf was sleeping or taking a nap as it didn't seem to notice his presence.

It was laying 150m from him, so he decided to approach it carefully and wait for the perfect moment, he began to sneak on it whilst doing his best not to make any sound because if it wakes up and attacks him, he'll surely be its lunch.

After a couple of minutes, he finally arrived 10m behind it and hid in a rather big bush, but to be honest, Arthur was hesitant, he wasn't a fighter and it would be a lie to say he wasn't scared, nonetheless, he hardenest his emotions and resolved himself, after all, it's the jungle and its law applies to all living beings inside it.

In his previous life,  he never really got in a fight, in fact, he would always avoid it either by apologizing or find another way to talk his way out of the fight, basically, he was just a coward and although he fought the ants and the wolf from yesterday, it was just on the spur of the moment.

 Very soon, he came back to his senses and used [Sprint] to rush to the wolf and hit it, his speed was incredible, it was his highest stats and the one thing he was good at, he really was thankful for at least having good speed.

The ten meters or so were crossed in a matter of seconds and when he was going to hit the wolf, it seemed to notice something and turned its head toward his direction, however,  it was too late as Arthur's 'body' had already hit its back.

    you have successfully landed a Sneak attack: Critical hit -95HP      

He ignored the sound and kept smashing his big head on the wolf's back without stopping and, unsurprisingly, his damage was so low that its HP decreased only little by little.

After landing 2 extra hits the wolf, turned towards him and slashed with its claws but thanks to his high Agility, Arthur was able to dodge with but a hair's width, he then  jumped towards the wolf with all the strength he could muster wishing for the best and expecting to deal some damage but what confronted him was the wolf's other claw, which struck him right in his chest



The pain was was agonizing but compared to what he has been through in the past, it's really nothing, he gritted his teeth and ignored the sharp closed stabbing his chest and used his legs to kick the wolf in its head, though when his legs touched the beast's head, it was like hitting steel, he could feel his legs go numb from the wolf's hard body.

The strike seemed pointless but since he hit a vital spot, the victim was affected despite the weak attack. The wolf growled with pain and anger, clearly displeased that a creature that was supposed to be its prey managed to hurt it.

Arthur didn't waste that precious moment and struck it again at its face. Unlike the previous strike, he aimed for its skull and mustered all that strength, wanting to finish it once and for all.



The wolf died and soundlessly fell down on the ground, Arthur was quite excited as he quickly left his current body and possessed the wolf's, he knew he was going to get stronger by gaining  itswolf's stats and of course, those stats were probably very high.

You Successfully possessed a Lightmoon Wolf 


You have Gained a new skill(active) : [Slash Claw Lv4]


You have Gained a new skill(active) : [Bite Lv2]


You have Gained a new skill(passive): LightMoon


LightMoon(Passive): Once you are exposed to the moon all stats raised by 5% and speed raised by 15%


Level: 7 Class: Parasite
Strength 320 Intelligence 140
Agility 542 Wisdom 110
Vitality 190 Dexterity 214
Health 242 Health Regen 0.7/s
Mana 187 Mana Regen 0.7s
Stamina 230 Stamina Regen 0.1/s
Attack: 120 Defense: 60
Elemental Resistances
Fire: 25% Water: 25%
Wind: 25% Earth: 25%
Light: 25% Darkness: 25%

 Seeing his status window, Arthur couldn't help but laugh in delight.

'As expected from a hunter, its stats are really above average.'

After possessing the wolf, he spent a couple of minutes getting used to the body, stretching and adjusting his control over it, but he soon noticed that the damage he received from 'himself' in the fight are still here but are healing at a decent speed, the pain was lessening too.

Actually, when he possessed the ant with a hole in its chest the same thing happened and the hole healed in just a matter of minutes, he guessed that this is the good part of being a parasite.

After getting accustomed to his 'new body,' he ate the boar since for he was hungry and boar meat was, without a doubt a delicacy. Despite eating it raw (the meat), it was delicious. 

Next thing on his list was trying out his new body, especially, in terms of speed. He squatted his body then leaped forward, only feeling the strong wind breezes brushing over his fastly moving body.

He could see everything blurring when he exercised his full speed, this Agility is really cheat-like.

There's no way any other wolf, at the same Level, would have a speed similar to his, this could prove useful in future encounters, whether it's for fleeing or battling.

