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Before the outstretched hand of Meyzu reached 'Arthur', he transformed into a dark nebula in an instant. Even Meyzu was dumbfounded by the process, one second ago he was looking at a black-robed youth and the next one there was no youth or whatsoever, only a floating black nebula that emanated an ominous aura.

A drop of blood came out of Meyzu's index, just as it came out, it enlarged to an insane degree until it became the same size as the weird nebula. The blood pool was beast's mouth, it started taking bites from the nebula but no matter how matter or how long the mouth bit down the nebula, nothing happened. It was if the nebula didn't exist there.

"W-what's this?"

Meyzu was confused as he could not feel anything from the nebula, it was neither a treasure or an attack, it just stood there, floating peacefully.


The garden was destroyed beyond repair and the fight between Jizung and Shishu made it even worse. Purple Lightning and green seals accompanied with a dark cobra attacks damaged the surroundings. The juniors could not follow the two with their eyes as they were too fast, the only thing they saw was green and purple sparks.

One thing was noticeable is that Granny Shishu held a slight advantage. She was oldest out of the three leaders and she was at the God Realm the longest. They didn't go all out but they didn't hold back either. Lightning raged as it struck the ground and turned into black ash, pillars fell and tables were turned into nothingness. 

As for Jizung's attacks, they were simple but oppressive, the green seals were like poison as they melted everything they touched and the cobra would spit some gas that suffocates the target and sucks the vitality out of them.


'We must hurry'

Arthur saw that the situation worsen and decided to wrap things up. Once Miya's body is damaged, the Granny won't hold back but he was not so ruthless to cause the young girl to be crippled or even killed. 

He was using her, yes, but he never wanted to ruin her future. With her and Lissandra being chained, he would be able to temporarily gain the Granny's protection for she will not let her disciple get killed by Lissandra or any person.

A small black whirlpool appeared next to Miya, who finally regained her senses. What appeared was a wolf, a big silver wolf.


Miya was surprised as she sensed that she was unable to move, moreover, she felt a heart-wrenching pain coming from her shoulder. In front of her stood Lissandra, who was bombarded by Lucy's attacks and imprisoned in her Ice domain.

Lissandra defended against Lucy but she couldn't pay attention to Arthur as Lucy was very crazy, she would attack and abandon all defense. Whether it's her book or the Dark magic, nothing was useful.

To begin with, her Dark Magic was ineffective as a Dark Barrier was around Lucy permanently, since Arthur's Dark Magic is way stronger than Lissandra's, she wasn't able to shatter it. She could only use her clan's green seal techniques but they were much weaker than Dark Magic.

Seeing the silver wolf appear, Lucy silently nodded her head and backed away. Her two Ice lotuses rotated near Lissandra and fully bloomed, activating the full potential of her Ice domain.

The chains around the two women tightened and wrapped them from the waist to the upper half of their chest. Miya could barely breathe as her face was pale.


Granny Shishu could not pass Jizung as he used his tricky moves to lock her there. Seeing Miya's condition, the old woman could no longer hold it. Killing intent emanated from her sharp eyes as she stared at Jizung.

"Old Ji! If you don't move out of my way right now, I'll abandon all thoughts and go all out against you!"

The sleeves of her robe turned turned purple and her hair long white hair became filled with small and twirling lightning streaks. A purple and majestic Fox appeared behind her, it was a bit illusory but the pressure that it emitted was real and domineering.

"Granny! You're letting emotions rule you. You are one of the three leaders of our alliance! Rules should be followed and whoever crosses them must be punished. Even clan masters are no exceptions, by attacking me now, you'll be considered a traitor!"

"Traitor? You say that as if you never broke any rule. Don't make me state every wrong thing you did, that is something neither of us wishes to hear."

With a sneering tone, Shishu looked at him mockingly and pressed her hand to her forehead. The dark night was filled with purple Lightning as endless bolts of lightning enveloped her. The fox roared and leaped at Jizung, who had an ugly face after he heard what she said.

"You asked for it!"

Just like Granny Shishu, a big dark cobra appeared behind Jizung, it looked creepy and some black gas was coming out of its illusory body. Contrary to the domineering aura that the fox emitted, this cobra had a very cold and chilling aura around it.

The cobra hissed at the incoming fox and dived at it with its mouth spitting green gas. The fight was only between the two of them but the collateral damage reached the juniors and even Arthur, who was some distance away from them.

'Not good'

Not only did they to fight seriously, Meyzu abandoned the black nebula and appeared in front of the silver wolf.

This silver wolf was only Lv850, Arthur possessed it some time ago and kept it because it was exceptional. From all the corpses he possessed, it was the only one that activated many passives that are related to beasts. He could also use Nether Magic and skills with it, so it was his perfect form.

The silver wolf turned into a green lightning wolf as Arthur activated [Transcendence] but that was not the only skill that was activated. The passive of the light moon wolves, the passive of snow wolves, the passive of poisonous snakes. hundreds of passives were activated and his stats rocketed by leaps and bounds.

The aura around Arthur changed as black flames burned on his body, he was a mass of green lightning and black flames as he clashed with Meyzu. All that was seen was a red shadow clash with a mix of green and black shadows.

Arthur did not hold back anything, Gigantic dark red flames raged through the sky and countless dark spears rushed at Meyzu, who deflected them with a blood red long sword. His blood magic was terrifying as it engulfed everything in its way.

"You.... who... what are you!!!"

