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The first one to strike was Delia who swung her whip. Coupled with her power Holy Magic, the whip was mainly for Water-attribute and fortunately, Delia was good at using this attribute. It was not the point that it is the same as her Holy Magic but it's not that far off.

Since she was against three enemies, her she whipped the air three times, creating 5-meter long water snakes that twirled around in a weird manner.

Not only were these three water snakes big, they spat Holy Light balls at Shishu and co. The sound of the whip hitting the air was loud and crisp. The first attack of Delia was just a show-off, after sending the snakes she disappeared from her position and transformed into a bright light that dived toward Granny Shishu.

For her, dealing with the lightning if the most important thing. For someone like her, she could easily make Arthur fly far from here but then she would be unable to save him if someone unexpected attacked him so the only thing she could do is let him close to her and keep an eye on him.

The good thing is that his body was fully healed and he only wore torn clothes. No knows when but he was suddenly golden pants. Delia couldn't just let him have his lower body naked in such situation. She hated him but not to the point of loathing, he was just an enemy of the Holy Church and she was summoned to kill him. There was the slave thing but there were several conditions that were complicated that gave her a big headache so she didn't try to humiliate him or anything of the sort.

No matter how strong the water snakes were, they were easily deflected with a wave of Kilan's hand. With merely his pure Nether Energy, he dissipated the three snakes as if they were nothing but simple snakes but Delia was not fazed by this.

Her whip whistled in the air as it struck Granny Shishu who already took out a purple ribbon from her storage and clashed it with the whip. What she didn't expect is despite Delia using mainly Holy Magic, she couldn't deflect the whip. 

Shishu was forced to retreat a few steps but that was the end, Delia grasped this opportunity and with a wave of her gracious hand, the long whip instantly wrapped around Shishu's arm. After successfully doing that, Delia flung her whip and sent the old women flying with high-speed toward the ground.

Her attack was simply but deadly. Lightning may be the weakness of Holy Magic but she was at the peak of the God Realm and she would probably breakthrough in the next few months, the difference between their strength is too big.

As Delia sent Shishu flying and crashing into the ground, Kilan appeared to her left and used a curved white blade to slash at her neck. He was still smiling creepily but the killing intent he emitted was too thick and overwhelming.

Even Delia was surprised by such a killing intent. The Holy Goddess raised her hand and a bright white shield instantly appeared, it looked very durable and impenetrable.

Soon, the curved white blade struck the white shield and caused it to have multiple cracks but fortunately for Delia, the shield didn't break. 

Seeing the result, Kilan was not surprised or depressed, he performed a weird movement technique and his figure began turning blurry but before he could completely vanish, Delia's fast whip came striking at his head with amazing momentum, what's more is that the whip became like a straight weapon and at its tip was a sharp water edge. Although it was only water, it had pink-ish color and the aura emanated from that small tip was not something to underestimate.

Kilan didn't lag behind as he performed strange seals in mid-air and held his blade horizontally to block the whip. In reality, the curved blade didn't clash with the whip, it was the big white tiger behind Kilan that moved and used its gigantic and long sharp claws to clash with the incoming whip.

The wind whistled and ringing resounded in the surroundings when the clash occurred, the claws were able to block the whip and even after a couple of seconds, the whip didn't manage to break the claws.

Kilan smirked and his figure began blurring yet again but as he was staring at Delia's expression, he was astonished to see her sneering and showing a playful smile.


Before he could mutter a single word, the big wings behind Delia finally moved, they flapped just one time but that alone created a bright flash and an overwhelming pressure, it was like a mountain was pressing on Kilan. With a speed even greater than Shishu, his figure crashed into the ground and destroyed huge boulders, he even went deeper into the ground and created a hole.

"Ah too easy, come on at least fight back a bit."

Delia was grunting as she was not pleased, she showed her wings but she didn't fight seriously as none of them pushed her to do that, she was depressed as she was eager to see how strong she became. She didn't fight for a long time but it was obvious that her prowess increased multiple times.