Also, he got sharp claws now to attack with and hopefully, he can kill other wolves easily. Unfortunately, the experience he received from killing the wolves wasn't enough to level him up, this didn't lower his morale as he decided to try and hunt a few more, to hone his battling ability and gain stats.

Arthur started running through the forest,  searching for Lightmoon wolves to test his new strength at, soon enough, he finally found some opponents.

There were 2 wolves which were both [level 9] eating a boar together.

They didn't seem to notice him, nonetheless, he decided to fight them head-on and charge at them while using his new speed to see if they could react to him and counterattack.

Arthur rushed at them with all his speed while using [Dive] to maximize the efficiency of his charge. Before any of them could react, he was already near them so he used [Slash Claw] on the nearest wolf which took half of its HP, then he used [Bite] on the same wolf and didn't let go as he watched its HP drain little by little because of the continuous damage of the skill did, and within five seconds, the wolf's body was already lifeless.

 Without wasting as much as a second, he turned towards the second wolf, which seemed surprised by his actions and as to why a fellow wolf would kill its comrade, unfortunately for the poor wolf,  Arthur didn't let it the time adjust itself to the situation as he jumped at it and used his sharp claws to strike its defenseless face.

The hit injured the wolf's yet the beast still managed to jump back as it tried to run away since it couldn't fight anymore. His claws luckily hit the wolf's eyes, blinding it and forcing it into a desperate situation.

Wolves are known to be very clever and they would retreat whenever they find themselves at a disadvantage, that was what the wolf did, it ran for its life but Arthur didn't stand there and watch, his speed was greater than his opponent and in a couple of seconds, he overtook the wolf and killed it after a few more hits.

Level up!

 To be honest, it wasn't a fight, it was a one sided-massacre, the two wolves didn't even resist a little and just died easily.

Arthur was quite depressed as he only gained 1 level, nevertheless, he continued searching for more wolves to level up quickly and gain some strength, but every now and then, he didn't forget to rest a little a to regen some Stamina.

He roamed the forest and killed every wolf he stumbled upon, usually, he would only see 2 wolves together but he found a small pack composed of 3 wolves yet he still attacked them and it was quite a hard fight, one that he got out from while being victorious.

 level up!


Congratulations! Since you attained level 10 all status: +50


Congratulations! Since you attained level 10 you can now evolve: Void Parasite  or Poison Parasite


Poison Parasite: A Poisonous Being, immune to every poison and Can Deadly poison skills, can further evolve 


Void Parasite: A being capable of using Void magic and gain void skills with growth, can further evolve

Arthur was quite surprised, never in his wildest dreams would he have thought he could evolve, and this soon too.

He was infinitely grateful for this opportunity, although the small body of the parasite is hindering, the way it gains its vessels' stats and skills is a bonus that can never be replaced.

He pondered on what type of parasite he should evolve into, poison parasite seemed really appealing and by the name he could tell he would be able to use poison but void parasite seemed mysterious and appealing as the world 'void' was not usual and had many meanings. After thoroughly thinking about the pros and cons of both choices, he decided to choose Void Parasite, after all, in many ancient books, it is said that Void is the source of everything, if one has control over it then there's nothing he should fear, or so thought Arthur.

'Evolve to void parasite'


Congratulations! You have Evolved to Void Parasite


You Gained a new skill: Void Manipulation (can be used possessing any kind of being)


Void Manipulation: Can use Void in different ways, (you gain different void skills when the void manipulation levels up)


Congratulations! Due to being a void parasite intelligence and wisdom and significantly increased 


After those notifications popped up, he felt his body burning and some weird black tattoos started forming on the wolf's body, they formed strange dark signs which he couldn't comprehend, after some time, it finally stopped and as he looked at his body, he saw all his limbs were covered with tattoos, he also noticed that his thinking became a bit faster, it wasn't to an unimagianble degree but the difference could be felt.

At first, he just shrugged off the matter of the tattos but soon enough they started bothering him because the other wolves were cautious of him, so he couldn't get close to them then aim for a sneak attack, all he could do was hide and  slowly approach them little by little which wasted a lot of time. It was too late to regret this decision, then again, choosing the other option might have formed tattoos too.

Once night came, he received a notification..'ting'

The effect of Lightmoon are now effective : +5% stats / +10% speed

His speed got slightly better which helped him hunt and after a long hunt, he got accustomed to this routine.

He searched then killed wolves and if he got hungry, he would eat them, I guess you can consider cannibalism but he didn't care for he was only possessing a wolf and is, essentially, a parasite so eating them is totally normal.

