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The next day, Arthur and Lucy accompanied by Delia went to where Lissandra was imprisoned as it was time for revenge and punishment. From the second they caught her, they were never going to let her live, even after torturing her and planning to exchange her for Saly, they would have found a way to secretly kill her.

As she saw the main person who captured her and caused her to become a mortal, Lissandra froze and started shaking. She didn't have her godly and mighty demeanor and instead, she stared with fear toward Lucy and Arthur.

"Y, You already got your daughter back and I apologized many times, w-what e...else do you want?"

Lissandra tried to look composed and calm but her body betrayed her as it was shaking non-stop. In the past, she was a very strong figure but facing death and being reduced to a weak moral completely changed her attitude.

Arthur could kill her and possess her and albeit not having her Dantian, he's still gaining a meager amount of stats but the most important is that but the fact that she has a portion of Zodiak's powers.

He walked near Lissandra and crouched, his actions were not aggressive but just seeing him approach her made the terrified Lissandra shiver faster.

Arthur didn't attack her or anything of the sort, he just snatched the dark book from her waist. If she still had some Nether Energy, she still could have used it but now she's but a weak mortal, even Saly could kill her.

Book of the Damned (Second Part)

 A simple appraise allowed him to know what the book is. When he found Zodiak, he found the book of the damned with him, of course, he absorbed it and it gave him two cheat skills.

He also knew that he didn't absorb the whole book as when the seal for the Overgod of Knowledge was lifted, the system clearly stated that he still didn't absorb the whole book which left him confused at first but after some thoughts, he guessed that there is missing pages or another part.

Arthur wasn't rush and didn't absorb the book immediately, he stored it in his ring and shifted his attention to Lissandra, who dipped her head down and didn't dare stare at him.

'She's seriously like another person....'

Lucy also told him that she's like another person and seeing her reverting back to being a mortal and her fearful attitude, he didn't suspect that it was all an act.

What she did was unforgivable yet he found it quite hard to kill her right now. He's a cold-blooded killer but since they adopted Saly and Lucy became his wife, he no longer cared about killing and was much more merciful. There were parts of him that relentlessly urged him to skin her alive than kill her but a small part of him insisted that he let her live.

Arthur scratched the back of his head as he looked at her with a somewhat helpless gaze then he turned his head and looked at Lucy whilst saying

"What do you think we should do?"

Hearing Arthur says that Lucy stared at Lissandra's frozen legs and the empty space where her arms should have been, she shook her head and said.

"I already vented my anger on her, you can kill her or throw her into a pit, what you want to do, I'll support you."

Arthur nodded back at her and transformed into a small black whirlpool that vanished in just a split second.

You have successfully possessed Lissandra (Human Lv10)


You gained another portion of Zodiak's powers: Forcefully taken from the host Lissandra.


Dark Heal (Active) : Dark Magic to heal the user, the effect is quadrupled if the user has a body made from Dark Magic. 


Dark Magic now deals 40% more damage. 


You gained a new skill(passive) : Death Laws: The more your Health decreases the stronger you become. If your Health reaches 1%, you stats are increased by 400%.



You gained a new skill(active) : Black Scorpion Body Strengthening-technique....


Your stats have increased, please check your window status for more details.


Level: ???? Class: Dark ARK Parasite
Realm : Immortal 4th Grade
Strength 90.1m Intelligence 107.9m
Agility 79.0m Wisdom 88.4m
Vitality 68.4m Dexterity 66.6m
Health 80m Health Regen 41721/s
Nether Energy 75.5m Nether Energy Regen 47000/s
Mana 120m Mana Regen 85177/s
Stamina infinite Stamina Regen ????
Creation : 80
Attack: 140.8m Defense: 92.4m
Magic defense : 15.5m
Enigma abilities : Telekinesis / Ancient Threads / Sixth sense / ARK??
Mental Power : 1497
Elemental Resistances:
Fire: 100% Water: 75%
Wind: 35% Earth: 75%
Light/holy: 5% Shadow 30%
Lightning 100% Ice 30%

 Arthur only possessed Lissandra for a couple of seconds but her body already started recovering, the two arms were already halfway grown right now. He didn't activate any healing but there were many passives gained from self-recovery of the ancient beasts and so on that can be activated in a humanoid body that was doing the work.

By the time Arthur left Lissandra's body, her arms were fully grown and healed, it's like she never lost them. The only evidence that she didn't have any is that the sleeves and the whole arm part of her clothes vanished so both her arms were not covered with anything.

There were two kinds of possessing Arthur could do. The possessing of the dead corpses and the possessing of living creatures. He could only possess weak creatures but if he leaves their body again, they would still regain control of their body.

There is the forceful possessing but the cost was too great so it would only use in case of emergencies. Actually, Arthur planned a lot to make his ex-wife's life a leaving hell, with his possessing, he would every person she trusts betray her, they would act against her, he would literally make her feel real despair but that plan won't start until he manages to arrive on Earth.

