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When Arthur finally arrived at the arena, he stood in the opposite direction of Buo and patiently waited for him to finish recovering.

Buo Bing was sitting cross-legged and from time to time, he would take a small sip from the red colored bottle, some blood drops would come out of his skin and circle around for a couple of seconds before melting in his hands.

This process was repeated a few times but each time it would take only a couple of seconds so, by the time he recovered a bit of his strength, only a few minutes passed since his last fight with Coneli.

Arthur was not planning on using Eclipse Magic or Dark Magic as he didn't want to warn Lissandra about his presence. She uses Dark Magic so once she sees it, she would be able to ascertain his identity and that was something he didn't wish for. Their only advantage right now is that they are not discovered by her yet.

He wasn't certain if she knew Lucy's real appearance or not but even after seeing through her mask, Lissandra didn't seem affected and totally ignored Lucy. Perhaps she only heard some description about them and never saw them in reality? None of that matters, they have the advantage of not being discovered so sneak attacking her is the best way to capture her. The only troublesome thing is that her clan would not stand still, as for others, it is unknown how they would react.

Arthur remained silent and didn't introduce himself or speak to Buo Bing, once the black-haired youth stood up and unsheathed his sword, he said

"Are you sure you recuperated fully?"

The reason he said this was only to sound like a kind and patient person, basically, it was acting cool and friendly. But what he said was obviously misunderstood by Buo Bing, who was displeased from the beginning.

"To defeat you, it's more than enough."

As he said that, he unsheathed his saber and took a fighting stance, he was not someone who underestimates his enemies and despite saying that, he was not going to go easy on Arthur.

Arthur shrugged his shoulders and stood there calmly, he didn't take Makaze or any other weapon, he was not willing to show any of his skills, especially the Peak Sword Mastery.

His Sword Mastery is at flawless, whether its sword-dancing, executing perfect attacks or special slashes, he knew them all, after all, he possessed countless sword-users and had the Peak Sword Mastery, there is literally no one who could beat him in using swords.

He had many things besides the Sword Mastery, such as his Ancient Fire, the several Advanced Mastery Attributes and so on. Although he was not excellent in using them, that didn't mean they are weak, just adding them to his normal punches or kicks would deal bonus damage but he was going to focus on one Attribute and that is Lightning.

It was one of his Unique Attributes and second to none in speed, once he transforms into the lightning form or uses [Transcendence], he becomes much more powerful, add that to the Godly and Natural Lightning, he would become almost invisible in the Immortal Realm.

Although he circulated the Dark Star Strengthening technique, he was not going to use the Dark Magic, but albeit not using it, the protective barrier around his body would still be present, moreover, his attacks would contain the black flames too.

It was unknown if Lissandra would sense the dark magic or not but the black flames were not a form of Dark Magic but something completely different, even Arthur didn't know what they were except that they add damage and are very lethal, even to Lucy's Ice Lotuses. Although they could barely block them, they can't do so permanently.

The more intriguing thing is that the ring he wore also added black flames the same as the one he got from the breakthrough, previously, when he wore it before breaking through, no one black flames showed in his normal attacks but currently, even a normal punch would produce them, he had no way of cancelling that, even with the help of the System.


The battle has finally begun, Buo charged at Arthur with great speed, a huge blood wave was created by a wave of sharp saber and its target was Arthur, who was still standing still.

Seeing that a blood wave was aimed at him, Arthur was confident that a Dark barrier or the dark protective layer around his body could easily withstand it, but he decided to not do that, it would be too obvious and he wanted to show a bit of struggle in front of 'them'.

Yellow Lightning twirled around him and many lightning streaks whistled through the air and blocked the Blood wave. They looked like normal lightning streaks but they soon formed a net bigger than the blood wave and completely blocked it from advancing further, what's more, is that Arthur was already on the move. It was unknown how but he appeared at the right side of Buo and sent at the enemy's arm, making him back away a couple of steps.

