A note from TheCrow


You have absorbed Book of the Damned (Part 2)


You have fully absorbed The Book of the Damned


Faster than Death : Range increased from 50 to 150 meters.


Death Binding : The effect is now increased by 5 seconds.


Death Touch : absoring corpses in the Immortal Realm or above will allow you to gain 1% from their Mental Power 


You gained a new skill(passive) : Death Manipulation : Summon The Book of the Damned and used it as a mean to attack or defend. 

Can only use 10% of the book's capacity.


To unlock more functions of the Book of the Damned, the user(Arthur) have to be in a higher-Realm.

 It's to be expected that the results of absorbing the book would be like this but Arthur felt a bit disappointed as he only gained one skill.

With a thought, the dark and ancient book appeared in front of him, floating. He didn't know how Lissandra controlled her book but after hearing some of her answers, he found it rather easy to control the book in such way.

All he had to do is open the book and in its pages, there are pictures of certain creatures and some details about them, for example, their attacks, weaknesses and so.

In total, Arthur was able to use 3 creatures. One was a creepy and zombie-looking hand which is mainly to absorb incoming attacks and store it as temporary Energy. That temporary Energy can be used with 'Radiun', it's also a monster that can be summoned from the book. It's a two-headed bone lizard with a black flaming tail. The stored energy would make him 20% more powerful.

Moreover, Raduin is an attack-monster and is at the peak of the Immortal Realm at the very least, its power will increase when the user is at a higher-Realm.

The monster lasts forever until Arthur falls unconscious, dies or his connection with the monster is cut-off forcefully by an exterior pressure or anything of the sort.

Last but not least, 'Death Golem', its strength is unusually weak, to the point of not matching even a Deity Realm person but its defense is almost unpenetrable by any individual at the Divine Realm or less.

Seeing the new strong creatures, Arthur was absolutely sure that under the God Realm, he's the strongest albeit not reaching the Divine Realm yet.

After a couple of minutes checking the new skills and such, Arthur heard a ting and knew it was a signal. It was unknown why it occurred now and even he was hella confused but he didn't think too much about it.

With a wave of his hand, a blue lightning fog formed in the room and after only a few seconds. A huge wolf's figure was created from the blue fog, unlike his previous appearance, Astrith was bigger and looked more domineering.

With two pointed fangs coming out of his upper mouth and a surprisingly smooth blue fur, he looked like a legendary beast and not just a lightning beast.

"This one greets master."

Astrith performed a bow with his huge bow and dropped his head toward Arthur to show his respect. His body was made of out of lightning but unlike last time, there was now blue fur.

"Is this your new cover?"

"This one doesn't know exactly, however, this one isn't using anything. This one thinks that he evolved after master grew stronger."

"Um! Good to have you back."

Arthur nodded and checked Astrith with his appraisal only to be wide eyes from astonishment. He was supposed to be Astrith's master but the blue wolf was at the peak of the Divine Realm. He even checked multiple times but the result remained the same.

Logically, his Realm is not a bug or mistakes it's just that a servant's power is based on his master's. Arthur may be an Immortal 4th Grade but his strength is of a God Realm, even Lucy.

With Rizaki, he could even reach the peak of the God Realm but that move is too dangerous, he hoped not to be forced to use it a second time. Death Binding could have saved him if he activated at the moment of death but what of Lucy was nearby? If he lived and she died because of him then he would rather die with her.

With Randuin, Astrith, Delia and the Death Golem, Arthur pretty much has his own squad that has godly strength.

He is confident that if all of them ganged up on Jizung or Meyzu, they would probably be able to kill him, especially if he and Lucy prepare the Heavenly Arrow before fighting. Albeit wanting to try that, he wasn't going to as it was almost time to depart.


Saly woke up and was overjoyed to see Astrith, she jumped on him and wanted to ride him outside but was strictly forbidden by Lucy but Delia, fortunately, stepped in and proposed to join them so Lucy could only sigh and accept after seeing Saly's puppy eyes.

"Seriously, I can't reject her when she does that to me..."

