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The situation wasn't looking good for Arthur as all the powerhouses arrived. Even a single one of them could deal with him, so for him to deal with all of them is not only impossible, it's absurd!

The arrow's speed is unmatchable even for someone like Jizung, fortunately for the old man, his Black Cobra intercepted the arrow and blocked it before it could strike him.

The Black Cobra seemed to be the main strength of the old man so it wasn't destroyed by this small arrow, nonetheless, it still received quite the damage.

Albeit it is an illusory phantom of the Black Cobra, blood came out from a small hole created from the arrow. The blood was green in color. Jizung's complexions turned paler and he couldn't help but cough a mouthful of blood.

If the arrow hit him, although it's a lot weaker than the last one, it would have damaged him greatly nonetheless, which proves how strong the Heavenly Arrow from earlier. It was fortunate for him or any other leader that Arthur aimed at the elder area of the Royal Cobra Clan. If it was aimed at one of them, it would have been hard to escape unscathed. 

Heck! Meyzu was heavily wounded by it although it just passed close to him, such power is not something that can be neglected or blocked.

Void Magic had always been one of the most mysterious laws, not only is it lethal, it is hard to control and even the user can be injured while using it. What's more surprising is that the people that can use it are extremely sparse. It was as apparent as the sun that the Heavenly Arrow was made from Void Magic mainly, that gigantic pit created by its impact is the most indisputable fact. 

Jizung had confidence in dealing with Arthur but he still feared the Void Magic, he didn't want to take any risks so he shielded himself with the Black Cobra. It may have injured him but it's way better than receiving the piercing power of the arrow head-on.


As Arthur floated silently in the air, 4 beams of unique colors appeared around him. Granny Shishu, Aborak, and Kilan, each of these three leaders appeared around Arthur. Only Bai Lingyue stood a bit farther. It was too late to help Arthur, not only did he kidnap Lissandra, he made all the leaders lose a lot of face and such thing is unforgivable by such people who cares a lot about face.

"Brat! Where is Miya!"

Granny Shishu was not a patient person, when she only saw Arthur and no signs of the silver-haired woman or her granddaughter, a sense of panic and uneasiness surged through her.

Before Arthur could even reply, Jizung's old and angry voice was heard

"That woman took your disciple and Lissandra on the Spirit Boat, if you go now you may be able to catch up."

Jizung wanted to get Lissandra back but he gave up on that as Arthur simply angered him too much. If he didn't deal with him right now then he better crawl into a hole and never come out of it because of shame.

More than half of his clan's elders disappeared, one of the powerful elders got abducted under his eyes and the banquet he hosted got literally obliterated into black ashes and resembled a bloody battleground currently.

Hearing the answer she was waiting for, Granny Shishu was not willing to listen to Arthur anymore and prepared to chase after Lucy. At such a crucial time, Arthur finally decided to break his silence and speak at last.

"You should be Senior Shishu, right? As long you don't try to obstruct my way, I can promise you that your disciple won't suffer anything."

Arthur didn't look in his best state, not only was he mentally exhausted, his clothes were a bit disheveled and his grey hair was messy from all the previous fights. It was better to call it a final struggle better than a threat, nevertheless, Shishu didn't chase after Lucy and just stared angrily at Arthur.

"Hmpf! Why should I believe a shameless brat like you? You used me earlier and you could be using me right now too."

Granny Shishu wasn't like Jizung and co, losing face or whatnot didn't matter as long as Miya was alright. It's true that Arthur caused havoc in the banquet, but if he really would not hurt Miya, for the sake of her granddaughter, she would back off just this time.

"Granny! What are you hesitating for? Don't fall for his threats! Go chase that Spirit Boat and get Miya and Lissandra back, he can't do anything to stop you."

Jizung's loud voice snapped the old woman out of her daze, she stared at Jizung then shifted her gaze at Arthur, she was still hesitating as maybe chasing the Spirit Boat will lead really lead to Miya's death.

With uncertainty and hesitation, she kept staring at Arthur, who in return just shrugged his shoulders and casually said

"I'm not going to beg you, if you chase the Spirit Boat or try in any way to block me, I can guarantee you that you'll never see that girl ever again."

Arthur was really not bluffing, if Lucy saw the Granny chasing her, she would not hesitate on killing Miya, the girl may be innocent but that has nothing to do with her, from the very beginning, neither her nor Arthur were kind people. Innocent people die every day.

What's more, if Arthur got captured, Lucy would undoubtedly try to save him but not after she kills Miya and get the information needed from Lissandra. Arthur and she had already discussed this and saving Saly took the utmost priority.

Everyone remained silent and only the dripping blood from Arthur's countless wounds resounded in the surroundings. The Black Cobra was healing at a rapid pace and Granny Shishu kept frowning as she intensely stared at the white-haired man.

