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The grey orb that Arthur threw passed through the blood wave created by the Blood Shura of Meyzu. It passed through it as if it didn't exist, moreover, its speed was not something Meyzu could cope with.

The red-haired Meyzu was confident in his blood wave and didn't expect this insignificant attack of Arthur to pass this easily. The reason he executed blood wave to block it is that he didn't feel any energy from this orb and that's what's alarming about it.

The fatal and deadly attacks are the unseen ones, the ones that come by surprise or burst from nothingness.

Arthur had already arrived behind Lucy. The two of them took the usual stance as if they were pulling the string of an invisible bow. Contrary to Lucy, Arthur's preparation only needs a couple of seconds to conjure and this one is different from the last one.

At the same time that a black and purple arrow was being created at an insane speed, the orb passed through the blood wave and was just going to hit Meyzu.

With no time to launch another technique, Meyzu raised his blood red sword to block the incoming orb. Everyone was expecting a huge clash or some kind of an explosion, however, none of that happened as the orb shifted its direction at the last second.

What clashed with Meyzu's sword was a big flash grenade triple the size of the original one. Arthur didn't hesitate as he willed it to explode which created a blinding flash.

Because the grenade very close to Meyzu, he was affected the most by it, but it won't be like last time as his eyes brightened with a red glow and the Blood Shura behind him shot two blood rays to where the grenade exploded.

This happened very fast but it managed to gain enough time for Arthur to finish what he was doing. Surprisingly, the grey orb which frightened Meyzu was now merging with the and sharp purple arrow.

It was the last touch of the arrow, it transformed into a feather at the end of it. It was a long grey feather which added the speed and pressure of the combination of bow and arrow.

Unlike any other attack, precisely the [Heavenly Arrow], this one only contained pure Dark and Void Magic. It was not the merging of the two but they were separated with the Void Magic being the core of it and the Dark Magic only at its edges.

It has to be said that its aura was too horrifying, not only Meyzu was astonished, even the calm Bai Lingyue was frowning and had a worried look as he gazed at the sight.

Tables, grass and even the ground was being pulled to the arrow, big and small wind whirlpools were created around it and sucked the air itself. Some of the juniors were forcefully pulled towards it, if not for their elders which created several barriers, they would be engulfed by this monstrosity.

Arthur and Lucy had their eyes closed and were focusing on the attack, at any second, they could let go of the invisible string of the bow and launch the arrow.

Heavenly Arrow [Void] has been completed : +1200% Damage (Guaranteed crit) 

Defiance Orb (buff) : +250% speed / 4 million damage/s (15 seconds)

Nine Star Bow (Add) : +400% speed / +400% damage


Complete Sync with the target (Lucy : Soul Link) : +40% to all stats for 2 minutes.

The sky was no longer the same as even though Arthur didn't add the Lightning to the bow, clouds appeared and a storm was about to ravage this place. Not even the clouds escaped the engulfing power of the Void Magic.


No matter how old or strong he is, Meyzu could not help but feel fear from that arrow, especially when he saw it was pointing at him. It was fortunate that Meyzu was in the same direction as Granny Shishu and Jizung, so this final attack could slow them down.

Arthur did not have confidence in killing them alone or even with Lucy, but at least, this attack should be able to deal some damage to even people at their Realm.

Conjuring the bow and the arrow, coupled with the feather, it almost exhausted all his Nether Energy. As for Lucy, after using this attack, she can't fight anymore, so this has to work or else they would have to abandon Lissandra.

"Y-you.. I don't know who you are or why are you attacking one of the elders of my clan, but we can talk this out, your attack may not injure us but the juniors have nothing to do with this."

Old Jizung had already stopped fighting the granny after seeing that arrow, it was not the time to fight amongst themselves when they have one common enemy.

Although he said that, Jizung still felt fear from that this thing, the ground, and the sky were being sucked out by it, it's not something to just block or dodge. He knew that the moment he tried to move or attack suddenly, Arthur would not hesitate on letting go of the arrow, so he resorted to the peaceful talking.

"T-that's right! You came for the little girl right? She's still alive, I'll lead you to her, she's safe!"

Lissandra was panicking as she not only was unable to move, she also felt that her Energy was being drained by the chains. Seeing this sight, and the power of the couple, she didn't hesitate in trying to calm them down. That arrow struck fear to every single person present, even Bai Lingyue was unsure of being able to withstand that.