As Lucy was sitting on Arthur's lap and getting her hair combed by him, she complained about Saly's puppy eyes that made her heart unable to be strict.

"Hahaha, It's okay to let her play once in a while, she's been through a lot after all."

Unlike Lucy, Arthur was easy-going with Saly and always let her do whatever she wants if it's not dangerous. Seeing Astrith going with her, he knew it would be safe and the God Realm individuals won't find this place today or tomorrow as it's filled with illusion techniques laid by Delia and some old talismans of Zodiak.

However, after seeing Lucy refuse, he couldn't speak up as gave up his own rights the moment he married her. If it's about decision-making, he would make all of them but if it's about Saly or simple things, Lucy was the ruler. He couldn't even retort or he will be ditched for a day or two or she would pinch him very hard THEN ditch him for a week. 

Between ditching or not ditching, of course, he would pick the latter so he shut his mouth and agreed with Lucy. 

"Hmpf! You're always easy with her, as her father, you should be stricter. What if she comes back with a man someday, you'll still accept him like that? Hmpf!"

Arthur laughed it off and heartily replied

"Hahaha, she's still young, how would she bring a man home, moreover. Where would she bring it from? We're in the middle of nowhere...."

Lucy didn't speak and merely snorted and remained silent. She liked having her hear caressed and combed by him so she just laid on her back on his chest and relaxed. They were still not out of the danger but they are temporarily safe so she wanted to enjoy her time with him. Having all the important and serious matters sorted out, she felt extremely relaxed and happy.


The next day, Arthur and co departed for the Abyss Valley. Their destination was a very dangerous place and on the way, they met many dangerous beasts, even some godly ones but they were all pushed away or killed by Delia or Arthur's new bodyguards.

A black rocky Death Golem with the height of 4 meters, a two-headed lizard, and a blue wolf was flying around Arthur and Lucy.

Saly was riding Astrith and Delia was flying next to her. On the shoulders of the golem was the poor Miya who was forcefully taken from her clan by the cruel Arthur who she despised to the bone.

She didn't know why he decided to take her with them but she couldn't resist or flee as it was impossible in their presence. As for Lissandra, Arthur told Delia to seal her in the white pearl for the moment, it was only a temporary solution as the pearl would kick her out sooner or later.

After a couple of hours spent flying, they finally arrived near the spatial fluctuations. The reason they didn't use a Spirit Boat is that it's very sensitive to spatial magic and even a bit of it can destroy it so Arthur decided to keep it hidden for the time being.

"It's going to get dangerous from now on, better stick close to me to avoid any incidents."

Delia spoke as she gestured to Astrith and Arthur to come closer. The blue furry wolf shrunk in size until it was the size of a normal wolf, Saly was still riding him. Arthur and Lucy who were riding also got next to Delia. Miya was miserably thrown by the golem toward Delia, who waved her hand and made Miya stop her fast air charging.

"You.... was it necessary?"

Miya was a very calm person, even after what has been to her, she never snapped in anger or shouted but this time she was unable to hold her emotions in check and raised her voice a bit. She quickly realized it and turned red from embarrassment. She resented Arthur so much, she saw he was not a bad person but she really wanted to strangle him right now.

The 5 of them were surrounded by Delia's Holy Light. When she was sure everyone was protected, the Holy Goddess proceeded toward the spatial fluctuations.

The mysterious person said 'Green' so they searched for a green spatial fluctuation but it was hard. There were thousands of them, one the size of a fingernail and the other the size of a mountain. Some were colorless and some were blood red but none was green.


"It appears there is no green colored spatial fluctuation and it's dangerous to head further as it  would invade the territories of ancient beasts."


Arthur didn't appear to care as they had Delia but the Holy Goddess showed an annoyed look and explained.

"I may be your servant for now but I'm not going to head for my death if you want to die then go by yourself. These territories are ruled by Sovereign Beasts and above, even ten of me can't beat or block them, much me alone. What's more is that the evil Energy here is more concentrated than any other place, if we head deeper, it'll weaken me and I'll be unable to protect you with my Holy Light."

