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Time was tight for someone like Jizung, who was searching for Arthur. He should be resting and recovering from his injuries and not expanding Nether Energy and using multiple techniques to find Arthur. 

The reason is, if he didn't kill Arthur or at least torture him to his heart's will, he(Arthur) will become a knot in his heart, like a demon that stops him from advancing any further in cultivation. 

He already dropped two whole grades so it's obvious that his clan will suffer a lot, in fact, it may even be kicked out as most of the elders disappeared and he became too weakened because of the explosion.

The only was who was almost unscathed is Granny Shishu and Azure Bai, who used the golden shield. Kilan was also managed to avoid danger, he was currently flying with high speed with Aborak on his left. Both of them used techniques to locate Arthur. 

Since the area of the explosion was within the range of their techniques, it didn't take them long to find his location, it was to the far north of the bottomless abyss. Jizung was slower than them as he couldn't use high-levelled tracking techniques or else he might drop more grades, his Nether Energy is already depleted so using more techniques would make things much worse.

The situation is becoming worse for the unconscious Arthur as there was no sign of him waking up any time soon. His body was still healing itself but unless someone forcefully tried to wake him up then he would remain like that. 


The first person who found Arthur was the Lich King and Kilan. They didn't recklessly dive ahead and strike him as it was too idiotic after what happened.

He was layed unconscious with a pool of blood under him, he looked in a very miserable state yet the two of them stayed far away and simply stared at him.

"What do you think we should do? He looks unconscious."

Kilan questioned his friend as he was not brave enough to go and restrain him again after what happened, no matter if he's unconscious or not, he's a dangerous man that should not be underestimated.

"He's at the Deity Realm? Perhaps he's trying to make us get close again.... let's restrain him from here."

Aborak pondered for then made some strange seals in the air, black gas came out of his sleeves and suddenly, two ugly looking beasts appeared out of nowhere. They resembled a griffin but they were much smaller, more or less the size of a lion. They were jet black including their skin and they had a foul stench. 

The two beasts flew toward Arthur intending to restrain him. Kilan took out a long white chain from his storage and threw it toward the Griffin, the chain had two shackles which are used to lock someone's limbs. 

Each one of the two griffins bit the end of the chain and flew toward Arthur. Surprisingly, they were met with no resistance when they put the shackles and wrapped the chains around him yet a second time today but all of this made Aborak and Kilan frown even more. 

It would have been fine if some kind of mechanism was activated but nothing happening made them worry even more. 

Very soon, the griffin flew again while restraining Arthur between them in mid-air, slowly but surely they were making their way toward the two.

At such a time, a green beams came from the South, it was Jizung in a very haggard state, blood was flowing out from the forehead and his face almost dyed with blood yet he didn't seem to mind it as his eyes were focused on Arthur who was held in mid-air.


Without even minding Aborak and Kilan, Jizung madly rushed at Arthur and attacked. Multiple small green snakes twirled in the air and flew toward the unconscious Arthur. 

The old man showed no mercy and his actions were too sudden, by the time Aborak and Kilan reacted, it was too late to stop the snakes from reaching Arthur, even for strong figures like them, to begin with, even that godly teleportation needed at least a second or so to activate yet they didn't have such precious time to block the snakes.

Unlike Jizung, they didn't want to deal with Arthur immediately, there were too many questions they needed to ask and things needed to check before killing him so Jizung's actions were too rush from their point of view.

At such a desperate time, just when the snakes were going to invade Arthur's mind and soul and slowly poison him to death and cause him unimaginable pain, a blue light suddenly appeared.

A fist-sized white pearl appeared out of nowhere in front of Arthur's chest, it glowed with a blue light and it pulsated every now and then. The pearl sudden appearance was surprising but what was even more shocking is that all the snakes with no exception were burned into a crisp by a blinding white flash.

Jizung's face turned paler when he saw that, he retreated repeatedly from that white flash until he was near Aborak and Kilan. The fear from that blinding flash from earlier was still engraved inside of him, never to be forgotten so when he saw a similar light, he couldn't help but back off and feel afraid. 

If another similar explosion occurred, it's without a doubt that he'll perish and it's unlikely that neither Aborak nor Kilan would spend their Nether Energy or treasures to protect him, after all, they were friends on public but in reality, they were bitter enemies albeit not fighting.

After throbbing for half a minute, the pearl glowed with a blue light constantly until the pearl transformed into a miniature figure. If you look closely, you would notice that it's a pretty woman with long blond hair and two alluring blue eyes.

