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Arthur did not panic and swiftly headed into a remote alley then hid well before he closed his eyes and entered his consciousness. Although the origin of the voice surprised him, it didn't frighten him as he expected that the existence he locked inside to be powerful, after all, he couldn't possess it.

In a matter of seconds, he found himself in a vast endless space with a starry sky in all direction. Some distance away from him was his soul, which was a big blob of light with chains around it and two rotating objects above it.

Arthur cast his eyes on away from his soul and looked at the source of the voice, which came from inside a big cluster of thick chains. He used these chains along with countless Death Seals to lock the knight but it didn't appear to be working too well since whatever was inside could talk to him directly.

The other presence seemed to sense that Arthur responded to its words by entering his consciousness so it resumed talking

"Demon, I see you managed to get a good thing, how about we make a trade."

Hearing the voice again, Arthur felt alarmed as he stared at the cluster of chains. He raised his senses and cautiousness to the maximum and only replied after he activated the Ethereal State.

Before he could speak, the voice coming from within the cluster of chains added with a bit of shock

"A demon with such intense Life force?.... No, this is not Life Energy hmmm."

The voice seemed to be pondering as it remained silent for some time.

"First, I'm not a demon and second, what are you?"

"Kid, don't try to play those tricks on me. You can change your appearance or somehow create fake Life Energy but you can't fake or imitate the innate ability of original demons."

Arthur didn't retort so get rid of this baseless assumptions as it would be too much of a bother and he would gain nothing to reveal his real Race. Furthermore, the voice ignored his second question and only focused on the first.

"What do you want?"

Arthur held suspicions over this entity, it laid dormant from the moment he locked it until now so he guessed that it woke up due to something he got from the Kang Treasury House.

"What do I want? It should be me asking you, after all, I wasn't the one who was locked against his will in this place."

This was only met with a frown from Arthur. From the tone of the knight, he knew that it wasn't afraid or contain the helplessness of an imprisoned being which made him feel uneasy.

Seeing that it got no reply from Arthur, the knight continued:

"Let me tell you something first, possessing me isn't something like you could do. I can only think of a handful of demons capable of doing so. But I can still grant you many benefits which can boost your strength by more than you can imagine."

The knight who a very powerful ancient and that is a fact Arthur knew about. To be valued by the gargoyles so much that their leader would kneel in front of it, it must be even above the God Realm which is why he expended so much effort to steal it from them. However, he knew nothing about it and is certainly not stupid enough to fall for such offers. With the help of the Ethereal State, his mind soon calmed down and his heart became firm, he gently smiled at the knight and answer

"No thank you."

Then he turned around to leave as there was nothing to talk about. Just as he was leaving, the knight talked again

"Wait! I can see that you are decently powerful and have many tricks but I can give you something beyond that. I can even become your God Spirit, this will make you literally unbeatable amongst all the Gods, even Tenth Grade gods won't match you!"

Arthur ignored its words and left his consciousness, leaving the knight alone in the vast starry sky. There was only silence after he left, even the knight didn't speak for a long time. Inside the cluster of thick chains, the knight laid there motionless, its eyes were burning with green flames, causing a chilling feeling in the atmosphere.

The knight stared at the thick chains around him with dread and hesitation then it focused on the countless death seals around it, it was absorbing them as they were very beneficial to it. If Arthur knew that his death seals were like a good nourishment to the knight, he would surely cough blood!

"To refuse to cooperate with an Earth Spirit. I don't know if I should call you foolish or smart, demon."

It remained silent for an unknown amount of time before speaking again

".... Now then, how do I deal with such chains... this is practically impossible *sigh*"

After it said that, the green flames burning inside its eyes sockets turned dim until they disappeared. The knight returned to its dormant state while still absorbing the Death Seals.


After leaving his consciousness, Arthur deactivated his Ethereal state as it attracts unwanted attention, then he returned to his room in the inn and started checking his abundant harvest.

There was not a lot of treasures on the third floor but each and every one of them is priceless and rare to come by.

The best thing he got from there, which is most likely the thing the knight sought for is a fragmented piece of greyish metal, it looked like a normal scrap of metal but upon a closer look, anyone could feel a weak, almost nonexistent spatial power around it.

This piece of metal was actually a small part of a Dimensional stone!

Arthur couldn't contain his excitement as he laughed happily when he saw the results of the appraisal

Fragment of a Dimensional Stone (1/6): Can be used once a day to teleport the user to a random location (between 500km and 50,000km).

Although 500Km is nothing to Gods who can cross them in a short time, this piece of metal is still a life-saving treasure. If it is used in a perfect time, it can save the life of anyone, it can create many possibilities. But this wasn't why Arthur was excited, he was delighted because this was one of the six pieces of a Dimensional Stone. If he could get six of them then going to Earth wouldn't be that hard anymore.

If he found one then finding the rest is equally possible, he didn't lose hope and would try to seize any dimensional stone he will stumble upon, this was one of his main goals.

There were also other useful treasures such as a 3rd Grade Heavenly Ranked White Frost Ribbon and a 2nd Grade Heavenly Ranked sword called 'Desire Razor' but since Arthur didn't need defensive or offensive treasures, he ended up adding them to his collection and offering the sword to Makaze, which happily devoured the sword and vibrated intensely to indicate how much delicious it was.

Although its Rank isn't that high compared to powerful swords, the stats that the black katana add is absolutely absurd. There was a limit to how many swords it can devour and it had a relation to Arthur's current Realm, so he doesn't overfeed it a lot. Nevertheless, this strange katana was indeed immensely powerful. Since the day he got it till now, there were few things that the katana couldn't cut through, its sharpness is without equal and it matched perfectly with Dark Magic. It could be said that the Dark Magic along with the Dark Flame Ring, which evolved two times on its own.


Dark Flame Ring(2nd Grade Mystic Rank) : all your attacks will contain black flames which increase the damage by 35 %, +150,000 intelligence / +50,000health / +50,000 mana.

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