As she was feeling ecstatic, she suddenly remembered Jizung who didn't attack, her sense soon caught him a couple of meters Arthur, he was laughing madly and a long saber was in his left hand, he was already prepared to stab Arthur's heart.

Even after seeing him so close to Arthur, Delia was not the least bit worried or anxious. Her wings flapped a second time and this time, no bright flash or pressure was emitted from her but she suddenly appeared next to old man Jizung.

The clan master was terrified by the sudden appearance of this Goddess, he was so close to his target yet he was blocked by her. He was not recovering and every time he used Nether Energy or moved around, his state worsened. As he saw death coming so he gave up on retreating and was willing to seriously injure himself and in return at least kill Arthur.

All of Jizung's skin turned green and the Black Cobra behind him hissed loudly, it shrunk in rapid speed and merged with him. His eyes turned jet black and his skin became dark green with gas coming out of it. 


Delia was not here to see the show of him sacrificing himself to hurt Arthur. A 2-meter long spear made from Holy Light was created by her, she held the spear and throw it at him whilst her wings flapped yet another time.

Her throw was strengthened due to the power of her wings, the spear transformed into a white straight line of multiple meters and its speed was not something Jizung could cope with.

He was happy with his new transformation but before he could even use a technique or a treasure to block the spear, it had already stabbed his stomach and came out of his back, not only that, but he was flung with it far off from where Arthur was.

While the spear was still stabbed in him, Jizung coughed blood endlessly, after being flung more than 500 meters, the spear vanished and reappeared in Delia's hand.

Shishu and Kilan had already got up from the ground and flew to the same level as Delia. Both of them stared at the Holy Goddess with fear and anticipation.

Granny Shishu was already regretting her actions but it was too late to back off, the only thing she could do is fight seriously. Kilan also knew he was no match for Delia even if he fought with Shishu, the only way for them to defeat her is to fight seriously.

White fur that resembled a coat was taken out by Kilan, he wore it and covered his whole body, at the same time, the white tiger behind him merged with his body and soon, cracking sounds were heard as Kilan's appearance changed dramatically.

From his humanoid figure, he transformed into a large white tiger with yellow eyes. The pressure around Kilan intensified, he growled once but the sound was deep and terrifying. His two yellow eyes gazed at Delia with contempt and anger, killing intent never ceased being emitted from this two frightful eyes.

As for Granny Shishu, she didn't transform into a purple Fox but her whole demeanor changed from raging lightning to complete calmness. From head to toe, she was covered in purple lightning, her eyebrows were longer and purple too. Dual purple blades were held by her two hands and although Lightning struck her from above, no loud noise resounded, which was weird.

"Hoooo, so you're finally being serious? But isn't it a bit late?"

As Delia said that, she glanced at Jizung who could barely flight, he was literally on the brink of death, another attack from her and he'll certainly die but it doesn't look like these two would let her do so.

Since both of them turned serious then Delia had to fight seriously too. Her wings started flapping and soon, what looked like rain but weren't started falling all around her. It was countless little white sparks that made her look even more majestic and beautiful but prettiness wasn't their function. 

The sparks enveloped the whole area, including Shishu and Kilan who were dumbfounded by this.

"A high-leveled Holy Domain...."

Shishu mumbled those words but she didn't back off, instead, she was the one to attack, whilst spontaneously slashing with her two blades at Delia, purple lightning sparks enveloped her and shot off toward Arthur.

Kilan did the same and leaped at Delia with his new body, he didn't use any skill and purely relied on his physical strength but what's surprising is that he was faster than Shishu.

Seeing both of them come at once, Delia was unfazed, her whip somehow transformed into a long golden blue spear that had some white feathers at its, the feathers resembled her wings.

Her wings flapped non-stop as she swept with the spear toward both of them and merely a sweep was enough to create a mind-boggling water-wave that covered the sky and made the area a bit dark.

The big water wave clashed with the lightning and the white tiger but it did nothing more than slowing their charge for a couple of seconds.

