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From North to South, from East to West, every inch, every corner of the Underworld was suddenly covered by a cold Sense. Every living being felt it, it's like they were watched by something or someone, it gave them the chills and some even fainted because they were too weak, besides fainting, nothing dangerous happened to them.

At the quite and grand palace, the middle-aged man who blocked Arthur's Rizaki was awakened by the sense, he felt it clearly and he knew he was probed and discovered.

He stood up and probed the whole Underworld but he still felt nothing. He then shifted his sense to where Arthur and co but he was surprised to see that all of them were present except the supposedly dead Arthur.


Going back to where Arthur, Delia, and the rest were. The white tiger Kilan and Shishu were mind boggled and in total disbelief. The reason for this was because Arthur, who was supposed to have died is now calmly floating above Delia.

Even the Holy Goddess was confused and stunned, the crackling of chains ended by seeing Arthur completely healed and fully awake startled her. 

Everyone present looked at Arthur with confusion and astonishment but the target of all attention didn't even spare them a glance.

He stayed silent for a long time and gazed at a specific distance whilst being lost in thought. No one dared to disturb him for some reason, the feeling, and demeanor around him was completely different from the previous Arthur, it could be said that they are two different people. While the previous one was aggressive and had a hint of arrogance or maybe overconfidence, this one was calm, too calm and serene.

It's like he was another being and didn't even hold them in his eyes, even a goddess such as Delia felt that he was way superior to her.

Even after a long time, no one dared to move or speak, they just floated there silently without doing anything. 

Suddenly, the spirit sense arrived and covered the whole Underworld. No one was able to know who was the source of it but those three, it's because this was their only guess. 

He transformed in such a short time and his behavior coupled with the serene but domineering aura around him ascertained their guesses to a hundred percent.

Anyone who knows Arthur would surely know that this person was not him, he had his appearance but it was not him. 

At the majestic palace in the far South of the Underworld, the surprised middle-aged man was perplexed and felt unease so he was going to personally leave this palace after a very long time and go check Delia and the others as it was the most suspicious place because Arthur disappeared.

However, just as he was going to teleport and arrive next to the three gods, the silent Arthur finally spoke with a slow but crisp voice.

"You didn't repent enough to leave that palace and it is still not the time for you to show up."

It was only a sentence but the meaning behind it made the middle-aged man freeze. An invisible pressure pressed down on him and didn't even let him move a muscle, even breathing was very hard, much less move.

'H-how did he know? How? Who is he!'

A lot of thoughts and questions surged him but they were left unanswered, he couldn't do a thing as the pressure was too strong, it's like the whole sky or the whole world was pressed on him.

Not only Arthur's voice rang inside his ears, it was also heard by the present gods near him, they didn't know his meaning and were left even more confused.

After dealing with that middle-aged man, 'Arthur' no longer paid attention to him. When he stretched his sense earlier, he easily found what he was looking for. 

As silence ruled the place once again, something happened yet again. In front of Arthur, an unconscious Saly appeared, she didn't have any injuries and appeared to be simply sleeping.

"Hold her."

Two words from 'Arthur' were enough for Delia to snap out of her daze and unconsciously follow his order and hold the sleeping Saly in her arms. For no apparent reasoning, she was afraid of the present Arthur and didn't dare mock him or even disobey his words. 

For the first time since he arrived, 'Arthur' glanced at Kilan and Shishu but after glancing for less than a second, he didn't bother with them anymore.

Kilan no longer could hold it and be going to act but after blinking his eyes once, Delia and 'Arthur' disappeared into thin air. No matter how much he tried and probed with his Godly Sense, he didn't find any trace of them.

"H-how could this be, I couldn't even move...."

Kilan was shocked as he really couldn't move in 'Arthur's presence, it's like he was an ant or even less than that and if he dared stand out, he would be erased from existence.

Granny Shishu was silent but you could notice her sleeve shaking a bit. A single glance that didn't even last a second was enough to cause her to feel terror. He had a calm attitude and was not particularly angry or aggressive toward her but she still felt an overwhelming pressure that suffocated her.

"I'm going back."

Without minding Kilan anymore, the old woman turned around left. As for Kilan, he didn't give up and continued roaming the area to find 'Arthur' and Delia.

What he didn't know is that 'Arthur' appeared in a secluded cave near the Abyss Valley. Lucy didn't arrive yet as the distance between the cave and the banquet was too far but that didn't stop him from teleporting her and the two hostages next to him.

Lucy, who was still riding the Spirit Boat and heading to her destination, was startled by the sudden change of environment, by the time she came back to her senses. Arthur and Delia were in front of her, what was even more joyful is that little Saly was sleeping in Delia's arms.