Hearing this, Arthur felt depressed as they found no sign of the green colored spatial fluctuation and the situation is getting dangerous by the second. At such an important and desperate moment, the silent Saly pointed at the far distance and exclaimed.

"It's a green one, a green!"

She wasn't smart enough to understand the whole process of the going back to Astria but at least she knew that they were looking for a green portal of some kind so when she noticed green she spoke.

The green spatial fluctuation was about a kilometer or two at most from their distance and since it was surrounded by many other ones, it was hard to see it, it's a miracle Saly somehow discovered it.

"It's indeed a green one but is it the right one?"

Delia was still not willing to take the risk of diving there and then passing the wrong one, she was quite hesitant.

"Wrong or not, we'll still try it, now go and stop wasting time."

Arthur didn't hesitate as he gave Delia a direct order she can't disobey. Whilst gritting her teeth, the Holy Goddess spread her white and breath-taking wings, they flapped multiple times and the Holy Light around them became brighter and more powerful.

The speed they were advancing at was a bit faster but Delia's Energy was expanding at an unbelievable pace as she was using Holy Magic in such an environment, it's like trying to ignite a fire inside water.

Not long after, the 6 of them reached the green spatial fluctuation. It was the size of 2-meter door and the width of two normal humans.

So as they do not get separated, they held hands and Astrith went back to Arthur's consciousness. Just as they were ready to enter the blurry green portal, a terrifyingly loud noise resounded in their ears to the point of almost making them deaf.

When Arthur turned his head to look, he was dumbstruck to see a gigantic dsungaripterus, its wingspan is at the very least 50 meters. It was opening its mouth and ready to devour all of them in one ago.

Fortunately, the Holy Goddess noticed it before them and stepped ahead while her wings flapped and a flash of blue light was emitted from them.

Some kind of cubic blue barrier was formed in front of her but it was instantly shattered after holding no more than a second. Delia was struck by the creature and her left wing was torn off forcefully while the right one had some of its feathers fall.

Arthur grabbed Delia's hand and formed a Dark Magic while jumping to the portal along with the three others.

It was fortunate enough that the creature couldn't fit in the portal but its angry screeching was heard even after they passed the spatial fluctuation.

What laid in front of them was a dark space with countless flashing stars and planets all around, they seemed to be in some kind of tunnel that led to a specific world.

The road was silent and after just two minutes, another portal was at the end of the tunnel. Since the distance was too far, they could only see a spatial fluctuation but couldn't see what type of world it was.

Arthur was going to breathe a sigh of relief when suddenly, Zodiak's skeletal corpse appeared in front of him, his two lifeless eyes flashed with a purple light. The skeleton forcefully grabbed Arthur's arm and said

"I don't know what happened but just in case, I put a seal into my corpse so It would forcefully bring you to Astria when you're going back from the Underworld, if you're hearing this it means the place you're going to is not Astria, it may even be more dangerous than the Underworld so I thought it'll be good if I helped you a bit."

Before Arthur could react or even utter a word, the skeleton dragged him out of the tunnel and opened another tunnel on its own, the tunnel was endless and you could not see the end of it. Before any of the people present could react, Arthur was no longer seen and the tunnel created by the skeleton disappeared.

Lucy's face paled as she heard what Zodiak said, just like the others. The things she feared was what kind of world would they go to? The man said 'Home' but Astria was their home.


Just as a thought struck Lucy, their surroundings flashed and by the next second, a semi-dead Holy Goddess, a small beast girl and half-demon silver-haired woman and a wide-eyed green haired girl along with a two-headed lizard that appeared out of nowhere, appeared in a very narrow alley.

The place reeked of a foul stench, it seemed like piss and just a couple meters of them was a gray cubic box that emitted a more horrible smell.

All of them stared at the end of the alley as they heard people speaking and the sound of countless footsteps, what's more, surprising is the presence of a four-wheeled gray or black boxes that were moving on their own.....


A note from TheCrow

Start of a new volume(3)


Volume 3 : Enemies from everywhere.

ps : dsungaripterus (Google it, it's a type of a flying dinosaur)


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