Meyzu exchanged a few hundred attacks with Arthur, who did not lose one bit to him. He was unable to sense the Realm of this wolf. Weird attacks flew at him, from burning flames to strange and small purple orbs that ate his blood.

The Void Magic was very effective against any other magic so Arthur countered with it whilst slashing at Meyzu with his claws. A dozen or so skills would be used at once and his Nether Energy reserve is depleting very fast. 

With a loud howl, Arthur used [Faster Than Death] and appeared behind Meyzu, then he bit down at the enemy's shoulder. His sharp and long fangs mercilessly cut through the red-haired Meyzu and penetrated his skins.


A loud scream was heard as various poisons and effects were hidden in those fangs. The stress on Arthur was too overwhelming but he still endured it and pressed his fangs further. Blood flowed from Meyzu's injury but it did not fall down, instead, it transformed a fog.

"You're dead! I don't care what you are or where you came from but you'll die today!"

Meyzu shook his body violently to get rid of the big wolf that was biting his shoulder ruthlessly but no matter what he did, the wolf won't let go of him.

He even tried stabbing the wolf but the creature didn't react, no blood came out of the stabs and it seemed as if he dealt no damage.

As he was holding Meyzu, dark red flames ignited from his fangs and started burning the insides of Meyzu but just as Arthur did that. The atmosphere around Meyzu had a dramatic change. 

Like the two other clan masters, a figure appeared behind him, it was very big and looked like a Blood Asura!

Thick killing intent was coming out of it, but that was not all, the blood stench around it was not something like Miya or any other junior could handle.

Arthur obviously saw the fight between Jizung and Shishu and knew that these illusory figures are extremely strong and probably the trump cards of these clan masters.

Although he was alarmed, he didn't let go of Meyzu, he bit harder and used both his claws to cling to the target.

With the empowered body and the Natural Lightning, it should have been easy to cling to Meyzu just like he bit his shoulders but by the next second, Arthur's body was sent flying from above.

He crashed violently on the ground, he didn't even see what happened and only felt a tremendous force pressing down on him.

Meyzu was descending from the sky while coldly looking at him, he had a sinister smile and the Blood Asura was behind him, emitting an overwhelming pressure.

A huge chunk of Health disappeared from Arthur's bar, he disabled the pain so he could fight better, the stress from all those accumulated skills brought a heart-wrenching pain, so such injuries were not enough to stop him.

A simple glance to the side allowed him to see a 30 meter long Ice-blue and purple bow. The bow didn't emit any pressure or didn't do anything, it just silently floated there near the Lucy, who was concentrating on completing the bow.

The bow was almost complete and Lissandra was captured, all he needs now is to retreat with Lucy and co.

With the big wolf's body, Arthur opened its huge mouth and aimed it straight at the incoming Meyzu.

Fortunately, Meyzu was an arrogant prick and thought he had just won because he summoned his Blood Asure, so he didn't finish things fast and dive at him with all his speed, or else Arthur could not resist.

While channeling his Nether Energy, a grey orb of energy appeared in the wolf's mouth.

It started increasing in size with a fast speed in just a couple of seconds, its size was the same as the wolf's head. Arthur didn't look at Meyzu a second time as he spat the orb from the huge mouth, the grey orb was thrown straight at Meyzu and at the same time, Arthur left the wolf's body and teleported a distance away.

It has to be said that the mysterious orb's speed was not something Meyzu expected, it was even faster than Arthur while using [Transcendence] and possessing the wolf's body.

The red-haired man raised his sword to block and the Blood Asura opened its closed eyes. A bright red light appeared in its cold eyes, a strange and ear-deafening sound came from the illusory Blood Asura. 

Meyzu was engulfed in a big blood wave that covered the whole sky, the wave was like an unpenetrable wall in front of the orb, which looked very small in front of the blood wave.

Even Jizung and Granny Shishu stopped their fight as they heard the sound of the Blood Asura.

"Meyzu is using his Blood Shura?"

Jizung frowned as he found it unbelievable. There should not be an opponent for Meyzu to be serious, except the two other Race leaders and Azure Bai of course.

But none of them would be so stupid as to fight Meyzu in such situation, so old Ji was curious on why Meyzu used his Blood Shura and on whom.


Back at the stages, Kilan frowned as he saw Meyzu summon his Blood Shura. He saw the strength of the wolf but it was not enough for someone such as Meyzu to use his summoning. It's true that the mysterious wolf was an odd and dangerous entity, but it can be dealt with easily if Meyzu was cool-headed.

"Ahhhh, that Meyzu must have been angered to use that..."

"You're the fool. That wolf is not ordinary, it uses very weird attacks. Not even your strong fur could withstand its flames or those spears. You're not in his position so you can't tell the strength behind those unoriented but ferocious attacks."

Aborak snickered as he heard Kilan, they were old friends but he rarely talked. 

Silence ruled over again as they continued to watch. When Arthur launched his grey orb, Kilan furrowed his brows and was ready to act.

Meyzu was one of his dear friends and he could feel a very strong engulfing power behind that small orb. It may look harmless at first but it was beyond dangerous.

"Friend Kilan. The weather is wonderful and the sight is amazing, we should relax and enjoy the show."

Bai Lingyue's calm and friendly voice awakened Kilan, he felt an invisible pressure press him down. Seeing that Bai Lingyue was guarding him, he couldn't help Meyzu, he could only force a smile and remain sitting.

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