Without hesitation, Lucy dashed to Delia and took Saly from her arms while hugging the little girl tightly, she was extremely happy to see her only daughter alive and well.

She checked her with her conditions but she seemed to be in perfect shape. After confirming it again, she shifted her attention to the calm Arthur. Just one look and Lucy was sure that he was not the real Arthur. She didn't want to jump into conclusions so she asked him

"Who are you?"

The cold and serene eyes of 'Arthur' softened when he looked at Lucy, he didn't have much time left yet he still replied to her.

"I'm no one. Time is tight and the Underworld is not safe at all, albeit facing the leaders, there are things lurking here much more dangerous than you think. After 10 days, there should be strong spatial fluctuation and there would be one who is green, that one will lead you 'home'. Don't stay here any longer."

After saying that, 'Arthur' gazed at the roof but in reality, he was gazing at the gloomy gray sky of the Underworld. 

'It's too early, way too early for me to appear. This is not good.'

Hearing this, Lucy seemed to have thought of something so she said after some hesitation.

"Are you Senior Zodiak?"

Her question made 'Arthur' frown for a second, he then laughed and spoke

"Hahaha, I'm not that geezer, I'm no one, really no one...."

Lucy wasn't willing to give up so she retorted with another question

"If you're no one then where's Arthur and why are you possessing his body?"

'Arthur' wanted to scream some words to her but he held back and calmly replied to her without feeling annoyed by her endless bombardment of questions.

"Your dear lover is safe and sound, he's sleeping and he should be waking up soon."

What no one saw is that inside Arthur's consciousness, the bright soul that was like the sun was slowly blurring and the intense light was diminishing.

Thicker and longer chains appeared and started to wrap themselves around the bright soul, making it return to its normal size.

'It's almost time huh? I guess I'll help him one last time.'

'Arthur' used a special Energy to help Arthur and make his breakthrough to the Immortal Realm yet again, some changes were made to his body. After doing that, he seemed to have become tired so he silently walked toward Lucy and softly said

"It's time to part, I'm sleepy so I'm going to rest for a bit... just a bit."

As he said that, he leaned on Lucy and closed his eyes. Obviously, Lucy still had tons of questions but she knew none of them would get answered so she sat at a corner while Arthur was leaning on her shoulder, a smile was hanging on her breathtaking face as she stroked Saly's fluffy ears and gazed at the sleeping Arthur.

Delia, Lissandra, and Miya gazed at what happened with surprise and confusion, too many things happened, especially for Delia, so she wasn't able to fully comprehend what happened. One thing for sure is that the Arthur that was awake just a moment ago was not the real one.

The Holy Goddess walked near Lissandra and Miya and used Holy Light to create white shackles that bound them to the wall, restraining them completely, then she stood silently near them without making a word. For now, she's Arthur's servant and slave and she can't fight back, after what she witnessed, there is no courage left for her to rebel.

At the white and empty palace, the middle-aged man was finally able to move after 'Arthur' fell asleep. Cold sweat ran down his back and his body couldn't help but shake for a second. 

He didn't dare leave the palace and went back to his usual place and sat cross-legged, after a couple of seconds, the aura around him change and he seemed to have gone into a deep sleep. The only sound that could be heard is the whistling of the wind in this big and empty palace that was devoid of any object or living being.

... Earth, the original place Arthur lived in before dying, a lot of things changed on this planet, including its main system. Countless companies fell and many rose. 

Money became much more valuable but there is another currency that also became valuable and it's items, magic items.

About a month ago, weird and mysterious caves appeared all around the planet, whether it's in Africa, Asia or even the north pole. These places were called dungeons by the government as they strongly resembled them. 

In fact, these dungeons had weak and strong monsters in them. Albeit the sudden appearance of these dungeons, nothing major happened, the monsters were aggressive but they never left the dungeons and it's not obligatory to enter it but almost every person wanted to enter the dungeons.

Not all people were lucky, life has always been unfair, some people thought that God blessed them with the dungeons so they can rise further and discover more things. Just like they walked on the moon, people wanted to aim higher and further and this was like a blessing for them.

Some rare people gained abilities on Earth, it a very meager amount of people but they still existed. All the abilities defied physics and science, ranging from fireballs to wind tornado. The public was surprised and those people that had special abilities became famous and rich in just a month.

They would explore dungeons and gain magical items that would be sold for millions of dollars if not more. So like that, a unique government was created and ruled by those people and in just a week, this government became international and welcomed any person with abilities......

A note from TheCrow


So yeah, this chapter had a lot of clues but I'm not sure if you'll understand all of them, it's confusing, I know, but hopefully, sooner or later it'll be explained. Good night.


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