He almost put no strength in his kick as to not seem overly strong, with his astronomical Strength stats, he could have crushed all the bones of Buo but he restrained himself and held back a lot.

However, this one-sided exchange was more than surprising to the spectators, especially Meyzu, who was going to enjoy seeing Arthur get beaten badly by Buo, but unfortunately, it was the other way around. Not only was his blood wave blocked by his lightning, he managed to kick Buo and push him back.

Granny Shishu frowned when she saw the lightning, although it was the most basic lightning with yellow color, she, as a lightning user, could feel its extreme intensity and power. Such powerful lightning despite being only a basic one is terrifying, what if he could use the special lightning of her clan?

Moreover, she and the other six could see him transform into lightning and appear near Buo, that speed was not something the black-haired junior could match.

"Granny Shishu, what do you think about that brat's movements? He clearly used Lightning."

The one who asked was the irritated Meyzu, despite being displeased with what happened, he had to admit Arthur's movement and attacks were a bit fast and overwhelming to an opponent such as Buo.

"It's just that Basic Lightning, you could notice that just from the color, but his use of it is perfect and flexible to a terrifying degree, I say Meyzu, your junior is no match for him, you better call him back or he'll just embarrass himself."

Granny Shishu didn't hold her thoughts and spoke honestly, it was obvious just from one exchange that Arthur was stronger, it may seem like nothing to others but just by the way the blood wave was easily blocked and his speed, an expert could ascertain that Arthur is stronger despite being at a lower Grade.

"Buo, you're not his match, forfeit."

It was unknown what he used but Meyzu telepathically to Buo, no one but the two parties could hear what he said.

Hearing the clan master say that, Buo's face turned ugly and his expressionless turned into one of anger and unwillingness, albeit losing the previous exchange, he was still confident he could hold his ground against Arthur but since it was a direct order from the clan master, he couldn't be stubborn and disregard the order.

Currently, everybody was gazing at the arena. The blood wave had already dissipated but the lightning was still floating a couple of meters above Arthur, it transformed into a huge lightning spark. If Arthur wanted, he could use the Natural Lightning, but that was too deadly, if it touched Buo, the strong vibrations could crush his bones and possibly his Meridians if he could not resist them, crippling such genius would make Meyzu thirsty for revenge, after all, he appeared to be someone who takes care of his clan's disciples.

You could see that just by the fact that he told Buo to back off, he didn't want this junior to suffer a set back by losing miserably to Arthur, as an experienced and old expert, he knew who would win in this fight after that exchange.

After staring at Arthur for a bit, Buo Bing unwillingly walked out of the arena after saying three words.

"I admit defeat."

What he said was expected by the elders but the juniors were dumbfounded, the battle lasted barely a minute and Buo already admitted defeat? How could that be so?

Many were unable to believe what just happened, after all, Buo was considered very strong, he even won against Coneli, so it was kind of strange that he admitted defeat this fast.

Azure Bai was smiling as he gazed at Arthur, he didn't know who the youth was but he was very curious, especially after seeing what happened. One other person who was curious was Aborak, but he was not curious about Arthur but the robe, precisely the symbol on its back.

The skull symbol that changed to blood red color, it was a creepy looking skull with a third eye on its forehead, the Lich King kept staring at it for some time and pondering about something. Of course, he didn't voice out his thoughts and kept them to himself.

Even Lissandra was staring at the arena, she was not curious about the symbol as she never saw it, despite having gained a portion of Zodiak's power and the strange book, she never saw that symbol. She was only curious about the youth but him being Arthur never crossed her mind. She came here to enjoy here time and have fun, for her, the junior fights are some kind of entertainment to pass time, it's a bit funny when you know that all the things Arthur and Lucy prepared and specifically for her and the 'fun' she is having is not something that will last long.


The atmosphere was dead silent as Arthur stood in the middle of the arena and gazed at the juniors sitting not far away. After some time, seeing that no one was willing to come here and fight, he showed a friendly smile and said

"I'm MoonStar, I wonder if anyone is willing to exchange some pointers with me?"

