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The cold and icy saber of Lucy struck the creepy black hand that came out of Lissandra's book. The hand was started to freeze from the cold tip of the saber but it suddenly moved and shattered all the ice, what's more, is that it deflected Lucy's saber and made her retread a few steps.

Some blood leaked out of her lips as this strange black hand was weird and strong. She didn't hold back in the last attack, moreover, it was a sneak-attack yet Lissandra blocked it easily. The difference between them was truly great.

Having suffered in the last exchange, Lucy didn't retreat, instead, she rushed at Lissandra yet again. The Ice lotuses behind Lissandra started blooming slowly and rotating, each one flew at one of Lissandra's sides while Lucy took out 'Burning Fate' and held in her left hand while wielding Twilight's Vow in her right hand.

Ice and Fire attacks were launched by Lucy, she successively slashed down with her two sabers without stopping, the purple fire raged and cold and freezing Ice rampaged as she went all out against this woman.

She had a deep hatred toward Lissandra and if not for Arthur reminding her to not try to kill her, she would expend her Soul Essence to finish her. Although he said not to kill her, even if Lucy wanted to, killing Lissandra is impossible but if she could injure her then it's more than enough.

Lissandra was alarmed by the aggressive attacks of Lucy but what's more aggravating is those two lotuses. They were blooming very slowly but the damage they are doing to her is not a joke! Some of her bones began freezing from out of nowhere and even her Meridians began shaking.

She was a person at the God Realm and the enemy was at the Immortal Realm, this was a huge disgrace to her clan and especially to her and her pride.

A dark whip conjured from her Dark Magic appeared, she held the whip and slashed at Lucy, but that was not the end. In place of two hands, a sharp claw appeared out of the book and stabbed right at Lucy's heart!

The two simultaneous attacks were very strong and someone such as Lucy couldn't withstand both of them.

Seeing death approached, Lucy crossed both of her sabers in front of her chest and mumbled 


Her two blades shined with purple and Icy-blue colors, they intersected and created a cross-shaped slash that went against the whip of Lissandra.

As for the sharp dark claw, it was met with the two lotuses which appeared in front of it and shattered instantly into countless pieces. The explosion created by the lotuses was very destructive as Lucy was pushed down high in the air whilst coughing blood.

Lissandra retread three steps as her whip clashed with the cross-shaped slash of Lucy. What was surprising is not the explosion of the Ice lotuses but this weird slash that contained a minor fusion of two opposite attributes!

Once the whip and Lucy's attack struck each other, the whip shattered into dark matter and vanished, as for the slash, it continued its way and hit Lissandra.

Fortunately, someone such as she, had a protective layer that was fairly strong, coupled with the treasures she wore, her defense was very good, even for someone at the God Realm. Yet even such defense was penetrated by that small but weird slash of Lucy.

Blood leaked out of Lissandra's lips as she stared at her, exactly where Lucy was floating. You could see deep hatred and rage in her eyes but there was a mix of fear. For some in the Immortal Realm to injure her is considered nonsense but it just happened, moreover, in front of so many strong figures.

Even Jizung, who was about to kill Arthur, was momentarily surprised as he was looking at the blood leaking out of Lissandra's lips. He first thought it was some kind of act,  but Lissandra was a very proud character, she wouldn't humiliate herself like this.

"You.... who are you? Why are you attacking me?"

Lissandra didn't know why Lucy attacked her, although she saw her true appearance, she didn't link it with Lucy as it was impossible for such an insignificant and weakling person like the couple from Astria to deal this much damage to her. Her first guess was that she provoked a powerful sect from one of the higher-Realms and they sent an assassin or someone to finish her. 

However, as far as she knows, she never did anything like that. Although she was a very proud person, she wouldn't act arrogant in front people who have a powerful background.

Back at the stage, Bai Lingyue stood up from his chair as he was looking at Lucy with disbelief. He had a good impression of her and knew she was very strong, but to fight against Lissandra and injure her? That's not something you see every day. Heck! If someone said that, no one would believe him unless they witness what just happened.

Everyone was amazed by Lucy's prowess but no one knew that she used a bit of her Soul Essence in that last attack. To simply fuse Fire and Ice is impossible for her current self, so she forcefully did it which resulted in a backlash and some internal injuries.

"Hey Bai! Did you say this woman is your friend? Do you know what she just did?"