After an unknown amount of time, Granny Shishu flicked her sleeve in annoyance and floated near Bai Lingyue, clearly indicating her response. 

The once who didn't expect this the most was Jizung, he stared dumbfoundedly at the old woman, his eyes were full of disbelief and confusion. No matter what is the situation, a person at the God Realm like Shishu, with unfathomable strength shouldn't back off just because the other party said one or two words.

"Granny Shishu! Did you go nuts or what? A few words from the enemy made you back off? Did you forget you are a clan master and should also follow the rules?!"

The old man's face became uglier than it already was, he was extremely angry and couldn't understand why would she act like that.

Granny didn't retort to Jizung and merely kept a silent attitude whilst locking eyes with a calm Arthur.

All of this was very beneficial to Arthur as buying more time meant recovering some Nether Energy and Health. Even a second could allow him to recuperate even the slightest bit of Nether Energy, no matter how insignificant it is, it would still be helpful in such a situation.

He got rid of Granny for the time being but there was still three and by the look of it, neither Kilan nor Aborak will listen to him and back off, even if he had a disciple of theirs, they wouldn't stop. One could say he was lucky to capture Miya as Granny seemed to care for her too much. 

"Playing time is over, how about you go back with us..."

With a chilling smile, Kilan approached Arthur whilst a white tiger phantom appeared behind him, it was more domineering and frightening than the Black Cobra.

Golden chains that were as thick as a human's waist appeared out of nowhere and wrapped themselves around Arthur from his legs all the way to his chest. What surprised Kilan is that he met no resistance whatsoever, even Jizung was dumbfounded by this as he expected Arthur to retaliate.

'Could he perhaps have really given up?'

Such thoughts invaded Jizung's mind but they were all rejected as after all he has done, it's certainly impossible that he would give up but in such situation, surrendering would be the safest decision so he was confused...

From start to finish, Aborak didn't utter a single word but that didn't mean he stayed still, with a wave of his hand a cubic black cage made from black bones appeared around Arthur. Grey fog seeped out of the bones and the smell too pungent. 

Arthur felt as if thousands of mountains are pressing on him but even such godly techniques can't block him using magical skills such as Dark Magic and such so that's why he let them restrict his movements. 

What he is going to do is too dangerous and it's certainly not such seals that are going to stop him, he had the system that helped him use the skills in a more efficient way, some skills only need to be spoken or thought of to launch them which made it more advantageous to him.

"What are you going to do now? Arrogant bastard... with two godly seals put on you, there is no way in hell you're escaping from us!"

While Jizung was rejoicing by the fact that Arthur was captured, Kilan and Aborak were feeling unease as they noticed Arthur calm attitude. He was too calm for someone who has been captured and sealed by their powerful techniques, it's too strange!

Arthur turned his head to look at Azure Bai and Granny and smiled, from outside, it looked only like a small but secretly, he used a one-time use talisman that allowed him to transfer his thoughts to a specific target. Creating this talisman required too many materials so he didn't make any, which is why he rarely used them.

"Senior Bai, Senior Shishu, it's better if you evacuate right now, if it's right now, you may be able to make it...."

Arthur didn't say anything further than that, from their point of view, it sounded like he was telling them to save themselves but if you look at the situation, it's quite funny from his part or so would think normal people, but not Bai Lingyue.

Adding his calm attitude despite being captured and his warning right now, it absolutely certain that he has something up his sleeves, a trump card and not a weak one at that!

One has to know that even when he used the Heavenly Arrow with Lucy, he didn't tell Bai Lingyue to escape, so what he is about to do could be more dangerous.

Bai Lingyue's guess was on point as Arthur's preparation had already began since the time the four of them arrived, he was concealing the attack while it is being readied.

If the Heavenly Arrow is his strongest attack then this once could be considered his most dangerous and lethal attack, even to himself. He was unwilling to use it in the presence of Lucy and it would undoubtedly hurt her if not instantly kill her, same goes for him but in such a desperate situation, he had no choice but to use it and hope for the best.

Perhaps his godly recovery or insanely high stats would allow him to survive but one thing for sure, even people like these leaders cannot escape unscathed from this, it impossible and that's because Arthur had already tested a weak version of the attack and the result was mind-boggling.

Several days ago, at the mountain range they were secluding themselves in, nearly twenty mountains were obliterated with no remains of them except huge boulders and rubbles.

Arthur was hurt, he lost his whole left arm but it recovered in a matter of minutes, the astonishing thing is that he only put so little energy in the attack and yet it dealt so much damage, it's fortunate Lucy was not near him when he experimented with it.


Bai Lingyue's calm face turned serious and after gazing at Arthur for a couple of seconds, he showed one last friendly smile before vanishing into a multicolored fog, Granny Shishu also vanished with him.

They disappeared secretly without emitting any noise whatsoever because they were behind Aborak and co, they were not noticed yet which made it even better for Arthur.


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