He didn't say any arrogant word and only spoke what was on his mind, or so the listeners thought, his goal was something else but he had to act and couldn't rashly provoke everyone.

Whether it's the Royal Cobra Clan, the Lightning Fox Clan or the other factions, each had one unique Genius they relied on him. For the Monster Clan, it was there were two, one was very familiar to Arthur, it was Young Master Yun and the other was a white-haired youth that looked a bit similar to Kilan.

The Undead Race had a lich at the Peak of the Immortal Realm, the lich looked like a skeleton and wore a grey robe, from the beginning of the banquet, he didn't speak or move, he was even more bizarre than Aborak.

The Doom Bringer Clan had the youth that came with Meyzu, the youth had a sword on his back and red-hair like Meyzu, he emitted thick killing intent and stayed silent with his eyes closed since the beginning. The Lightning Fox Clan had the green-haired and fairy-like girl and last but not least the Royal Cobra Clan which had a woman. It was a woman in her twenties with an alluring body. She wore a tight dress and sat next to other girls while enjoying some dessert.

She completely ignored what was happening on the arena and simply chatted with the other girls, even her outfit was not meant for fighting, clearly, she came here not to fight with others but to enjoy her time.

All of these geniuses were at the Peak of the Immortal Realm and they represented their own faction.


After Arthur spoke, no one jumped on the arena, the juniors just gazed at him with envy and curiosity. They were intrigued by his identity, although they didn't understand how he still made Buo admit defeat.

"Fuck! Senior Buo just admitted defeat because he was injured from the previous fight, who does this punk think he is? I'll take care of him."

A short youth jumped from the crowd, he wore the outfit of the Doom Bringer Clan and held a gold scabbard with a short sword sheathed in it.

He was displeased by the previous fight and wanted to regain the little bit of face his clan lost, all the juniors felt he was courageous but extremely stupid, especially the elders.

"It seems Brother Meyzu's clan disciples are talented and courageous."

The praising words of Bai LIngyue were like needles piercing Meyzu's ears, he was angry because of Buo's defeat but here is another idiot jumping to his doom.

"Let's begin!"

As he said that, the youth unsheathed his sword and leaped at Arthur without even waiting for his answer. A weak-looking Blood Ball was conjured from a blood gem engraved on his gold sword, the blood ball flew toward Arthur's head.

The youth followed that by a slash of his sword from afar which created 20-inch blood snakes that swirled around the blood ball and increased its speed.

Seeing this, Arthur didn't budge, the huge lightning spark above him came down and with a speed faster than the incoming attack, it struck the blood snake and the ball, shattering them instantly. The yellow lightning didn't stop as it hit the youth's chest before he could react. The poor youth was sent flying out of the arena with a bloody wound on his chest, his clothes were burned from the attack and blood flowed out from his injuries.

Arthur purposely avoided any vitals but he still broke some bones and dealt some damage to the youth's body. He waiting for the right time to begin the plan.

No one was surprised when they saw what happened, it was kind of expected, although most of them were confused on why Buo admitted defeat, no one thought Arthur was weak and simply jumping on the stage like that youth is totally idiotic.

The lightning spark returned to where it was an kept floating there, if Arthur wanted, he could make it bigger but he decided to just let it be like that. He was not planning to display all his power.

The atmosphere returned to its usual silence, no one spoke or went to fight Arthur, which made it awkward. After some time, a person could not bear it and leaped on the stage.

It was a youngster with a golden-robe and handsome looks, he was Young Master Yun who Arthur met in the Treasure Pavillon.

"It's time for the big shots to fight right now, why don't you go down from the arena?"

Yun was not planning on being respectful toward Arthur, so he cut through the chase and said what's on his mind. Arthur's presence made thing awkward and stopped the fights since that's the case, the fight between the geniuses is going to begin so he told Arthur to go back and it was not his place and he was not worth fighting.

However, but he heard next made Yin almost cough out blood, his face turned ugly and his smile disappeared.