He recognized Arthur after he appeared, although he saw him wearing a big hat at the Treasure Pavillon, he still had many techniques to see what's under that hat. Arthur had a different hair color but the rest was the same. He was still curious about why they would do this, but what surprised him the most if their power. For a mere two Immortal Realm couple to cause this much damage in the presence of so many experts is unheard of!

Arthur opened his eyes while still holding Lucy's hands from behind and maintaining the same stance. He completely ignored Jizung and coldly gazed at Lissandra. Never did he think about what he said, he just wanted to make things a bit faster and make sure she absolutely gets captured.

In the middle of the sky, just a bit under him and Lucy. A bottomless and jet black circle appeared and from it appeared two huge bone dragons. They were not that powerful, only at the first stages of the Spirit Realm but they were more than enough for their designated job.

The two dragons bit down on the chains wrapped around Lissandra and Miya then they flew off behind Arthur. They didn't stop and continued to fly outside of the garden. No one stopped them, not even Jizung, who had burning eyes as an elder from his clan was captured and abducted under his eyes and he couldn't do a thing to stop it.

Everyone knew that if any person moved, that arrow would be released, so the figure of the two dragons disappeared onto the horizon and only when they vanished from everyone's view did Arthur relax a bit.

He ordered the two dragons to head to the Abyss Valley, at that place, none would dare to venture recklessly.

"Now then, I would like everyone to let us go but I don't think it'll be that easy, huh?"

Arthur spoke casually as he stared at Meyzu and co. The attack was still ready to be released and every second its prowess is increasing. It was absorbing everything, including the Mana and Nether Energy in the air. If it isn't shot after some time, Arthur and Lucy may lose control of it.

Void Energy is strengthened when it absorbs something, even a small grain of sand may strengthen it but that increase is almost non-existent. However, if it's like this arrow and it absorbs too many sands, air, Energy and so on, it would increase its power second by second.

"If you stop what you're doing and calm down, we can discuss this rationally. Don't be rash."

Aborak's illusory and black figure appeared a distance away from Meyzu. He felt it too and didn't want this arrow to be released or else it would be too catastrophic. He may be able to dodge in time or find a way to block, but all the juniors would perish, including the ones from his Race.

He could not stay still and just let it go, after all, no matter how unconcerned he was about the people from his Race, he can't let them die under his eyes without lifting a finger to save them.

"Right right, listen to your elders. There is no need to be so violent."

Kilan joined the fray, he slipped through Bai Lingyue as the latter ignored him completely after the purple arrow appeared so he grasped this opportunity to fly next to Aborak.

Granny Shishu didn't say anything but you could see she wanted Arthur to stop, she didn't speak as she was afraid that she may anger Arthur and Lucy and make them kill Miya. It was apparent they only aimed for Lissandra but they used Miya to cause trouble between her and Jizung.

"Don't be a fool. You two can't face five of us at the same time. The moment you release that 'thing' would be the moment you guys signed your death contract. Think carefully."

As Jizung was speaking, a dust cloud was formed above the bow, it was the signal Arthur was waiting for. He only needed to add the last touch to their attack to make it more complete and add to its power.

'boooooom!' 'bzzzzzt' 'boom'

Several thick thunderbolts struck from the dust cloud. It seemed like a huge tornado that spun above the bow. It was like doomsday for the spectators as the arrow's length became wider and countless thunderbolts were exploding around it.

Endless white thunderbolts struck from above, the bow became bigger and the pressure increased by leaps and bounds. With Lucy, this was the strongest Arthur could use, it may not exhaust all his Nether Energy but it was not far off from that, adding the stress he felt a bit earlier, if he turned the pain immunity off, he would collapse immediately.

"Friend Arthur, it would be unwise to attack them, no matter what you are planning, this is their territory and you can't possibly run from that with your Realms. If you stop right now, I may be able to save you and I promise you I can guarantee your safety."

Bai Lingyue spoke telepathically to Arthur as he knew it won't end well for both of them. Albeit seeing the power of this attack, he still thought it won't be a good idea to make all of them their enemies. he had a special status so he could somehow fix things up a bit but if they dare attack, even someone such as him would be unable to save them from their fate.

