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The soft sword of Miya had a tinge of darkness as it slashed toward Lissandra's neck. Its sheer speed was something that made the target baffled as she subconsciously lifted her dark book to block it.

This time, not a hand or two came from the book but a horrifying and ugly head, it had black skin and no teeth, its appearance literally couldn't be creepier or uglier.

The head opened its mouth as it wanted to swallow the sword whole but it couldn't as the weapon was too strong.

The strike was successfully blocked, once Lissandra was going to breathe a sigh of relief another dark and long sword was stabbed at her right shoulder.

This time, not even her protective layer could withstand it, blood gushed out from the injury and the sword didn't meet any resistance.

As the fights between the two powerful figures are about to begin. Kilan, Aborak and Bai LIngyue are still calmly watching what is happening. No one commented or lifted a finger. 

As for Meyzu, he appeared in front of 'Arthur' to replace Jizung, however, he was not as kind as Jizung as he stretched his hand to cripple him to get rid of any future unnecessary trouble that would perhaps come from him.

The person who did this was surprisingly Miya, who is the genius disciple of the Lightning Fox. She wielded two swords, one was her sword and the seconds was... Makaze!

Granny Shishu didn't notice the sneaky movements of her disciple, only when Miya attacked Lissandra did she notice the disappearance of Miya from the specific area of her clan.

Her normally sharp and piercing eyes were wide open as she stared at Miya, Granny Shishu was astonished by this, even Lissandra didn't understand what is happening.

Miya could not be a traitor or an enemy of hers but she nonetheless attacked her, which made her confused. She hesitated as she was not brave enough to attack her, if she killed Miya, her clan would not stand still, especially the clan master.

"What are you doing?"

Lissandra's panicked and confused voice was totally ignored by Miya, who had an expressionless face. She gazed at Lissandra and twisted Makaze to inflict even more damage to her enemy.

Arthur already used Natural Lightning and managed to slip some of it in the wound created by Makaze. He possessed Miya since the time she fought Yun.

Going back to his fight again Yun, he managed to successfully posses Yun as he killed him instantly by the Natural Lightning. It was hidden in his last strike with the Thunder explosion and it burst the young master's heart.

He remained hidden and acted as if he was Yun to not attract any attention. Contrary to what he did to Yun, he didn't kill Miya but simply possessed her.

It is impossible to possess her in a normal case, but he, fortunately, got a new skill when he broke through and that's what allowed him to possess her.

Possess, possess and possess (U) : As long as the target is within 2 meters of the user, the user can possess him for a certain amount of time.

Cost: -1 million to all stats  (The stronger the enemy the higher the cost) (Cannot possess God Realm and above)

Cooldown : None

 With this cheat skill, he possessed Miya and stayed dormant inside of her for some time, only when the clash of Lucy and Lissandra began did he fully take control of Miya's body.

He could feel her resisting his possession but she seemed to be locked in some kind of cage in her consciousness. Even she, didn't know what the hell is going on but she kept attacking the cage. Too bad it was futile and it only exhausted her Mental Power even more.

Natural Lightning invaded Lissandra's body and with Arthur controlling it, it began breaking her Meridians and attacking her Dantian, attempting to destroy it completely.

Due to her being two Realms above him, his Natural Lightning couldn't even damage the Meridians, much less the Dantian so they moved to the bones and tried inflicting any damage to them but it was still useless. He was still too weak to damage her internally.

Arthur let go of the soft sword of Miya which was being blocked by the creepy head. What replaced her sword was a short dagger that was purple in color and devoured the air around it.

It was made from the Void Magic, however, this was only the beginning. At the same time that the dagger appeared, black chains conjured from Dark Magic appeared around Arthur's waist and wrapped around Lissandra's waist in a split second.

Coupled with [Dark Burst], Arthur struck his dagger to the creepy head and used Makaze which was in his left hand to stab further into Lissandra's new wound.

Lissandra didn't stay still when he did that, but due to her being used in attacking with Dark Magic, she instinctively used it and a black demon head opened its mouth to eat Arthur. 

The result was not something she expected, the dark demon head didn't even scratch Arthur, it actually seemed to strengthen him as the chains which were wrapped around her waist tightened and became bigger and longer.