In a matter of seconds, her size became that of a normal human as her size increased, one could see the unmatched beauty, whether it's her curvy body or two snowballs in her chest area, everything about her would make any man love stricken.

Although she only wore a golden piece that did not cover anything but her lower regions and some of her chest, that only made her more pretty. It was, in fact, the Holy Goddess Delia that was sealed by Zodiak.

The famous Bloody Day was the day she lost her freedom and was sealed by Zodiak into this pearl but it came at a cost, she lost her freedom but what was surprising is that every day, her power increased by several folds. It's only been a short time but she advanced from the God Realm 6th Grade to the peak of the God Realm. 

Normally, it would have taken her at the very least a century to advance a grade or two if she's lucky but in less than a year, she advanced 3 whole grades. 

She didn't know what Zodiak did but she was both happy and depressed. Happiness because of her rise in strength and depression because she literally became the toy of a human.

Zodiak made sure that no matter how strong she became, she has to obey Arthur's words and he also added missions for her to follow and she absolutely cannot disobey.

The main mission is to protect Arthur and Lucy but she had to put priority to Arthur. In case of a life and death situation, she would automatically be summoned to protect him so when the green snakes attacked, the pearl came out of Arthur's storage and started to function like Zodiak planned.

'Argg!! A Holy Goddess like is me a slave! How can that be! If the Holy Order heard of this then I would be burned to death by the Holy Fire as punishment...'

If she didn't protect Arthur then she would die alongside him and that is something she certainly did not want to happen. 

Seeing that there were only three enemies, one only at the 6th Grade and the two others at the 8th Grade, it didn't look that bad for her as she was at the Peak of the God Realm, moreover, the Lich used death energy mainly and that's something a Holy goddess can easily block or destroy.

Holy magic has always been the weakness of evil magic in general, whether it's darkness, dark or death magic, there was also other magics that are weak against Holy attribute but just like Holy magic is strong against those, it is very weak to Fire especially and Lightning secondly.

Delia turned her head and saw the miserable state of Arthur, with bloody injuries and slashes all over, his state couldn't be worse, he was on the verge of death.

"Gosh, what kind of man requires a woman to save his ass...."

As a Holy Goddess, she was supposed to be kind and polite but since she was sealed, her mouth became rotten and she never ceased insulting Zodiak and especially Arthur, her new master.

Fortunately, her new master was an idiot who didn't know how to use the peal or else it would have been disastrous. 

'Hmpf! If he dares touch my body, I'll smite him and erase him for existence!'

She always thought he would try to make a move and force things but she never was summoned since she was sealed which was surprising. She couldn't see what's happening outside but at least, inside of the pearl was a comfortable space and every day that passes, she became much more powerful.

Delia raised her hand toward Arthur's figure and healed his wounds, although it was not instantaneous, his lower half was healing at much faster pace, moreover, the chain that was put around his waist was shaking violently as [Holy Ligt] was trying to break it.

Seeing that her Holy magic couldn't break the white chain and the shackles around his two arms, Delia frowned, her focus shifted from the chain to the two griffins that were holding the two ends of it.

With a wave of her hand, countless Holy Bullets the size of a thumb struck the two griffins and once they penetrated deep into their bodies, the bullets started burning their corpses easily. 

After merely 10 seconds, the two griffins vanished without a trace. With no support, Arthur's body should have fallen but Holy Light surrounded him and at the same time that it was healing him, it made his body floated steadily and a barrier was created all around him, blocking any incoming attacks.

Now that Delia was certain that Arthur would not die, she turned her head to look at the astonished Aborak and the rest. It was obvious she was looking down on them, not because she was higher Grade than them but just because she was an arrogant person and she considered anything that has to do with evil magic as something corrupted. It's to be expected as she was a Holy Goddess.

Arthur was safe right now but the white chain was still wrapped around him and even the Holy Light wasn't able to burn it or destroy it.

"What are you gazing at me for? Hurry up and get rid of this damnable chain!"

Her crisp voice awakened the three of them, they were just too shocked by her sudden appearance, no matter if she's at the Peak of the God Realm they should have at least sensed her from a mile yet no one suspected anything. 

"A goddess from the Holy Order at the Underwork?"

Kilan was acknowledgeable about the strong factions and the Holy Order was one of the main ones, it's just that it's practically impossible to find any of its followers in the Underworld as this place is considered enemy territory for them, moreover, she's protecting Arthur? This matter was getting more and more confusing and complicated.