"Fighting one God is already exciting, so fighting five at the same time would be even more thrilling, what do you say, Lucy?"

Arthur smirked as he held Lucy's hands and gazed at the five figures not far away from them.

"En! I'm sure it'll be an unforgettable experience."

The moment Meyzu, Jizung and co heard Arthur say that they knew it was too late to try to reason with him. Each person had a beast or some kind of humanoid figure appear behind them. A Lightning Fox behind Shishu, a black Cobra behind Jizung. The Blood Shura of Meyzu shined with a bright red light and an ugly and rotten dragon roared and circled around Aborak.

As for Kilan, an illusory White Tiger image much bigger than the rest of the images appeared behind him.

Bai Lingyue stared at both parties and couldn't help but sigh and shake his head 'This is madness!'

He knew the arrow couldn't kill them, but for someone as powerful as him, he knew they won't bet unscathed and simply facing it head-on is too idiotic. But they are clan masters and Race leaders with high pride and a lot face, simply dodging or escaping is too shameful, or so they thought.


The ear-deafening sound of the string being let go by Lucy and Arthur's hands were heard by everyone present. The sound was just too loud but that was nothing compared to what happened next.

It didn't seem like an arrow but a huge mouth that ate everything in its way, the dark and gloomy sky shattered, thunder explosion resounded everywhere and a loud howl emanated from engulfing attack.

Each one of the leaders used their treasures and special techniques to block the arrow and stop it from advancing but none of them ever expected it to be this horrific.

Once it was too close to them, they felt their Nether Energy being forcefully absorbed and even the fantom images behind them started fading due to the overwhelming Void.

Once Arthur and Lucy released the arrow, they disappeared from view as they turned around and left with fast speed. They used their Spirit Boat as it was the fastest way and in just a split second, only a rainbow-colored light was left behind them.


As they were flying on the Spirit Boat, they head endless explosions from the city, it literally turned to hell as thunder struck from the sky and the arrow advanced without anything that can stop its destruction.

The first one who was struck was Meyzu, the closest one to it, he was not killed but his whole left arm vanished. It was not cut or chopped off, it just disappeared from existence as the thing which struck him wasn't stopped by his strong barrier or tough skin. Against it, he was like paper, but that was not the end of it, one of his Meridians was bent and compressed to a terrifying degree, making him immediately drop one Grade.

His bloody body was sent flying to the ground, smoking from the Thunder explosion and bleeding profusely because of the Void and Dark Magic in the attack.

All the five God Realm leaders were struck but only Meyzu suffered the heaviest injuries. Aborak was the one who was almost unscathed, followed by Kilan. Shishu had a fist-sized hole in her abdomen and Jizung was even worse and the right side of his head was burned and you could even see bone. They were all sent flying and crashed heavily on the ground.

They focused their barriers and techniques on the juniors so most of them suffered, only Aborak had a special way to protect himself and the juniors from his Race.

Despite their efforts, the arrow still struck a specific area. From the beginning to end, it didn't even stop for a second and what was agonizing was that the whole elder area of the Royal Cobra Clan vanished. No blood, no explosion, nothing. There was a gigantic hole in that area and there were no sights of the elders. Some of the juniors of Meyzu's clan disappeared too.

The arrow had already disappeared but thunder explosions still occurred all around the area and the huge dust cloud was still spinning slowly high in the sky.

"This is....."

Shishu gazed at the huge hole in the ground with wide eyes, no sound or nothing was emitted from that it when it struck its target, this only made it much more terrifying. It could be said that they were injured just because the arrow passed next to them, if it was aimed at one of them, especially Meyzu, he would have been crippled or have disappeared like those elders.

"*Cough* ...*cough* those fucking two! I'll kill them!"

Meyzu was in a very bad state as he continuously coughed blood. Blood gushed from his shoulder and his face pale but despite that, he used his sword to get up and gazed at the direction Lucy and Arthur ran off to.

"We must not let them get away, everyone, catch them!"

Jizung was the one to act as he transformed into a green light that flew toward the South, where Lucy and Arthur. Aborak, Kilan, and Shishu also followed.


A note from TheCrow

I enjoyed making this chapter a lot, hahaha, I love the arrow and its power! But stay tuned, what's to come is even better.


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