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I hope you don't mind a couple of chapters about the fighting, as you may or may not know, I love writing fighting scenes a lot.

Some of the strange objects that appeared fell on the ground and the rest were covering the whole sky, there was an astronomical amount of them. Arthur's figure could be seen in the middle of them, he was raising both of his arms and gazing at the 7 sitting figures from under his dark hood.

Before anyone could react or speak, the cylindrical objects were activated. A white flash so bright covered the whole banquet, no, scratch that, at least the whole city was blinded by the sudden flash.

No person could resist the intensity of the light, not even the people at God Realm, there were some exceptions of course, such as the Lich King, who didn't have physical eyes, so he wasn't affected but the light still bothered him.

This flash didn't just last seconds and even if it did, it would take seconds for the blinded people to recover as it was just too sudden, especially the weak people at the Deity Realm or lower.

Flash Grenade (modified) : After throwing it, the user can activate using the Nether Energy connection with it. Creates a blinding flash that causes 'Blind' effect for 30 seconds. The blinding effect is lowered when the target's Realm is higher than the user (5 seconds less for each Realm above the user).

Cost : 50 Mental Power

The intensity of the flash can be stacked by using multiple grenades. However, the effect's time would remain the same.

 In the last few months, Arthur created countless of these grenades using [Lost Magic]. Since he broke through to the Immortal Realm and with a high Mental Power, he became able to create many things that were useful. Flash Grenades were just one of many.

Although the people were blinded, they still could open their mouth and speak. Some shouted in surprise and some were enraged, such as the Jizung, who got up from his seat in fury whilst yelling loudly

"Who dares!"

He was obviously extremely angry as someone attacked them in such an important event. Jizung was the main host and even if nothing occurs, this alone could be considered a huge loss of face for him and his clan.

"Don't panic! Use your 'Nether Sense' and find the perpetrator!"

Meyzu kept a calm attitude despite not being able to see, he ordered the elders and supervisors of the banquet to search for the criminal. But most of the wise ones knew it was Arthur as they saw him coming toward them, but it wasn't certain yet as they didn't want to recklessly blame Bai Lingyue.

Speaking of Azure Bai, he remained silent and calm as he was sitting near Jizung. First, he frowned as he discovered he couldn't get rid of the blindness no matter what he did and his surprise intensified when he thought about Arthur's figure previously as it came toward them and the sudden appearance of the countless strange objects.

'Friend Arthur, what are you thinking?'

He didn't see Arthur but he knew he was here after this happened, someone like this youth can't do such a thing and blind people at the God Realm. Just thinking that it was a person at the Peak of the Deity Realm doing that made him greatly surprised.

He only thought it was Arthur because there was no enemy willing to do this bold action in the presence of so many strong figures.

Since the moment he threw the flash grenades, Arthur didn't waste time as he rushed toward Lissandra, who was also confused about what just happened. He was not blinded by the flash grenades as he had a connection with them. They were modified so they would not harm the user but contrary to him, Lucy was also blinded for half a minute which was unfortunate but there was no other way.

His speed was extremely fast as he flew toward Lissandra while holding a long silver sword in his hand. 

Aborak, who was not affected much by the flash was able to see the actions of Arthur. He didn't like the fact that someone as insignificant as this junior dares to do that, so despite seeing him charge at Lissandra, who wasn't from his faction, he still interfered.

It was only a wave of his hand but the force behind it was not something someone like Arthur could handle, he may not die but he would be severely injured. Such actions were predicted by Arthur when he was making the plan with Lucy, all of this was accounted for and when the illusory grey fog created by Aborak was going to hit Arthur something unexpected and even more shocking than the bright flash occurred.

Lucy's previous preparation was not for nothing as more than 20 huge flaming meteorites came flying down from above. Each and everyone was empowered by Arthur's dark red flames, what's more, is that these meteorites were way stronger than the ones used last time.

The combined pressure of the several meteorites which suddenly appeared out of nowhere completely shocked the audience, especially the strong figures who felt the enormous pressure emanated from them. They were stunned to see them appear out of nowhere as it was impossible for people at the God Realm to not notice them until they were so close.

This was yet another skill that Arthur created using some of the Eclipse Magic. He used Spatial Magic, which is a small part of the Void Magic.

Spatial Passage (U) : a Self-created skill which hides anything that is put in the small Spatial Passage. It cannot be felt by anyone and can hide any non-living thing for a certain amount of time. 

Cost: 100 Mental Power (You will lose them permanently and they cannot be recovered)

Cooldown: Cannot be used until the user reach the next grade of his Realm.

 Lucy was previously channeling her Nether Energy to keep the meteorites active so they would not their power inside the Spatial Passage.

Such an attack may not hurt people at the God Realm who have a lot of techniques to defend against it, but juniors or other people at a lower-Realm would be totally annihilated by this attack. The whole garden would be burned to the ground if they did not act.


Jizung roared as he formed a seal in the air, it was a dark green seal which resembled a cobra. Following that, he took an ancient looking black scene and pushed into in the middle of the dark green seal.

His actions were the fastest amongst the 6 of them, it was unknown how he managed to see the meteorites but he nevertheless did, Kilan and the others also took out some items and in a split second, the items covered their respective disciples and elders.

But Jizung and the others were a bit too late as the meteorites were too close from the start so the damage could not be blocked.

'booom!!' 'boooooom'

Earth-shattering, deafening explosions resounded in the ears of everyone present, blood dyed the ground and several gigantic red roses burned in the already black-ish garden. The spiritual Riven was nowhere to be seen as it was turned into a fog by the dark red flames.