"It doesn't matter if she's from the Holy Order or not, we're already their enemy so whether we kill her or not, nothing will change."

Aborak spoke coldly as his lifeless eyes were fixated on Delia, he can fight her but he prefers not too, after he remained silent for a couple of seconds, he resumed speaking.

".... I'm going back, it's futile to waste more energy in fighting another God, moreover one that is stronger than us."

With that, Aborak stared at Arthur one final time before he turned around to leave but before he did so, Kilan held his shoulder and said

"You're leaving just like that? After all, that man has done to you and us?"

Jizung was also dumbstruck by Aborak's sudden retreat, seeing that Kilan tried to stop him, he joined the conversation and said

"Lich King, that man not only destroyed the banquet, he hurt people of your Race and humiliated you, how can you leave just like that?"

It was one thing that his friend was Kilan but Aborak didn't like the fact that Jizung reprimanded him and tried to stop him. With eyes full of thick killing intent, he stared at old man Jizung and retorted

"Whether I leave or not is none of your business, try to use me again and we'll see what happens."

After saying that, Aborak disappeared into a black beam that flew toward the East. It was obvious that Jizung was injured and couldn't find Delia alone so he wanted to use Kilan and Aborak to fight with him and grasp an opportunity to finish Arthur but his plan was clearly seen by the Lich King.

Kilan was also aware of what Jizung was planning but unlike Aborak, he was not going to let Arthur go for certain reasons. After Aborak's figure disappeared, he sighed and stared at Delia whilst showing a creepy smile.

"So it's Holy Goddess, It's a pleasure to meet a beautiful goddess, I wonder what business you have in such a lowly world like the Underworld?"

Kilan didn't attack immediately and replied to Delia's question with another question. Although she was at the Peak of the God Realm, he was not worried about getting killed as he had something up his sleeves, moreover, he is considered strong even for someone at the 8th Grade God Realm. You could easily deduce that by the fact that he was unscathed by Rizaki.

'So it's the Underworld? No wonder that I don't like the atmosphere.....'

Just as Delia was going to speak again, two beams appeared from the horizon. It was actually Bai Lingyue and Granny Shishu, they were the farthest from Arthur so it took them a bit more time to arrive.

They were first confused by the situation but after seeing Delia in front of Arthur and the Holy Light covering him, it's obvious that she's his comrade. Even the calm Bai frowned as he saw Arthur with a Holy Goddess. 

"Jizung, what's the situation?"

Despite knowing more or less what happened, Shishu still asked Jizung to ascertain her assumptions. 

"Just as you see, I was going to kill that bastard but this unknown goddess appeared out of nowhere, no one could sense where she came from."

As he was replying to Shishu, Jizung was looking at Arthur and trying to find a golden opportunity to strike with a deadly attack to finish it once and for all.

As for Shishu, seeing Arthur unconscious, she started to have doubts and hesitation. She didn't interfere earlier but this time it was different.

'If I capture him alive, I can trade him for Miya with that silver-haired woman.... perhaps..'

Suddenly, Granny Shishu appeared a couple of meters near Kilan and Jizung and stared intensely at Delia. An illusory and big Lightning Fox emerged from her back and emitted ferocious aura all around itself.

Purple Lightning started raging as the fox appeared, what followed is the White Tiger behind Kilan and the Black Cobra behind Jizung. All of them prepared themselves as they were going to face Delia. They didn't know how strong she was but a one Grade difference in the God Realm is a very big deal. 

Bai Lingyue was unhappy with Granny's sudden change in actions but even though they were friends, he can't forcefully stop her, he just stayed at the back and silently watched. 

Delia wasn't happy either, fighting Jizung and Kilan is no problem but adding Lightning if not favorable for her but she can't escape in such situation, fighting would be the best. 

Unlike the illusory images from those three, no beast or anything appeared behind Delia, instead, two big and golden wings spread out from her back, making her look even more majestic. The aura around her became several times more overwhelming and she emitted a blue brilliance. A blue whip appeared in her hand and there were some water drops surroundings it.


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PS : Google Griffin if you don't know what it is. 

PS2 : You can consider Kilan as one of the types of people who have closed eyes, you know like in anime or manga, you see a person with closed eyes and you know he's 100% evil? He always smile creepily. For an example, just google Gin from Bleach.

PS3: you can check my two other stories ; Re;Hell Gate /Life as a servant

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