"Why should I? Defeat me and I'll step back from the arena, that's how things are, or perhaps you can't do that?"

Yun was not expecting Arthur to retort like that, so he remained silent for a bit before grinning and arrogantly saying

"Fine! It'll be done in a second, let's not waste our time!"

As he said that, Yun took out golden black gauntlets from his storage. The gauntlets were big and had some spike on their edges. Yun didn't waste time as he hastily wore them and took a bizarre fighting stance. He was overconfident in his win but he simply was not going to fight bare-handed against Arthur, he saw what he was capable of and had to be a bit serious.

A golden light emanated from his robe as his long hair fluttered in the wind. His appearance was dazzling as it made many young maidens heart beat rapidly.

Seeing that Yun was going to attack, Arthur secretly took out a blue talisman from his storage and stuck into his wrist under his sleeves, no one was able to see his actions as it was in a very secretive and fast manner.

After doing that, Arthur shifted his gaze to Yun and displayed a provoked and sneering gaze, as if he was saying 'Come on! Attack me, I'm waiting for you..'

Yun rushed at Arthur while punching out with his gauntlets, various golden energy bursts were created by his countless punches, although he was still far from Arthur, he kept punching and each punch created a strong golden energy burst that was aimed at Arthur. Clearly, he was planning to finish this from the start.

Arthur didn't hesitate as he circulated the lightning spark and created 4 feet lightning shield planning to block the energy bursts. He also moved from his position and made his way toward Yun while making a huge detour to avoid the energy bursts.

Two small needle-like streaks of lightning were launched from his fingertips, their target was obviously Yun's body, precisely his two eyes.

Arthur's speed was a bit slower than Yun but in no time, the two of them arrived in front of each other and clashed. The two lightning sparks were shattered by Yun's gauntlets, after blocking that, he rooted his legs into the arena and punched out with immense strength.

Blinding golden light was emanating from his gauntlet as a strange looking seal appeared in front of the gauntlet. A strange looking lantern appeared on Arthur's left hand, he waved around and placed it where the gauntlet was going to hit him.

The grey looking lantern was shaken a bit by Arthur's hand and yellow fog came out of it, the process was very fast and by the time the golden seal hit Arthur's chest, the condensed yellow fog was already around it.

Arthur received the attack head-on, blood came out of his mouth as he was sent flying, but before he did, he clapped his two fingers, making an unnoticeable sound and at that time, several thunderclaps rang out in the arena.

The thunder streak out the condensed yellow fog and all its surroundings, including Yun, who was happy that he landed his hit but the happiness disappeared as the pain followed, the thick thunder explosion sent his body flying high-up in the air, some blood leaked out of his lips as he fell to the ground and slowly stood up with an ugly face.

The item Arthur just used was a Mystic Ranked Item that stores Lightning energy and condenses it, then when released, it transforms into thunder explosions that deal tremendous damage.

The only reason Arthur was sent flying is because he acted it out, such strike from Yun would not hurt him normally, not after he started practicing the Dark Star technique, but he nonetheless acted as if he was injured and spit some blood.

After stabilizing his body, Arthur rushed at Yun yet again with several lightning balls circulating around him, they formed a star-shaped lightning with each ball on an edge of the star, then it started increasing in size until it was the size of a normal human.

Arthur pushed his hands on the star-shaped lightning and with 'bzzt' sound, it flew with an extreme speed at the panting Yun.

The golden-robed Yun was surprised by Arthur prowess, seeing that another attack was coming at him with fast speed, he roared and punched the air yet again, but this time you could feel the arena's ground shake.

A bigger golden seal was formed, this time it emitted an incredible pressure as it struck the star-shaped lightning and shattered immediately.

Seeing this, Arthur's eyes sharpened, he charged at the huge symbol while waving around a long lightning whip in his hands, the last thing the spectators saw was a bright flash before Arthur's body was sent flying out of the arena and Yun staring at it with a daze.

After a few second, Yun grinned and crossed his arms in a proud manner as if he expected this outcome.


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