"I-it's you!!!"

She could feel the power behind the chains so she immediately recognized it but what stunned her is that she could not resist it. She was a person at the God Realm, it should not be possible to restrict her movements this easily, even for Arthur, but what she didn't know is that because she's a Dark Magic user and because Arthur is considered the original source of Dark Magic, she's like a part of him, or more like, a toy.

He forcefully used the strong connection that the Dark Magic had with her to weaken her and make her vulnerable to him. The only reason he was struggling to capture her is that despite her being weakened, her body wasn't. She was in the God Realm, after all, her physical body is extremely strong.

The Void dagger cut through the creepy head as if it was butter, it's as if the head didn't exist, it was engulfed by the humongous absorption force coming out of the purple dagger. Makaze slashed at the other shoulder of Lissandra, but due to her being expecting this slash, the dark blade only managed to cut some flesh off her.

"Do you think you can hurt me? See how I'll skin alive that girl of yours!"

Lissandra's look changed as she yelled at Miya. She didn't know how he did it, but she knew it was him as no one but him could use Dark Magic. He was the only one besides her subordinates who could use such powerful Dark Magic.

Her current guess was that he was controlling her from a distance, her eyes shifted to 'Arthur', who was standing in front of Jizung.

Lucy, who took down the elders with the help of the meteorites, flew toward Lissandra as her blood red eyes were staring intensely at Lissandra.

Her two Ice lotuses were formed again and circled around her, snowflakes appeared out of thin air and her strongest attacked was launched at Lissandra.

It was not an offensive or a defensive attack but a restricting one. It imprisoned the target in an Ice domain that deal continuous damage and froze them the longer they stayed in it.

The elders she took down were obviously not dead but they were seriously injured. Such meteorites took her quite a bit of time to prepare and maintain unlike the normal ones, their damage was immense and was enough to get rid of them for some time.

With the Ice domain of Lucy and the black chains around her waist, linking her to Arthur. Lissandra was not in a favorable position. Although she was attacked by their combined attacks, that didn't mean it's the end for her.

The black book shined with black light and a creature similar to scepter but way darker and visible appeared out of one of the book's pages.

The creature screeched and bit down on Miya's shoulder. Its mouth was not large but once it bit down on the girl's shoulder, it took a big chunk of flesh and gore with it. Arthur felt the agonizing pain as this bite was not ordinary, he felt drained of his Nether Energy and weakened.

You received the debuff 'Death Specter Drain': -70% Nether Energy Recover / -50% Nether Energy (2 Minutes)


-15% Health


Granny Shishu couldn't stay still after she saw that, no matter what Miya was doing, she couldn't let her receive heavy injuries and just watch from the sidelines.

The Granny transformed into Purple lightning Fox and with a speed uncomparable to Arthur or Lucy, she flew toward Miya but someone appeared in front of her and blocked her from proceeding further.

It was Jizung, for some reason he stopped Granny Shishu from helping Miya.

"Granny! What do you think you're doing?"

"What do I look like I'm doing? I'm going to help Miya!"

Granny Shishu had no time to argue with an old geezer like Jizung. She waved her hands dismissively and bypassed him. But what she didn't expect is that a dark cobra the size of a hand leaped at her and hissed dangerously.

Fortunately, she was not someone who is inexperienced, before the cobra could get close to her, it was vaporized by her purple Lightning.

"Old Ji! You dare attack me?"

This time, Granny Shishu's aura turned ferocious as she looked angrily at the old man. 

Responding to her, Jizung chuckled and shrugged his shoulder whilst saying

"The disciple Miya has committed crimes and should be properly punished. Perhaps she is from allying with an alien race or one of our enemies."

It was obvious that Jizung didn't think like that, but he just said that to stop Granny from interfering. Miya was attacking one of the elders of his clan, that in itself is too disgraceful. If she is saved by Granny and nothing is done to her, it would be like slapping his clan in the face and getting away with it.

"If you don't get out of my way right now, you'll regret it, old Ji!!!"

Granny didn't listen to what he said as she neither cared nor wanted to care. Miya was her granddaughter and she wasn't going to let her be hurt because Jizung wants to keep his stupid pride.

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