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The couple's mean of escape was their Spirit Boat which they bought from the 'Treasure Pavillon'. It was amongst the fastest Spirit Boats, whether it's its quality, speed or even decoration, everything about it was superior to normal or even high-class Spirit Boats.

Such Spirit Boat is one of a kind, even people like Meyzu and co who are at the God Realm may not have like that. To begin with, once you reach the God Realm, you can easily teleport a distance away from your current location. Same goes for these powerful figures too. 

But what they didn't expect is that Arthur had already prepared a counter-measure for that, before escaping or even when coming to the Grand Banquet, he put several talismans that disabled teleportation. 

Albeit restricting their special teleportation, Aborak, Kilan and the rest still managed to catch up to them with unbelievable speed. They didn't immediately reach them, however, slowly but surely, they were getting close.

Lucy was breathing heavily as she sat up on the Spirit Boat and tried to recover some Nether Energy but it wasn't possible as she consumed too much. Fusing the two opposite attributes, conjuring the bow and launching the arrow, a single of those three would normally make her exhausted. What's more is that she fought for some time against Lissandra making her even more mentally tired and unable to even move properly.

Arthur's Nether Energy depletion is much slower than her as he had many passives and skills to limit its decrease, nevertheless, with so many attacks covered from the view and the use of [Heavenly Arrow], he wasn't in his best shape.

Especially if he disables the pain immunity, he would instantly collapse from the unbearable pain he is receiving by the countless activated passives.

Normally, activating so many passives should not hurt like that, but when he possessed that wolf's body and activated them all at once, because their number was just too great and they changed many things, his body nor soul could handle such change.

Unlike his wife, Arthur stood at the back of the flying boat and gazed at the 4 beams chasing him. Aborak seemed to be the closest, he gazed lifelessly and coldly at Arthur and waved his cane and creating a grey cube.

The cube didn't attack Arthur or his Spirit Boat, instead, it enlarged at a very fast speed, its size kept increasing endlessly. At one point, it has covered the area around Arthur and the other 3. 

Unfortunately, Arthur could only stare at the cube with a wary look, he knew to fight would be meaningless and futile so he concentrated on injecting all his Nether Energy on the Spirit Boat to make it fly faster. He even took out precious Spirit Stones and used them.

Even the big Red Spirit Stones were useless but once he put one of the gems and bright stones in that special chest, something mind-boggling and unexpected happened.

The Spirit Boat literally vanished from the four's sight, it didn't just disappear into thin air, it's just that its speed was far to great, it broke through the grey cube and became a rainbow-colored beam that lasted for merely a second or so.

"T-that Spirit Boat.... is it a Godly Item?"

Kilan had a look of greed as he saw the speed of the Spirit Boat, he was not worried that they would escape as he and the other leaders were personally chasing the enemy, there is no way they could escape even with a fast Spirit Boat.

Godly treasures are extremely rare, even for him, he only had one Godly treasure and it must be used only in emergencies, which is clearly not the case right now.

"It's not the Spirit Boat but what's channeling it..."

Aborak eyes were as lifeless as ever, but contrary to the others, he was not angry over what happened, no one beside him knew why he was chasing after Arthur but one thing was for sure, unlike the others, he didn't want to punish or kill them for what they did.

Jizung's face became uglier as he saw the Spirit Boat disappear, he didn't remain calm like the others. An illusory and big black Cobra appeared behind him, the beast hissed as its two eyes shined with a green color. They were ominous and creepy to look at. 

Jizung's speed increased by several times, he surpassed the other three and began to catch up to the Spirit Boat of Arthur, but all he could see was the faraway light left from the enemy's Spirit Boat.

Whilst gritting his teeth, Jizung performed several seals in the air as he was flying, each seal was green and had an ancient aura around it. In total, he created 8 seals and every one of them floated behind him and landed on the black Cobra.

Once they touched the black beast, its size increased by two-fold at the very least. It was like a small black mountain, but that was not the only change. the old man Jizung became like a green beam that whistled in the air. His speed couldn't be compared to the previous one.

"That geezer.. why is he stubborn, sooner or later we will catch them. No matter what they are using to fuel the Spirit Boat, it'll end and at that time we'll catch them yet Old Ji is willing to resort to such means.... does he know them?"

Granny Shishu was feeling unease, confusion, and suspicion as she pondered about Jizung's behavior. Shen never saw the grey-haired man or that woman, so abducting Miya was probably to make her fight Jizung. It was obvious they didn't want to fight with her clan, but just their actions made them her archenemies as Miya was her precious granddaughter.


In no time, a green beam appeared behind Arthur's Spirit Boat, Jizung laughed madly as he closed in on them. He didn't need to act calm when no one was around, moreover, he was very enraged by what Arthur and Lucy did. Destroying the garden and ruining the banquet, attacking his clansmen, abducting an elder under his very eyes and then escaping, if this isn't a slap in the face I don't what know what is.

Arthur tried putting more of these mysterious gems but after using the first one, the boat didn't accept any other for some odd reason. Jizung was closing in and was half a mile away and every second that passes he becomes closer and closer.

"It's better for you to stop chasing, there is no way for a mere Immortal to escape from me!"

Jizung roared and waved his hands, creating hundreds of finger-sized black snakes that rushed at the Spirit Boat. They were biting the air and creating a disgusting sound. A green fog came out of their small mouth, their bodies twirled in the air and their speed was insane. 

In an attempt to block that, Arthur could only create several big sized fireballs conjured from ancient flames to try and smite these dangerous little things. 

There was nothing his flames can't burn, as long as he is powerful enough, anything can be burned to ashes. 