The explosions added to the blinding effect, with some rubbles, dust clouds all over the place, the garden turned into a battlefield and could no longer be recognized as the place where the Grand Banquet was held.

Lucy backed away in a corner as she previously aimed the meteorites at all places except the area she was in. Despite being unable to see, it was rather easy to retreat. As for Arthur, he didn't manage to reach Lissandra in time. The grey fog emitted from Aborak almost vanished by the surprise attack of Lucy but it was not totally deflected.

Some of it reached him and sent pushed him to the ground as if a huge mountain was pressing on him. The black robe was not affected but some of his bones shattered to ashes and his skin began melting in a very weird way as the grey fog integrated with it.

Not even a single cry came out of Arthur's mouth, he ignored the damage done to his possessed body and rushed toward Lissandra.

The blinding effect for the God Realm was almost over, the time was too tight for him to care about pain or cry out. With the silver sword in his hand, he appeared behind Lissandra and coldly stabbed the sword exactly to her spine.

For someone at the God Realm, their bones are one of their main defenses, so he did not have any hope to crush her spine but simply damaging them would be enough.

Unfortunately, the stab didn't even go through her dress, much less penetrate her skin. Some kind of dark green layer was covering Lissandra. The moment Arthur appeared behind her, she instantly noticed him despite being currently blind. When he stabbed and didn't do any damage, Arthur was planning to retreat but Lissandra was way faster than him as a dark whip was suddenly wrapped around his waist very tightly, crushing his bones and making him unable to move.

"Where do you think you're going? Such insolence!"

Lissandra wanted to kill him but she couldn't as she wanted to know the reason he attacked her and why. She couldn't see him so she couldn't know his identity but just by probing him, she saw that he was only at the Immortal Realm.

Her cold yet angry voice rang out in his ears, the dark whip she was using tightened around him, almost cutting him in two but he still didn't emit any sound. The only thing he did was stare at her with thick killing intent coming out of him.

Second by second passed slowly as the eyes of the eyes of the God Realm people began to recover, the 20 seconds were almost over. Nothing happened after the explosions but these were enough to cause a huge ruckus as many people died despite the elders using items to protect them from the meteorites.

It's not that the items they used were weak but it was too late for them, if they weren't at the God Realm then all the people here would have died, with the exception of them and some elders at the God Realm of course.

With their eyes recovering and nothing occurring, some began to relax for a bit but that only lasted for a second or two at most as suddenly, another deafening sound rang out.

The sound came exactly from where the elders of the Royal Cobra Clan were sitting, more precisely it was where Lissandra was standing. She didn't think this weakling could hurt her but what she didn't expect is an extremely thick and terrifying bolt of white Thunder.

Yes, it was Thunder and not Lightning and it is the upgrade of the Godly Lightning which became Godly Thunder. It takes more time to generate and it is slower than the previous one but it is much more destructive and terrifying.

The bolt of Thunder was even thicker than Lissandra as it came down from above, it is slower than Lightning but it's still fast, coupled with terrifying pressure and ear-deafening sound it brought, Lissandra's face changed as she hastily let go of Arthur and backed away without hesitation.

Her decision was very fast, in just a second she appeared a distance away from the bolt of Thunder. The white bolt struck Arthur and the area around him, creating dust and a huge pit where it struck. He was not hurt but the ground turned jet black and the pit was several meters deep.

Eyes were very important things, even for people at the God Realm. However, they were not everything, such strong figures could sense danger from miles away and don't need eyes to dodge them but being blinded still affected their fighting abilities.

Just when the bolt of Thunder struck its target, the vision of the people at the God Realm was finally recovered. They were dumbstruck by the sight in front of them. If one called it a battlefield, no one would rebuke him. With part of the ground dyed red and the other jet black, adding countless big and small craters, the sight couldn't be more dumbfounding.

The red roses were still burning and emitting intense heat as they burned the ground even further, the meteorites were all over the place and some elders were hurt by them as even with the protection of the powerful six, they still received damage.

"What the hell..."

Granny Shishu couldn't find words to describe what she was feeling, the first thing she did was ascertain the safety of Miya, but since she used her wooden statue of the lightning fox to create a barrier around Miya and the juniors, nothing happened to them, fortunately.

Even Bai Lingyue had widened eyes and full of disbelief as he gazed at the flaming roses and the destruction, then his gaze shifted to where the last explosion occurred, exactly where Arthur was currently standing.

His eyes landed at Arthur, he saw his terrible state but what was more astonishing is that he was emitting thick killing intent which was directed at an elder of the Royal Cobra Clan.

Not only Bai saw that, Jizung, Meyzu and the rest also saw that, their first guess was that Arthur was the one who did all of this and it was fairly obvious.

"You!! You're courting death, boy!"

Jizung was the first to act as he suddenly vanished and appeared in front of Arthur but the latter's eyes were still focusing on Lissandra without minding Jizung.

As if the situation couldn't be more surprising, 2 Ice lotuses appeared behind Lissandra, who was gazing at Arthur with anger, rage, and curiosity. 

The sudden appearance of the lotuses startled her but didn't scare her, the next thing she saw was the cold blade of Lucy coming straight at her neck without slowing down or stopping.

She sensed that Lucy is only at the Immortal Realm, however, Lissandra felt imminent danger from this attack. A book suddenly appeared in front of her, it was suddenly opened at a specific page and a creepy black hand stretched out of the book to block the cold blade of Lucy...


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