Lissandra felt as she blacked out for a short time, by the time she woke up, she found that her arm was fully grown. She wasn't surprised because they are back but why they are back? From their look, it was obvious that they loathed her to death so she was confused but she didn't speak and remained silent.

Even if her power is back, she still wouldn't dare escape in the presence of Lucy and the rest, especially when Delia is next to her. The Holy Goddess was even stronger than Jizung, much less Lissandra so she lost all her courage from the moment her she became a mortal.

"Alright, let's start the questions. There is only one rule, I ask, you answer, if I feel you're lying, I'll cut your arms off. If you don't answer, I'll cut your both your arms. If you take time to answer, I'll cut off your arms. Oh, and one more thing, I can heal them immediately so be prepared."

Lissandra nodded her had and replied with a shaky voice

"Y, yes yes. I'll answer  I'll answer."

From her fear, Lissandra couldn't help but repeat the words more than one time so Arthur could hear her and not just cut-off arms left and right because he heard no answer.

"First question; How did you go to Astria and how did you come back here?"

Lissandra didn't waste any second and replied instantly and didn't dare tell any lies.

"I-it's with the help rare spatial stone and a special energy people at the God Realm have... it, it's the same thing for coming back."

Arthur remained silent for a while before asking another question.

"What is the book you were holding and where did you find it?"

"A, ah, it-iit's, n-no I mean I found it in a cave at the western continent of Astria. It was within a dark temple which held the Dark Magic. It's a tool for attacking and defending and despite being at the God Realm, I,I.. I couldn't fully use it and can only spawn some creatures or conjure a fog that makes any object wither."

Lissandra disclosed everything she knew about the book, her life was already doomed so maybe if she told the whole truth, there is still a chance she can live. She still wanted to live despite becoming a mortal, she didn't give up yet.

"Are you the part of Medusa?"

Lissandra nodded continuously and responded

"Yey yes! In fact, it's me who created it for the purpose of finding other dark temples."

"Have you found any dark temples then?"

"I didn't personally search as even with my God Sense, I couldn't sense them but my subordinates found 8 other temples scattered in the four continents but none of them had anything special."

"You'll tell me the full details of their location later. Where do I find those spatial stones and what do they look like?"

This time, it was Delia who replied before Lissandra could.

"It's an old stone that absorbed too much spatial matter in the void and managed to fall in a world. It's very random and extremely difficult to find it. If you want to go back, then you better use special spatial doors or spatial turbulence but the latter choice will lead you to a random place, even a desolate world or a destroyed one, it could also throw you into the void."

Seeing that she wasn't able to answer, Lissandra face paled, although Arthur got the answer he wanted, she still felt afraid as she was not who replied but it appeared that she was too afraid and her worries were needless.

"Do you know of any way to go back to Astria besides the spatial stones?"

"In fact, traveling between worlds is easy if you're at the Immortal Realm. At this age, almost all worlds have spatial doors that lead to different precise worlds, it's just that the Underworld is unique and no one knows the frequency of the world. Astria is also a very, very remote world, even my summoning took some time, usually, it's instantaneous."

Arthur was confused by those new words but he didn't ask about them currently, he needed to go back to Astria with Lucy quickly as he too knew that they'll not last long. They offended everyone in the Underworld and sooner or later, they'll find him.

He continued asking Lissandra for a whole hour before he left that dark room with Delia and Lucy. Most of his questions were answered and he didn't need to cut off her arms even a single time. 

"You said that the one who possessed me said that we can go back after 7 days through a green spatial turbulence?"

"Yes. His tone sounded like he was confident about it and was sure that it'll lead us 'home'."

Lucy recounted every word the 'person' said but Arthur was still hesitant. He didn't like the fact that someone possessed him, it felt strange and uncomfortable. 

"We'll check that then, it's our only choice currently."


Lucy just nodded and followed him, as for Delia, she remained silent but after some time, as if something was ushering her to talk, she finally spoke.

"What about that abominable existence? Shall I burn her?"

"Let her ber, we need her for now."

Delia didn't like the fact that Arthur let Lissandra live, the Holy Goddesses regarded everything evil as their enemy, including Lissandra so she wanted to purify her by burning her with her Holy Light.

Even Arthur is considered evil but since he's her master, she couldn't act against him or she would instantly die. While gritting her teeth and showing an annoyed expression that didn't suit her mesmerizing face, she retorted.

"... Why? You already asked her everything you needed to know, moreover, I can answer if you still have anymore."

Arthur ignored her and went to his and Lucy's room where Saly was currently at. Delia could only stare at him begrudgingly for a moment before turning around and walk away but she was stopped by his voice.

"You were captured just like her and sealed to become my slave, I spared your life and let you live so why shouldn't I spare hers too? Moreover, I make the decisions and not you, If I say you let her live then you do so. The day you become free, you can do whatever you want but for now."

With that, Arthur no longer paid attention to Delia and sat on the bed with Lucy. He took the book and finally absorbed it to see what's going to happen.






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You can check my two other stories : Life As a Servant / Re; Hell Gate.

I know I know, you guys are not happy that Lissandra is still alive but... uh... well I can't explain, for now.

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