The fireballs hit the black snakes and burned most of them but because there was a lot of them, some of them managed to slip between the flames and strike the Spirit Boat. They didn't attack Arthur and started biting the Spirit Boat, eating it and becoming larger in size everytime they took a bite.

Arthur didn't waste time as he used basic lightning to kill them, their size became very large due to biting too much of the Spirit Boat but the good thing was that he managed to kill them all.

Unfortunately, by the time he breathed a sigh of relief, Jizung was already a dozen of meters away from the Spirit Boat, the huge black Cobra was still hovering behind him and hissing at Arthur while emitting the same green fog the small snakes did.

Arthur knew that Jizung needed only one attack to destroy the Spirit Boat and once the others arrive, there would be no hope of escaping, much less taking Lissandra with them. He turned toward Lucy and softly said

"You know how to control the Spirit Boat, use the gems in this chest and wait at the place we agreed upon."

Arthur didn't wait for her to reply, a storage ring was thrown toward her. 

Lucy didn't try to convince him, she just gripped the storage ring and dropped her head down while clenching her fists. She was depressed as she couldn't aid him and could only escape. She wasn't idiot enough to blindly stay there and hinder him so she just sat there silently without saying a word or moving.

As for Arthur, he jumped off the boat and faced Jizung, who was coming straight at him. Makaze was already at hand and in just a second the sky darkened as White Thunder was going to strike and hundreds of dark spears were aimed at the old man.

He didn't even pause for a second as he rushed at the black robbed Jizung and slashed down with Makaze, [Dark Burst] and [Void Magic] were used in that slash as to maximize the damage and slow down the old man for even a second.

The slash was indeed strong, too strong, it would have hurt Meyzu or even Jizung if he didn't use those strange seals on the black Cobra. But there were no if's in this world, the reality was cruel and life is always unfair.

Makaze couldn't descend further as it was blocked by Jizung's black sleeve. It was unusual for Makaze to not be able to cut through something, especially a simple sleeve, but that only showed how strong the old man was compared to Arthur.

Arthur's wasn't fazed by this block, a purple Void sword was conjured in a split second, Arthur used his left hand, which was holding this purple sword to stab at Jizung's Dantian.

To no avail, this stab was yet again blocked by the other sleeve of Jizung, moreover, the green fog emanated from the black Cobra reached the purple sword and made it shatter into countless little fragments. 

Not only that, several notifications popped up indicating that Arthur's Health is rapidly decreasing. The poison was too strong and it drained his life second by second.

"Quite ruthless huh? Aiming at my Dantian without hesitation."

Only enemies who would despise each other to the bones would aim for the Dantian and cripple the opponent, Arthur's second strike clearly indicated how indifferent and cold he was toward his enemies.

He and Jizung could not be considered archenemies yet he struck at the old man's Dantian, that in itself showed what kind of person he was. Nonetheless, whether he struck his Dantian, heart or brain, Jizung didn't pay it any heed as it won't change his opinion on Arthur, in fact, it just worsened by a huge margin.

He was a cultivator first and a clan master second, there were unspoken rules in high-Realms and not striking the Dantian is one of them. If the Meridians are hurt or broken, they could still be healed even if it's near impossible but if the Dantian is destroyed then it's practically impossible to recover. You would become a mere mortal with a very weak and fragile body, you could even say that a simple gust of wind could kill you and that's not even an exaggeration.

The Dantian is created when one reaches the Immortal Realm, but before tha,t it also existed in another form, it was only in a dormant state. The Immortal Realm could be considered its awakening. Simply destroying it would make the body exposed to any sickness no matter how trivial it is, a punch would deal more damage to that fragile body and even a simple cold can end its life.

For someone like Jizung, Arthur's actions were obvious. An invisible and forceful pressure pressed on Arthur and sent him flying until he crushed on the ground, blood came out from several bloody holes in his chest and shoulders. He looked very pathetic and haggard.

Jizung's first goal was to retrieve Lissandra, so with a final glance to Arthur, he turned around and chased the Spirit Boat.

"Oh no you won't!"

Arthur roared as white Thunder struck down from above, several thick white bolts shot toward the black Cobra. Whether it's a an evil spirit or a manifestation, he guessed that Thunder would hurt it and it actually did!

Although the damage was minimal to the huge black Cobra, it still roared painfully and stared with dagger eyes and anger at Arthur. Jizung was forcefully stopped as he sensed that the black Cobra was enraged.

The white Thunder didn't stop as it kept striking the Cobra, moreover, Arthur threw the grey lantern toward the beast, creating even more explosive Thunder.

The whole area was covered in countless white lines which created deafening explosions, the black Cobra writhed and roared. Channelling the white Thunder was too consuming for Arthur yet he didn't stop, he noticed that some blood leaked out of Jizung's lips and his complexions whitened a bit.

Finally, the black Cobra couldn't take it, an enormous green seal appeared above it and acted like an impenetrable barrier that blocked all the lightning. Following that, Jizung accompanied by the Cobra appeared in front of Arthur and striked.

A green fog entered his body and a fast hand struck his abdomen, it penetrated his skin and bones and made blood gush out endlessly.

Arthur maintained an expressionless face, he couldn't feel pain but he saw his Health decreasing so without hesitation, he created a miniature Heavenly Arrow. It was the size of a normal arrow and was made from Ancient Flames and Void Magic. The pressure was not something to laugh at and it conjured just in front of Jizung, who was freaked out from the arrow.

He retreacted his hand and backed away, only until he was a hundred meters away from the arrow did he relax. No matter if it's small or not, its terrifying might earlier was imprinted on his mind, he can't be careless around it.

Seeing that, Arthur smirked and waved his hand, sending the arrow at Jizung. 

Far away, 4 beams could be seen coming their way with the one leading being Aborak. 

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