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While Arthur was gazing around the area and angrily cursing himself. He realized that he didn't specify what race he should be reborn into, so 'X' just reincarnated him into an Insect of some sort. He couldn't even walk properly, in fact, he had to crawl. Despite this, he was quite fast for an insect. Not even a minute after he appeared, some sound rang in his head  


   You have gained a Skill! [Parasitic Possession].        


   Parasitic Possession: Allows you to possess any living being and gain their Stats and Skills. When you leave this being you will retain those Stats/Skills.        


   You have gained a Skill! [Language Comprehension].        


   Language Comprehension: Once you possess a being you can comprehend and speak its language automatically.      


   You have gained a Skill! [Appraisal].      


   Appraisal: You can Appraise anything in your field of vision.      


   You have gained a Skill! ["Blessing of 'X']    


   Blessing of 'X': You level up and gain experience for Stats/Skills 25 times faster than normal beings.      


   You have gained a Skill! [Swift]      


   Swift: Because you are a parasite, your Stats are lower than any other kind of being, but you gain +600% Speed.        


   You have gained a Skill! [Orb of the Fallen Overgods]        


   Orb of the Fallen Overgods: Locked until you meet the necessary requirements!    


   You have gained a Skill! [Orb of the Fallen Overgods(passive)].   


 Orb of the Fallen Overgods (passive): You gain affinity with every element(+65%). This can be raised if you level up.

 increase resistance to all elements(+25%).  


   You have gained a Skill! [Parasitic use of Mana]    


   Parasitic use of Mana: Because you are a parasite your use of mana if more efficient than any other. Any skills used with mana have a 15% mana reduction and if you are possessing a being the mana reduction becomes 20%.    

'Wow', even though he thought 'X' screwed up and made him an insect, he never thought of the possibility of being reincarnated as a parasite in a game-like world.

He could guess it was a game-like world by those blue windows which he could ‘see’ in his mind, or in his field of vision if he willed it. It's really new to him as he hadn’t played many games in his previous life, only 1 or 2 when he was a teenager, but he knew the basics at least.

Arthur was really surprised when he saw his skills, they seemed really overpowered. Normally, if someone is supposedly reincarnated, they would get a blessing or a power, but not THIS many skills.

He also wondered if he could see his health and if it even existed because in games, there is a health bar with a number on it and if it reaches zero, you are dead.

He pondered for some time before attempting to open his ‘status’ by thinking various things, 

'Window! status! open up! open up!............status window?'

Finally, after some tries, he managed to achieve something as a large blue window appeared out of nowhere.


                                                                 TITLE : NONE

NAME : Arthur

RACE : Parasite

Strength : 10

Intelligence : 10

Agility : 200

Wisdom : 15

Vitality : 5 

Dexterity : 15



Health : 7

Health Regen : 0.2/s

Mana : 11

Mana Regen : 0.4/s

Stamina : 7

Stamina Regen : 0.05/s



Attack : 8

Defense : 4



Elemental resistances


Holy/light : 25%

Fire : 25%

Darkness : 25%

Water : 25%

Wind : 25%

Earth : 25%

After ‘seeing’ his Stats, he felt they were pathetic, in fact, pathetic would even be an understatement. 7 points of health? Wouldn't he die from just a touch? His agility was high as expected, when he tried dragging his body a bit earlier, he noticed that his speed was rather fast for a parasite that was smaller than a damn insect.

Honestly, he felt depressed thinking of how weak and insignificant he was. After checking his status window once again, he started roaming in the area searching for temporary shelter to last until he can adjust to his new body and environment.

After some searching, he found a little hole in the ground, it was pitifully small, but to him, it looked like a massive pitfall.

Arthur jumped down hoping for the best, unfortunately, just as he landed he was surrounded by some disgusting and ugly creatures. They’re more or less double his size and looked a little similar to the ants from his previous world, however, these supposed ‘ants’ were green in color and had some small scales on their body, more like a mantis.

  Mutated child Ant level 1     


  Mutated child Ant level 1        


 Mutated adult Ant level 2       


   Mutated adult Ant level 3       


  Mutated child Ant level 2       

He stood there dazed for a couple of seconds and only snapped out of it when these ants rushed at him while threatening him with their claws.

They were double his size and quite scary looking, so having one rush at you would obviously be scary. But even though Arthur was terrified, he didn't dare stay put and accept whatever was coming toward him without even trying to retaliate.

He didn't even know if they were going to hurt him, eat him or whatever. He didn't have the time to think about such things in such a dire situation. He made use of his high Agility and dashed to the left.

Heck! He didn't even have legs so all he could do was to crawl and 'poof'. In mid-dash, he unconsciously struck a mutated adult ant that was in the way. 

The result was rather unexpected as he expected himself to be cut in two pieces but that wasn't the case at all. He underestimated his speed and managed to pass straight through the ant, resulting in a bloody hole in its chest.

The ant fell soundlessly to the floor while green blood flowed from its wound. Arthur, not knowing what to do, concentrated on the dead ant's body and dove into it. Everything went dark for a second before he opened his eyes, hearing the sound of the notifications;

 You have successfully Possessed an Adult Ant.


 You have gained a new skill! [Dig](lvl 6).


 You have gained a new skill! [Ant Language]


 You have gained a new skill! [Dive](lvl 2).


 You have gained a new skill! [Headbut](lvl 4).


 Due to your possession of an Adult Ant your stats have increased. Please check your status Window for more details.


Arthur quickly got up using his new 'body', he still wasn't sure what just happened until he read the notification and noticed his increased height. There was a gaping wound on his chest but his Health didn't decrease nor did he feel any pain. He wasn't sure why but the absence of pain had probably something to do with him, perhaps a wound inflicted by himself isn't recognized by the game-like system.

Surprisingly, all the other ants seemed briefly startled as the enemy disappeared from their sight. A few seconds later, with no appearance of the small enemy, they dispersed and went their own ways. After Arthur possessed that ant, he tried to sneak up and find a safe place, but it was a huge labyrinth, it took him 2 whole hours to find a place relatively quiet, remote and safe with no ants nearby.

He rested for the night and when he woke up, he decided to stroll around the labyrinth, thinking ‘maybe I should try to kill some of the Mutated Ants to gain some levels and power up’.

He wanted to leave this damned place as soon as he could, moreover, since his Stats increased, he should be able to at least match them in a fight and could probably kill a few of them.

After all, being a parasite he has far more Agility than them. After searching for quite some time, he finally found a Mutated Ant child level 2. He approached it from behind and used [Dive] on it. He thought it would put a little resistance, but it was crushed into the wall and turned into a mass of flesh and broken scales with green blood dying the ground. As soon as it stopped twitching and died he got notifications that he gained several gaining levels.

Life sure is funny, a while back he was tortured and now he is struggling to kill an ant. Although he didn't start off great, Arthur was still feeling relieved. There is no better thing than being free. Doing what he wants and going wherever he wishes however, that doesn't mean he forgot what was done to him....

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