Granny Shishu secretly contacted Bai Lingyue as she cared for him. No one could harm him despite what Lucy and Arthur but that didn't mean that the criminals would be left alive. She knew him since a long time ago and knew his character, he would always help his friends so if he interfered, it would be troublesome for her as she is from the alliance and had to stand against him in such situation.

"She is, but I never saw her fight nor do I know why she and that boy did that."

His voice contained a hint of surprised and uneasiness. Even someone with his status may not be able to rescue them.

Hearing Lissandra's question, Lucy remained silent as she gripped both her sabers. Two Ice lotuses appeared beside her and rotated with fast speed. 

"Not willing to talk? I guess we'll have to force you then!"

Lissandra then turned her gaze to the elders and harshly said

"What are you dazing for? She's an enemy and dared attack an Elder of the clan you are still watching? Help me capture her."

It was totally shameless to say that, for several elders at the God Realm to gang up on Lucy would be unfair. But since she was the one who attacked first and caused so much death and destruction, no one opposed or commented on that. Moreover, Jizung was in front of Arthur, so he(Arthur) couldn't help her.

4 shadows flew toward Lucy, they were all old men and they exuded terrifying pressure that weighted down on Lucy, who had a pale face. Shattering the Ice lotuses and that slash drained her a lot, she was facing a God Realm so it was not easy to fight equally with Lissandra even for a couple of seconds. 

If 4 more God Realm figures were added, there is no way she could cope as she would be instantly killed or captured. Despite knowing the situation, Lucy remained calm and stood there, watching the five of them attack her.

The four old men were not like Lissandra, they appeared near Lucy and launched their attacks, willing to finish Lucy but Lissandra was a bit hesitant as she just exchanged some attacks with Lucy and knew that she was not simple as to let them all attack her like that so she purposely slowed her speed to watch the situation.

Her guess and uneasiness were on point as when the four old men were just about to finish Lucy, something unexpected occurred. Just a couple of meters above Lucy, two fark flaming meteorites appeared. The two of them came flying down with incredible speed and seemed to be flying down since some time ago but why did no one sense them?

Even Jizung frowned as he saw that, he couldn't sense them at all. He started to think about other possibilities such as the existence of another enemy! If she was not the one who created them then it must be another hiding enemy.

His eyes started shifting from one guest to another but he knew all of them and he was confident that no one was brave enough to oppose all of them but if that was the case, then how does this Immortal Realm woman able to do that? 

The meteorites were too close to the old men, it was too block, much less avoid them. The dark red flames already reached them.

The heat was intense and the burning flames were merciless as they started burning their clothes and diving into their skins. It was fortunate that it couldn't penetrate their layer of defense around their body but this was just the flames, what was to come is the meteorites which were more dangerous!

Jizung, who saw the two meteorites, was prepared to act but deep inside, he knew that it was impossible for him to save them from the impact and more importantly, this strange youth could not be left alone.

No one from the other factions interfered, first because they enjoyed the misfortune of the Royal Cobra Clan, especially the enemies like the Monster and Undead Race, secondly because it had nothing to do with them. It's true that Lucy and Arthur attacked all of them but it was shown that their target was specifically Lissandra.

Lissandra was confused as she tried to remember who she provoked, she was fortunate as she didn't go with the elders but she still felt a bit of fear from Lucy. For someone in the Immortal Realm to be capable of doing that is simply terrifying.

As her thoughts were in a disarray and surging forth trying to find a solution, a weird or more precisely a crazy thought crossed her mind. It seemed impossible at first and completely idiotic to even think about it but she nonetheless did. Her eyes gazed at Lucy's silver hair and unique facial features and seeing this only confirmed crazy guess.

"N-no.. it couldn't be...It can't be her!"

At such a time, the two meteorites struck the four old men, three were hit by the first one and the last one who somehow forcefully shifted his body to dodge it was struck in the back by the second one. You could hear bones breaking and the screams of the old men but more importantly, in such a situation. 

The surprised Lissandra heard a cold but gentle voice ringing in her ears. 

"What if I say it can?"

The source of the voice was not a male but a female. Just as she heard that, Lissandra saw a black flash aimed at her neck, it was too sudden and just looking at the attack made her feel an instinctive fear that created a shiver down her spines. She knew death was approaching and she was at its door.

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