Moreover, he didn't care about cannibalism or whatsoever for he wanted to survive and do whatever he wants, also, whenever his stamina got very low, he'll rest for an hour or so until it is completely full then he would resume his hunt, he never encountered any other monsters beside a couple of boars and wolves, so he guessed that the wolves are the kings in this forest.

At midnight, after having hunted almost all day he checked my status to see if there is any change ... :

Level: 14 Class: Void Parasite
Strength 395 Intelligence 580
Agility 630 Wisdom 420
Vitality 255 Dexterity 275
Health 310 Health Regen 0.8/s
Mana 420 Mana Regen 0.8s
Stamina 295 Stamina Regen 0.2/s
Attack: 143 Defense: 72
Elemental Resistances
Fire: 25% Water: 25%
Wind: 25% Earth: 25%
Light: 25% Darkness: 25  

 His intelligence and Wisdom really skyrocketed, the idea of using Fire magic or become a mage soon struck him and made him a bit excited at the mere thought of casting flashy magic spells.

Actually, he always dreamt of being a mage when he was a kid.

'ahh, it brings back too many good memories ..bad ones too'

After checking his Status window, Arthur started searching again for preys but to his surprise, he stumbled upon a fight...

A hundred meters or so from him, there was a jet black bear-like creature fighting a pack of 4 wolves, he noticed that the bear was toying with them, all of 4 wolves were bloodied and in poor shape, it really was a one-sided massacre.

Feeling apprehensive of this large monster, Arthur appraised it

Hind bear Lv28 

 It was double his current level so there is no way he could beat this thing alone but maybe if the pack of wolves calls reinforcements, he could somehow attack with them and kill this huge bear.

He continued to watch the fight from afar, waiting for the right moment, the wolves were struggling with bear and could only take out 10% of its Health, which was pathetic, until one of the wolves backed away and howled, which he took it as a cry for help to his comrades.

In response, the bear didn't just stay still, instead, it rushed to stop the wolf from howling but the 3 others blocked its way to stop it, which resulted in 2 of them being crushed and slashed to death, they were literally torn to pieces by the huge bear's claws, it was a disgusting and gory sight to behold, Arthur event felt the urge to vomit what he ate a while ago.

Time slowly passed and they continued to struggle until 5 new wolves rushed in to help the remaining ones, tides have turned and now it became a 7v1.

They began to attack the bear from different sides with bites and slashes, with their high speed, the bear could not focus on all of them so every now and then, one of them would get caught by the bear and get crushed which resulted in losing almost all of its health, Arthur had to admit that the hind bear really got some amazing strength for it to almost kill a wolf with only a single strike.

After the bear's health reached 15%, Arthur finally joined the fray from behind by jumping with his great speed and using [Sprint] which slightly increased his speed when attacking in a straight line, he landed a critical hit on the bear's back, but surprisingly it took only about 5% of its Health, however, it was to be expected since the bear had a huge frame and probably a strong defense.

The other wolves looked and seemed surprised by Arthur's appearance since he had tattoos in his limbs, nonetheless they soon regained their senses and ignored him while continuing to attack the bear relentlessly, it was a classic tactic but pretty effective against a large-sized creature, especially when they have the number and sufficient speed and decent cooperation.

Arthur didn't miss that chance, he joined the fray as well and attacked the enemy from blind spots to assure he won't get hit by a sudden counter-attack, this continued until the bear's HP was almost gone.

He didn't know if he'll get the experience if he was not the last one to kill it so he was hoping to 'Kill secure' the bear. He waited until the perfect moment and rushed with all the speed he could muster and used [Claw slash] at the bear finishing him off and obtaining the kill after a long struggle...'ting'

 level up!


 level up!


 level up! level up ! level up ! level up ! level up!



Congratulations! Since you have attained level 20 all status:+50


You have gained a new skill: Void Slash


Void Slash: Using the power of void you can make a powerful slash eating everything in its way
Level: 20 Class: Void Parasite
Strength 445 Intelligence 630
Agility 680 Wisdom 470
Vitality 305 Dexterity 325
Health 360 Health Regen 0.95/s
Mana 470 Mana Regen 0.95s
Stamina 345 Stamina Regen 0.4/s
Attack: 171 Defense: 102
Elemental Resistances
Fire: 25% Water: 25%
Wind: 25% Earth: 25%
Light: 25% Darkness: 25  


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