The fight started and Holy light coupled with mysterious water attacks raged all around the area. The fight was in mid-air but since their fight shifted out of the bottomless abyss, destruction occurred everywhere and mountains were flattened by monstrous water waves or lightning strikes.

Since they were in her domain, Delia could attack from anywhere she wants and can create Holy Light attacks that strike them from the back. It was a disadvantage to fight two versus one but she overwhelmed both of them and in a matter of minutes, Shishu was panting heavily and Kilan had an ugly wound in his back.

As for Delia, she only suffered minor injuries and the worst one was a frontal slash from Kilan's long claws yet even this was healed in a matter of seconds by the little white sparks.

Bai Lingyue was not at the back anymore, nobody knew when but he had long since disappeared from the area, maybe he had gone back or went off to a specific location. He could do nothing to help Arthur and although it's a bit interesting to watch a fight between gods, he was not in the mood for it after all that happened.

The more the fight lasted, the better the situation turned for Delia, she had more Nether Energy reserve thanks to the pearl and was stronger, so the injuries for Kilan became more numerous and Shishu's figure began blurring and some Lightning was being removed from her body every second, it was obvious that she could not maintain this form too long because of Delia relentless and strong attacks.

Just as Delia's spear clashed with the dual blades of Shishu, the Holy Goddess hurt a slashing sound from behind. Because she immersed in the fight, she didn't focus much on Arthur but she didn't completely ignore him too, moreover, some of her sense was locked in Jizung at the back so nothing should have happened, or so she thought.

With an angry sweep with her spear, Shishu was flung a hundred meters away and Delia hastily turned around only to see the bloodied Meyzu stabbing Arthur with his blood red long sword.

Meyzu's state was even worse than Jizung and the reason she didn't sense him was that he's dead, it seems he used all his remaining Soul Essence and lifespan to push himself to remain unnoticed and sneak attack Arthur, which turned to be successful.

After he stabbed Arthur, he grinned madly and fell from the sky with an evil grin hanging on his face. His blood red sword was still stabbed into Arthur back and came out of his chest. In just a few seconds, all the blood in Arthur's body was absorbed by Meyzu's sword, he literally turned white and by the time Delia appeared beside him and started using the full potential of her domain to heal him, he was already on the brink of death.

Delia was so angry and depressed, she didn't particularly care about Arthur as a person but his death meant hers too so how couldn't she feel depressed?

No matter how she healed and even after the sword was taking out, Arthur's wounds didn't seem like it was healing and he didn't have any drop of blood. Normally, his heart should have stopped beating but miraculously, it was beating very slowly. Delia could feel it but she didn't know why he didn't die.

As she was frowning, a sound of a crackling chain was heard inside of her head, not only her but even Shishu and Kilan who were surprised by this turn of events.

The first thought that struck them was that it's the sound of the white chains wrapped around Arthur's was tightening or causing this sound but after a simple glance, it was apparent that it wasn't the source of the crackling chains.

After hearing this sound for half a minute, a loud heart thumping sound was added and it was even louder than the previous sound, the weird thing is that they heard it inside their heads and no matter what they did, it couldn't be stopped or removed.

The heart thumping was getting slower until it finally stopped after one full minute, as for the crackling chains, it became louder until Kilan started howling loudly and Shishu clutched her ears. Even Delia was no exception but she didn't do anything and merely gazed at Arthur.

No one knew where that sound came from but one thing for sure, if it didn't stop then they'll seriously be injured. Their meridians started shaking from the sound and they felt as if they would turn mad at any second.

If one looked at Arthur's consciousness, they would see that the bright light which was his soul which was wrapped with tight black and purple chains was now being released. The crackling chains sound was indeed because of those chains as they were being slowly released from the soul. Previously, they were tightly held around his soul but after his heart stopped beating, the chains were being released and his soul was emitting a blinding light. It's like the blinding light of the sun was present in the consciousness of Arthur.


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